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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 42


Volume 10 Chapter 42 - Luo Feng Takes the Stage

Geniuses appeared one by one out of thin air within the preparation room. These were all geniuses from the different starfields in the Ganwu universe country. Their appearances were completely different and some even looked strange.


’’That's Pushkin, and beside him is Ginelli!’’

The originally quiet room suddenly had a bit of a commotion, causing Luo Feng to open his eyes and look at the two humans that had just appeared. One of them was tall and sturdy and his face was filled with golden fur. This 6m tall participant looked like a giant ape man, and his terrifying eyes glowed green in color. His two huge fists especially were comparable to the size of two giant metal hammers.

’’Pushkin?’’ Luo Feng's mind swiftly recalled through the data the Black Dragon Mountain empire had given him.

Pushkin, an absolute genius that the Ganwu universe country imperial family had nurtured. He favored using his fists and had the power to break into the universe country's top 1,000. In the elimination, he was ranked 9th in the 89th world.

’’Ginelli.’’ Luo Feng eyes shifted from the golden apeman to the short man beside him.

Even though he was referred to as being short, in truth this Ginelli still had a height of 1.9m, which is still taller than Luo Feng. However, standing beside a two storey tall apeman Pushkin, naturally looked like a short person. Luo Feng didn't have any information on Ginelli, because even the Black Dragon Mountain empire didn't have any information on Ginelli.

’’Pushkin, sit here.’’ Ginelli's expression was thin and frail, his eyes cold, almost like a venomous scorpion, he gave off a feeling similar to Nuolan Shan.


A thick powerful voice came from Pushkin's throat, even echoing about.

Ginelli and Pushkin walked directly towards Luo Feng and sat beside him, ’’Peng!’’ The chair Pushkin sat in wobbled. Luckily every preparation room had a huge amount of space, otherwise with his large structure, Pushkin would take up to 6 or 7 seats.

Pushkin and Ginelle sat down in the same row of seats that Luo Feng was sitting at.

’’You.’’ Ginelli turned towards Luo Feng beside him and said coldly, ’’Sit further away! I don't like people close to me,’’

’’You must be crazy!’’

Luo Feng shot a glance at Ginelli and said coldly, following which he closed his eyes and never looked at him again.

’’Hm?’’ Ginelli's cold eyes suddenly burned with rage, staring hard at Luo Feng, almost like a snake eyeing its prey. However, in this preparation room, it was absolutely forbidden for anyone to make a move. As such, Ginelli could only scoff coldly and close his eyes.

Suddenly the noise from the dojo outside could be heard within.

’’Attention all, the 382nd group of the arena wars is about to begin. Let me first introduce this group's 100 participants.’’ A clear crisp voice resounded not only throughout the entire dojo, but could also be heard clearly within the preparation room, following which a wave of cheers followed.

’’First, Pushkin, from the Ganwu universe country, ranked 9th in the 89th world of the elimination stage!’’

Thunderous cheers erupted, causing the entire preparation room to tremble.

’’That's pushkin?’’

’’Right, that's him, his fists are extremely terrifying, don't ever get close to him.’’

There was soft discussion within the room.

’’Number 2, Ginelli, from the Ganwu universe country, ranked 21 in the 13th world of the elimination stage!’’ The commentator's voice, every genius within the room could hear very clearly. Only then did Luo Feng open his eyes and glanced at the gold armored, cold looking youth beside him.

This Ginelli, who was actually able to be ranked number 2 within this 100 people, he was very strong.



’’5th, Luo Feng, from the Black Dragon Mountain empire, ranked 51st in the 1st world of the elimination stage.’’

The cheers were thunderous, as over a million supporters from the Black Dragon Mountain empire roared.

Black Dragon Mountain island, over 1,000 people gathered in a luxurious palace.

Dressed in a dark golden imperial robe, the emperor sat high above. Below him was the entire Black Dragon Mountain empire's many imperial subjects. Because of the everlasting reign of the imperial family, the numbers of subjects within the empire were up to a hundred million. Hence to be able to enter this level of imperial gathering, they were definitely the imperial family's most elite.

They were either sector lords or domain lords.

There were even queens that governed and managed different sectors, or that group of princes that would someday succeed the throne. Or some other high positioned females in the imperial family.

’’It's Luo Feng.’’

There was silence in the palace. Over a 1,000 of the imperial family watched that floating large screen and on it was the live broadcast. All that could be seen was that beautiful commentator smiling as she introduced, ’’5th, Luo Feng, from the Black Dragon Mountain empire, ranked 51st in the 1st world of the elimination stage.’’ Simultaneously, the screen also had information and an image of Luo Feng.

’’It's Luo Feng!’’

’’Haha, Luo Feng will easily pass the arena wars battle.’’

’’Looking at his image, this Luo feng isn't some ordinary person. His gaze is filled with killing intent.’’


There was discussions rampant throughout the palace, as all of them were speaking highly of Luo Feng. Who would dare to speak ill of him? This was the highest of imperial gatherings...this genius battle. The geniuses of the Black Dragon Mountain empire were only left with this one seedling, Luo Feng. If he lost too, then the Black Dragon Mountain empire would really lose all its honor and face.

