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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 59


Volume 10 Chapter 59 - Geniuses Gather

As the genius teams of every universe country heard the discussions from the other groups, they were very dissatisfied, yet held their hatred within. To be able to make it into the Ganwu universe country's top 1,000, who wasn't an absolute genius, a proud genius above many others? And right now it was obvious that the other geniuses from the other universe countries only respected Savage Rong Jun, and did not even mention any of the others.

’’Madman, did you hear that. The other universe countries only know of our Ganwu universe country's Rong Jun.’’ The green haired youth whispered in Luo Feng's year. This green haired youth was the absolute genius that was in the same city with Luo Feng in the elimination stage, the one that engaged him in a pinnacle final battle before it ended, Windmill.

Windmill was luckier than Luo Feng. During the arena duels, he won four consecutive duels to get a slot in the namelist.

Luo Feng was very calm. While following the large team ahead, he said softly, ’’Windmill, you can't blame them, Rong Jun is indeed strong.’’

’’Hm.’’ The green haired youth nodded his head. ’’I know that, I heard about it too. This Savage Rong Jun's strength is enough to make it into the top 10 of the entire universe. And us....just trying to get into the universe top 1,000 will be very hard.’’

’’Top 1,000?’’

Luo Feng squinted his eyes.

At this time, the geniuses from the Ganwu universe country followed the scaled armor giant into skyscraper 0825. The lobby was extremely vast, enough to hold over a 1,000 people that were gathered there.


That strong pressure appeared again. These 1,000 geniuses who were all under such pressure turned and look at the tallest scaled armor giant. That giant diminished his aura, and said coldly, ’’Over here, there are number tags from 1 to 1,000. You've all been assigned one. Once you've acquired yours, enter your own room. This will be your resting and living quarters!’’ Following which the scaled armor giant waved his hand!

The number tags began to fall, landing in front of each of the geniuses.

Savage Rong Jun extended his arm and grabbed the tag, there was only one number on it...1.

Luo Feng extended his arm too and grabbed his tag, the number on it was ...2.

The 1,000 geniuses all grabbed their tags.

’’You are dismissed!’’

’’You can rest within your rooms or you can all go out to mingle with the geniuses from the other universe countries.’’ The scaled armor giant gazed at the 1,000 geniuses, saying coldly, ’’When it gets dark, the Virtual Universe Company's organizing committee will gather you all. Whether you are in this space or anywhere else, you'll be able to hear it.’’

After he finished, the scaled armor giant immediately turned around and left.

Only then did the 1,000 geniuses from the Ganwu universe country let out a sigh of relief. The group started to disperse, with some staying behind to chat while others looking for their rooms.

The center plaza of the 1,008 skyscrapers was extremely huge. Even with a million people in there, it still wouldn't be crammed. The plaza was surrounded by beautiful greenery and flowers, with little animals that could be seen occasionally.

Scattered throughout the plaza too were large restaurants.

A total of 99 restaurants could be found. The geniuses from the different universe countries could enter any one of these, all except for the first restaurant.

’’Rumble!’’ The scaled armor giant became a beam of light and landed in front of restaurant number one.


The staff at the entrance of the restaurant bowed respectfully.

The scaled armor giant immediately stepped in. The first level of this restaurant alone had over a 1,000 seats. At this time there were already over a 1,000 great beings there.


’’13 is here.’’

Auras and energies filled with bloodthirst or even volatility more so than stars, or ice chill so cold it would freeze one's soul were present. These auras were all spread out throughout the level... these great beings sat casually about. It was almost as though they were the land and skies themselves, the surrounding space was totally controlled by them.

’’Hm.’’ The scaled armor giant nodded slightly, sitting down beside another valiant and brave looking god general.

’’13, I heard your Ganwu universe country has a genius called Rong Jun this time? Haha, your luck is not bad.’’

’’It's ok.’’

The scaled armor giant was not modest either. ’’Te Luo Fu, your universe country has someone called Blood axe right.’’ The white robed man with a face full of smiles, as though he was in spring itself said, ’’Yes, there is such a genius. His character is very similar to yours 13.’’

’’13, this time around, your Ganwu universe country may be able to produce two who might make it into the top 1,000 right.’’ Not far away, a tall and sturdy, bald man with bare feet and skin which was completely golden yellow in color shouted, ’’There's another punk called Luo Feng.’’

’’His strength is still insufficient.’’ The scaled armor giant shook his head, ’’Saiful, everyone is saying that your Noah universe country can get number one.’’

’’The youth in Noah universe country is very strong.’’

’’Hm, he is only at star level and his space origin law comprehension has already reached such a level, really unbelievable.’’

The great beings were all discussing.

These beings were all sent by their country leaders! Like a gathering of the pinnacle of universe countries, the undying sent here were all considered very strong even amongst the undying. Like 13, that was one of the 18 god generals of the Ganwu universe country leader, his reputation alone was widespread. He was a being known for a trillion years.

Skyscraper 0825, room number 2.

This room was extremely spacious. The bed alone was 10m long and 6m wide. Some geniuses may have huge physiques, hence the room was prepared for such people. Naturally...this room which was at least 1000 cubic meters, it was huge for Luo Feng.

’’I'll head out and take a look.’’

’’I'll have a look at the absolute geniuses from the other universe countries.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed with a strong sense of anticipation.

He didn't have any hope of making it into the top 1,000?

