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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 47


Volume 10 Chapter 47 - The Only Opponent

Sitting in the chair, Luo Feng poured himself a cup of tea. As it flowed into the cup, a thought occurred to him. ’’Babata is right. My current strength is far from that of an absolute genius! If I want to make it into the universe top 1,000, it is indeed hard!’’

’’My skills, control of spirit weapon, battle experience, amplifier and mental state, these may all be not bad. However, compared to all the geniuses of the entire universe, it definitely ain't at the top.’’

’’A few powerful warriors, like my teacher or that Luo, towards the later stages in life have all created their own secret techniques.’’

’’Of course no matter what I do, I have to do it step by step. I first have to learn the techniques created by others first before slowly creating my own. And the current me...I've just begun.’’

’’In a group of sheep, even if I become the strongest, I'd still only be a stronger sheep!’’

’’And compared to a group of lions, even if I'm not the strongest, I'd still be an intrepid lion.’’

’’To improve! I have to get into the core of the Virtual Universe Company!’’

’’I am weak.’’

’’But the main reason is because my training time is too short. This genius battle stretches on for quite some time, I still have time to get stronger!’’

Luo Feng pondered, his eyebrows creased.

The leviathan of the human universe, the Virtual Universe Company's core, it only absorbs 1,000 geniuses every 10,000 years. After generations, there should be millions of geniuses within. And after countless years of toil, the number of undying within would far exceed that of the Ganwu universe country!

Within there!

That was where the true outstanding and pinnacle of strengths were!

’’If I want to compete, I have to compete with the strongest!’’

’’My training time is short. But, as time goes on, I will be able to catch up to them.’’



’’Right now the first goal is to get into the 1,000 slots of the Ganwu universe country internal namelist.’’ Luo Feng made the decision without discussing more with Babata.

Growing up, Luo Feng had never admitted defeat before.

Even against the incomparably powerful and seemingly invincible golden horned beast before, Luo Feng never stepped back.

If it was said...

That his younger brother Luo Hua enjoyed the battle in the universe financial market, every time going in to compete and slaughter, earning and making fortunes.

Then Luo Feng enjoyed chasing after the pinnacle of life itself. Constantly breaking through and improving himself time and again, defeating the opponents one by one! Even with difficulty, setbacks, competition and opponents, he had no fear. The only fear would be that of no difficulty at all. When that day finally arrives where he stands at the peak, without any opponents, he would fear the loneliness.

The strong are lonely.

On earth Luo Feng had tasted that feeling, he didn't like the feeling of loneliness.

’’I'll push myself and give it a shot!’’

’’We'll see just how far I, Luo Feng can push to!’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, it was a light of anticipation of his path of the strong.

The arena wars lasted for a total of 5 days. When it ended, the 10,000 participants that made it through had one day of rest, and within that one day...the organizing party the Virtual Universe Company also gave out information on the upcoming battles and informed every participant.


China time year 2066, July 22nd, night.

Virtual universe Black Dragon Mountain island, 9 star bay district, Luo Feng's living room.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god were gathered there with ten other people.

’’How are the arena fights going to be distributed?’’

’’Brother in law, who are you fighting against in the first match?’’

’’Only 900 slots, yet 10,000 people are competing. How do you even compete?’’

A group of people were discussing.

’’Quiet.’’ Luo Feng pointed to mid air. Immediately a screen appeared above the dining table, on it were a blur of words with descriptions, ’’This is the list for the 10,000 participants of the arena fights.’’


’’The words are too small.’’

The whole family ran over to take a closer look.

’’Enlarge it.’’ Luo Feng pointed at the corner of the screen and immediately a portion of the screen began to enlarge, there was Luo Feng's name there.

’’Big brother, you are up against Sai Walo first? After winning that, you'll battle against the winner of the next group?’’ Luo Hua examined it carefully.


Luo Feng nodded, looking at the people who surrounded him. Among them were his brother in law Xu Gang and others, even Hong and his children and families, Thunder god's daughter and his own family. With a large group of people together, it was indeed bustling.

’’This arena battle, the process itself is very simple.’’

’’1v1, the winner will advance, while the loser will enter the loser's circle.’’

’’These 10,000 people will be split into a total of 5,000 groups! Of which after the first battle, there will be 5,000 winners and 5,000 losers.’’

’’The 5,000 winners will continue to fight it out and after the second battle, there'll remain 2500 winners.’’

’’Moving on!’’

’’After the third battle, there'll remain 1250 winners.’’

’’After the fourth, there'll only be 625 winners left! After the fourth battle, the 625 winners will immediately take up 625 slots of the namelist.’’ Luo Feng said.

The rules were simple.

1v1, they only need to fight four battles! And there'll be 625 left!

’’I say, my brother in law, within these 900 slots, after taking out the 625, wouldn't that only leave 275 slots?’’ Xu Gang said curiously, beside him Luo Hua laughed, ’’Xu Gang, didn't you realize from what my brother said before...the losers enter a losers' circle, I estimate the remaining 275 slots will come from there.’’

