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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 54


Volume 10 Chapter 54 - The Madman of three Years Later

Time passed, even the great beings who had completely grasped the time origin laws, may be able to shortly stop or reverse time. However, the universe itself had automatic recovery abilities, even the most powerful beings were unable to strongly warp or affect the universe's flow.

The broadcast of the losers circle duels were like a television series, being broadcasted non stop.

Afterall there were over 9000 participants. It was hard to avoid special situations where the battle times had to extend or delay a few days.

China year 2069, March 2nd, the final day of the duels.

Virtual universe, floating island above the Ganwu continent, in a luxurious living room of a large construct.

Dressed in a simple white robe, an old man stood there while politely bowing, ’’Sword Deity.’’ Beside him was an intrepid man dressed in golden armor. His face was filled with gold scales and on his forehead was a curve, like an arc blade golden horn. His entire being was like a ground and sky splitting golden battle blade!

Even in the virtual universe, that powerful consciousness and pressure from it was enough to make even a universe level warrior's consciousness crumble. If it were Luo Feng who saw this person, he would be shocked, ’’Someone who looks so much like Bai Kalo, only that his green scales have turned gold.’’

’’This is the Luo Feng you speak of?’’ The golden armored man looked at the screen.

On the screen was a broadcast of a match that was about to happen.

’’Yes! Today is the last day of the duels, and this battle should be the last day's most exciting one.’’ The old man dressed in a simple white robe smiled.

’’Ah? If you are introducing him, you think...this punk has the right to enter the universe top 1,000?’’ The golden armored man asked.

’’Sword deity, you'll know the moment you watch it.’’ The white robed man said.

On the screen.

Dressed in a dark grey armor carrying that dark golden long rod, Luo Feng was facing a dual blade wielding dwarf youth.

’’Rumble!’’ The dwarf youth turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed forward, immediately reaching close to Luo Feng. However, with a poof sound, the expressionless Luo Feng on the Dark cloud shuttle who had golden energy wrapped about him, immediately became a golden light and easily escaped.



A golden blade appeared in mid air amidst the golden energies, swiftly emanating about. It immediately attacked that dwarf youth. The dwarf youth roared. As a green energy was emanating from his body and the two blades were brandished, almost as though his entire body had become a huge wave to receive the blows of the golden rainbow.

’’Chi!’’ Just as the golden rainbow drew close, it actually did a perfect S Shaped arc and brushed past the side of the blades, immediately slicing through the opponent's head.

Luo Feng, victory!


Within the living room.

’’What do you think?’’ The simple dressed old man smiled.

’’Hm, not bad, not bad at all.’’ The golden armored man nodded, ’’This little punk already has a grasp of the spirit reader controller's essence! His level 5 spirit weapon Dark cloud shuttle, its use is actually relaxed and perfect. And his instantaneous dodging ability is extremely fast, and obviously relaxed.’’

’’That Nan Shen Armament, when infused with the golden origin laws and unleashed together, it is as strong and piercing as the sun. Normally, the users have difficulty changing its direction! However he actually managed to, in short distance, doing an S shaped complex maneuver while relaxed. He's already made great progress with the first form!’’

’’His basics are exceptional.’’ The golden armored man nodded, following which he creased his eyebrows, ’’However, from my estimate, with this amount of strength, he should at most make it into the ranges of 3,000 to 5,000 of the entire universe.’’

1,008 universe countries, a million absolute geniuses gathered.

To make it into the top 1,000 was too difficult.

’’ this one.’’ The white robed old man pointed at the screen, swiftly picking out the battle of Luo Feng and Rong Jun from that year.

’’Rong Jun? I've heard of him, I heard he's your Ganwu universe country's most outstanding youth.’’ The golden armored man looked until the end and said softly, ’’This Rong Jun is indeed strong. However, for him to get the number one spot with his level of strength, there's no possibility at all. Although, making it into the top 10 of the universe, there's still some chance in that.’’

’’No chance at all?’’ the white robed old man was shocked greatly.

’’Hm, in this genius battle, there's a super genius.’’ The golden armored man couldn't help but exclaim, ’’Even more powerful than the number one geniuses from previous competitions. His space origin laws comprehension exceeds a large amount of sector lords.’’

’’Ah?’’ The white robed old man was shocked.

’’As for Luo Feng, I know why you've shown me this footage.’’ The golden armored man exclaimed, ’’The most shocking thing is, when he competed with Rong Jun...his flying and dodging speed back then was obviously taxing, the control was rough, purely relying on spirit energy to control the directions. Compared to that, having taken a look at that broadcast, his control of the dark cloud shuttle is already very perfect. The control of the Nan Shen Armament too...his improvement is very shocking! His comprehension of the origin laws has risen quite a bit too.’’

’’Right. How long does your Ganwu universe country's internal selection, the losers circle matches last?’’ The golden armored man asked.

’’Not even three years.’’ The white robed old man replied.