The words from the scaled armor giant was obviously based on the arena duels round. In fact, from the end of the losers circle duels to now, the Mosha clan clone worked hard on Absolute space. His 3 bodies...the golden horned beast, the Mosha clan and his earth body all hadn't relaxed for even a second.

Till now.

His strength had already increased at a terrifying rate! Even though in the slaughterhouse he could already defeat the simulated Rong Jun. However...

’’From that battle till now, it's already been over 4 years.’’

’’If I can improve that much, others can do so too. Within these 4 years, who knows how much that Rong Jun has improved?’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’What's more, when he battled me back then, he hadn't even unleashed his blade work!’’

’’1,008 universe countries, the geniuses are as numerous as the clouds.’’

’’I'll give it a shot.’’

’’We'll see how far I, Luo Feng can make it.’’ Luo Feng thought. To have been suffering patiently for over 4 years, this gathering of absolute geniuses from the 1,008 universe countries was exactly the place for him to unleash his full power!

Luo Feng walked out of the room and joined a few other geniuses from the Ganwu universe country leaving the skyscraper and headed towards the plaza.


The center plaza was even bigger than the planet of earth. However, these absolute geniuses' bodies were all star level 9. With just one gaze they could see over a 100km.

When the geniuses from the Ganwu universe country entered the plaza.

’’Look, Rong Jun.’’

’’It's Rong Jun.’’

’’I heard he has the strength to make it into the top 10.’’

’’He is a very strong fellow, his comprehension of ground and space origin laws are already very high, I hope to not meet him.’’ Many other youths from the other universe countries were engaged in discussions, this made Rong Jun and the other geniuses from the Ganwu universe countries uncomfortable, naturally dispersing once they reached the plaza.

Luo Feng walked with the green haired youth Windmill.

’’Luo Feng, look.’’

The green haired youth pointed at a complete beauty dressed in a white feathery cloth. This lady was almost like the legendary angels of earth. She even had 2 wings on her back and there was a crystal in the middle of her forehead, ’’Her name is Ai Chen, from the Dream Shell clan. She has the power to make it to the top 10. Her nickname is Light blade and she is extremely terrifying.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng looked at the pure dream shell lady.

’’Light blade Ai Chen.’’ Luo Feng gazed at the plaza. Prior to this, he naturally had gathered information on the strong opponents. Even though he couldn't get specific details, he still knew the reputation and information of the stronger ones.


Luo Feng looked at a black robed skinny youth who was about 2.3 or 2.4 m tall, hearing the people beside discussing, ’’That's Hyno, Jia Laixi, he's from the Howling gods clan, from the Peng Gu universe country. I heard from the start till end he never actually made a move. He just looks at the opponent and the opponents all get hypnotized and die. He's a very scary hypnotist, who is definitely able to make it to the top 10.’’


Walking within the plaza, they were discovering the number one geniuses from the many universe countries.

Even though they were number one in their respective universe countries, within the 1,008 universe countries, only about 20 of them had the power to make it to the top 10. Afterall even with powers matching up, one has to still factor in the condition during that day etc, and everything was unpredictable until the battle actually happens. However these 20 that had the largest commotion. Luo Feng had already seen their tapes.

The verdict...

They all weren't weaker than Rong Jun! There were even two of them who were much more terrifying than Rong Jun!

’’The prince of the Manka.’’ Luo Feng looked at the distant silver clothed youth. That youth with eyes burning with a mad battle spirit was also another absolute genius regarded as one able to make it to the top 10! There hadn't been such an exceptional young genius from the Manka planet in a very very long time.


Genius were all around him. This made Luo Feng's battle spirit burn with passion.


This was the gathering of the geniuses from the 1,008 universe countries. Just from the surface there were about 20 able to match up to Rong Jun. And what's more they were probably hiding their powers too! Just like how when Savage Rong Jun battled against Luo Feng, he didn't even intend to reveal his space origin laws, and if he hadn't revealed it during that battle, who would know Rong Jun was that strong?

One theory!

1,008 universe countries, over a million geniuses. From the surface, one can see that the number of absolute geniuses definitely wasn't just 20. Like Luo Feng, ones who had the power to make it into the top 10 were hiding their their strengths. No one knew who these geniuses were until during the battle..

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.


The entire plaza went silent.

100,000 geniuses from all over, all turned almost simultaneously to one direction. Luo Feng turned too, from the distant large skyscraper a white clothed youth walked out. He looked very handsome except he had no expression. His entire being was like a frozen mountain, carrying two blood red long blades.

Walking towards the plaza, his ice cold gaze swept over the 100,000 geniuses, without even a ripple of emotion.

’’Death god!’’

’’Death God Bolan!’’

’’It's him!’’

’’This round's undisputed number 1.’’

Finally the discussions had unified and converged. Simultaneously the Howling god youth clad in a black robe, that absolute beauty from the Dream shell clan, that Manka prince in armor, that seemingly unstoppable Savage, the one carrying blood colored huge axes, a fat strong looking youth at least 6m tall with slit eyes, the green haired youth with peculiar green engravings on his face...

From all corners of the plaza, the absolute warrior that stood above these over a million geniuses, everyone stared at this white clothed youth carrying the blood red long blades.

Amongst these warriors, naturally included was Luo Feng as well!

’’Death God.’’ Luo Feng stared at the distant silhouette, muttering, ’’Death god Bolan?’’


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