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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 36


Volume 10 Chapter 36 - Nan Shen Armament

The Nan Shen Armament is a weapon, which was infused with the two great origin laws of gold and space. It was one of the 9 ultimate weapons for the controller spirit readers.

To actually use the Nan Shen armament at the star level was an unbelievable thing to do.

The Nan Shen Armament was separated into 9 levels. Just the 1st level alone required one to have a comprehension of the gold origin laws along with an extremely strong amplifier to unleash it properly. It took Luo Feng a few months in the actual world, along with 10 days of serious training in this elimination stage to finally get a grasp of the basics and to reach a level where ’’it may work.’’

For a Star level to actually master the 1st level would mean that he would be invincible in the same entire grade.

Invincible, that alone represented its power!

’’You can use the Nan Shen Armament?’’ The green haired youth's eyes was filled with shock.

’’This is my 1st time actually using it in a battle.’’ Luo Feng carried the dark golden long rod on his back, gently landing on an undamaged villa's roof.

The green haired youth couldn't help but feel nervous. After all, the reputation of the Nan Shen Armament was huge. The strong will power and fighting spirit within him caused the youth to burn with passion as he shouted: ’’Madman, this is the final day for the elimination! To be able to meet an opponent like you, it really makes me happy. Make sure to use your full strength and let me see properly...just how strong the legendary Nan Shen Armament is!’’

’’I won't disappoint you.’’ Luo Feng squinted.

The two faced off with less than a hundred meters between each other, standing on two separate rooftops.

Luo Feng's eyes gleamed as he pointed at the green haired youth. Immediately, the dark golden long rod released a beam of golden light. Those nine cicada wing-thin little golden blades dispersed and their incredibly complex engravings began to emit a golden stream of energy and started to interlink.

To actually connect them together into a perfect body was incredibly difficult. When he used the soaring shuttle in the past and was finally able to complete the swordfish formation, he still was not able to fully infuse it with the origin laws.

And at this time...

In an instant, he used all of his comprehension of the gold origin laws into one attack, putting his all into one move. Even after all this, Luo Feng could feel that his comprehension wasn't enough, he had only a basic grasp of this 1st level. He was still far from completing it.

A dreamy golden orb engulfed in golden light revolved before Luo Feng.

The entire dreamy golden blade was hard to see clearly.

A powerful energy emitted from that golden blade, causing the space around to ripple.


The dreamy golden blade immediately shot towards the distant green haired youth. The instant that it shot out, because it was too fast, it became a golden rainbow!

’’Roar!!!’’ The green haired youth grit his teeth.The veins on his forehead straining and protruding as he used his full strength to control his spirit weapon.


The two crescent discs were like two children playing with each other. One playing around while the other chased, making one unable to clearly see it as it soared into the wind to deflect that terrifying golden rainbow.


The golden blade rainbow clashed into the two discs. With an explosion, the two discs were knocked away into the villa below. ’’Pa!’’ with a clang, one of the discs smashed into a window causing it to smash open immediately as glass shards flew in all directions.


After the clash the golden blade stopped for a brief moment before becoming a golden rainbow again and shot towards the green haired youth.

’’How can this be?’’ The green haired youth revealed shock and fear as the round disc below his feet split into two, becoming two crescent discs that went to intercept.

’’Rumble!’’ The golden rainbow once again clashed with them and the two discs were knocked away again.


Following which, the golden rainbow shot towards the green haired youth's body. He didn't even bother to dodge. He just stood there, staring straight a Luo Feng and communicating mentally, ’’Madman, I used the wrong move. The next time I will definitely win, definitely!!!’’ The voice roared within Luo Feng's ears as the golden rainbow pierced right through the youth's forehead!

The green haired youth's body fell from mid air before rolling on the roof and landing within that villa.

’’You indeed made a mistake.’’

Luo Feng landed beside that body, saying seriously, ’’You've already stepped into the gateway of the origin laws. Originally, it wouldn't have been that easy for me to kill you. But you chose to fight using force with force...who else can you blame?’’

Even though he hadn't used the Nan Shen Armament before in a real battle, in the virtual universe slaughterhouse, in order to grow accustomed to the Nan Shen Armament, Luo Feng had chosen a variety of star level opponents. All of them with different comprehension of the origin laws, be it gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, time or space, allowing him to gain lots of experience.

