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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 45


Volume 10 Chapter 45 - Life Changing Decision

Black Dragon Mountain island, within a luxurious palace.

’’Endless possibilities in his future.’’ The silver haired old man exclaimed, ’’This Luo Feng's very hard to predict.’’

’’Right.’’ That royal uncle also nodded his head.

’’Is there no way for us to get him into the sacred land?’’ Sitting in the center, the emperor asked softly. The two sector lords who sat beside him shook their heads, of which the silver haired old man Bu De Asuka explained : ’’Your majesty, stepping through the gateway of the origin laws at only star level, these sort of absolute geniuses aren't for our Black Dragon Mountain sacred land.’’

’’Ah?’’ The emperor was shocked.

Unlike the Ganwu universe country's leader who had built the universe country over a trillion years ago and had been their one and only one leader, the Black Dragon Mountain empire's emperor would always change after a period of time!

Hence, there were many secrets that this emperor was clueless about.

’’Hasn't your Majesty already seen that in the entire universe country, there's only one Ganwu dojo, and it's forbidden for dojos of any other sort to open?’’ The silver haired old man asked.

’’Ganwu universe country indeed respects the lowest of talents and absorbs them.’’ The emperor nodded.

’’It's because of this that a genius like Luo Feng, even if we discover him...he'll still finally end up in the hands of the Ganwu universe country.’’ The silver haired old man shook his head, ’’And we can't even make any complaint about it. Of course no matter what happens, he is still considered to have been from our Black Dragon Mountain starfield. Whatever accomplishments he has in the future, will still have benefits for our Black Dragon Mountain star field.’’

’’Such a genius, it's better to be on good terms with. Be it 10,000 years or 100,000 years later, who knows what he'll become and what he'll have accomplished.’’ The silver haired old man emphasized.

’’I understand.’’ The emperor nodded.

Such talent, as long as he didn't die along the way, it was set in stone for him to become a sector lord. And these sorts of star levels who have stepped through the gateway of the origin laws, once they reach the sector lord level, they would be an absolute warrior amongst the others.

The moment he breaks through to the undying level, that would be a step towards the heaven shaking undying being.

An undying being...

In the entire Black Dragon Mountain empire currently, there were only two undying. One was the god leader of the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land and the other was the god leader of the Ice Leviathan god country. Hence the Black Dragon Mountain didn't dare easily offend any undying.

In a vast god country.

Within the continuous mountain range, volcanoes were dispersed throughout this large continent, with some spitting fire occasionally. The entire god country was entirely dark red in color and the smell of sulfur emanated throughout. At the peak of a tall mountain that reached the clouds, an ancient palace was built there. Its entire surface walls had complex engravings all over.

Within the palace.

In the throne, sat a red eyed man dressed in a dark red long robe. Black flames were burning about his surroundings, his eyes seemed to be looking from another dimension altogether, giving off a terrifying heart palpitating chill.

Below him on both the right and left were four thrones.

Currently there were three people sitting below him. All of them were giving off energy waves that shook the earth and skies, almost as though just lifting their hands could split the earth and heavens.

’’God leader, this punk called Luo Feng has some comprehension of the origin laws even though he's only at the star level. He's most suitable to become my disciple.’’ said a warrior wrapped in golden armor. Emanating from his entire body was a heart palpitating ripple, which was the gold origin law's ripple of energy.

Compared to Luo Feng, this was a trillion times stronger.

’’Wo Te, my brother!’’ The dark red eyed man said with a hoarse voice softly,’’ I know, that right now you are desperately searching for a disciple. However, we cannot fight with the Ganwu universe country!’’

’’Wo Te.’’

The other two looked at the golden armored man.

’’My life span is reaching its end.’’ The gold armored man said calmly, ’’And the current disciples, even though they have talent, for them to actually succeed my techniques would be extremely difficult. I cannot change my demise. Hence, I only want to look for a someone to pass my legacy onto before I die. I hope to be able see the techniques that I have created over these hundreds of millions of years to once again be unleashed. Only then can I die in peace. This is my current greatest hope.’’

The others were silent.

Undying, they were indeed an eternal being.

But that doesn't mean that an undying couldn't die. Like the Yun Mo Planet master or the many powerful undying in history, they still died! The life force of an undying was extremely strong. Even if their physical body was ripped into shreds, they could still regenerate. There were very few injuries that cannot be healed, like the Yun Mo Planet master who could only watch himself die.

’’Wo Te, my brother, I will do my best to help you find an exceptional disciple.’’ The red eyed man emphasized, ’’As for that punk Luo long as he's not stupid, he will definitely choose the Ganwu universe country, maybe even the stronger and more powerful virtual universe company.’’

’’Even after so many years, things haven't changed much at all.’’

’’The pinnacle of geniuses also require them to make the best choices and the have the best environment to learn, before they can have the most outstanding achievements. In terms of power or environment, we indeed cannot compare to the Ganwu universe country.’’

The golden armored man didn't make a sound.

His proudest achievements over hundreds of millions of years was the techniques he had created. During the time he was alive, he treated these as though they were treasures and not even teaching it to his disciples or displaying it anywhere else. He would only teach his disciples very little of it. Now that he knew that his death was certain and imminent, his thinking had changed completely. He really wanted to watch a disciple complete his technique!

