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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 41


Volume 10 Chapter 41 - His Name is Luo

Three Axe Mountain, as a leader of the four large organizations within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, even the sacred land Black Dragon Mountain and Ice Leviathan sacred land wouldn't be willing to mess with it, because of the three founding members of the Three Axe Mountain.

The three founding members were all awarded the domain lord ’’Huge Axe’’ title when they were young.

A domain lord Huge Axe Warrior, when compared to the universe level huge axe title, was much rarer, at least a thousand to ten thousand times rarer!

Although the three of them came from different star fields, they got along extremely well, even becoming bosom friends in life and death Because the three of them had the title of Huge Axe Warrior, they decided to build the organization Three Axe Mountain!

They were made of two men and one woman.

Their names were Lament, Molly and Luo!

Of the group, Lament and Molly both became undying. Only Luo, this legendary warrior from the Black Dragon Mountain empire remained stuck at the pinnacle of sector lords. However, he was known to be invincible amongst the sector lords. Ever since about 100,000 years ago, he vanished within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, and no one ever saw him again...

No one knew whether this third founder was alive or dead!

’’He's from our Black Dragon Mountain starfield?’’ This question revealed this Head General, the founding member from the Black Dragon Mountain empire!

The three founding members all came from different starfields!

And the one from the Black Dragon Mountain empire was Luo!

’’Do you have this punk's information?’’ The old man said.


Jiang Tian Chen replied respectfully, very quickly sourcing out the information and said softly, ’’His name is Hong, he is close to the other 2 youths Luo Feng and Thunder god. Their rough information...they should be earth's aboriginals from our empire's Milky Way galaxy.’’

’’Aboriginals?’’ The old man's eyebrows creased slightly.

’’Right, however this is a conjecture from our Three Axe Mountain information department.’’ Jiang Tian Chen said, ’’Also, Hong, Luo Feng and Thunder god all took part in this time's Genius battle, and the most outstanding isn't even Hong, it's Luo Feng.’’

’’There's one even more outstanding?’’ the old man revealed a shocked expression.

’’Yes. That Thunder god ranked 5,128 in the elimination, Hong was ranked 982, Luo Feng was ranked 51.’’ Jiang Tian Chen said respectfully.

The old man slightly nodded, looking at the screen before him that was broadcasting the arena war, he said shocked, ’’This Hong, in this critical time he actually broke through, his domain actually rose from level 6 to 7...oh...that lady unleashed her strength. What powerful blade techniques, continuous and unrelenting, heavy and powerful, that Hong cannot withstand it anymore, oh, what a pity, he still died. There's no way around it, the difference in power was simply too much.’’

Jiang Tian Chen was quite shocked.

Head General Luo rarely ever spoke so much, right now it seemed as though he really cared for this Hong.


There was a legend in the Black Dragon Mountain empire, even the two sacred lands Black Dragon Mountain and Ice Leviathan, the two god leaders would show respect to Luo! Firstly, Luo's two life or death buddies were undying. Secondly, Luo was indeed very strong, Jiang Tian Chen's reputation was mostly only within the Black Dragon Mountain empire. Luo however, had a reputation enough to even make the million sector lords in the Ganwu universe country respect him.

If not for him getting distracted and working on the time origin laws, he probably would have become an undying long ago.

’’Sigh.’’ Jiang Tian Chen looked at the old man before him, the elder Luo that led him by hand before, was sighing endlessly, ’’Is this life? The head general has changed his mind, not being over ambitious like before, wanting to perfect his light origin laws and breakthrough to the undying. However, he met with that unexpected calamity, getting stuck for over 800,000 years! Wasting the final most important bit of time...there's only 20,000 years until he reaches the limit. Lord, how can you punish the head general this way...’’

Jiang Tian Chen had a bitter taste in his mouth.

Of the three founders, Luo was the most exceptional back then, and also the most ambitious.

Man was helpless to the hands of fate...

The 161st group of the 1000 arena war groups, the battle was over!

The spectators let sighs.

Sitting in the stands with the other earth people, watching Hong's body within the arena, they felt helpless.

’’He still lost.’’ Thunder god shook his head helplessly.

’’The opponent was indeed too strong.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’Feeling some of the origin laws, one's strength will have an absolute change. even though big brother lost rightfully, it's still a pity.’’

Yes, a pity.’’

Hong had indeed done very well, even to the point of staying to the last 20 or so. However he, was killed by that lady warrior's ultimate move.

’’Let's go, return home.’’ Luo Feng stood up.

’’Thirdie, it's all up to you now, of the three from the Black Dragon Mountain empire that made it through the elimination, only you are left.’’ Thunder god stood up, saying softly.

’’Just me?’’

Luo Feng's ears moved, he could hear the discussions around him, this region was filled with over a million from the Black Dragon Mountain starfield. Obviously, Nabini's and Hong's straight failures had left the trillions of citizens in the Black Dragon Mountain star field sullen. Right now, all their hopes were transferred to Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng will definitely win.’’

’’Right, he made it to rank 51 in the elimination! This arena war will definitely be an easy win!’’

’’Luo Feng is our empire's most powerful genius!’’

