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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 4


Volume 10 Chapter 4 - Battleground

Genji, fighter, with a domain level 5.

Hanks, spirit reader controller with a domain level 4.

To be able to have domains level 4 and 5 within the universe level 6, these 2 were definitely considered geniuses! The most important thing was these 2 had high battle abilities, many other similar level 4, 5 and even 6 level domains geniuses had all lost their lives to them. 691 wins, 821 wins...these 2 were definitely veterans within the Battle-axe Coliseum!

’’These two people.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed softly to himself.

Looking at their back story, Genji was doing it for his family and clan. Hanks was a slave forced by his trader.

And amongst them one definitely had to die!

’’This battle, we definitely have to watch it.’’ Luo Feng carefully looked at the information on the screen, ’’one Hour?’’

Universe ship, via universe travel, from Bai Lan star to earth, took about 8 hours.

Luo Feng immediately dragged Hong and Thunder God along to watch the battle.


Battle-axe Coliseum, one of the five leviathans of the human race.

In the virtual universe network, a space was specially created here, on it was a wide river that travelled throughout the entire space, it's strength was shocking, and on this seemingly endless river floated several islands, on each of them were dojos.

Island number 08921.

This was a snow covered island, it's most daunting construct was a huge dojo, at the center of it was an empty plot of land, surrounding it were blurred large amounts of seats. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4 level of the dojo were all private rooms.

Only members were allowed into the private rooms.

And normal spectators could only watch from the bleachers far away.

’’I've got my eye on Genji, his blade skills are impressive, everytime I see his skills, I get a very dreamy filled with the energy of life. He'll definitely win.’’

’’Betting on Genji? His payouts are very low.’’

’’So what if they are low, his payouts are 1:1.31, and Hanks is 1:2.68, from the management side of the Battle-axe Coliseum, it's obvious they too are betting on Genji. Who cares about the low payout, as long as I earn money. If Genji wins, I'll have earned a lot, I'll bet on him!’’

’’I'll bet on Hanks, there might be an upset. I bet 600,000 universe dollars!’’

’’Only 600,000 universe dollars, I bet 2 million universe dollars that Genji will win!’’

’’I bet 1 million universe dollars, just for fun.’’

Three beastmen with green horns dressed in luxurious clothes set in the spectators' seats and discussed. Suddenly in the alleyway beside them, a silver haired handsome man carrying a child walked towards the staircase beside and swiftly climbed up.

’’Going up?’’

’’The bank account must be at least 3 stars. Who is that man with silver hair?’’

’’No idea, we 3 brothers only recognize people from our star field, in these places, many others, including us aren't from the same empire. Who would know.’’ The 3 with green horns discussed.

At the same time, another 5 went upstairs.

As the start of the battle drew closer, more people filled the arena, levels of blurred silhouettes of guests had filled over half of the seats, with at least 100,000 people, and many others upstairs! To be able to enter the private rooms upstairs, one's bank account had to be at least 3 stars or even higher.

’’Look at those three punks, those eyes filled with curiosity, that demeanor, one look and one can tell they are country bumpkins that have never seen such things before.’’

’’I agree with big brother, from the interactions and gazes that I've had with people before, these three seem lowly and uneducated, can't be anyone big.’’

’’I agree too.’’

The three beastmen with green horns looked at three youths walking in the distant alleyway, the three were chatting and laughing, looking around curiously at the arena's construct, following which, the three too began their climb upstairs.

The three beastmen immediately stared wide eyed, they had actually miscalculated!

’’3 star clients?’’

’’I've seen ghosts! How could I actually misread them!’’


Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God swiftly went upstairs, entering their private room according to their ticket. As a member, one had a private room to himself and he could bring his family, friends, servants etc to enjoy the match.

As for how many he brought, it was totally up to the member.

However the private room was only that big and the more people one brings, the tighter it got.

’’3rd brother, this Battle-axe Coliseum is indeed forthright. From what I saw earlier, to watch a match like this, the ticket prices are very expensive! And a member can actually watch like this for free.’’ Thunder God exclaimed, ’’And from walking in earlier, from the crowds of people in the seats, I heard from their discussions that all of their bets were at least in the hundreds of thousands of universe dollars, up to millions, so rich.’’

Hong smiled, ’’To be able to come here, even those on the first level, many must be planet leaders.’’


Luo Feng smiled and nodded, ’’Right, 1 trillion black dragon dollars was akin to 300,000 universe dollars. Meaning to say those people were casually betting up to tens of planets at a go. They were definitely people with background and money from their own star fields.

No matter how much background and reputation, they still weren't members.

