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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 46


Volume 10 Chapter 46 - Two Paths

’’You only have about 20,000 years left in your life span?’’ Hong was shocked.

A sector lord's life span was very long, up to 10 million years. Yet before him, this legendary head general's was reaching its end.


The old man shook his head and sighed, that voice was filled with endless bitterness. ’’Hong, you and I really have an affinity.’’

’’You name is Hong, mine is Luo, both 1 syllable.’’

’’You had your domain in the star traveller level, me too!’’

’’I do not fear death. I have taken the path of becoming the strongest and wanting to scale the pinnacle of life's greatest! Even in the huge Axe Dojo I have won 1,000 continuous matches, acquiring the domain lord huge axe fighter title.’’ The old man exclaimed, ’’And later on, along with my good friends, two similar domain lords who acquired the huge axe dojo fighter title, Mo Li Ya and Lai Meng Tuo, we founded the Three Axe Mountain organization together.’’

’’Back then, I was the leader and the two assisted me.’’

’’Later on they both became undying, yet I remained a sector lord.’’


’’If my plan had succeeded, the moment I became an undying, I would have become an absolute warrior amongst the undying!’’ The old man's eyes gleamed, it burned an incomparably strong sense of longing, ’’Even if I joined the Ganwu universe country, I would have immediately become the ultimate undying at the peak under the country leader.’’

’’An undying under the Ganwu universe country leader?’’ Hong was shocked.

’’Within Black Dragon Mountain starfield, do you know how many undying there are?’’ The old man asked.

’’Two.’’ Hong replied.

The god country leader of Ice Neptune and Sacred land Black Dragon Mountain leader, both were undying. Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god all knew this.

’’How many starfields are there in the Ganwu universe country?’’ The old man asked.

’’Over 13 thousand.’’ Hong was shocked.

If every star field had two undying's, with all of them added together, that would be shocking.

’’Haha...’’ The old man laughed, ’’The number of undying under the Ganwu country leader exceeds 10,000! And there are many more that belong to the Virtual Universe Company, Huge Axe Dojo, Universe First Bank, Universe Galaxy Bank and Universe Mercenary Alliance, these five great leviathans.’’

’’Over 10,000?’’ Hong held his breath.

’’Don't be surprised. Why don't you take a look at just how vast a universe country is.’’ The old man exclaimed, ’’It may look like a lot, but it is the result of countless years of work. In terms of probability...for a sector lord to breakthrough to the undying, the probability is simply too low.’’

A sector lord's life span barely exceeds 10 million years.

The number of sector lords in the Ganwu universe country exceeds a million, with their life span ending every 10 million years. Although countless years had gone by, there are only so many undying.

’’I've seen the light.’’

’’We have to have our feet firmly planted on the ground, we cannot be over ambitious.’’ The old man exclaimed and shook his head, ’’For a sector lord to breakthrough to the undying, that alone is extremely difficult. I wasted millions of years, wasn't it simply suicide? Who would have thought fate would be playing with me even when I've finally seen the light...’’

’’Let's not talk about anything else.’’

The old man looked at Hong and smiled, ’’My affairs, I've told you most of it.’’

’’Light and time, these two major origin laws, I can teach you and try my best to help you.’’ The old man looked at Hong, ’’I dare say...even amongst millions of sector lords within the Ganwu universe country, even though I can't say I am the number one, however I can definitely say without any doubt that I am in the top three! Even against an undying, I have a certain guarantee of escaping alive.’’

Hong looked with shock at the old man.

’’I was considered a legend in the Ganwu universe country. Even undying had to show me respect.’’

’’If you are willing to accept me as a teacher, then you must be prepared to roam around the endless universe.’’ The old man emphasized, ’’I've just left my isolation. With only 20,000 years or so of my life span left, I would like to see many places before I die. If you are willing to accept me as your teacher, then once you become my disciple, you naturally will have to follow me!’’

’’At the same time, I will not give up on my training.’’

