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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 5


Volume 10 Chapter 5 - The Grassfield of His Dreams


The black clothed man Hanks floated in mid air, the earth and sand dancing about him, with a shout, the snow white dragon circling about him stopped, what was originally complex silver white embroidery on the surface began to glow and form that long dragon.

’’Peng! The large amount of embroidery dispersed, swiftly filling up the surrounding land and skies, every bit glowing brightly, turning the entire world around silver white in an instant!

Hank's domain,...snow ice domain!

’’This can't stop me!’’

Dressed in a blue robe, the man took one step at a time towards Hanks, while it seemed slow, it was actually fast as lightning, while walking, the blue robed silhouette actually created three mirror images, making one unable to discern immediately which was the true body. All three of them were staring hard together at Hank, their gaze sharp as needles.

’’It's no use!’’ The black clothed Hanks stared coldly.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

39 needles swiftly formed into a silver thin snake, as fast as lightning piercing towards the three blue robed images, following several 'chi' sounds, two of the images were destroyed while the blue robed Genji remained with a strong aura emanating around him. Genji held a shield, that shield swiftly formed a tight defense about him, making the silver thin snake unable to get around it.

The blue robed man walked one step at a time, his formless aura getting stronger and stronger.

His battle knife in his other hand, hadn't even been used yet.

Virtual universe, within the private room of the dojo.

Luo Feng and his brothers watched with anticipation, beads of perspiration falling from their foreheads, Hong exclaimed softly, ’’Unbelievable, relying on the shield, he can actually defend like that. Almost as though there are no openings at all from all directions completely sealed in. This, this is simply too exaggerated. His methods and skills have already reached such an unbelievable level.’’

’’It is unbelievable.’’ Thunder God held his breath.

’’Impressive.’’ Luo Feng too used a shield, hence he was even clearer of how terrifying that Genji was, ’’That Hanks too is impressive, he actually fused his spirit weapon with his domain, forming an invincible snow ice domain.:

There was always someone above.

Luo Feng and his brothers always thought they were pretty strong, however watching these two warriors in this death battle, whether it was their mental state, domain level, shield skills, spirit reader skills, they far exceeded that of themselves.

’’However from the looks of it, Genji might win.’’ Thunder God creased his eyebrows.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Right, ’’Hong exclaimed, ’’That Genji's aura has totally suppressed his opponent, and his shield skills make him impenetrable, and he hasn't even used his sword, the moment he unleashes it, it would definitely be invincible.’’


Desolate star.

The youth dressed in blue armor Genji, seemed to move slowly, however in a blink of an eye he actually closed in a few kilometers of distance, floating in mid air and using all his power to control the spirit weapon to attack, Hanks seemed frantic, gritting his teeth: ’’3 dragon...break!’’

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Needles swiftly gathered and formed 3 silver thin snakes, madly surrounding and attacking Genji.


Genji snorted softly, using strength from his legs, leaving behind a crater as he jumped, his entire battle knife in his hand had already become a blurry green image, engulfing Hanks who was in mid air. And Hanks simultaneously drew both his swords on his waist, holding each in one hand and becoming a beam of light.

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

The exchange between the 2 universe level warriors, the impact from their clashes created immensely strong ripples, immediately causing large scars and wearing down the first layer of the ground, then another few tens of meters lower, the entire area around them, tens of kilometers immediately was reduced to waste, the waves spread and dispersed in every direction. With every heavy attack and clash, the ripples spread further and violently in every direction, causing the area around them to get swept away.



’’Block!’’ Genji muttered below his breath, the sword in his hand maintaining it's incomparably graceful elegance as it slashed towards Hanks, forming a dreamy green sword silhouette, looking at it, it's almost as though one was looking at a little blade of grass breaking through from the ground, getting stronger as it grew. That continuous thriving life force, gave off the feeling of limitless energy.

Hank's forehead began to perspire with beads dripping down.

He grit his teeth and continued to dodge, at the same time parrying the attacks and controlling his spirit weapon to attack violently at Genji, occasionally using spirit attack techniques too...


Genji wasn't affected at all! That knife work which was so full of life parried and attacked over and over, getting stronger and stronger, again and again...

Within the private room.

’’Genji has won, Hanks can't take it anymore.’’ Luo Feng said, looking at the virtual screen in the center of the dojo, those eyes filled with hope, knife work filled with limitless life energy, Genji.

’’Thirdie, if Genji wins, we'll earn big money.’’ Thunder God smiled.

’’It's not over yet.’’ Hong's expression was serious.

Amongst the three of them, Luo Feng resonated with Genji's life and story, Hong however resonated with Hank's. The two were watching with anticipation at their champions, of course, if Hanks died, Luo Feng would still feel sorrow and regret. However in this death battle, one of them had to die, there was no other way.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

’’There's hope!’’ Hong's eyes gleamed.

