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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 51


Volume 10 Chapter 51 - One Standing While Another Lays

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Luo Feng!’’

All the spectators on site, along with the countless humans from the hundreds of millions of galaxies all cheered excitedly. There were many articles and details regarding Luo Feng and Rong Jun which had been shared previously with many experts to analyze both their strengths.

Naturally the Nan Shen Armament was discussed as well. Hence, many of the audience knew of how hard it was to unleash the Nan Shen Armament. Luo Feng unleashing just one golden sword was already enough to make him invincible. Yet, right now he had actually simultaneously unleashed two golden swords, it was simply, too intrepid!


Savage let out a low roar while taking a big step and closing a distance of 1km with just that step.

’’Rumble! Rumble!’’

Supporting the energy wave, two golden rainbows shot out.

’’Break away!’’ Savage had a struggling expression while slashing as fast as lightning at the golden rainbows.


At the instant of the clash, the direction of the his blade slightly changed. At the same time Savage immediately turned and used the shockwave from the impact to add on to his rotation, ’’Dang!’’ Blocking even the second golden rainbow!


Fresh blood was spit out. Savage took two steps back as his expression paled. Regardless, his eyes were still burning with a stronger than ever battle spirit, shouting, ’’Luo Feng, the two golden blades are indeed very powerful. having to disperse your energy evenly to control both of them. The power of each of these blades is only about 90% or so compared to the previous one!’’

’’Even with 90% power with the both of them combined, to be able to block it even once, I consider you powerful. Let's see how many more times you can block it!’’ In mid air from a distance, Luo Feng squinted while shouting back, ’’Come again!’’


Savage suddenly laughed loudly. At the same time he violently threw the blade in his hand.


The blade became a blurred image, almost like a secret weapon shooting towards Luo Feng.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows. In mid air the golden rainbow became an arc and blocked the blade. ’’Dang!’’ that blade was knocked away and landed far away on the ground within the arena.

’’What's he up to?’’

The entire arena was noisy.

A fighter throwing away his weapon? It was like a fighter cutting off his own arm. He must be insane!

’’What's the matter?’’

’’Why did he throw away his weapon?’’

’’This Savage has admitted defeat?’’

’’Hm, that Madman Luo Feng from the Black Dragon Mountain starfield, ever since he took out two golden blades...that Savage knew he couldn't win. Hence, he admitted defeat. That's not strange at all!’’

’’Not even fighting it out and admitting defeat?’’

The spectators were in a uproar of discussions.

Within the arena however, the two of them were silent.

Floating in mid air, Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, coldly looking at Savage on the ground. Even though they hadn't met for too long, just from the simple exchanges of words and willpower, Luo Feng was very sure...the Savage before him had absolute confidence in himself. Even if he was about to lose, he would still fight it out till the end and never admitting defeat!

’’Luo Feng!’’

Standing in the arena, Savage stood there with blood still on his mouth. His eyes however were gleaming and he laughed loudly, ’’I never once cared about the internal selection with the Ganwu universe country! What i expect of myself is to at least enter the top 1,000 in the entire universe. Having said that, my true to be number one in the entire universe!!!’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

The one billion spectators were all shocked. Even the countless humans watching the broadcast were shocked. At this moment, the entire Ganwu universe country's countless humans were all stunned.

Entire universe's number one?

His baseline is to enter the universe' top 1,000? That was a place where countless geniuses from many universe countries fought to enter. On average, there wasn't even one per universe country! He actually dared to say that his baseline was to enter the top 1,000, and his true goal was to be the number one in the entire universe. This was no simple arrogance.

It was simply madness!

Within the arena.

’’You...’’Luo Feng couldn't help but be shocked too.

On the ground, Savage flipped his hand and brandished a new battle knife. This was a huge, pure black battle knife! Compared to the one before, this new knife was twice as large.

’’I never expected that, to gain a slot in the Ganwu universe country, I'd be forced to take out this earth splitting blade.’’ Savage's entire energy had changed. With the huge knife in his hand, Savage suddenly seemed to become like a wild war god, causing Luo Feng who was in mid air to shout out, ’’Whatever tricks you may have, take them out and then we'll speak!!!’’

Rumble! Rumble!

The two golden rainbows pierced straight towards him!

’’Haha...’’Savage laughed loudly.


In an instant, there were suddenly two Savages in the arena. The two silhouettes rushed towards Luo Feng with terrifying speed.

’’What!’’ Luo Feng who was controlling the two golden rainbows was extremely shocked. A spirit reader controller's greatest fear was being unable to pinpoint the target. ’’Among these two Savages, one of them must be fake. However...with my spirit energy scan, both of them seem to be real. How can that be possible?’’

Creating a phantom image was extremely simple.

In truth, if normal people of earth with their visual abilities were to watch Luo Feng's level of warrior, with their shocking speed, , they would often see after images. Almost as though there was another silhouette of the same person present. And in truth, no matter how fast one moved, it would still only be one person!

Even with a spirit scan, it was not easy to uncover.

’’Arc light! Arc light!!!’’ Luo Feng roared, shocked within.

The golden horned beast's two great techniques, one of which was the Absolute space.

The first level of Absolute space was Arc Light. The moment it was established, one's movement could cause the space to warp, creating a second body.

The second level of Absolute space was '1,000 forms.' The moment it was established, one could even create a 1,000 to 10,000 bodies within an area.

