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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 38


Volume 10 Chapter 38 - The Empire's Hopes

There were a total of 11 people in that living room.

Thunder god, Hong and the other nine who no one recognized were all sitting at the long table.


’’Third brother.’’

Thunder god and Hong stood up. The other 9 turned to look, and simultaneously 8 of them stood up. Only one old man in the center with long silver hair, remained seated as he turned to carefully examine Luo Feng, revealing a smile: ’’Luo Feng, I, Bu De Asuka, am here on behalf of the Black Dragon Mountain empire's emperor.’’

’’My respects Lord Asuka.’’ Luo Feng quickly bowed.

Having been to the Ganwu auction and seen too many sector lords, Luo Feng could tell with one look that this silver haired old man was a sector lord!

’’All sit.’’ The silver haired old man smiled.

Luo Feng too walked over and sat beside Hong and Thunder god.

’’Luo Feng, there are two reasons behind my visit. One, I really wanted to see this outstanding genius from our Black Dragon Mountain empire.’’ This silver haired old man, even his beard was white, his entire being seemed amicable and kind, giving off a feeling of friendliness. ’’Two, because his majesty, yes, his majesty is paying very close attention to you, he values you and wants to handsomely reward you!’’

Luo Feng was shocked, that emperor probably didn't know...about his past incident with the 9th prince.

’’Lord Bu De Asuka, actually I didn't do anything, I just did some of my own things only.’’ Luo Feng said.


The silver haired old man shook his head, ’’Luo Feng, this endeavor of yours has brought huge honor to our Black Dragon Mountain empire! The countless citizens of the empire are all proud because of you! You have given us immense contributions.’’

’’Immense contributions...’’ Luo Feng could only sit there and listen intently.

’’Originally, the emperor wanted to give you a reward.’’ The silver haired old man looked at Luo Feng, ’’However, he stopped when I advised him to not give you one temporarily.’’

Luo Feng looked a the sector lord before him, even more clueless than before.

’’I advised his majesty...if Luo Feng is able to make it into the top 1,000 of the Ganwu universe country, then he'll give you a galaxy!’’ The silver haired man said.

’’A Galaxy?’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god were all shocked.

’’From what I know, your first planet territory is Earth. Hence, as long as you are able to make it into the Ganwu universe top 1000, then Milky Way galaxy under the Silverblue empire will be yours!’’ The silver haired old man carefully examined Luo Feng and his brother's reaction. As he expected, Luo Feng and his brothers all revealed incredible shocked expressions.

The Milky Way? That was the territory of the silver blue empire.

’’Relax, this is the Silverblue empire's emperor Yi Wei. This matter is something the imperial family of the Silverblue empire has agreed upon.’’ The silver haired old man looked beside him A handsome white clothed man not too far away from him smiled and nodded at Luo Feng, ’’I too have been wanting to meet Mr Luo Feng. If Mr Luo Feng can manage the Milky Way galaxy, that would be our Silverblue empire's honor.’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was stunned, suddenly he realized and understood.

Ganwu universe top 1,000?

One had to know that the Ganwu universe country had over a hundred million galaxies, on average! To be able to make it into the Ganwu universe top 1,000...the warriors would probably all at least have domains of level 9, some even had comprehension of the origin laws.

In the star level, and being so terrifying...

These sort of geniuses, as long as they didn't die halfway and continued to grow, reaching the sector lord level was almost no problem! And these sort of geniuses who receive extra nurturing...they would become the strongest within the sector lord level!

A sector lord, would easily get a galaxy as a territory.

Right now it was akin to giving a future sector lord a galaxy as territory. Even if Luo Feng died along the way of becoming a sector lord the Black Dragon Mountain empire and the Silverblue empire naturally had their own ways to reclaim the Milky Way.

’’This, this reward is too huge. At the same time, making it into the top 1,000 is incredibly difficult as well.’’ Luo Feng's expression went ugly.


The silver haired old man Asuka nodded and sighed, ’’It is very difficult, our country's martial strength is indeed weaker than the universe country's other starfields. In the previous competitions, we didn't even make it into the top 10,000, as for the top 1000, it's been even longer since we even stepped into it. However Luo Feng, you have hope.’’

’’Here is some information that our empire has collected.’’ The silver haired old man pulled out a screen before him, he gently tapped it, ’’I'll send these to you.’’


Luo Feng was suspicious. Simultaneously, Babata alerted him that he received mail and there was an attachment on it.

’’Even though the eliminations weren't broadcasted, according to the names of the rankers, along with the already reputable strong star levels, we've collected quite a bit of information.’’ The silver haired old man smiled as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’We've made a record of a total of 827 of the absolute geniuses that made it through this elimination round. They are all very well known and reputable absolute geniuses in the Ganwu universe country. Take a look, this information may prove useful to you during the arena fights.’’

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

Good stuff!

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. After knowing the opponent's trump cards and being prepared for the battle, his chances of victory were much better.

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng thanked him.

’’No need.’’ The silver haired old man smiled and looked back, ’’If you can make it into the top 1,000, I. Ah De Asuka will in fact have to thank you.’’

’’I'll work hard.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Right, this is one of the hopes of our Black Dragon Mountain empire! Make it into the top 1,000 as you fight against the many geniuses from the other universe countries.At least, our Black Dragon Mountain empire will have someone who's made it onto the universe humans big stage.’’ The silver haired old man's eyes gleamed with a sense of hope.

