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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 37


Volume 10 Chapter 37 - Special Envoy

When Luo Feng the Madman finally put down his bloodthirsty blade and hid within a residential building to quietly wait for the end of the elimination, within the huge skyscraper of the 72nd world, the currently ranked 999 Hong was still fighting hard. Because it was the last day, the battles were incredibly intense and brutal.

This was especially true between the group of people whose ranks were close to 1000. They could rise anytime or drop anytime.

’’I have to make sure I stay alive. The moment I die, I will lose half my points and I'll definitely drop out of the top 1001.’’ In a destroyed house with broken windows, Hong dressed in all black closed his eyes, ’’Also, I have to try my best to kill a few others and push myself forward a little more.’’

Hong had many thoughts on his mind, but his entire being was incomparably calm and collected.

As tranquil as a mirror.

His entire being was incredibly relaxed, like a void, allowing him to detect any movement or noise around him.

Among earth's top 3 warriors.

He and Thunder god had the longer lives, experiencing much more. Even though Thunder god too had some comprehension of the chinese martial arts, his main expertise was in yoga. During the great nirvana he completely immersed himself in martial arts, his entire being loved the arts. With a pure heart, it was easy for him to fuse and reach perfection, allowing him to let his yoga fuse perfectly with himself.

Hong was different, he was trained from a young age to be an assassin.

An assassin's strength control was very meticulous.

The chinese martial arts helped him with his control of internal energy, along with his mental state control. As an assassin, he naturally formed his own path. And after the Great Nirvana, the base era, the swallowing beast incident, along with all the hardships and training, Hong had an impeccable control of every bit of energy and power within himself. This is why he became number 1 of the three brothers.

Among the three, Luo Feng was the youngest!

In terms of comprehension, willpower and talent, he didn't lack any.

However he never received Chinese martial arts training. In close combat, his energy use and technique couldn't compare to Hong or Thunder god. However...Luo Feng was still the strongest among the three!

Firstly, his talent, allowed him to become the disciple of the Yun Mo Planet.

Second, he sacrificed himself and immolated his soul, possessing the golden horned beast in that battle.

This allowed Luo Feng to stand on a much higher stage, as he was able to compare himself with the countless clans and absolute geniuses within the vast universe's human race.

Within the house.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged, quietly awaiting the end of the elimination.

’’The elimination countdown, 60...59...58...57...56...’’ A deep boomy voice reverberated throughout the survivors' minds in the hundred worlds, making many within these worlds get anxious and thus panic.

’’I'm almost there.’’

’’I was 1001 just now, right now I'm 1002.’’

’’It's too late.’’


’’You won't be able to make it into the top 1001. As long as you let me kill you, I'll definitely heavily repay you when we get out.’’

’’Bullshit, heavily repay? There's no contract or proof of these things within the virtual universe system. It sounds good now, but if you simply deny everything later, can I even do anything?’’

At the final countdown, it was madness within the worlds.

Luo Feng just patiently waited.

’’10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Teleport.’’

The survivors within the 100 worlds immediately vanished and later the virtually simulated worlds too all crumbled and returned to nothing. Simultaneously, the final rankings were officially announced.

The elimination has ended!

The candidates have all been picked!


Luo Feng was sent to the air above the island of Black Dragon Mountain.

’’Di! Di! Di! Di! Di!

A constant beeping sound.

’’Luo Feng, there are 371 call requests. Oh, right now it's become 398. Ah, it's continuing to rise.’’ Babata's familiar voice spoke out.

’’Haha, Babata, it's been a long time since I heard your voice.’’ Luo Feng stood in the air above the Black Dragon Mountain. Beside him in midair there were many human silhouettes, all the survivors from the elimination. However surviving didn't mean that they made it into the top 1001.

’’Those worlds all have barriers against virtual assistants.’’ Babata said helplessly, ’’The virtual universe system is simple too strong, there's no way around it.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Anywhere in the universe people could easily instantly connect into the virtual universe with their consciousness, allowing countless people to enter. Even within the virtual universe, countless secret techniques could be simulated, even origin laws could be simulated...this was simply too scary. Maybe the origin laws weren't even secret techniques within the virtual universe!

Virtual universe company was afterall one of the universe humans' 5 great leviathans.

And the other 4 leviathans hadn't even grasped such level of skill. This Virtual universe company was the sole company capable of such a feat as building a virtual universe. It makes one afraid to even imagine just how deep and huge the company was.

’’Right now there are 453 phone call requests and 892 mails.’’ Babata said.

’’Let's leave the virtual universe first.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved.


His consciousness returned to reality and then reconnected back to the virtual universe.


On Black Dragon Mountain island, Nine Star Bay, Luo Feng appeared at his own living area grass patch.

Returning to the virtual universe from reality, it could be said that if one owned a property in virtual universe, they would always return their property the moment they entered the virtual universe. Hence, Luo Feng returned back to the Nine Star Bay little district at his house.

