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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 62


Volume 10 Chapter 62 - Bug Clan Mother Nest

’’So that's the bug clan mother nest?’’ Luo Feng was filled with fear within.

Right, fear!

Bug clan, they were one of the pinnacle of races comparable to the human race.

They were a very peculiar clan.

The population of the bug clan, one could say they were shockingly many. However from a different point of view, they could also be said to be shockingly few! One bug clan mother nest can produce trillions and trillions of bug soldiers, their dominating strategy is that of using their numbers to overwhelm others. However from a different standpoint, these slaughtering bug soldiers have very low intellect, even to the point of no intelligence at all, only physical capabilities!

Countless bug soldiers were all completely subservient and obedient to the mother nest's command.

The mother nest could send them to their deaths and none of them would even resist.


Within the bug clan, only the mother nest had the right to be considered a life form with intelligence. With the number of mother nests around, the bug clan could be said to be extremely few in numbers.

And within every mother nests, the weakest was comparable to a sector lord, while the strongest was comparable to undying's! One mother nest could produce countless bug races, enough to dominate one galaxy, even up to a vast starfield!

’’Mother nest on earth?’’ Luo Feng felt a chill within, ’’Babata that bastard!’’

In reality, solar system, mars.

A small golden horned beast's body suddenly became energy, swiftly forming a black clothed Luo Feng.

’’Babata, what's going on?’’ Luo Feng raged.

The golden horned beast was currently at universe level 8, hence he could preserve his consciousness both within reality and the virtual universe. What's more, the natural talent, void pagoda, allowed Luo Feng's earth body to be able to gather his focus to do several things with his consciousness. All this while maintaining a basic awareness in the body itself.

’’What?’’ Babata said unhappily.

’’You can still ask? Let me ask you, that Shenlong Jia mysterious ball on earth, what is that?’’ The black clothed Luo Feng raged.

’’Luo Feng, I told you before, don't be anxious, when it's time for you to know, I'll let you know.’’ Babata said, ’’That thing is not something the current you can deal with.’’

’’That's the bug clan Mother nest!’’

Luo feng roared angrily, ’’The moment it awakens it can produce countless large amounts of bug soldiers. When that happens, countless soldiers will swiftly dominate the entire milky way! Even spreading throughout the black dragon mountain star field! This is a disaster, disaster! The moment it awakens, earth will be finished!’’

’’There was such a big danger. Yet, you actually kept it from me.’’ Luo Feng was a ball of rage.

My god.

The mother nest was on earth, this was akin to when one went to bed only to know there was a bomb under the bed, one that could explode at any time.

’’Oh, you know?’’ Babata was shocked.

’’Hmph!’’ Luo Feng tried hard to suppress his anger, ’’Speak, what do we do now?’’

The bug clan, as one of the pinnacle of races comparable to humans in the universe, any one mother nest would be considered a great disaster! Hence in the virtual universe network, any information with regards to the bug clan mother nest was all considered classified, not easily widespread or easy to acquire. However the terrifying abilities of the bug clan...Luo Feng knew long ago!

The inherited memories of the golden horned beast, back then just gathering all the memories alone took 16 days.

The information contained within these memories was too huge.

Luo Feng had only slightly organized it, and not looked at everything. With regards to the mother nest, Luo Feng too had only briefly browsed through the basics. The basic introductions didn't have the picture of the bug clan mother nest, it stated, ’’Bug clan, the core lies in the mother nests. And the mother nests are lairs built by the queen.’’

’’The queen's body is fragile and soft, yet it has a very powerful spirit reading energy. However it's physical body is weak, hence it builds a strong mother nest, that itself becomes its armor.’’

’’The queen can produce countless bug soldiers, the nest it builds is specially designed for its body, although it's appearances differed.’’


Luo Feng back then had only briefly organized the inherited memories, looking through only the most basic introductions. At this time he was shocked to discover that there was a bug clan mother nest on earth!

Hence he had to go and look at the information in detail.

The introduction of the mother nest only had so few words. However the detailed introduction had large amounts of pictures and 10s of millions of words. The information contained the detailed scariness of the bug clan mother nests, the many types of bug soldiers it could produce etc, along with large amounts of pictures. This made Luo Feng very clear.

On earth, indeed there was a mother nest.

’’Don't be angry, don't get anxious, what are you worried about, do you think I'll harm your earth?’’ Babata said.

’’I know you won't, but I still must know. What's the deal with this bug clan mother nest.’’ Luo Feng's consciousness communicated, ’’If you don't explain clearly, I won't be able to relax!’’

Who could?

A thing that could at anytime destroy earth and even the entire milky way, who could relax?

’’Alright.’’ Babata said helplessly, ’’I'll tell you, this bug clan mother nest was something your teacher brought back from the battlefield outside the starfield.’’


Luo Feng asked more, ’’Let me ask you, within this mother nest, is there a queen?’’

The mother nest was only a nest or lair. The bug clan queen was the true life form, because the body of the queen was fragile and weak...any warrior could easily destroy its body, plus the difficulty of building a nest itself was very high. Hence the queens of the bug clan couldn't easily dispose of their nests and build others.

