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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 66


Volume 10 Chapter 66 - Explosion

At the 6th level of the 5th tower.

It was a boundless wasteland. On it were 10 enormous dark golden beasts, some either lying down or others walking about surveying the area...the space beast Cang.

’’The targets of the 6th level, space beast...Cang!’’ Luo Feng looked at the 10 space beasts.

From his inherited memories he had already known the exact details of Cang.

Accurately speaking,

Cang and the golden horned beast had a special relationship.

Among the golden type space beasts, ranked top was naturally the one who stood at the peak of the 12, the golden horned beast. And ranked number 2 was Cang! Even though it was a simple difference of one rank, in truth the difference in their battle abilities was huge.

The golden horned beast, once it reached maturity, it automatically became sector lord level.

Cang at its peak, however only reached the domain lord level!

Even though it was one of the stronger space beasts, it still couldn't compare to the 12 leading bloodlines of the space beasts. However Cang had powerful natural talents, as one favoured by the gold origin laws, they had fierce and powerful attacks. They could naturally fly, even without any wings.

None of the space beasts couldn't fly.

In terms of battle ability...their average level was stronger than even the most elite of human bloodlines!

These 10 space beasts Cang, their body length alone ware 300m. The tail was almost as long as the body. Its entire body was covered in dark gold scales and its back had sharp protrusions. Its head was extremely large, just the size of its bloody mouth sent chills down one's spine, its teeth and biting strength were also incomparably shocking. The top of its head was shiny and covered in scales, and its corneas were triangular, filled with cold bloodlust.


The 10 space beasts Cang all turned to look at the tiny human Luo Feng.

’’Interesting.’’ Luo Feng's eyes were filled with an even more chilling killing intent!

When Cang meets a golden horned beast? What would happen?

Right now...

Cang had met with a human form golden horned beast Luo Feng.

’’Rumble!’’ Luo Feng stepped on the dark cloud shuttle and became a beam of faintly discernable light. Immediately the 10 space beasts became beams of lights and chased him. However after 5 years of training, Luo Feng's speed on the dark cloud shuttle was much faster than even Rong Jun during his battle before.

And much more nimble!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

In mid air, 8 Luo Feng's appeared! The 10 space beasts Cang all blinked for a second. Almost as though they were confused as to which to chase, immediately spreading out and aiming at one individually.

’’What arrogant punks.’’ Luo Feng curved and simultaneously 5 golden lights floated around him. It was the 5 golden blades, and they immediately shot towards the head of the Cang that was closest to him. That Cang's reaction was extremely quick, using his powerful claws to slash at it.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

5 golden blades, 2 of which clashed with the claws, the 3rd too was knocked away by its tail.


The 4th blade however pierced right through its throat, and right through its brain portion, killing it! Different from the golden horned beast, as a middle level space beast, Cang had no internal world. Hence it didn't have an internal core, its life and soul was similar to that of a large portion of the flesh and blood life forms.

Before reaching the domain lord level, the soul was in the brain.

’’Howl! Howl!’’...

After losing one Cang, the incredibly intelligent 9 other Cangs understood that this opponent wasn't easy to deal with. Hence, they immediately stuck to each other and did not separate.

’’It's no use, you'll just waste time.’’ Luo Feng was very clear. Even though the space beasts were very powerful and quick, with terrifying natural talents and strength, a same level human had no ability to match force with force against them. However, their one weakness was that their sizes were too immense!

With a bigger physique, it created a dilemma against a human who was much smaller. Hence Luo Feng trained hard in Absolute space and Deities of the World techniques. Deities of the world allowed him to shrink and condense his size, the Absolute space increased the nimbleness, instantaneous explosion and raising his movement effect.


To be able to create 8 images, plus being extremely familiar with the habits and weaknesses of Cang, even though Luo Feng took up to 10 days to finish this battle, in truth the battle was still simple and clean. The main thing was that last Cang, Luo Feng purposely waited till the last half hour to actually go and kill it.


5th tower, level 7.

The space was a blur, Luo Feng entered the 7th level.

’’The 7th level is much more troublesome than the 6th.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, as a spirit reader controller against numbers and surrounding attacks, he had an advantage over the fighters. However that's because he had higher speeds to dodge and using movement and space to create an advantageous position. However when the opponent's numbers are too crazy, anyone would be caught in a dilemma!