’’Not even three years?’’ The golden armored man couldn't help but say, ’’This Luo Feng, was he hiding his power during his battle with Rong Jun?’’

’’No, through his 9374 matches, in every battle, his improvement was very obvious!’’ The white robed old man exclaimed, ’’Before these matches, he was at most the top ten of our universe country. And now, with less than three years passing, probably only Rong Jun is his match. Many of the undying in our Ganwu secret area are all watching him, his improvement too shocking.’’

’’And in the losers circle duels, his opponents aren't strong. Hence, they haven't been able to force him to use his true strength. I even suspect...his true strength is even greater than what he's been displaying!’’ The white robed old man said, ’’And from right now to the final duels, there's still quite a bit of time, he can continue to improve.’’


The golden armored man curled his lips and smiled, ’’If he continues to improve, up to the pinnacle duels of the geniuses from the 1,008 universe countries, he may actually make it into the top 1,000. However, it's still hard to say.’’

When the two undyings from the Ganwu secret area and the Virtual Universe Company were discussing Luo Feng, Luo Feng was in the preparation room of arena 00001.

Within the room.

’’That Luo Feng!’’

’’This Luo Feng, how is his improvement so fast?’’

’’The teacher from the secret area said that Luo feng is able to be ranked as the number two genius of our universe country.’’

When the black haired youth dressed in dark grey armor appeared in the preparation room, it immediately aroused many soft discussions. The duels had lasted a little less than three years. Luo Feng's shocking improvement speed had attracted the attention of many strong warriors.

’’Madman!’’ A strong thick voice resounded.

Luo Feng turned to look. It was an almost one storey tall Savage Rong Jun. His hair was still messy as always and he was still barefooted.

’’Savage!’’ Luo Feng shouted too.

’’Hahaha...’’ Savage laughed loudly, a smile too appeared on Luo Feng's face. These two had always addressed each other with their names before. This sudden nickname call...was also a joke.

’’Luo Feng, your improvement is huge, you haven't relaxed at all in these three years.’’ Savage said very respectfully to Luo Feng.

No matter how powerful a genius was, it was mostly his natural talent that was high. If he didn't work hard, he would ultimately still be eliminated. Luo Feng's huge could only imagine how hard he worked secretly.

’’I don't dare to relax.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’With you in front, how could I dare?’’

’’Attention all! Enter the arena!’’

The organizer from the Virtual Universe Company shouted. Immediately the 1,000 geniuses followed the pathway into the arena.

Today there weren't any spectators.

1,000 absolute geniuses from the different galaxies of the Ganwu universe country stood there, looking at the giant before them! Before the 1,000 most exceptional geniuses of the Ganwu universe country was a giant who was at least 8m tall. Beside him, even Savage would look like a little doll. This giant was wearing a scaled battle robe, and a helmet. His entire being emanated a bloody energy, his eyes...seemed like the death god gazing at the group of geniuses.

Bated breaths.

1,000 geniuses, they couldn't help but perspire from their foreheads.

’’In the virtual universe, just his aura alone is that terrifying?’’ Luo Feng too couldn't help but control his body's nervousness. His forehead naturally perspiring cold sweat as well. Under this pressure, perspiring cold sweat from the forehead was a body's natural defense mechanism.

’’Congratulations to you all!’’

An ice cold voice resounded throughout the arena, ’’You 1,000 are our Ganwu universe' most exceptional. You all have the right to represent our universe country, to compete with the other universe countries and fight it out with their geniuses! However...these pinnacle duels, the difficulty will be much greater than the battles before!’’

’’1,008 universe countries, some universe countries have even wider and more vast territories, with many many more galaxies!’’

’’Because each universe country's situation differs, the internal selection time is different too.’’


’’The entire human race, final genius pinnacle duels...will only begin a year and a half from now. This one and a half years is your chance to improve yourselves!’’

Luo Feng returned to Black Dragon Mountain island 9 star bay.

’’It finally ended!’’

’’The losers circle duels have ended.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.

’’The duels may have ended, however your training still hasn't.’’ On his shoulder, the fist sized little demon shouted, ’’Luo feng, your Nan Shen Armament at this moment, at most can only produce five golden blades simultaneously. And it's still very forced, you should rather use three blades. Only by doing so, your current strength will be at its strongest!’’

A Person could force himself to lift a 100kg knife. However, his attack may be the strongest by using a 30 kg knife instead.

One logic.

Controlling five golden blades, every blade would become clumsy and awkward.

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded, following which he laughed.

Reminiscing these three years, indeed his improvement had shocked many people.

In truth, back then when he first joined the elimination, the golden horned beast had just reached the universe level for a little over two years. Meaning...a level 5 domain and stepping into the gold origin laws gateway, these were the fruits of his labour between the years 2064 and 2066. And right now with close to three years passing, it wasn't weird his achievements had increased by a high margin.

’’The nurturing of my second clone is almost done too.’’ Luo Feng anticipated his second clone, the Mo Sha clan's birth.


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