Battle-axe Coliseum members, the lowest requirement was at least a 3 star client! Normally only sector lords had this sort of the black dragon mountain starfield, only the 16 large families had such people, and even though they had sector lords, they weren't definitely 3 star clients.

’’Welcome ladies and gentlemen from the universe.’’

’’This death battle is about to begin immediately, please everyone hurry and make your bets, there isn't much time left.’’

’’Genji winning, payout 1:1.31.’’

’’Hanks, payout is 1:2.68. If both die together, payout is 1:81. Yes 81 times payout, for opponents who are so evenly matched, there might very likely come a situation where both perish.’’ A booming voice, using perfect universe language reverberated around the room and in everyone's ears, ’’Only 5 minutes remain to bet, everyone please hurry and bet.’’

Within the private room.

’’1st time here, we should make a bet.’’ Thunder God smiled, ’’Big brother, thirdie, who are you going to bet on?’’

’’I bet on Hanks.’’ Hong said seriously, ’’Looking at him, I remember back when I was a youth and trained as an assassin...His struggles are tens of millions of times greater than mine. Slave traders make their slaves go through hell, I believe he should win. I bet on hundred million universe dollars.’’

’’One hundred million?’’ Luo Feng looked shocked at Hong.

How much money Hong had, Luo Feng was very clear, he had given him 4 billion universe dollars before, and with the universe crystal separation, he had another 1 billion universe crystals. In terms of wealth, Hong's exceeded only 5 billion universe dollars. Throwing one hundred million down like this, it seems like Hong was really into it.

’’I choose Genji, one hundred million universe dollars, I feel like his chances are bigger.’’ Thunder God said, ’’Thirdie, how about you?’’


Luo Feng looked through the window of the private room, right at the center of the Battle-axe Coliseum, a large screen displayed the two warriors and their information. That Hanks...was extremely cold, as though he stepped out of hell. That Genji, his eyes seem firm and solid, with a sense of anticipation, smiling frequently.

’’I choose him, Genji!’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Also one hundred million universe dollars.’’

He didn't know why but as he looked at Genji, thinking about how this warrior was fighting for his home and clan, fighting to regain his home planet's freedom and to never let them become slaves again, selling himself to the Battle-axe Coliseum when he couldn't deal with the enemy and fighting for survival...

Luo Feng somewhat resonated with him.

He too had such huge pressure on him, and the threat of the Nuolan Shan family still hasn't been extinguished. However, unlike Genj, Luo Feng had several more trump cards in hand.

’’I wish for your success, to be able to survive 1,000 battles.’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

Virtual universe, arena 08921.

’’Betting end!’’

’’Ladies and gentlemen, this death battle will begin immediately.’’

’’The warriors in this death battle are the fighter Genji and the spirit reader controller Hanks. They are both universe level 6!’’

The location of this battle is in Desolate Peak universe country, Red bird star field on a normal uninhabited planet.’’

’’Right now, we'll begin the live broadcast of the battle.’’

Following which, the entire dojo became dark and a snow white planet appeared in the center of the arena, it constantly expanded and on its surface, the winds howled with hail and snow dancing about in the wind. Vaguely, one could see among the winds and rubble, 2 human silhouettes.

One dressed in a dark blue robe, in boots and carrying a battle knife and round shield, a cold looking youth. He was Genji!

Opposite, dressed in black armor, long hair flying, his face with a scar, with 2 sabers at his waist, a long white dragon flying about his body. He was Hanks!

Death battle, location on a desolate planet.

Among the 2 of them, only one would live and leave the planet!


A thick voice resounded from space, hitting the 2 warriors' ears on the planet.

On this planet's incomparably thin atmosphere, one dressed in golden armor and boots, a bald warrior surveyed below, he, a domain lord warrior, was the overseer of this death battle, if anyone of them dared to flee before the battle was decided, he would immediately kill him!

A universe level battle, with a domain lord overseer.

Domain lord level battle, sector lord overseer.

A sector lord battle, undying overseer!

This was the rule of the Battle-axe Coliseum, the moment one signed and agreed to battle, there was no way out.

’’Lu Xiu.’’ The blue robed youth muttered to himself, following which his eyes gleamed and like 2 lasers, gazed hard at the distant black clothed man.

’’822 victories!’’ The black clothed man Hanks, his eyes filled with incomparably strong killing intent, like a devil from hell.



The howling winds and rubble were blown apart, however the Huger Axe dojo's camera was swift and incomparably clear, capturing every bit of the battle, also transferring to the virtual universe network, displaying at 08921 arena. Everyone at the arena could clearly see the entire battle scene.


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