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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 65


Volume 10 Chapter 65 - The Beauty of Life

In the 1st tower, the ferocious beast blood hairy mammoth was completely easy to defeat, as it was very weak.

However with the 2nd and 3rd tower...

The blood hairy mammoth got stronger with each new tower. The moment it reached the 7th tower, the 10,000 mammoths, any one of them was enough to kill 99.99% of the 1 million geniuses in this competition! When 10,000 of them surround and attack...that was simply a nightmare.

’’My god, they are all images!’’

’’This Death god Bolan has unleashed it all.’’

On the screen.

The mad mammoths covered the entire area. It attacked, while stomping at the same time and in an instant, surrounded the blurred images of the white robed youth's silhouette which looked incredibly realistic. Within a set space, a green energy was being emitted the green energy flow alone had over a thousand white robed youths, almost like the Death god Bolan's absolute domain. It seemed like he could attack from anyone of them at any given time.

The light of his blade was ice cold!

Every slash was almost as though the space was sliced open!

He was ss quick as lightning!

Every slash was so fast that the geniuses there could barely see it clearly!

He was as swift as the wind!

Every blade was so unpredictable in nature, it was almost as though there was no rule to it!

’’Chi! Chi! Chi!’’

Every blade slashed at the heads of the blood hairy mammoths, as fresh blood spewed all over. The mammoths who were comparable to the top 100 geniuses were slowly getting killed, while the others grew even crazier and rushed to surround and attack him. The thick iron hoofs were stomping at the Death god Bolan.

Precision! Incomparable precision!

The mammoths slowly fell and died one by one. This was the Death god Bolan's blade, the moment it showed itself, it meant certain death!

’’Pu Chi!’’ One of the mammoth's tusk pierced through the Death god Bolan's arm, fresh blood flew out, simultaneously all the images vanished.


The cold white robed youth's eyes flashed, the blood blade immediately pierced the head of the mammoth before him.

’’Rumble...’’ The other mammoths rushed and stomped over to attack him. After about three continuous heavy attacks, the white robed youth was finally knocked into the herd of large mammoths and was trampled upon till he died!

10,000 blood hairy mammoths, Death god Bolan killed 5,612 of them!

Just from the 1st level of the 7th tower alone he had acquired 56.12 billion points, making his total exceed 10 billion.


He still failed at the 1st level of the 7th tower!



Over a million geniuses gathered within the center of the plaza let out a sigh of relief. The Death god Bolan's battle had completely made them hold their breaths. His blade was extremely quick, unpredictable and fierce! Also complemented by his unbelievable movement, it made them all envy him.

’’He failed.’’

’’What a pity!’’

’’The 7th tower is too difficult. If it wasn't Death god Bolan, anyone else would have been instantly trampled on by the herd of mammoths.’’

’’He actually managed to kill over 5,000 blood hairy mammoths! Doesn't that mean that he alone can kill over 5,000 of the top 100 geniuses?’’

Even though the Death god Bolan had failed, it had made the geniuses that managed to make it to the top 100 all shocked. The genius siblings from the Ao Gu Si planet, along with the Manka prince, even the dream shell lady and the wild youth Rong Jun...these people all stared at the screen.

’’Too strong.’’ Savage Rong Jun gripped his fists tight, staring at the screen, ’’Doesn't matter which side, he far exceeds me. If I fight against him...just one move, I won't be able to receive even one move!’’

’’Big brother, no wonder teacher said we have no chance at all in defeating him. He is too strong.’’ The green curly haired gentle girl with an engraving on her forehead said softly. The green haired youth beside her nodded, ’’Right, Qian Shui, I feel that even I won't be able to block him, not even just one move from him.’’


The Death god Bolan's strength made the others look on in envy!

The people who ranked overall between 2 to 6 had all died at the 6th tower level 1. The ones ranked between 7 to 11 all died at the 7th level of the 5th tower. The ones between 12 to 21 died at the 6th level of the 5th tower...

And the number 1, actually reached the 1st level of tower 7!

From these results alone, rank 2 and others weren't too far off from each other.

Except for the one ranked number 1!

He had completely cast everyone far behind him, the distance was too huge!

Death god Bolan was kicked out of the training space. The only ones remaining were the three people...Blood tip Kandita, Blade of life Yi Feng and Madman Luo Feng!


5th level of the 5th tower.

Standing on the whirlwind tape, his face with two purple streaks, a bald strong looking Kandita squinted his eyes, looking at the scene before him unfolding. It was a huge automaton testing base. Its surface was completely made of an alloy, at the same time on its alloy surface there were 100 8m tall, completely silver humanoid automaton puppets.

Automaton puppets, these were soldiers created by the automaton race.

