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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 6


Volume 10 Chapter 6 - Return to Earth

Leaving the dojo and returning to reality from the virtual universe network.

Within the universe ship control room, Luo Feng and his brothers' moods were heavy.

’’This brutal universe!’’ Thunder God could help but curse.

Luo Feng was silent.

’’Don't bother, there's no point in cursing.’’ Hong shook his head, ’’Where there's light, there will be darkness, and with power and levels, there will be competition. Even on a small planet like earth, assassins, prostitutes, liars, robbers, corrupt officials, scammers, what type of people do we not have? Much less the incomparably vast universe.’’

’’The vastness of the universe only means even more brutal and scheming people. However, there are many more with light in their hearts, people chasing after their dreams.’’

’’It's a myriad of types, encompassing everything.’’

’’The only thing we can do now is to prepare ourselves and protect our community on earth. Only when we become powerful people within in the universe will we have the power to actually do something. As for now, let's not think or act rashly.’’ Hong shook his head.

Luo Feng and Thunder God nodded.


The ship continued to fly, after 8 over hours of flying, the ship finally reached the dark universe coordinates within the solar system.

The coordinates here were totally camouflaged by the Yun Mo Planet Master's space techniques, hence other ships that wanted to come here could only come through the wormhole, and fly for a long period of time before being able to reach here. While Luo Feng and his group could easily just engage in universe travel.

’’10, 9, 8, 7, 6...3, 2, 1!’’ Universe travel!’’

Within the dark universe.

Following the universe ship's halt, it then began to engage in it's universe travel and return to their original solar system.

China time year 2063, November 16th, late night 22:08pm, a triangular universe ship entered earth, landing in the continent of Asia, China, Jian Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city skies.

Hong and Thunder God had already been sent home earlier by Luo Feng when they arrived.

Yang Zhou city, Westlake yard.



When Luo Feng, dressed in his alloy armor and battle boots arrived with his slave Ao Gu at the castle's entrance, his family had been waiting having received the news earlier, especially his 2 sons, Luo Hai and Luo Ping, immediately shouting excitedly and running directly towards Luo Feng.

’’Haha, Ping Ping, Little Hai.’’ Luo Feng looked at his family, a contented smile spreading across his face.

’’Oh, wa, much heavier than before.’’ Luo Feng hugged his two sons and laughed happily.

’’Daddy, your armor is so hard.’’ Ping Ping waved his fist and punched it, peng, peng, peng, knocking on Luo Feng's alloy armor.

’’You don't even change when you return.’’ Xu Xin walked up to him, smiling, ’’Dressed in this metal lump.’’

’’I got so used to wearing it outside, didn't get the time to change.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The alloy armor had indeed been worn for too long.

Actually, while the armor outside was hard and solid, it was still very comfortable within, of course it couldn't compare to the pure cotton sleeping gowns, however as time passed, one would naturally get used to it.

’’Little Feng, dinner is ready, we've been waiting for you.’’ His mother Gong Xin Lan smiled.

’’Yes, mother's cooking is the best.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Let' me go change and take a bath and we'll eat immediately.’’

Changing from his alloy armor and boots into a comfortable nightie, Luo Feng had dinner with his family.

Breathing in that aroma of home, watching the moon with family and having dinner and chatting with them...

After travelling in the universe for a long time, one would indeed miss this feeling.

The news of Luo Feng and his brothers' return was very quickly known by the 5 great countries, on the 3rd afternoon from his return, the 5 great countries sent 15 representatives to Luo Feng's house to discuss about the universe migration.

Within the meeting room.

Hong and Thunder God rushed over too, the main event was the discussion between the 15 representatives and the three of them. These 15 representatives could already represent the entire powers of the 5 great countries.

’’Mr. Luo, cowardice will not solve the problem. We are all very clear that there are many dangers within the universe, however...we cannot just wait till the dangers come knocking at our doorstep before we face them. The best method is to communicate and make contact with others in the universe as soon as possible and make preparations.’’ A lady chairperson from the European union political party said seriously.

’’Yes. Please understand that our countries have all made ample preparations.’’ the new white prime minister from the American side watched Luo Feng and his group.

The Chinese, Indian, and Russian representatives all stared at Luo Feng and his brothers, whatever could be said has been said already.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances and finally, Luo Feng nodded.

The three had already made their decision.

’’I understand your thoughts.’’

Luo Feng looked towards the leaders of the 5 great countries, ’’I admit, whatever you've said does make a lot of sense.’’

’’If you want to migrate into the universe, that's possible!’’ Luo Feng emphasized.

The leaders of the 5 great countries could barely hold back the excitement in their eyes.

’’However, I must warn you all.’’

’’The 1st point, reaching another life planet in the universe, I will provide the migrants with the most basic of living guarantees. However you must understand that one has to reach the star traveller level before earning the right to be a universe citizen, hence, the moment these migrants leave the planet that I control, I cannot guarantee their safety.’’