If that was impossible, then he could only leave his techniques to his friends and brothers, allowing them to teach the disciple in his place. Just like the Yun Mo Planet Master allowing Babata to teach in his place.

’’God leader.’’ The golden armored man stood up.

’’Wo Te.’’ The red eyed man stood up too, the other two followed.

’’I'm tired, I want to return to my home.’’ The gold armored man sighed, ’’Before I die, I want to take a good look at my home grounds.’’ Finishing his words, he turned and flew out of the palace. As an undying, his relatives had long vanished over the course of time. Afterall, even a sector lord at most lived 10 million years.

The other three were silent.

’’Wo Te, my disciple, I will help you with your search.’’ The red eyed man communicated into the gold armored man's mind a million li away.

Within the palace, the three exchanged glances.

’’It was fake, we were deceived, Kun Shalo that bastard. We will definitely find him and make him pay. Wo Te's death is because of him! He actually dared to sell us a fake secret area map!!!’’ The red eyed man's angry whisper turned into a roar, and the surrounding space trembled.

’’Kun Shalo is one of the subjects of the Ganwu universe country leader. it'll be hard for us to find a chance!’’


’’Even if I have to wait over a hundred million years, 1 billion years or even a 10 billion years! As long as there's a chance! I...Meng Huo, will definitely personally kill him!!! He actually dared to use a fake secret area map and take away my money, also taking away the life of one of my brothers. Dead! I will definitely kill him! If he knows what's good for him, he will hide under the Ganwu universe country leader's protection for the rest of his life!!!’’ The red eyed man roared angrily. Black flames rose fiercely from the ground and the entire palace began to burn within and was reduced to nothing.

His roar resounded throughout the vast trillion Li in the god country.

Black Dragon Mountain island.

Becoming famous after one battle... Luo feng had really became famous through that one battle!

This one battle not only shook the entire Black Dragon Mountain empire, but also the entire Ganwu universe country!

’’Daddy, everybody in the Black Dragon Mountain island now knows how you look. The moment you go out, you'll be recognized very quickly.’’ Little Hai clapped his hands and jumped around beside Luo Feng, as he was obviously very proud.

’’I'll have to disguise my self next time I go out.’’ Luo Feng rubbed his head.

’’It's kind of weird though.’’ Beside, Xu Xin stood up and poured some tea for Luo Feng. Smiling, ’’After the elimination the last time, many organizations sent people over. After this arena war battle however, your performance was definitely the most eye catching. I thought even more organizations and powers will come. However up till now, no one has come at all!’’

’’It is kind of weird.’’ Luo Feng nodded.


’’Haha Luo Feng!’’ A clear carefree voice resounded.

’’Ah, we were just saying no one came, and now someone has come.’’ Xu Xin turned to look, speaking softly, ’’It's people from the Three Axe Mountain organization.’’

Luo Feng looked, indeed.

There were three men walking over from the distance. In the middle was a kind looking smiling old man with a head full of white. On the left was a man dressed in dark red battle robes and the one on the right was the tall and sturdy Mingyu. With experience from the Ganwu auction, he could easily deduce from looking that dark red battle robed man was definitely a sector lord.

And there was a thunder mark on his forehead.

Obviously he was a sector lord recognized by the thunder origin laws, a sector lord that belonged to the pinnacle of other sector lords. As for that kind looking old man...Luo Feng couldn't tell, but since he walked in the center, he estimated that the old man's position was the highest.

’’Lord Mingyu.’’ Luo Feng quickly stood up.

’’Haha, I'm no lord here. Luo Feng, let me introduce you all.’’ Mingyu smiled and pointed at the dark red battle robed man, ’’This is our Three Axe Mountain's general Jiang Tian Chen, amongst the sector lords in the Black Dragon Mountain starfield, he's definitely at the peak.’’

’’My respects general.’’ Luo Feng paid his respects.

Jiang Tian Chen nodded.

’’This.’’ Mingyu began introducing the white haired old man, his voice changing slightly in tone, ’’is our Three Axe Mountain's one of the three great founders, the head general.’’

’’Head General.’’ Luo Feng quickly bowed. However, his mind was in a flurry of emotions.

Head general?

Of the three great founders of the Three Axe Mountain, two of them were undying, and the final one had vanished. Which was this one?

’’Hm.’’ The old man slightly nodded.

’’Where's Hong.’’ Mingyu said, ’’The head general wishes to see him.’’

’’Ah? No problem, I'll look for him.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Luo Feng, Thunder god, Mingyu and Jinag Tian Chen all stood outside, while inside the house only the Head general and Hong stayed.

’’Thirdie, why has the Head general come looking for big brother?’’ Thunder god asked.

’’No idea.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’It's a good thing.’’ Beside them Mingyu smiled.

’’Let's hope he doesn't disappoint the head general.’’ Besides him the sector lord Jiang Tian Chen said coldly.


Within the house, there were only two people present, Hong and the Head general Luo.

’’What!’’ Hong looked shocked at the old white haired man before him, ’’Head general, you, you...’’

This legendary being spoke only a few words. But this had already given Hong a shock.

’’Your talent is not bad, your character is also similar to myself back then. As for teaching you, even though I haven't become an undying, when it comes to the light origin laws and domain I am definitely sufficient and capable of becoming your teacher.’’ The old man shook his head, ’’However there's one thing I have to warn you about, my life span is reaching its end. I only have about 20,000 more years to live!’’


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