’’In my final 20,000 years, I will still risk it all and fight to breakthrough to become an undying, even though the end of my life span is right before me.’’ The old man looked at Hong, ’’Hence I could enter isolation at any time without any means to look after you. But, when that time does come, I will arrange for a bodyguard for you. The moment you accept me, you need to be prepared for all this.’’

Hong creased his eyebrows, ’’Roam around? For 20,000 years?’’

’’Right.’’ The old man nodded.

’’You don't have to rush to come up with an answer right away. Think carefully about your decision. I'll give you 10 days to ponder over it, you can answer me after 10 days.’’ The old man finished his sentence and immediately began to head out.

As one who's able to become an absolute warrior, these people all chased to reach the pinnacle of life itself.

And along this path many of them would create their own secret techniques that belonged to only them. These techniques were the result of all their blood and sweat. Especially in the face of death, these absolute warriors couldn't bear to watch their countless years of work creating these techniques to all go to waste without someone to inherit them. To find an outstanding disciple, this was the mindset of many facing death.

9 star bay little district.

Luo Feng and Thunder god watched as the old man, Jiang Tian Chen and Mingyu left.

’’Big brother.’’ Thunder god asked, ’’What did that head general find you for?’’

Luo Feng too looked at Hong.

’’He wants to accept me as his disciple.’’ Hong laughed, ’’Thinking about it, I'm considered a pioneer of the first generation on earth. Yet, as someone else accepting me as a disciple, I can't help but say...the strong of the universe are indeed plenty, with many of them from other places and are much stronger than us. They do have the rights to be our teachers. I was actually prepared to accept him earlier.’’

’’It didn't happen?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.


Hong nodded, ’’If I do take him as my teacher, I will have to follow him and wander around. Leaving earth, leaving the Black Dragon Mountain starfield and wandering the universe for 20,000 years.’’

’’20,000 years?’’ Thunder god stared.

’’I was hesitating whether or not to take him as my teacher.’’ Hong creased his eyebrows, ’’Actually even if I wander the universe with him, I can still contact my family through the virtual universe network and meet you guys there as well. However...leaving earth for 20,000 years, it still feels...’’

China's culture was only 5000 years old.

Hong has to wander about in the universe for 20,000 years. To Hong who wasn't even a hundred years old, this was indeed an extravagant number.

’’Of course you have to take him as your teacher.’’

The little virtual assistant on Luo Feng's shoulder Babata raised his tiny hand and pointed at Hong, ’’You idiot, that is Luo! The founder of the Three Axe Mountain Luo. The one people deem as the time sector lord. Many undying stay on good terms with him, and treat him on equal grounds. Many sector lords are willing to listen to his pointers, this is a truly respectable and big figure in the Black Dragon Mountain starfield.

’’Time sector lord’’ Luo Feng and Thunder god were shocked by that name.

’’Time sector lord, what a bombastic name.’’ The virtual assistant on Thunder god's shoulder Lord Wu glared at Babata, ’’Only a spoiled wimpy brat will brag like that. That old man earlier dares to call himself the time sector lord?’’

’’You sick pervert who was locked in isolation for 10 million years, what do you know.’’ Babata pointed at Lord Wu, ’’Luo is a top notch figure of these 10 million years. During that time you were locked away in the world within a world, you don't know anything. You have no right at all to talk crap. You better listen to this demon lord here.’’

’’You wimpy brat!’’ Lord Wu roared.

’’I've followed my owner for over 10 million years, I've lived longer than you!!!’’ Babata pointed at Lord Wu and roared.

Luo Feng and Thunder god rubbed their heads.

My god.

These two living AI's. Every time they met, they would engage in a squabble.

’’I will think well about it.’’ Hong went silent.

’’Listen to me, there's no wrong in it.’’ Babata repeated.

The arrival of the legendary head general Luo from the Three Axe Mountain had indeed led to Hong thinking. In the meantime, the groups in the arena wars engaged in their battles swiftly, very quickly. After five days worth of time, the 1,000 groups had finished all their battles, with 90,000 being eliminated and only 10,000 left.