’’The 2nd point, leaving earth is very easy, returning is very hard. Returning to earth from the other life planets in the universe, just travelling alone takes 3 years!’’

’’The 3rd point, as for the information of earth, they have to keep it totally secret, no divulging of any kind.’’

Luo Feng emphasized.

Actually, there wasn't much important information of earth, the only important thing was about the golden horned beast. However normal citizens of earth didn't even know the swallowing monster was the golden horned beast, and these migrants, Luo Feng would definitely not allow any of them to bring any pictures or footage of the golden horned beast.

The moment the migrants left earth and reached a planet Luo Feng controlled.

Firstly, there were other human races on that planet, all normal people, who would know of the swallowing monster or golden horned beast?

’’However if anyone divulges any information of earth and betrays the humans of earth, he or she will be executed.’’ Luo Feng emphasized.

’’No problem.’’



’’Mr. Luo, it seems that you don't require three years to return from the universe?’’ That American lady asked looking at them.

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows and stared at her, that formless mental pressure caused her to start perspiring profusely with cold sweat, Luo Feng said, ’’This 1st batch of migrants, is the first contact from earth to the universe, I don't want any accidents! The moment an accident occurs, then all of you will be guilty of sabotaging the humans of earth!’’

’’Remember the three points that I said, agree and I will agree to the migration.’’

’’If you don't agree to them, then you can work hard and build your own spaceship.’’ Luo Feng said coldly.

’’Oh, sorry My Luo, I was just curious, I didn't mean anything else.’’ That lady said.

’’That's how it is, the migrants will officially depart from earth half a year later. Within this half a year, you all should choose the people wisely. Remember, just the trip back requires 3 years.’’ Luo Feng said.

The 15 representatives of the 5 great countries left, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God couldn't help it.

’’There are good points to this, we cannot always take all the weight of earth on ourselves, we should let them head out and deal with problems. Without pressure, there'll be no movement. Always under our protection, the humans of earth would naturally evolve slower.’’ Hong said.


Luo Feng nodded, ’’These people wouldn't be able to make a mess even if they wanted to, what's more, divulging information of earth would make them traitors of earth. Everybody is from earth, so they wouldn't dare to reveal anything. And even if they did, it would still be within our control, that is, after all, my territory.’’

Luo Feng currently had over 100 planets as his territory, however, for the migrants of earth...he was actually prepared to specially buy a few others.

To the current Luo Feng, buying a few planets was indeed easy.

After staying a few days on earth, Luo Feng sat in a universe ship and headed to mars.

He also ordered a Nutrition Cabin via the virtual universe network.

’’Sir, you sure you want to buy an E grade nutrition cabin? This nutrition cabin, as the highest 3 grade cabin is most for the recovery and evolution of a sector lord warrior. Also, it is also a evolution cabin capable of immediately producing a universe level warrior.’’

’’However, it will only make the body of the warrior into a universe level.’’

’’Any further breakthroughs will be dependent on his own comprehension of domains etc, just relying on the cabin alone is futile. Also, relying on the cabin to breakthrough might result in one's foundations not being solid, unable to realize domains, naturally unable to ever breakthrough to the domain lord level.’’


The cost of usage for the nutrition cabin is shocking. 100 years of usage, creating a universe level, the amount of money can be used to buy over 100 universe level slaves. Hence using it to evolve is not worth it at all.’’

It's best and mostly used function is to heal a sector lord's body and to recover it. It's best point, it's healing abilities. I have to emphasize this point, if you still think that it's fine, then sign below.’’

’’E grade nutrition cabin, requires 86 billion universe dollars.’’

’’As for the nutrition liquid you require, 1 ton requires 10 billion universe dollars. A ton of nutrition liquid can totally create a universe level, of course, 10 billion universe dollars can also buy over a 100 universe level slaves. Oh, you require 10 tons of nutrition liquid, understood. This is the agreement!’’

A sector lord's battle, there are many which inflict damage straight on the soul, some on the body outside. At this time, relying on the nutrition cabin to recover is the best.

Hence the nutrition cabin was very expensive.

It had a secondary effect...warrior evolution! And what Luo Feng bought it for was to increase the speed of evolution of his own human body.

As for being unable to breakthrough?

’’With the golden horned beast's body as the root, Luo Feng, you have no bottleneck at all, and no problem of your foundations not being solid. Also you have money, of course buying is the best option! This 3 grade nutrition cabin generates the fastest evolution speed.’’ This was what Babata had told Luo Feng.


Luo Feng took the nutrition cabin and stationed himself on Mars, beginning a long period of isolation within.

This was because...

Luo Feng's golden horned beast body was about to breakthrough to the universe level, and breaking through had several very important problems, naturally he would pick mars where no one could bother him to breakthrough.

In the world of thunder, the golden horned beast was already a star level 9.

For the star level 9 to breakthrough to the universe level, it required over 50 years, and Luo Feng's metal groupings had a maximum efficiency of 89 times, hence in a little over half a year, it was already ready to breakthrough.

And Luo Feng was at point of time where it was just about to do it!


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