Thunder god laughed, ’’Right, Luo Hua is smart. One has to know that the victor of a 1v1 battle is usually decided very quickly. However there's a huge loophole, that is...there might very likely be two absolute warriors battling against each other, and one of them will end up getting eliminated. This loophole results in the company very easily eliminating a true genius.’’


Luo Feng nodded, ’’Hence the losers' circle. From the 10,000 people, there will be 625 winners, and the losers circle will have 9,375 people.’’

’’These 9375 will engage in a cruel and long competition, which will finally result in the final 275 being picking out.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Cruel and long competition?’’

’’Why cruel?’’

’’Long? How long?’’

A group of people turned to Luo Feng.

’’This competition is for the losers circle of 9375 people. Every person has to battle with the other 9374 others in 1v1 matches! Meaning...the losers circle, every 9375 of them has to battle 9374 times! Winning a match gains 1 point, should both parties die together in a draw, that would mean 0 points! Finally, it will go by how high the points a person has. The top 275 will get into the final 275 slots!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’My god!’’ Xu Gang stared wide eyed.

’’Wow.’’ Little Hai exclaimed, ’’9374 matches? When will this battle end?’’

’’Right, just how much time is spent on this? With these over 9,000 matches, it will definitely take forever.’’ A group of them all sighed. One must know that in life or death battles, to battle continuously, one's entire mental state, spirit and strength would be fatigued and focus would drop.

Hence even though each battle time was short, it was still impossible to hold multiple matches a day.

’’What the virtual universe company announced was that this competition itself will probably go on for close to 3 years, as each person will battle 10 matches a day.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’The entire genius battle...from the initial world elimination battle of the Ganwu universe country, the longest time consuming item is this.’’

’’Close to 3 years?’’

’’That's long.’’


The arena fights were very quick. Every battle eliminated half of its people, requiring only four successive wins to get a slot!

On a balcony in Luo Feng's villa in 9 star bay district, late night.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god sat by a round table.

’’Third brother, your situation isn't looking good.’’ Hong emphasized.

’’Among these 10,000 participants, there's a total of 521 who've stepped through the gateway of the origin laws, and from four matches they will pick the final 625.Theoretically speaking, these 521 should all get a slot.’’ Thunder god muttered, ’’However, I don't know just how this Virtual Universe Company distributed the teams. They actually let origin law geniuses meet each other?’’


Even though according to the footage of the arena wars before, they concluded that there was a total of 521 who've stepped through the origin laws gateway, If they distributed it properly...the Virtual Universe Company could have left these 521 not ever meet and get a slot.


The Virtual Universe Company didn't do it that way. A large portion of these origin laws geniuses didn't have to ever meet in their four matches, but a small group of them, close to 100 of them did have to meet each other!

Like Luo Feng himself!

According to the distribution, for his first, second and third battles, he had a certain guarantee to win! However the fourth match...according to his list, as long as that origin law genius didn't lose along the way, then his 4th opponent would be another who had stepped through the gateway!

His name was Rong Jun, his nickname was Savage.

Savage Rong Jun!

Back then he was the absolute warrior that killed his second brother Thunder god, a powerful being that massacred his arena wars group.

’’According to this distribution, there'll be close to 100 origin law warriors who will meet in the fourth match.’’ Hong nodded, ’’And these close to 100 people were the top most intrepid performers of the arena wars.’’

’’Whether it was Savage Rong Jun or madman Luo Feng, they were the most powerful and massacred their arena wars group. They were just invincible.

’’In terms of strength.’’

’’This close to 100 people, should belong to the upper echelon of the strong.’’ Hong emphasized, ’’Right now the Virtual Universe Company is obviously wanting them to meet to test them out. After all, the loser still has a chance in the loser's circle. In the circle, there will be less than 50 origin law warriors, and there are 275 slots for the losers circle. These origin law warriors, even if they lose their fourth match, through the loser's circle, they can still get a slot.’’

’’From the Virtual Universe Company's point of view, it's probably to test this group of geniuses.’’

’’The most elite meeting one another and engaging in 9,374 matches thereafter. This is probably one of the best training for these people.’’ Hong said.

Luo Feng and Thunder god both nodded.

Makes sense.

The Virtual Universe Company organized this to pick out the most pinnacle of geniuses. Hence making them fight against each other and picking out the most exceptional was a very normal circumstance.

’’Third brother.’’ Hong emphasized as he looked at Luo feng, ’’The first to third battles, you shouldn't have any trouble. Right now your only opponent is the fourth match where you'll meet Savage Rong Jun. I've seen his strength personally, it's extremely terrifying, much stronger than your group's Pushkin.’’

’’I've exchanged blows with him, he finished me in one shot.’’ Thunder god said, ’’He is very strong, especially his slice down from his blade, it feels extremely heavy.’’

’’I know.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

If he wanted to get a slot in that namelist early, he would have to defeat Savage. And from that Savage's arena war battle, he had watched as a was indeed terrifying.

’’Who asked you to perform so fearlessly.’’ Thunder god laughed, ’’It's because your performance was too strong and you killed the other geniuses like they were dogs, the Virtual Universe Company values you. Hence, they arranged Savage to battle you. Letting the two strongest fight it out!’’


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