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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 56


Volume 10 Chapter 56 - Mosha Clan Clone

Earth, Asian continent, China Yangzhou base.

Early morning, Luo Feng stepped on the dark cloud shuttle and became a beam of golden light and immediately vanished into the east horizon.

In mid air above the east sea.

Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle and looked east, the red burning sun began to slowly rise out of the horizon.

’’This level five spirit weapon is indeed different from a level three spirit weapon.’’ Luo Feng lowered his head to look at the dark cloud shuttle below him. This was bought from the latest Ganwu auction, the Ganwu auction was held once every three years. The first time was at the end of 2065, he spent quite a bit of money during that time.

And at the end of 2068, there was another one that was held.

During that auction, he was engaged in the loser's circle duels! Hence he specially requested for 10 days of rest to attend the auction.

The losers circle duels were able to be rescheduled.

As there were over 9000 people and within those three years of time, special events may happen unexpectedly, hence the timings were more flexible. There should have originally been 100 matches that day. However, back then, he had discussed with his opponents earlier on and they had come to an agreement. It was only due to this that the organizing party agreed to the request and allowed him to attend the Ganwu auction.

’’One Dark cloud shuttle and two portions of swelling water fruit had cost me one mixed element.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed, ’’Luckily I still have the money my younger brother invested.’’

During the 2065 auction, because he purchased the Mosha clan skin, the Nan Shen Armament, and the swelling water fruit, he had only a few hundred billion universe dollars remaining after that. This was not even worth one mixed element.

These three years, he hadn't been earning any money.

Luckily after the end of the previous auction, his little brother already had over two trillion universe dollars. After the past three years of investment, even though he had lost money past his capital before, he still managed to increase it to a total of six mixed elements! In these three years, his earnings were close to 200% of profits. Usually the higher one goes up the ladder of capital and wealth, the harder it got to have such high turnovers.

Even the large organizations like the universe first bank or universe galaxy bank's specialized investment departments had invited and consulted his younger brother Luo Hua.

’’By working for myself, I get to call all the shots, that's the best. Working for others and going to those departments, I still have to listen to the orders from above. That is just too troublesome, I won't go!’’ This was something he had said to himself before.

Stepping on the dark cloud shuttle, standing above the east sea.

’’The amount of money I have is still not enough.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’The golden horned beast, the cloud contact vine, even the Moshan clan clone. They will all require a large amount of money to nurture. And even myself, I require money too.’’ From a theoretical point of view the golden horned beast should be considered Luo Feng's main body. However, in his subconscious, Luo Feng still thought of his earth body as the main.

The golden horned beast is at the universe level right now. I don't even have enough money for the metals it requires to swallow. However, the Deities of the world training is simply a bottomless pit.

When speaking of the cloud contact vine, the higher up it evolved, the harder it got. Right now the swelling water fruit is very effective. However, as it grows more, the money poured into it would be a bottomless pit too. Back then when Hu Yan Bo made his cloud contact vine reach the undying level, the amount of money spent on it was simply terrifying.

As for Mosha clan clone, he still knew very little about it.

Luo Feng's earth body, just the Nan Shen Armament, the dark cloud shuttle and the nutrition cabin had cost a lot of money. And this was only the star level. As his sights and boundaries grew, the cost may become even more terrifying. Luo Feng had already seen a few absolute treasures at the auctions. Just one of these would cost several thousand mixed elements. However, these were treasures that Babata was too lazy to even explain to Luo Feng at the moment.

’’The golden horned beast is at universe level 7! Cloud contact vine is at universe level 6. My body though is still at star level 9.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’From now on, my own body's training will stop.’’

The golden horned beast's universe level 1 to 3 required 15 years, 4 to 6 required 20 years each, a total of 60 years, and the 7th, 8th and 9th level required 120 years each. As for reaching the domain lord level from the universe level, that required 500 years! The entire process of the universe levels was supposed to require close to a 1000 years.

From year 2055, while entering the universe level 6 till now 2059 october, it had already been about 4 years.

Using the optimum metal groupings to nurture and let it swallow, it's efficiency was raised to 56 times, this was comparable to a total of 224 years! And Luo Feng stepping through from level 7 to 8 required 240 years. Right now it was still at universe level 7, a little more and it could reach the universe level 8.