’’Yes! There is!’’

’’And it's still alive.’’ Babata said.

’’Ah!’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

’’However you can relax, it poses no threat at all to earth at the moment.’’ Babata explained, ’’Relax, you can think of it a coma, and it's an eternal coma. As for the details, wait till your soul imprint reaches the level of your teacher, and you'll understand.’’

’’Nothing will happen?’’ Luo Feng still felt it was a ticking time bomb.

’’No! Unless an undying with soul abilities even higher than your teacher comes.’’ Babata smiled, ’’That level of undying, if he wanted to destroy earth, he could do so with a flip of his hand. He wouldn't waste the effort to keep a living bug clan mother nest.’’

Only then did Luo feng relax, curiously asking, ’’What did my teacher want to actually do with this mother nest, he even went as far as keeping it alive?’’

’’The bug clan mother nest's potential energy is very huge. If one could enslave this mother nest just like he does humans, and nurture it well, then your teacher would have a very powerful force with him. Just that endless bug army would be enough to save your teacher's life from that attack before.’’ Babata exclaimed.

Luo Feng nodded.

The bug clan mother nest could produce 10s of millions of bug soldiers.

Once one could truly control a mother nest, that was extremely powerful. Against an endless sea of bugs...even undying's would have problems! If it wasn't that strong, the bug clan wouldn't be considered one of the elite races of the universe.

’’Teacher's ambition was really wild.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but say.

Babata said helplessly, ’’However the bug clan mother nest's life form itself is strange. Saying it's a pure life form is not completely right. However, it's soul can be distributed into every single bug soldier's mind, and it can control all their thoughts. Your teacher's enslaving soul imprint is unable to control it, and before he could come up with a way to do so, he put it into an eternal sleep.’’

’’Hence he threw it onto earth?’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Well he can't leave it on the Yun Mo Planet ship right.’’ Babata replied.

Luo Feng was speechless.

The genius battle elimination was still going on.

Over a million training spaces, the massacre continued.

’’The powerful bug clan mother nest, had its strength lowered to such a level.’’ Luo Feng's golden blades immediately slit open the mother nest, from within flew out a 6m tall, with an entire body white and translucent crystal like queen. It had beautiful translucent butterfly wings, its face covered with mist, emitting a unordinary charm, peculiar and powerful music like sounds resounded and entered his ears.

’’Indeed a queen that's proficient in spirit reading. It's charm alone is that powerful.’’

At the same time! Chi!

A powerful spirit energy pierced into Luo Feng's consciousness.


The void pagoda stood there, the spirit attack pierced in and dispersed.


Days passed one at a time.

That beautiful queen thought and tried many ways to attack Luo Feng. With its weak and fragile body, it could only rely on spirit attacks. As for Luo Feng with his incredibly strong consciousness and willpower, also with the void pagoda training, it was akin to an ant trying to shake a tree, it didn't affect Luo Feng at all.

Actually if one was able to kill all the bug soldiers, usually the queen itself didn't have much resisting ability.

The queen was strong, in the sense it could produce endless and many types of bug soldiers.

’’Countdown, 10 days?’’

Luo Feng looked down at the screen on his wrist, a few more minutes and the 10 days would be up, he stepped on the dark cloud shuttle...becoming a beam of light and shooting at the queen hiding in the distance that didn't dare to mess with Luo Feng. That seemingly weak and fragile poor queen, it's dark blue eyes filled with resentment looking at Luo Feng.


The golden blade pierced right through it's forehead.

’’Still using its charm.’’ Luo Feng pondered, ’’The 1st level bug clan mother nest wasn't strong at all. It could barely deal with normal star level 9s.’’

Killing everything and finishing the 1st tower's 7 levels, he was transported to the 2nd tower. The shocking thing was, the opponents of the 2nd tower were actually exactly the same as the 1st! The only difference was that their strengths had risen greatly!

’’The same ferocious beast Hairy blood mammoth in the 2nd tower is much stronger than the 1st! Then the 3rd tower, the 4th, how scary would they be? Also the back 5th, 6th and 7th! No wonder the Virtual Universe Company has so much confidence that everyone would eventually die.’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

This Training space, was very difficult!


The aim of the 7 towers and the numbers were all exactly the same. Only the strength of the creatures were different.

1st level, the ferocious beast hairy blood mammoth, a total of 10,000 of them.

2nd level, it was the demon 9 headed python, a total of 10,000 of them. The difference between the demons and ferocious beasts was...the intellect. Just like the beasts on earth, in truth they belonged to the demon race.

3rd level, the metallic life form Tuo Luo race warriors, 1,000 of them.

4th level, was the universe mysterious being, flying monkey, 1,000 of them. They belonged to a special breed of the ferocious beasts.

The 5th level, was the automaton race puppets, 100 of them!

6th level, was the space beast Cang, 10 of them!

The 7th level was the bug clan mother nest, just 1!

The 7 towers were all arranged the same way. However it was very obvious that the strength of the creatures in the 7 towers rose greatly with each tower.


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