’’Big brother, thirdie.’’ A familiar voice resounded.

Almost simultaneously appearing at his own house entrance was Hong and Luo Feng, they both turned to look. It was Thunder god. Luo Feng and Hong both walked over.

’’You two did pretty good, one with rank 982 and the other 51.’’ Thunder god frowned, ’’However my luck was bad, essentially like stepping in dog shit. I unexpectedly ran into our world's Savage, that guy is simply too abnormal. He definitely stepped into the gateway of the origin laws, as he decimating me with one move.’’

’’That strong?’’

Luo Feng and Hong were both somewhat shocked.

’’Hm.’’ Thunder god smiled, ’’If big brother and thirdie met Savage, they'd definitely be a little better than me. You both made it into the top 1001. So there's a chance you'll meet him in the arena.’’

’’I barely made it into the top 1001, still 3rd brother is the strongest.’’ Hong smiled at Luo Feng.

’’Hm, thirdie is very strong indeed.’’ Thunder god nodded too.

Hong and Thunder god, in terms of age, were much older than Luo Feng. They almost gave a mentor like feeling, however it was clear that this little brother had a shocking amount of power.

’’Thirdie, work hard. The stronger you get, the brighter the future of our earth will be.’’ Hong patted Luo Feng on his shoulder.


’’Lou Feng.’’

At this time a group of people appeared at the entrance, it was Luo Feng's family.


The end of the elimination!

Every world's top 1,001 had made it through the elimination. A total of 100 worlds, a total of 100,100 people. At the same time every world's number 1 would immediately be placed in the final namelist.

The top 1,000 of the Ganwu universe country had the rights to participate in the universe humans genius battle. These 1000 would then represent the Ganwu universe country, as they competed against the geniuses from the rest of the universe...bringing out the the best of the best from the universe humans.

The Ganwu universe country had slots for 1000 people. Right now, those who came first in their respective world would be automatically given a spot. Hence, a total of a 100 places were already taken.

The remaining 100,000 would have to fight for the remaining 900 slots!

Black Dragon Mountain Empire's Luo Feng, Hong and Nabini will compete amidst the 100,000 as only 900 of these participants would get the right to enter that final namelist.

The elimination rate was still very high!

To be able to make it into that final namelist, they were all absolute geniuses that everybody envied. They would make countless organizations and powers vie for them as their future elites and new seedlings. They were all capable of being regarded as cream of the crop.

From the end of the elimination, the arena fights would happen a month later.

However this month, Luo Feng actually faced the 'problems of a celebrity'. There were many powers within the Black Dragon Mountain empire who came looking for him. Not just that, but even a few super organizations from the Ganwu universe country had sent people over to look for him, hoping he would join them and put his name in their companies!

’’Reject, reject them all.’’

’’Just tell them all that right now I'm immersing myself in training and putting my all into preparing for the arena fights. I can't be distracted.’’ Luo Feng was helpless with this trouble and could only resort to this response.


On the 16th day since the end of the elimination.

Solar system, Mars.

Luo Feng was on the sand filled Mars, testing out his Nan Shen Armament.

’’1st form!’’



’’Luo Feng controlled that dark golden long rod that became a golden rainbow and flew at breakneck speed and returned. And while controlling this golden rainbow's complex arc movements, it was very clear that his sense of control was still rigid, as he was unable to fully make it move like a flowing river.

’’Within the arena fights, my opponents will all be extremely powerful. The lowest would at least be like my big brother. There will be many with similar strength to mine! There might even be others who are much stronger than me.’’

’’Then, I'm afraid I'll have to use the Nan Shen Armament immediately.’’ Luo Feng was very clear that there were only strong opponents in the arena fights, He'd have to use his trump card from the beginning and push forward.

Hopefully he'll make it into the top 1,000.

Only that way will he have the right to go compete with other absolute warriors from the other universe countries.

’’Luo Feng, hurry into the virtual universe.’’ Babata's voice resounded.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was curious.

Virtual universe Black Dragon Mountain island, Nine Star Bay small district.

When Luo Feng appeared outside his own home, he could see that his living room was filled with many guests.

’’Big brother, Hong and Thunder god are currently inside entertaining the guests. You should quickly go in.’’ Luo Hua said as he saw Luo Feng.

’’Who are they?’’ Luo Feng asked curiously.

Didn't he reject every organizations from coming here?

’’It's the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's envoys who were especially sent by the emperor himself.’’ Luo Hua said softly, ’’This special envoy team, I heard they actually brought an order from the Emperor himself. The special team is led by a sector lord and I heard that his position is extremely high. Also, within the team there's also the basic level universe country the Silverblue empire's emperor.’’

’’Silverblue empire's emperor?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

The Silverblue empire governed over the Milky Way's eight great galaxies. This emperor actually followed a special team over.

’’Their visit this time is mainly because of you.’’ Luo Hua said.

’’I'll go take a look.’’ Luo Feng nodded, and walked briskly into the living room.


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