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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 43


Volume 10 Chapter 43 - Earth Shattering



The spectators within the dojo all shouted different names excitedly, amongst which the name Pushkin was the loudest. Amidst these spectators, there was an enormous group of strong looking ape men that were roaring at the top of their lungs. Their voices were thick and booming. A group that couldn't be seen from end to end with one glance as over a million ape men were waving their fists and roaring. It was almost as though the heavens was cheering along. Compared to the over 1 million people from Black Dragon Mountain empire, their voices seemed to be drowned out.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

All sorts of colorful energy flow exploded within the dojo. Of these 100 geniuses, 48 of them were from the Ganwu universe imperial family side. However only 10 survivors were destined to make it out of this battle. Even though the battle within the arena seemed chaotic, there were always participants who had a mutual understanding to team up. Especially amongst the strongest like Pushkin and Ginelli, who were definitely helping each other!

’’Ao Fei Xiu Si, Kazan, you two go and kill that black haired punk.’’ Ginelli was surrounded by a black energy flow. He communicated via genetic energy, simultaneously brandishing two long arc blades.


’’No problem, leave it up to us.’’

Ao Fei Xiu Si and Kazan immediately headed towards Luo Feng. At this time, the mass battles within the dojo of geniuses had already begun.

’’Xiu!’’ A bolt of lightning shot towards Ao Fei Xiu Si.

’’Bastard.’’ Ao Fei Xiu Si and Kazan could only stop and first deal with the punks that provoked them.

Pushkin, who was dressed in a genetic energy armour, was tall and sturdy like a war god. His two fists that were even bigger than hammers were covered in malevolent gloves. His surroundings were filled with a yellow energy flow. With one step he rushed into the group of geniuses and his huge fist pummeled towards a weak and frail looking warrior.

’’Peng!’’ With just one punch the enemy's blades flew away, while the second fist was landing straight on the enemy's forehead.


The war god like Pushkin waved his fists. With one swing after another, they were not only as heavy as mountains, but fast and unpredictable as well. They sometimes became pointy claws, and the moment he drew close to a person it was simply a nightmare. Pushkin...within the blink of an eye, he had killed two geniuses, causing all the other geniuses around to increase their distance from him. However his movements were swift. Every single step allowed him to lunge forward and close a large distance.

At this time it wasn't just Pushkin, even Ginelli and the others were all making their moves.

In the distance.

Stepping on the soaring shuttle, Luo Feng was carrying a thick dark golden long rod on his back. Amongst the many geniuses, he was considered skinny, however he had an aura that made the other's hearts palpitate. Luo Feng's gaze was cold and filled with killing intent. ’’Right now, there are still many opponents, there's no time to waste. I have to end this battle fast. Kill them all directly!’’

’’Kill!’’ A youth surrounded by a green energy flow, carrying a shield and an axe rushed straight towards the closest opponent, Luo Feng!

’’Courting death!’’

Floating in mid air, the dark golden long rod on Luo Feng's back suddenly shot out a golden beam of light. At the same time the light shot out, a large amount of complex golden patterns followed along its trail, infused with peculiar golden law origin ripples, a dreamy golden blade was suddenly formed. The large amount of golden energy surrounded Luo Feng, wrapping itself around that golden blade, and finally shooting out.

’’Illusion blade technique!’’ Luo Feng controlled it with all his willpower, using his full strength to unleash its greatest power.

The 1st move he made at the arena war!

Luo Feng had already taken out his full strength!


A golden rainbow immediately clashed into that youth's shield which was put up last minute. With a loud clang, the youth's bones in his arm cracked and broke just from the impact. ’’How...’’ The youth's eyes were filled with shock and fear. However that golden rainbow suddenly curved slightly and shot towards his forehead!


The golden rainbow shot right through his forehead. Its strength and speed infused with terrifying piercing power didn't seem to slow down at all as it followed a pattern and rushed towards the next genius.

’’What!’’ That beautiful bewitching lady with purple hair had a surprised look on her face and almost couldn't react in time. She hurriedly controlled her spirit weapon to block.



The golden rainbow was extremely powerful and strong as it forced its way through the defenses, hitting straight into the flying weapons, after which it pierced through that purple haired lady's forehead. The golden rainbow finally arced and returned to Luo Feng's side. This golden rainbow... was actually a blurry illusionary golden blade.

’’My god!’’

’’So powerful!’’ The surrounding geniuses were all filled with shock and fear as their expressions changing greatly.

With just one move, he killed two geniuses back to back!

One had to know that these were all powerful geniuses that had made it through the first elimination. Everyone of them was considered to be at the pinnacle of strength at their levels, and definitely not some random cannon fodder. Even Pushkin had to focus all his strength on one opponent before actually heading on to the next.

But the black haired youth before them, with just one golden beam of light, he was immediately able to kill two people. This was extremely tyrannical!

’’He's that strong?’’

’’Origin laws? He definitely has some comprehension of the origin laws.’’

’’Ginelli that bastard! He actually wants us to kill him, how can we kill him!’’ Ao Fei Xiu Si and Kazan, who were originally flying towards Luo Feng but got distracted by others attacking them , just managed to kill their opponents. However, after watching Luo Feng kill the two geniuses consecutively with one golden light, the both of them quickly stopped.

’’Let's go.’’ The two of them turned to leave. Who would dare mess with Luo Feng.

It was obvious...

This black haired youth was a warrior that had stepped through the entrance of the origin laws and his power was probably even crazier than Pushkin!