This was an endless desert.

In the distant green patch in the desert, there was a bumpy round ball with a diameter of 120m, its surface emitted poisonous liquid, while poisonous gas surrounded it.

120m was akin to the 40 floor building. This 40 floor building mother nest's surface with bumpy holes, all began to produce green mucus triangular brain like bugs with outer shells, all with 2 horns. Their huge compound eyes all focused, their 2 hind legs supported their bodies, with 4 other legs in front, their bodies were like blades, and on their backs they even had 2 translucent wings.

Within the 40 storey tall huge mother nest, every hole itself was at least 1m in diameter. Almost in an instant, the surface of the mother nest had produced 1,000 bugs!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

After three Continuous rounds, it produced about 3,000 bugs altogether and all of them were the same green praying mantis.

The green praying mantis was a very common cannon fodder seen in the bug clan warriors. Even though they were called cannon fodder, these were still cannon fodder that battled outside the starfields. Luckily the entire power of the bug clan mother nest had been pre-arranged, otherwise a true mother nest could produce many different species of bugs. From their abilities, they could be split into the scanning types, assassin types, long distance, attacking force etc.

If they were split according to their structure, that would be even more.

’’3,000 green praying mantis.’’ Luo Feng looked at the mantis that flew or marched over, as they covered both the land and skies. Creasing his eyebrows, ’’The mother nest sent everything it could at one go, the next batch should be 20 minutes later.’’

The mother nest required time to produce the bugs.

These 3,000 were prepared long ago. Of course in reality the mother nest's ability wasn't that weak. Otherwise how could it easily dominate a galaxy or entire starfield.


Luo Feng's gaze was cold, immediately producing 8 images. Maintaining his highest speed, he began his massacre. He immediately released his limit of 9 blades, these 9 rainbows were like lasers, piercing through each and every bug, as they killed the green praying mantises.

’’A bit stronger than what I expected.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

He could at will control the 5 blades. However, if he pushed it, he could control up to 9 blades. But that way, nimbleness, direction and precision were all affected slightly. Because right now there were 3,000 bugs, Luo Feng decided to do so, killing as many as he can by striking their heads.


’’Ke chi ke chi!’’ The body of one of the bugs was sliced in half. However it bit and swallowed the corpse of a dead bug beside, and it began to recover and completely heal itself.

’’This is the most annoying part of the bug clan.’’

8 images immediately appeared throughout. The 9 blades danced about and pierced through time and again, working hard to pierce the heads of the bugs. However, as bugs of the 5th tower, their nimbleness and reactions were obviously higher. And they covered the land and skies and engulfed everything. Their speed was also much higher. Luo Feng couldn't dodge too far, he needed to stay close to fully control the Nan Shen Armament and attack.

Hence he couldn't avoid getting hurt occasionally.

20 minutes later.

There were still 682 bugs surviving, Luo Feng's face went pale, there was an injury on his face. ’’The 2nd batch is coming!’’ That huge mother nest's surface once again produced red shelled bugs, a total of 100 of them.

’’Not good.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed, ’’Blood praying Mantis! And 100 of them!’’

The first time, the mother nest actually released everything, 3,000 green praying mantis.

And every 20 minutes it could produce another 1,000 green praying mantis, however it did not necessarily produce green mantises, it could produce even more terrifying bugs, however in smaller numbers.

With Luo Feng fighting hard and killing over 2,000 of the green mantises, with only 682 left, if the 2nd batch was another 1,000 green mantises....he may get heavily injured, but he could still win.

However this time, it was the blood mantises. These were much more intrepid and stronger than the green ones. In the 1st tower to the 4th, Luo Feng had never met the blood mantises at all.

’’This is big trouble.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

Weng weng weng...

The surviving 682 green mantises immediately formed a 100 little groups, some with 5 or 6 green mantises and 1 blood mantis, some with 7 green mantises and 1 blood mantis! Anyway, immediately there were 100 little bug groups. Under the blood mantis leadership they began to surround Luo Feng progressively and began their hunt.

’’I'm not afraid of their strength, what I hate the most is the blood mantis leadership ability.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

According to his inherited memories, the intellect of the bug clan was much lower. However there were certain bugs that had the position of leaders within. And these blood mantis were often used to lead the little teams of green mantis. A dispersed and unorganized group of 100 green mantis, compared to 10 of them working together as one body led by a blood mantis...the latter was much more terrifying!