’’Luo Feng is definitely hiding his true strength, his true strength must be even more powerful than his ranking, his sudden jump in the later parts of the 1st stage proves that he wasn't even giving it his hall. Only towards the back did he begin to gain points. If he had started right from the beginning, he definitely had the possibility of rushing to the top 10 in his world, even the top three!’’

’’Well said, just like that!’’

’’Tomorrow Luo Feng will take part in the arena war, I've already bought my tickets.’’

’’Luo Feng will definitely wipe them all out.’’

’’Wipe them out!’’

Many Black Dragon Mountain empire citizens who wouldn't accept the losses were discussing. After all, the one they had the most hopes on from the beginning had always been Luo Feng!


’’Third brother, I've lost. You have to work hard.’’ Hong said so.

’’Thirdie, do as you deem fit.’’ Thunder god said.

’’Even I can make it to such high ranks in the virtual games, my daddy is the strongest, he's definitely the strongest in the Ganwu universe!’’ Little Hai said.

Luo Feng, work hard, our entire Black Dragon Mountain empire's countless citizens are watching you.’’ This was what the Black Dragon Mountain empire's emperor had said to him over the phone.

’’Luo Feng! Luo Feng! Luo Feng!’’

’’Luo Feng will definitely succeed.’’

’’He'll definitely win.’’

’’Definitely win.’’

The entire Black Dragon Mountain island, almost all of its citizens, the over a trillion citizens on the island cheered and roared through the night, some in bars, while others in plazas and public gatherings, hundreds of thousands to even millions of people gathering to watch the broadcasts!

Luo Feng...

The only Black Dragon Mountain empire citizen left within the genius battle. If he won, he would become the pride of the Black Dragon Mountain empire.

’’Madness.’’ Luo Feng felt a stifling atmosphere.

’’Daddy, the virtual games I play even have country wars. Our Black Dragon Mountain empire against the other empires!’’

’’Little Hai, that's a virtual game.’’ Xu Xin laughed and said, ’’Your dad is doing the real thing.’’

’’Hm, to rank number 1 in a star field, even in the virtual game I am still an absolute warrior.’’ Little Hai said, a silent Luo Feng finally looked shocked at his son, ’’What game are you playing?’’

’’A war related game.’’

Little Hai chuckled.


Night passed and the day began.

Even though countless from the Black Dragon Mountain star field were about to come to the arena and begin the madness, Luo Feng himself was standing alone in the wilderness of earth, on a skyscraper's balcony in a dilapidated city, quietly sitting there.


A group of flying type beasts, the blood crows flew high above. In this dilapidated city, beast sightings were common, only occasionally seeing human fighter tracks. However Luo Feng didn't suppress and naturally unleashed all of his willpower and aura, naturally all the beasts and human fighters didn't even dare to get close to him.

Quietly sitting on the balcony for awhile.

Luo Feng was controlling his mental state. According to the teachings of his 1st and 2nd brother, whether it was yoga or martial arts, they both heavily emphasized one's mental state! Training of the mind was very important! However, in the universe there wasn't anyone who talked about training the mind, one's mental state may seem very trivial...without much effect on one's battle ability at all. No matter how strong a normal human of earth's mental state was, a universe level warrior could easily turn him to dust!

Exploding in rage, at times it allowed one to break past his limits and unleash more strength! However they may also cause one to lose his form!

This was mental state!

According to his brothers, from what they saw, the reason why both of them could have their domains at star traveller level was linked to their mental states. Thunder god could in an instant enter absolute peace, becoming one with nature, fusing with the elements. Hong too could in an instant become completely void, blending with his surroundings, combining all his senses , domains, and other things together to unleash his greatest strength.

Thunder god and Hong took decades of training to reach that level of mental calmness.

Luo Feng couldn't do it...

’’Emptying the mind and soul, I can't do it. Because I'm under the influence of the golden horned beast's bloodline, I'm constantly filled with killing intent. This is something deep in my bones.’’

’’However, 2nd brother is right.’’

’’Whether it's rage, hurt, happiness, excitement, killing intent, they are all natural reactions. maintaining a pure mind, everything will happen naturally, when it's time to laugh I'll laugh, when it's time to rage, I'll rage.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’Wanting to kill too is a naturally thing, with a pure mind, I'll face it and accept it! Naturally I'll be able to reach a point of pureness where all the elements will blend together.’’

Luo Feng understood the theory, however when the killings really happen...

Luo Feng could at most maintain an ice cold state, without any rippling. As for pureness, blending with nature...that was very difficult, very difficult indeed.

’’Luo Feng, the arena war is about to start, you should enter the virtual universe.’’

’’Phew!’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes, his gaze cold.

Not suppressing his killing intent anymore, naturally releasing it.

’’Looks like you are different, has the meditation helped?’’

Luo Feng didn't answer, saying directly, ’’Connect to the virtual universe.’’


Virtual universe, in the space where there were many dojos located, island number 29109, there was a dojo and in its preparation room, geniuses sat in chairs, all ready to slaughter, all of them were absolute warriors.


A black haired man in a dark grey armor appeared from thin air.

In the preparation room, the geniuses all turned to look, this black haired man surveyed his surroundings and glanced at them, not speaking a word, immediately finding a seat and sitting down, closing his eyes, calming his mind, awaiting the battle to begin.


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