’’Those two.’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept around after killing the two geniuses and discovered the two closest geniuses Ao Fei Xiu Si and Kazan. He immediately stepped on his soaring shuttle and swiftly flew towards them! As a warrior who's stepped through the entrance of the origin laws, his speed at controlling the soaring shuttle was extremely shocking.

’’He's coming!’’ Ao Fei Xiu Si and Kazan's expressions changed.

A resplendent golden rainbow immediately shot towards them. Kazan who was flying behind quickly waved the huge axe in his hand.


Kazan could only feel an immensely incomparable amount of energy transfer over from his axe. The right handle immediately bent and broke, simultaneously his right hand grew numb and unable to hold on to the axe. That golden rainbow simply shot like a bullet right through his forehead, and continued to chase after the fleeing Ao Fei Xiu Si.

The golden illusion blade was too fast, he couldn't even get far.

’’It's over.’’ Ao Fei Xiu Si's eyes revealed shock and unwillingness, after which it was filled with hate as he stared at the distant Ginelli's shocked face, communicating hatefully, ’’Ginelli!!!’’


The golden illusion blade that was infused with the golden origin laws, was as strong and piercing as the sun, even though Ao Fei Xiu Si was ranked extremely high in his world during the elimination stage, he was still easily killed!


The spectators were all silent, Pushkin massacring was within everyone's predictions, after all he was ranked the highest in his group. However the 1 billion spectators from the various starfields had never expected...this Luo Feng who was ranked number 5 in his group was actually so intrepid. Even more so than that War god like Pushkin!

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Luo Feng!’’

Over 1 million spectators from the Black Dragon Mountain empire all stared wide eyed with glee, many roaring with excitement as their eyes filled with madness.

’’Daddy! Daddy!’’ Little Hai and Ping Ping both stood up on their chairs, shouting with all their might.

’’Third brother.’’ Hong and Thunder god stood up too.

’’Big brother sure is powerful.’’ Luo Hua couldn't help but mutter softly.

’’Your brother in law...’’ Xu Gang stared wide eyed. Beside him Xu Xin too was filled with excitement, her eyes glued to the center of the arena.

And around then the over 1 million people from the Black Dragon Mountain empire too had lost it.

This was the unexpected surprise Luo Feng had given to countless from the Black Dragon Mountain empire. They all shouted for Luo Feng's victory as they were mesmerized by Luo Feng's strength. In the past, they didn't have anything to back up their words. After all the results of the battles from the Black Dragon Mountain empire from the past had always been poor, they had nothing to support them. However now...

They had the right to roar! They had the right to boast proudly!

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’Luo Feng!’’ They all madly roared, excitedly cheering, shaking the entire earth and heavens.

Within that luxurious palace on Black Dragon Mountain island, the Black Dragon Mountain empire's imperial family were all staring hard at the screen.

They saw Luo Feng unleash his strength, killing the two geniuses in an instant, and chasing and killing the other two right after. As they watched the other geniuses who were all scared silly, all fleeing far and not daring to approach Luo Feng, the entire palace erupted.

The emperor fiercely slapped the throne, shouting out: ’’Good!!!’’

’’Congratulations your majesty, congratulations.’’ Immediately the people below shouted.

’’Royal father, this Luo Feng is obviously the strongest one there. After this battle, who would dare call our Black Dragon Mountain empire weak?’’ The third prince was the first to stand, shouting proudly.

’’Nan Shen Armament.’’ The silver haired old man Bu De Asuka said.

’’Right, it's the Nan Shen Armament.’’ Beside him the royal uncle nodded too.

’’Nan Shen Armament?’’ The emperor was shocked, ’’One of the 9 god weapons of the controller, that Nan Shen Armament? That dark golden long rod, I initially thought it was a close combat rod like weapon.’’

The silver haired old man Bu De Asuka said, ’’Just now what Luo Feng used was...the first move, the illusion blade of the Nan Shen Armament. Looking at how he used it, he obviously has a good grasp of the first level. To be able to unleash it like that at the star level, he could be said to be invincible within the entire star level. Even within the Ganwu universe, the number of people who are able to match up to Luo Feng are extremely rare.’’

’’Right, to be able to unleash the first level, one has to have a comprehension of the golden origin laws.’’ The royal uncle beside said, ’’Meaning...Luo Feng is a genius that has stepped through the gateway of the origin laws. And according to the estimate of the genius battle, within the Ganwu universe, the number of geniuses that have stepped through the origin laws gateway is only about a hundred.’’

’’And the arena wars are split into 1,000 a group.’’

’’The chances of another with origin laws comprehension appearing is extremely rare.’’

’’Unless there's another absolute warrior like Luo Feng who didn't reveal his true strength in the first elimination stage. Just like the last time when Hong took the stage, that lady warrior was definitely one who stepped through the gateway of the origin laws. However, her rank was still only in the tens, creating a chance for both the warriors who had comprehended the laws to meet.’’ The royal uncle emphasized.


Back during the hundred world elimination stage, every world had a few with origin law comprehension, like Luo Feng and Windmill. However they confined themselves to their own city.f the two had wandered about into other cities, and defeated the absolute warriors from there with their strengths, these two could have easily rushed into their world's top 10.

The moment they made it into the top ten.

According to their ranking, Luo Feng and Pushkin would definitely not have been in the same group!


Within the arena.

Ginelli could only hear that rage filled roar from Ao Fei Xiu Si resound within his ears: ’’Ginelli!!!’’ and Ginelli didn't even have time to think about his death, his gaze fixed on the distant Luo Feng, within he was filled with shock and rage, ’’This insolent punk, he actually, actually...’’

After killing both of them, Luo Feng turned and his cold gaze fixed on Ginelli.


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