The 100 little teams were like a well organized party, 70 or so teams attacked from above while the remaining 30 or so attacked from the ground or even underground, that plus the blood mantis leading and acting as the blades, Luo Feng was in big trouble.

’’Kill!’’ Luo Feng grit his teeth, he could only fight it out!


5 minutes later, Luo Feng's right arm was broken, his expression pale, his spirit energy usage was extremely high. And with 82 of the 100 teams left, 82 blood mantis were leading 353 green mantis. Luo Feng killed a lot more green mantis.

’’If I've reached the 9 thread level, pity...’’ Luo Feng faced the overwhelming force of the bug clan from all directions, almost seeing the scene of him being devoured beforehand.

’’Even if I die, I have to kill more!’’

Luo Feng's eyes went red.

’’Bug clan, all of you go and die!!!’’ Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle, and his speed accelerating even more. Against the 82 little teams, he clashed and killed 1 green mantis at a time, and occasionally killing a blood mantis with great difficulty. Luo Feng fought until there was only 76 teams left, while his entire being had gone insane.


Even under such strenuous situation, his whole being felt ice cold, this was the quality of the golden horned beast.

Luo Feng felt a familiar ripple of space movement, gradually feeling slightly different.

’’It's this way!’’

’’Just like this!!!’’ Luo Feng could even feel the square domain formed within the space, almost as though it was a 9 palace grid. Immediately Luo Feng's speed increased obviously a little, at the same time in his surroundings 9 images formed!

10,000 thread 2nd level...9 threads!

Even though his speed had only increased a little, and there was only one more image than before.

However in truth, it was a change from the foundation itself!

Secret technique, what was a secret technique?

The secret technique was a way to unleash the strength after understanding the origin laws, reaching a more effective way of usage!

If one comprehended the space origin law, producing 3 images, 4 images...8 images, 9 images...he would feel the limit of his strength increase! Even though the difference between 8 images and 9 images wasn't too big. However, after training the 10,000 threads technique, this was completely different!

Each thread represented a special battle technique.

Nine threads however represented another special technique. If one reached 9 images, only then could he use the 9 threads. 8 images wasn't sufficient.


And Luo Feng's Moshan clan clone trained for a long time. In truth, the Mosha clan could produce over a 100 images much earlier, considering it was favoured by space itself, it could naturally unleash it easily. And while Luo Feng was in the virtual universe, his body had been stuck at the limit of 8 images.

In times of crisis!


Luo Feng could finally feel that special feeling, similar to the Mosha clan using the 9 threads feeling. Because it was a familiar feeling, Luo Feng swiftly grabbed onto it.

’’Nine threads, haha, 9 threads! I've finally made it!’’ Luo Feng was extremely happy within. It was too difficult, it took so long for him to finally reach the 2nd level 9 threads.


Following that familiar feeling of space, he swiftly moved the dark cloud shuttle and immediately became a string of images, every one of them dispersed, following the layout of the 9 palace grid, the efficiency of the 9 thread was at least 10 times higher than the 8 images before.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

His movement was incredibly unpredictable, the golden blades too became nothing but blurs, with extremely high power, at times the blades even pierced through a few blood mantis and green mantis at the same time.

At this time!

After killing almost all the bug clan, he slashed open the mother nest with lightning speed, immediately heavily injuring the queen. Following which he rested for half a day to let his body recover and regenerate, before directly killing the queen!

He didn't have to wait anymore!

No longer waiting for 10 days, since the 9 threads had already been achieved, what was the point of waiting 10 days?

From the beginning of the losers circle duels till now, it had been over 5 years. 5 years of seclusion, 5 years of hard training, he had finally stepped onto a new platform. The 9 threads was a lot more terrifying than the 1 thread, his strength too naturally rose to a new plateau.

’’To the next tower!’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.


5 years of seclusion, the moment he exploded, it rocked the skies itself!


The plaza.

Over a million geniuses along with the undyings all watched that one remaining screen. The only remaining participant Luo Feng suddenly unleashed his strength and produced 9 images destroying all the bug clan in a sweep, the scene had made all the geniuses go totally silent.

’’9 threads, he actually reached the realm of 9 threads.’’ The scale armored giant 13 watched the screen, his eyes giving off a heart palpitating gleam.


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