With successive outs from the previous two participants who did not make it into the top 10,000, while other middle level civilization countries had participants that had made it through, it obviously made them fall behind by quite a bit.

’’haha...’’ The emperor's laugh was clear and bright.

With all his subjects complementing Luo feng, there was however one prince out of the many whose eyes were filled with shock. This was none other than the 9th prince Brolin.

Out of the over 1,000 subjects there, Brolin looked happy on the outside, but he could barely hold it in, as he had already realized the perilous situation he was in, ’’This Luo's, it's actually him?’’ Even though the reputation of Luo Feng was huge, as the elimination stage wasn't broadcasted, there was much information about these geniuses that the outside world didn't know.

Only some large powers were able to dig up these details.

For example the Black Dragon Mountain empire had sent a special envoy team, just like how some large organizations had also sent some people over to pay Luo Feng a visit. These were all because these powers had methods to find Luo Feng through the virtual universe company and thus his address within the virtual universe.


Brolin, who was only a prince, was forbidden from any of the empire's information systems and mail systems. Hence, he didn't even know Luo Feng's appearance.

’’Luo Feng, he is Luo Feng?’’ Brolin grit his teeth, ’’Big trouble.’’

Finding trouble with Luo Feng?

He no longer any such ideas, because he was very clear that with Luo Feng's reputation he could easily join some super organizations that could cause even the Black Dragon Mountain empire to fear. He didn't want to mess with Luo Feng anymore. However, he was worried that Lou Feng would remember how back then he had sent people to use the laser guns to kill the 12 targets, and also sent a team to chase and kill Luo Feng. Would he remember these incidents and hold a grudge?

’’Hmph, I'll temporarily not mess with him. As long as i am within the imperial city, he doesn't have the ability to mess with me.’’ Brolin grit his teeth.

Above the palace.

The emperor was sitting beside the two sector lords and chatting.

’’Bu Te Asuka, what chance does this Luo Feng have?’’ The emperor couldn't help but say softly.

’’Pretty big chance, but there's still danger.’’ Beside him the silver long bearded old man creased his eyebrows, ’’Your majesty should know that of the 100,100 that made it through the elimination, close to a half of them are the special elites specially nurtured by the different imperial families of the universe country.

’’Hm.’’ The emperor nodded.

The country leader of the Ganwu universe country had sent over a hundred million elite geniuses to participate. There were a total of over 800 million people in the 1st stage, this group didn't stand out much. However, among those that made it through the elimination stage, over 40,000 of them were from the group that the Ganwu universe country leader sent. It was very obvious that the universe country's imperial family had powerful geniuses and inside information!

’’The top ranker within Luo Feng's group right now is Pushkin, followed by Ginelli. Of the top 10 in this group, 6 of them are all elites specially nurtured by the Ganwu universe country's imperial family.’’ The old man shook his head, ’’The worst case scenario would be for Luo feng to get surrounded and ganged up on.’’

’’Royal uncle, do you see?’’ The emperor looked at the other sector lord beside him.

Also dressed in a dark golden imperial robe, the uncle smiled: ’’Your majesty, worrying right now is useless, and we are not even clear about this Luo Feng's true power. Just watch! The fights will begin very shortly.’’

’’Just watch?’’

The emperor could only nod.

On island number 29109, the dojo was already filled with a sea of people.

’’Daddy is number 5. Mommy, are the 4 before daddy stronger than him?’’ Ping Ping asked curiously.

’’That's the ranking.’’ Xu Xin smiled, ’’The 4 before him are ranked higher but their strengths may not be more powerful than your daddy.’’

’’Oh.’’ Ping ping nodded.

Beside Little Hai was muttering: ’’Daddy is the strongest, the strongest.’’

Around him sat many people from earth, such as Hong and thunder god with their families along with Luo Feng's parents etc.

’’Third brother will definitely win.’’ Hong stared at the center of the dojo.

Thunder god stared too.

Right now, of the three brothers only Luo Feng was left in this genius battle.

’’6...5...4...3...2...1!’’ The beautiful commentator shouted excitedly, as the entire atmosphere in the dojo reached its peak.


The entire dojo roared and tremored. The beautiful commentator immediately vanished, and at the same time 100 human silhouettes appeared within the center at different positions. It was the 100 geniuses that were being introduced, some were really tall and fit, while others were filled with fur, or had horns. It seemed like their appearances all differed.

However, the similarity was they stood at the peak of humanity!



’’Luo Feng!’’

The cheering alone could split the mountains and earth. The roars from a billion spectators seemed like it could shake and crumble the entire dojo itself.

Within the dojo.

Including Luo feng, the 100 geniuses all heard the cheers of the 1 billion people and couldn't help but feel a surge of adrenaline. Looking around, there was no end to these spectators who were all from different starfields. And Luo Feng was able to pick out those shouting his name and looked towards the direction.

’’That way, that's the people from the Black Dragon Mountain empire.’’ Luo Feng looked in that direction, it was a blur of people.


Within the battle arena, there was nothing but silence. The 100 geniuses all gathered their focus as this battle would last only 15 minutes. Within these 15 minutes, the battle space would constantly shrink until there was only 1m left.

’’Let the battle begin!’’

A low voice immediately resounded within the minds of the 1 billion spectators along with the 100 geniuses in the dojo.


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