These 10,000 had the chance to enter the name list with only 900 slots.

After entering the namelist, one could represent the Ganwu universe country and compete against the pinnacle of geniuses from the other universe countries.


Once the arena wars had ended, the Black Dragon Mountain island 9 star bay once again received two guests.

’’Luo feng.’’ A familiar voice resounded.

Luo Feng turned to look. It was that old man with a head full of white, ’’Bu De Asuka sector lord, this silver haired old man was standing beside a pale and expressionless man with purple eyes. On his forehead this man had one more vertical eye, it was looking casually at Luo Feng.

A formless force of energy transmitted over.

’’Hm?’’ Luo feng grit his teeth, this person's aura was extremely strong.

’’Not bad.’’ The purple eyed man slightly nodded.

’’Luo Feng, let me introduce you, this is a great undying being from the Ganwu universe country...the god leader Kun Shalo.’’ The silver haired old man introduced.

Luo Feng stared at the expressionless purple eyed man before him whose aura was extremely powerful, and he felt extremely shocked by this aura. After so many years, he had never come face to face with an actual undying! Undying...that level of being, maybe in places like the Ganwu universe country which is a high level civilization, an undying still had to lower his head. However in other empires, no one dared provoke an undying.

An eternal being.

One who could split the land and skies, he actually came to visit him?

’’My respects god leader.’’ Luo Feng bowed respectfully.

’’Hm.’’ Kun Shalo slightly nodded.

Even though this Kun Shalo was a man, he gave Luo feng a feeling...a very peculiar feeling. His aura was peculiar, it was almost like an aura of an extremely gentle lady. Only that vertical eye would occasionally give off a bone chilling heart palpitating feeling.

’’Luo Feng, the reason for my arrival here is to give an order from the Country leader.’’ Kun Shalo muttered.

Luo Feng was shocked, Ganwu country leader?

’’He personally sent me here. This should represent how much he values you.’’ Kun Shalo continued to mutter, ’’This genius battle, after all our Ganwu universe country will finally send out the top 1,000 strongest to compete in the pinnacle fights with the other universe countries, the entire universe's 1,008 human universe countries.’’

’’1,008 universe countries, the number of pinnacle geniuses representatives will only be a little more than a million.’’

’’And the virtual universe company will finally absorb the top 1,000 among the winners.’’

’’1,008 universe countries will each send 1,000 geniuses, yet only the final 1,000 from all the participants will be absorbed.’’ Kun Shalo looked at Luo Feng, ’’This means to say, on estimate, there's about only one spot from each universe country. Our universe country will send out 1,000 people, yet it's still not guaranteed that we will get a spot.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

The universe's top 1,000, that was extremely difficult to achieve. Even Babata had said that Luo Feng had no hopes at all.

Over 1,000 vast and huge universe countries, the final 1,000 will be absorbed, the conditions for the Virtual Universe Company were extremely brutal and strict.


’’As one of the pinnacle leviathans of the universe humans, the Virtual Universe Company who nurtures geniuses, they have the best conditions and overall facilities such as the Primal universe, many secret areas, different types of treasures, the best teachers and so on’’ Kun Shalo looked at Luo Feng, ’’Alas, there will still only be 1000 of them, who will actually get the right to have the Virtual Universe Company spend countless amounts of resources to train them.’’

’’According to the country leader's order.’’

’’If you can make it into the entire universe's top 1,000 and enter the Virtual Universe Company, becoming one of their internal core member, that will be a good thing. Not only will it be beneficial for you, our Ganwu universe country will also receive huge rewards.’’

’’However, If you fail, you can enter our Ganwu universe country instead. With you current talent, you have the qualifications to enter our secret land of our universe country...the Ganwu secret area!’’ Kun Shalo said, ’’Within the Ganwu secret area, you too will receive the best nurturing and training.’’