As for the cloud contact vine, back in the world within a world it was already at universe level 2. And back then it hadn't completely digested the powerful life fruit. Plus, it had eaten over a 100 swelling water fruit. With all these and with enough time, it had long grown to universe level 6. The only thing was the jump from level 6 to 7 was quite a bit harder.


’’It's about to be born.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.


In mid air a triangular black universe ship suddenly appeared, Luo Feng entered the ship. The ship began to accelerate into the sky, piercing past the earth's atmosphere and headed to mars.

Solar system, Mars surface, in a large ravine. The universe ship descended.

Within the ship's resting chambers.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged, his entire consciousness entering his internal world.


Within his internal world, the entire golden continent was enshrouded in the golden mist.

Laying flat along the large land, the golden horned beast which was at least 10 li long raised its head, its dark golden eyes looking at the oval golden egg in mid air.

’’Almost.’’ The golden horned beast's cold eyes had a sense of anticipation.

Ka! Ka! Ka!

The incomparably thin oval shaped golden egg began to crack open, following which it descended down, revealing an extremely peculiar black crystal. This crystal had a total of 10,081 surfaces and on each surface was incomparably complex golden engravings. The engravings were completely fused with the crystal, this was the core of the Mosha clan demon...the life crystal!

’’Appear!’’ A sound resounded throughout the large golden continent.

Hu huh u...

Black energies swiftly flowed from the life crystal before condensing together. A naked yellow skinned, black short haired man appeared. It was a naked Luo Feng, who was similar in appearance to Luo Feng's actual self!

Mars, sand filled the entire land and surface.

Luo Feng who was dressed in a dark red armor, along with the Luo Feng dressed in black cloth, were with the enormous mountain like golden horned beast on the surface.

’’Interesting, interesting.’’

The two Luo Feng's and the golden horned beast exchanged glances.

As for the true life core, the core itself was able to immediately appear within the true body, or within the golden horned beast's body or even within the Mosha clan's body.

’’Return!’’ The golden horned beast vanished and only the 2 Luo Feng's remained.

’’Return!’’ The dark red armored Luo Feng vanished.

’’Return!’’ The black clothed Luo Feng vanished too.

All three of them entered the internal world, leaving behind only a transparent crystal ball in the external world. On its surface were incomparably complex golden engravings, glimmering with gold light.


The black clothed Luo Feng appeared.

’’Leaving the life core alone in the external world is very unsafe.’’ The black clothed Luo Feng thought, ’’As for this Moshan clan demon...change!’’

All that could be seen was the black clothed Luo Feng's energy flow seemed to change, swiftly becoming the tall and powerful Rong Jun, and later changing into a 10 li long golden horned beast. Finally he even changed into a thick and sturdy tree, and back to the black clothed Luo Feng!

’’Energy life forms are indeed special.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The Mosha clan were energy life forms. They didn't have a fixed external appearance, they could change it at will. Of course, if they wanted to change into an enormous giant, maintaining their body's defense of at least a universe level two, the energy usage would be huge. Hence normally they only changed to forms which weren't too big.

’’Mosha clan, named the strongest assassination clan. So it's because of this!’’ Luo Feng could feel the difference and special properties of the Mosha clan's body.

’’It's indeed true that they are favoured by space itself.’’

After obtaining the third body, the Mosha clan's body, Luo Feng naturally grasped the natural abilities and talents of the Mosha clan.

It's natural secret techniques...cloning!

In life form terms, the Mosha clan, when compared to the humans or golden horned beast was completely different. At least humans and golden horned beasts were still under the category of flesh and blood life forms. However the Mosha clan, as an energy life form, it didn't even have a soul! Accurately speaking...that life crystal was its soul, and its source of energy!


The Mosha clan weren't afraid of spirit attacks, at the same time they are unable to use any spirit attacks or control any weapons. Hence the Mosha clan...all walked the path of fighters!

And it's natural abilities such as cloning, allowed the Mosha clan demons to be able to clone the life force and spirit energies of their target. Their own body could transform, and the moment it copied the target's soul energies, even undying beings...unless they used their spirit energy to enter their bodies and scan, from just the outer appearance or energy, they were completely undetectable.

This was no longer just a disguise.

It was cloning!

Natural technique...cloning!

You'd never expect, that your favorite grandson, I have already become one of the Mosha clan.

It may seem like an extremely simple ability, however it allowed the Mosha clan to become the most fearsome assassination clan of the entire universe! They were able to transform into every kind of life forms, copying any kinds of life energies. Of course once the target suspected something and used spirit energy to dig and scan, they would be revealed.