’’That's weird.’’ Thunder God stared wide eyed.


’’A special situation has arised.’’

’’Haha, the tables are about to turn.’’

Shocked cries filled the entire dojo suddenly, all engaged in discussion. One had to know that surprise situations within the death battles were rare! These death battles relied on the exponents' strengths, and Genji's was indeed above that of Hanks, whether it was shield or sword skills, while defending and attacking simultaneously, it was incomparably perfect.

And Genji's mental state was extremely strong, his soul's defense was strong too, soul attacks or hypnotism didn't affect him at all.

Hence, even the payout given by the Battle-axe Coliseum was much lower to Genji, obviously they had deemed that he was much stronger than Hanks.

However now...

’’He's evolved.’’

’’This Hanks, in the face of death, actually managed to realize part of the origin laws?’’

’’It's indeed the origin laws, it should be the water origin laws. Even though he's just come to understand it, he's still stepped through a very large door.’’

’’Haha, this death battle, we actually managed to see something like that, it's worth it.’’


Luo Feng and his brothers listened to the discussion from the bleacher stands, they knew very little about the origin laws, however at this time, they could clearly see a large change in the situation of Genji and Hank's death battle.

The clashes causes ripples that tremored the ground greatly, creating incomparably large shockwaves below.

The two silhouettes moved as fast as lightning.

’’Chi! Chi! Chi!’’

Hank's eye's gleamed, his snow ice domain had engulfed the entire land and earth, his three silver thin snakes seemed alive again, almost as though three slippery thin snakes, they surrounded Genji and madly attacked. Genji used his shield to defend, however, he seemed frantic, no longer as relaxed as before.

’’Qiang! Qiang!’’ Genji not only used the shield, but also his battle knife to defend.


’’NO!’’ Genji began to perspire profusely, his defense with the shield and sword had already reached their limit.

Floating in the distance, the black clothed Hanks surveyed over this scene, his eyes flashed and the 3 silver thin snakes' attack speeds actually rose and grew again, causing Genji to be unable to defend, a thin silver light brushed through the shield and it actually caused this silver thin snake to explode.

However it's front half, with needles that had formed a silver light actually pierced through Genji's head.


All the needles stopped their attacked and floated in mid air, they swiftly gathered together, along with the surrounding needles, forming a round disc, landing beside Hanks.

Dressed in a blue armor, with a smashing sound, his knees landed on the ground, following which his body fell gradually.


’’Run quickly, here to daddy.’’

’’Daddy, daddy.’’

Genji, in his dazed eyes seem to clearly see that beautiful grass field, on it were his adorable 5 year old daughter who was laughing, chasing large silhouette, shouting, ’’Daddy, daddy...’’That grass field in his dreams, his, Genji's most beautiful grass field.

His home!

The place he had to protect.

’’Lu Xiu...Lu Xiu...’’ At the instant his soul shattered, he muttered his home's name.


His body crashed on the ground, blood seeped out from his forehead, even though it didn't seem like too much of a wound, in truth his brain and consciousness had already been pierced through, his soul was broken.

The winds howled loudly!

The black clothed man Hanks flew over from far, landing on the ground beside, looking at the blue robed corpse.

Hanks slowly knelt down, gently rubbing Genji's eyes to closing them, however...he felt his hands get a little wet.

Hanks looked at his hands, the liquid was clear, ’’Tears?’’

’’I'm sorry.’’

Hanks lowered his head to look at Genji's body, saying softly, ’’I, just want to go home!’’ During every battle, Hanks always seemed vicious and unfeeling, however, after every battle, he would apologize...

Hanks closed his eyes.

The beautiful memory of his planet, his home...he, it has already been thousands of years since he has returned.

’’822, another 178 matches and I can go home.’’ Hanks stood up.


He rushed towards the sky! Only the ice storm was left around the skies, the snow and ice storm quickly covered Genji's corpse. A Universe level 6 warrior, one that may have actually had a very bright future, a warrior with boundless paths ahead, had died like that on a desolate star.

Within the private room.

The Battle-axe Coliseum's camera equipment was incomparably advanced, even the 2 tears that Genji had left behind were clearly captured.

The end, Genji's death, Hank's victory.

Luo Feng and Thunder God had both lost their bets, Hong won.

However, All three of them were deep in thought for a long time, even Hong who had won watched solemnly at the final scene of the corpse being covered by dust.

’’Genji has died.’’ Luo Feng said solemnly, ’’Hanks, just requires another 178 victories to return alive.’’

Hong and Thunder God were silent.

In the universe, to rise and struggle to a position of power was indeed extremely hard! Any genius, getting careless in any situation, could result in death. And the entire earth's strongest...were just them three, watching this scene, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God felt immense pressure.


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