Kun Shalo glanced at Luo Feng, ’’Little punk, to achieve the top 1,000 of the entire universe, I'd advise you to not get your hopes up. To be able to enter the universe country's Ganwu secret area is already countless people's dream.’’ Finishing up, Kun Shalo immediately vanished.

’’Luo Feng, congratulations.’’ The silver haired old man said.

’’Right. Undyings... most of them are eccentric! Don't mind him too much.’’ The silver haired man laughed.

’’I don't mind.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Would I dare?’’

’’To actually receive an undying messenger, this states just how much the Ganwu country leader values your talent.’’ The silver haired old man smiled, ’’From what I know...from this batch of geniuses, the ones that got the same notification to be able to enter the Ganwu secret area, are only those who've stepped through the gateway of the origin laws.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Very quickly, the silver haired old man left too.

Luo Feng quietly sat within his own house, pondering.

’’Two paths?’’

’’One of them was to enter the Ganwu universe country core.’’

’’The other one was to enter the core of the Virtual Universe Company.’’

On Luo Feng's shoulder, Babata yawned and muttered, ’’Don't think about it, the Virtual Universe Company, that sort of super leviathan, its wealth and resources will shock you. To be trained by them with countless amount of valuable resources, one would have to be at the level of elites of the entire universe, as their natural talents are absolute. To be trained and nurtured while receiving only the best resources, as long as they don't die along the way in the elimination stages, their achievements would all be amazing in the future.’’

’’Die?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, ’’These are the absolute pinnacle of geniuses from the 1,008 human universe countries, will they die so easily?’’

’’To nurture and produce the best, the best process is death by elimination, isn't that very normal?’’ Babata shook his head, ’’No matter who it is, without experiencing the fear of life and death, how will one improve. And during these life or death experiences, how can one not get injured?’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but nod his head.

’’Don't think about it.’’

’’People have different paths from you.’’ Babata shook his head, ’’That Kun Shalo said the right thing. The most realistic path is to enter the Ganwu universe secret area. This Ganwu universe country is also considered a huge power within the universe. The Ganwu country leader...that is an even bigger power, a super existence that can shake the entire universe!’’

’’By entering the Ganwu secret area and receiving the best nurture, your achievements will be extremely high in the future.’’ Babata said, ’’Back then your teacher lost out as he was a lone wolf. If your teacher had a backing like the Ganwu country leader, that sort of existence, how would that bastard dare come kill your teacher.’’

’’Ganwu country leader, is he much more powerful than my teacher?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’You must be joking!’’

’’That's an invincible being that not only created a universe country, but also one that commanded that universe country for a trillion years.’’ Babata said, ’’Of course...compared to the super leviathan such as the Virtual Universe Country, there's no comparison at all. I heard the primal universe is something the Virtual Universe Company owns internally, whoever they wish to let in, they can do so without any problem.’’

Luo Feng blinked a couple of times.

’’Hence, Luo Feng, within this universe, there will always be someone stronger, a genius above others, a mountain higher than others!’’

’’Even if you enter within the core of the virtual universe company, the competition will be incomparably intense! A genius battle that happens once every 10,000 years, yet absorbing only 1,000 absolute geniuses. Calculate yourself, after all these years, just how many geniuses will there be within that Virtual Universe Company?’’ Babata asked, ’’Hence, if you enter the Virtual Universe Company, the number of strong people are like the clouds, if you are not strong enough, you will be trampled upon!’’

’’Naturally, you cannot enter.’’

’’Realistically speaking, you should just stay within the Ganwu secret area.’’ Babata said, ’’The Ganwu secret area is already a sacred land that countless people will drool over just to hear about it. I am speaking so much because I want you to realize that entering Ganwu secret area is the best option for you. You are considered exceptional within that area, at the same time don't get proud. Because in the Virtual Universe Company there are a million people even more outstanding than you.’’

Luo Feng blinked hard.

This was a psychological blow for Luo Feng.

This Babata really knew how to knock a person down.


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