’’Favoured by space itself.’’

’’So special.’’ Luo Feng felt the energies of the Mosha clan. He could vaguely feel the space about him rippling.

But his earth body and the golden horned beast body were both unable to feel this.

’’Absolute space!’’

Luo Feng fiercely unleashed his technique, simultaneously the black crystal with 10,081 surfaces began to slightly revolve, its complex golden engravings on its surfaces rippled, almost as though it was answering to the universe space.


All that could be seen on that sand filled mars surface, was the sudden appearance of two Luo Feng's, and gradually another...three Luo Feng's, four Luo Feng's, five Luo Fengs!


Luo Feng stopped.

’’Too special, this is just marvelous! This Mosha clan's movement and flying is so relaxed, it's simply, simply...too unbelievable.’’ Luo Feng's expression was that of complete shock, ’’I only have very little understanding of Absolute space. These years, I've only managed to touch the door of the space origin laws, And did not even considere entering.’’

’’However even with that little comprehension, using the Moshan clan body to unleash it, my speed is faster and even more unpredictable. I can even feel the ripples in space.’’ Luo Feng was extremely shocked.


The Mosha clan body vanished and the dark red armored Luo Feng appeared.


The earth body of Luo Feng looked at his surroundings, the peculiar feeling was totally gone and everything felt normal again. This mars was like mars from before, the universe was still like the universe, no longer having the special feeling from the universe space ripples like before.


Luo Feng began his movement, his movement became shockingly fast and unpredictable. However it was just that, it didn't cause the space around to warp or create mirror images.

’’It feels as though the Mosha clan demon in space is like a fish in water.’’ Luo Feng thought.

Humans swimming in water, their speed could never compare to their speed of running on land.

And a fish's speed hopping on land could never compare to it swimming in water.

One theory was that the Mosha clan was naturally one favored by the space origin laws. In the universe space it was like a fish in water. Even if his own comprehension was low, using the body of the Mosha clan would amplify his powers by several times.

’’Sick, totally sick.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but exclaim.

’’Do you even have to say that? This is the strongest assassination race! Energy life forms, flesh and blood life forms, automaton life forms, metal life forms, plant life forms etc, among all sorts of life forms with trillions of races, to be able to gain the reputation of strongest assassins in countless amounts of life forms. Would that be a joke?’’ Babata said, ’’Natural ability...cloning, even though it's only one ability. However in truth, the amazing thing about the Mosha clan is they are able to feel the ripples of space.’’

’’They are a natural complement to the space origin laws!’’

’’By allowing them to unleash any space techniques, the power will increase greatly.’’

’’Simultaneously, comprehending the space origin laws will be much easier than compared to humans.’’

’’Hence any Mosha clan demon, who steps through the space origin laws door...their movement would be unpredictable and ever changing. They can change to anyone, any form. Because their disguise ability reaches the pinnacle of perfection, their attack too is extremely strong, After just one attack, they can swiftly dodge far away. The most scary thing is, it's not just one of the clan that's strong, it's all of them. Hence, they are known as the strongest assassins.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

No wonder...the damaged piece of skin of the Mosha clan sold for such a high price.

The normal changes of the Mosha clan, there were no engravings on the surface. And after being killed, most of them die from their crystals shattering. Their bodies too would disappear, leaving only a damaged crystal, not even the skin would be left. Only under a special circumstance can one allow the space origin law engravings within the life crystal to appear on the skin!

Those were true space origin law engravings, hence the skin was incomparably valuable.

’’However in my genius battle, I can only use the body given to me by the virtual universe to battle. I can't use the Mosha clan body.’’ Luo Feng thought.

’’Right now it's October. There was less than a year to the final battle with the 1,008 universe countries. What you can do now is to use the Moshan clan clone to take the form of the golden horned beast and go research on Absolute space.’’ Babata said, The training process of Absolute space is only suitable for the golden horned beast form to unleash.

Of course, any training on comprehension of the space laws will have benefits to all bodies. Afterall you are all one consciousness.

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Not even a year.’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath, ’’Right, Babata, I should use the Mosha clan go retrieve the third bank account left behind by my teacher.’’

The Yun Mo Planet master left three separate accounts.

They were separated for when the disciple was star level, universe level and finally domain lord level to retrieve the funds.


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