Every one of the automaton race were all living AIs. All of them could be considered control terminals. Anyone of them can form an automaton empire! And the automaton puppets were one of the soldier weapons the empire had created.


The 100 tall automaton puppets began to move. Their eyes were shooting out red light which immediately locked onto the human...Kandita.

’’Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!’’

The automaton puppets immediately became beams of light, running until they began to fly, swiftly heading towards Kandita.

’’Their speeds are obviously much faster than the puppets of the 4th tower!’’ Kandita stood on the whirlwind tape, becoming an arc and dodging the puppets' frontal attack. The best way to win against the puppets was to kill them one by one, matching force with force was simply crazy.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Formless railgun beams shot out from the automaton puppets' arms. The rail guns were separated into many categories, the highest of the lot could reach light speed. However railguns were extremely expensive. Even the automaton empire of the automaton race could only install such light speed weaponry on the most important of devices.

And these automaton puppets shot from far, their speeds were far below light speed.

’’I hate these long distance attacks the most!’’ Kandita grit his teeth.

As time passed, the battle grew more tragic and Kandita got injured. The automaton puppets were slowly getting their heads destroyed along with their chips inside being destroyed.


The automaton puppet's iron fist slammed hard, but Kandita managed to dodge barely, causing it to hit the ground. The alloy ground immediately had a huge dent, creating a huge crevice.

Iron fists! Leg knives! Railguns! Flame! Body slams!

These huge automaton lumps were insusceptible to spirit attacks. One could only destroy them through forcefully breaking their chips!


The heavily injured Kandita who was facing against iron fists aimed at him finally failed to dodge. One fist directly slammed him into the alloy ground, he instantly became a pile of meat.

Kandita, 5th tower, 5th level, failure!

Final ranking 28!


Similarly on the 5th level of the 5th tower!

’’Big bastards, big bastards, come, come!’’ A handsome purple haired youth was almost like a monster. Like a gust of wind, floating above the heads of the large automaton puppets, the reaction and movement speeds of this 5th tower automaton puppets, along with their attack strengths were all set to be very high.

To actually dare to weave through amidst these puppets, that was simply madness.

He was the Blade of life, Yi Feng.

This shy youth's eyes were very pure. They had a sort of glee, almost as though dancing in the face of death didn't bring any nervousness at all to him.

’’Pu Chi! Pu Chi!’’

Blades infused with endless amount of life energy lit up. Be it harming the joints and parts of the puppets, or directly piercing through them and damaging or killing them, he smiled happily as he unleashed every move, and every move was simply dazzling.

He, Yi Feng was born in the Ancient Wheel universe country imperial family. The imperial family had been around for trillions of years. The imperial family title alone didn't give him much though, if he wanted to get wealth or position, he had to rely on himself. However, since he was young, he had some problems mentally. The lower half of his body didn't respond to him at all, only the upper half was normal.

Although there were advanced technologies, which were able to change bloodlines or a body's internal organs etc.


The brain is the core where the soul resides. Hence the brain was something that couldn't be changed, changing it would mean it would become a totally different person. As for repossession, he didn't have the power to do so, and no one could help him.

Ever since he was young, he sat in a wheelchair and watched the other young children of the imperial family train. He couldn't hold it in any longer, he thought that acquiring the most basic training methods of the imperial family, and according to other sayings...maybe through the training, his body would naturally improve, and cure itself.

He trained hard., Since he couldn't use the lower half of his body, he used his two hands instead.

Swinging the blades over and over!

The blades gave him hope, and was his understanding of life! His blade skills continued to improve, to the point where it was unbelievable. Eventually, l it gained recognition from the imperial family, and he was finally passed to an undying who personally helped him, allowing him to be able to stand finally and control the lower half of his body.

He was able to stand up!

Being disabled for tens of years, this gave him an incomparable enjoyment of flying. Everytime he flew, he used his movement, dancing with the blades, he would laugh, happily...

His blade work allowed him to enter the wood origin laws!

Movement, allowed him to enter the wind origin laws!

Stepping through the gateway of two origin laws allowed his position to rise greatly within the imperial family. Even though his position got higher, he was still that same shy youth from before. In his heart he had a burning passion for life, he was in love with the 'wind' he produced when he flew ...


The blade of life Yi Feng, destroyed 100 automaton puppets and successfully made it thought the 5th level of the 5th tower, and later moving on to the 6th. However the 6th level was filled with 10 space beasts Cang. The Cang's nimbleness was much higher than the puppets from before, and these were all Cangs that had stepped through the gateway of origin laws.

Yi Feng killed three Cangs before ultimately failing!

This shy youth, made it to the 6th level of the 5th tower! And eventually ranked 16!


At this time!

With Blood tip Kandita and blade of life Yi Feng being kicked out of the training space, the only one still within person, Madman Luo Feng!


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