The third level of Absolute space was Teleportation. At this point, one would even be invincible amongst the undying.

Even Luo Feng's teacher, the Master of the Yun Mo Planet had never reached the point of Teleportation. Even among the many generations of golden horned beasts, very very few of them ever made it.

This technique was actually a secret technique for the origin laws of space.

For those who have some comprehension of the space origin laws, they too could replicate the effect of Arc Light. When their bodies followed a peculiar arc line and under the influence of extreme speeds, they could create the effect of two bodies. And that instantaneous acceleration in speed...was extremely shocking too!

Virtual universe, within that large construct in the floating island above the Ganwu continent.

In the huge thrones, all the great undyings were in a seated position. Initially,they didn't seem to really care about the battle, however at this point...

’’Space origin law!’’

’’It's space!’’

’’And his comprehension is pretty high as well. It doesn't even seem any lower than his comprehension of the ground origin laws. He's actually able to cause the space to warp and create a second body.’’

’’This punk!’’

’’Within our Ganwu universe country, there hasn't been a genius like him in a very long time.’’

’’Mad, this punk is definitely mad enough. No wonder he dared to say that his baseline was the universe top 1,000, while his true aim is to reach number one amongst all! Ground and space, comprehension of these two laws at such a level! With his domain reaching level 9, just who trained and nurtured such an absolute genius?’’

The group of great undying were all shocked.

Because, for a universe level warrior to step through the gateway of the origin laws, they were already considered outstanding geniuses. However these belong to the galaxy level geniuses.

While others like Nabini or Hong, they belong to the category of starfield geniuses.

By unleashing one golden blade, Luo Feng had belonged to the universe country level of genius. However, unleashing two blades...that was the pinnacle of a universe country level genius.

As for Savage!

’’Ground and space comprehension, and such a deep comprehension at that. And this is only a star level punk. He's really close to the peak.


He belonged to the category of geniuses for the entire universe of humans! And amongst them,he was still at the very peak!

’’Arc light?’’ Luo Feng who had been rigorously studying Absolute space, only understood then what was going on with his opponent.

’’Go and die!!!’’

In mid air, Luo Feng pointed at Savage and roared.

Rumble! Rumble!

Two golden rainbows respectively shot in two different directions. One at each Savage, one who can be seen with the naked eye, and the other who was picked up with a spirit scan. It seemed like there were two Savages. However in truth...there was only one. Only because he warped the space around him, he created the effect of a mirror image of himself.

’’Haha...’’Savage laughed, seemingly not caring about the two golden rainbows shooting at him, while he still aimed directly at Luo Feng.


The distant Luo Feng roared.

Having been studying Absolute space all this while, he was very clear about that first level and its power! And because he was clear of it...Luo Feng knew that even if he shot out the two golden rainbows they would be dodged. Hence the best thing to do was...


The two golden rainbows immediately dispersed into eighteen golden little blades and madly engulfed his surroundings in all directions!

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Immediately they dispersed and shot out!

Immediately two of the little blades that were shot, hit Savage's body. Even though their power was weaker after dispersing, they still affected his movement.


Luo Feng surveyed below him. At the same time the two soaring shuttles beside him shot out two beams of golden light, forming two golden swordfishes!

Dispersing the golden blades! and using the swordfish formation!

Simultaneous exchange!

The two golden swordfish shot towards the Savage whose movement had been affected.

’’What?’’ Savage was shocked instantly, ’’With my comprehension of the space origin laws and movement, my instantaneous acceleration is shockingly fast. If his golden blades were a bit further away, I would have been able to easily dodge them.’’ Even if there were two or three little blades that got close to him, it wouldn't have meant anything. Afterall there were a total of 18 little blades.

Instead, they completely affected Savage's speed and acceleration, breaking his momentum.

’’Chi! Chi!’’

The two golden fish had already closed the distance.

’’Dang! Dang!’’

Savage waved the huge blade before him. It was almost like space itself was being suppressed, as it split the two golden fish. After which, he raised the blade high and sliced it straight at Luo Feng!

’’Go!’’ Savage slashed down. With the combination of the his domain and the space origin laws, he had completely suppressed Luo Feng.

’’Go and die!’’ Luo Feng roared.

Rumble! Rumble!

The eighteen little golden blades which were separated at a distance, swiftly formed back into two golden blades behind Savage. During the time Savage slashed at Luo Feng, the two golden rainbows shot towards Savage. Even though he had sensed the danger through his domain, Savage not only didn't bother to dodge it,but instead roared, ’’Go and die!’’


His blade was fast as lightning!

Luo Feng gripped his shield. He was feeling as though an entire mountain had come crushing down on him with a huge rumble. At the point, he lost his consciousness.

’’Peng!’’ After Savage's slash, he tried to dodge but he had already missed his chance.

Xiu! Xiu!

Due to inertia, the two golden rainbows continued their motion. One brushed past his body while the other shot right through his chest, creating hole as big as a bowl. His internal organs were all ruptured and fresh blood were spewing from within...


Savage landed on the floor as fresh blood was flowing from his chest wound. Like a heavily wounded war god, he still stood there and stared at Luo Feng's body.

And at that time, the two golden blades once again separated into eighteen little golden blades and dropped, clanging on the floor of the arena. Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Continuous clanging could be heard loud and clear, resounding throughout the arena.

The one billion spectators were all silent. All of them were watching the two absolute geniuses in the arena.

One stood there.

The other lay on the ground.


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