He was a sector lord, and a very strong one at that.

However, even amongst sector lords there were differences. This sector lord, compared to Jiang Tian Chen, his position and power was much lower.

And Jiang Tian Chen, if compared to the virtual universe company leviathan's specially nurtured from young absolute geniuses, his position would be much lower! For the virtual universe company to have that level of leviathan...their specially nurtured geniuses....they were nurtured to not only become undying, but the strongest among the undying!


These were all too far away! From the star level to undying, it was too far and difficult. Many absolute geniuses have been stuck in the sector lord pinnacle for tens of millions of years before finally dying from old age!

’’Work hard, in the Ganwu universe arena, you represent the Black Dragon Mountain empire. Even more so when you battle against the peak of the other universe countries.’’ The silver haired old man anticipated.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god gathered and spent three days going through the information of the many warriors.

’’8th world ranked 3rd? Stronger than me.’’ Hong's expression was serious.

The screen before them was displaying footage, in it was a golden haired tall and sturdy man with a golden scale on his forehead. He used two huge blades and when he waved them, they would become blurry and the surroundings warped. Even though the blades were obviously there, when the opponent tried to block they would block only air.

One slash and the opponents would die.

This person's light domain seemed even more terrifying than Hong's.

’’This is Savage? He is indeed very strong.’’ Luo Feng squinted, his eyes filled with excitement.

’’Right, that's him.’’ Thunder god nodded.

’’Indeed very strong.’’ Hong's expression grew even heavier.

Footage played continuously, many with words and information below. These were all the absolute geniuses' information the Black Dragon Mountain empire had gathered. These geniuses, many of them were already well reputable even before the genius battle. They were already vied for and snatched up by many super organizations.

’’This punk...’’ Thunder god stared.

A similarly bald strong looking man in the footage, actually used his fists as weapons as every punch was incredibly brutal and powerful.


Using 3 days to finish watching everything, made both participants of the arena fights, Hong and Luo Feng, begin to feel the pressure. There were indeed many strong warriors, as many as the clouds! They were only at star level, yet they were able to comprehend the origin laws, this was akin to a step to heaven. However, with the size and population of the entire Ganwu universe country, there were actually a few hundred such people.


Time passed and in the blink of an eye, the date of the arena fights had approached.

Chian time Year 2066, July 16th, the day before the arena fights, virtual universe, on one of the floating continents above the Ganwu continent, there was an enormous meeting hall.

The hall was extremely huge, with rows and rows of seating.

’’This hall is really huge, it actually seats 100,000.’’ Hong laughed as he exclaimed, ’’The seats are very spacious too.’’

’’This is still average, in the Ganwu auction, the seating space for each person was incredible. And there were three million seats, you couldn't even see the end of the Meeting hall.’’ Luo Feng said softly to Hong.


A thick booming voice resounded. Immediately, the entire hall went silent. All that could be seen was a man dressed in a silver long robe who appeared at the highest podium at the front of the hall. His gaze swept past the 100,100 people below him. These were all the geniuses that made it through the elimination.

’’The people that made it through the Ganwu universe country's elimination, 100,100 of you.’’ The man in the silver long robe pointed beside him and immediately a screen appeared with images of people, ’’These 100 are the first of each world. Hence they immediately get awarded a spot in the final namelist, and are eligible to represent the Ganwu universe country and go take part in the pinnacle fights against other countries.’’

’’For the remaining 100,000. There are only 900 slots left on the list.’’

’’The arena battles...are separated into the arena war and the 1v1 battles.’’ The silver robed man continued to speak, ’’We'll first eliminate 90,000 people through Arena war! The 100,000 will break into 1,000 groups and every group will have 100.’’ Each group will engage in mass battles on the arena and the final remaining 10 are the ones that will be considered to have passed the Arena war.’’

’’Once you've passed the arena war, there will be only 10,000 of you left!’’

’’These 900 slots, will be filled from these 10,000! After the war the 1v1 battles will begin.’’

The silver long robed man's gaze swept past the 100,100 geniuses below him, as discussions were rampant.

The arena war, actually eliminating 90,000 people at one go.

Too vicious!

’’I heard.’’ Hong said softly, ’’That last time the Black Dragon Mountain empire was completely eliminated in the Arena war, without anyone making it into the top 10,000.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’During the elimination I barely made it into the top 1,001. This arena war's elimination efficiency is extremely high.’’ Hong said softly, Luo Feng replied, ’’Big brother, in a war it's really hard to say, you still have hopes of making it through the war. Then it'll come down to the 1v1 battles.’’


Suddenly a screen appeared before every genius in the meeting hall, on it were numbers from 1 to 1000 etc.

’’See the number before you? That is your group!’’ The silver long robed man roared, ’’Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the Arena war. The 1st 200 groups will start tomorrow and the entire war will last for 5 days and end after that.’’

Luo Feng looked at the number before him, 382, while his big brother Hong beside was in group 161.

’’I wish all of you will be able to make it through the arena wars.’’ The silver long robed man's voice resounded throughout the entire meeting hall, ’’We'll now send everybody off, go get prepared.’’


The 100,100 geniuses within the meeting hall all suddenly vanished.


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