Gold was hard and strong, extremely sharp and piercing!

Wind was formless, flexible beyond compare!

While walking different paths, the battle techniques and strategies would naturally have their own differences. Luo Feng had stepped into the gold origin law entrance. Hence, his attacks were naturally strong with a piercing form which destroyed everything before him! While using the most suitable gold origin law weapon Nan Shen Armament, his power was extreme!

Windmill chose to use brute force to fight with Luo Feng, it wasn't strange for him to die.

The main factor was that the green haired youth Windmill was shocked and scared by the reputation of the Nan Shen Armament. Along with the fact that they were at a stalemate before, only right before death did he realize the best way to deal with Madman.


The battle between Madman and Windmill caused a huge commotion which attracted many geniuses from within the north district of the city. But by the time they actually arrived close enough to view the battle, it was already over.

’’Windmill lost?’’

’’Windmill was actually killed? That's too unbelievable, I didn't see wrongly right.’’

’’Even Windmill lost, who can match up to Madman?’’

In the distance, a group of geniuses were extremely shocked. Windmill was much stronger than Devil, Ice Thread and even Bones. Many of them had guessed and even believed that the winner of the fight between Madman and Windmill, would have been Windmill. After all, Windmill's success was intrepid, and he had always been way above others, without any failure before.

He had always been very relaxed, slaughtering all those who appeared in his path!

Many had assumed from early on that this city's number one was Windmill..

’’That madman is too strong.’’

’’Madman's final golden light, just what was that. Wasn't it said that madman's skill from the spirit weapon was a golden fish?’’

’’Right, since Madman killed Windmill, i wonder just how many points he would get?’’

’’Although Windmill lost half his points, he definitely still has a lot. As for Madman...his points right now must be even higher than Windmill's.’’

Luo Feng carried the dark golden long rod and flew away from the villa into a distant residential area, immediately landing on a balcony.

’’30th day of the elimination, today is the final day.’’ Luo Feng sat there quietly, arranging his thoughts. Of the 30 days, it was the final 20 days that he had immersed himself in the madness, totally committing himself to slaughtering. The number of people killed by him ranged in the thousands. From that bloodbath, the name Madman rose to new heights.

However Luo Feng didn't want to bring that mentality and form back to reality.


Luo feng sat crossed legged quietly while suppressing the bloodlust that ached from his bones, hiding it deep within.

’’This Windmill really had so many points. Before this, his rank was indeed 42.’’ Luo Feng looked down at the screen on his wrist, the numbers on it made people's hearts race.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black Dragon Mountain empire)

Points: 32,178,201

Rank: 51

’’By killing Windmill, I actually acquired over 18 million points!’’ Luo Feng was shocked. By killing an absolute warrior, the number of points one got was indeed abundant. Prior to this battle, he only had close to about 14 million, not even close to the earnings from just this one battle! However Windmill did mention that he had killed a strong warrior from another city, getting over 10 million points.

’’The fastest way to get points is to kill an absolute warrior.’’

’’The best way is to go to each city and hunt.’’ Luo Feng thought.

For example, by killing every city's number one, he estimated that he could get over a hundred million points! Of course the requirement be able to kill them!

When Luo Feng killed Windmill, his rank simply jumped from 102 to 51 directly. This attracted many of the Ganwu universe country's powers and organizations to pay attention to him. Before when he made it to the top 1001, the ones watching him were mostly the trillions of citizens in the Black Dragon Mountain empire. However, after making it to rank 51, things were different.

The higher one's standing got, the more crazy the strength levels were!

Every world's top 3 could all be said to be true geniuses who definitely stepped through the gateway of the origin laws.

Every world's top 100, there would be some absolute geniuses who've also stepped through the gateway of the origin laws.

The difference in ranks were linked directly to each person's choices.

Some absolute warriors, like Luo Feng and Windmill, if they chose to not only stay within their own cities, but wander throughout the 91 cities and hunt the absolute warriors, they may meet certain brick walls. However, the higher possibility was that they'd be able to make it to the world's top 10!

’’Search all of Luo Feng's information.’’

’’This Luo Feng, to be able to reach rank 51, he must be a battle genius with a domain of at least level 8. He might even be a stronger absolute genius who's already begun to comprehend the origin laws.’’

’’Black Dragon Mountain empire, from that little out of the way place, there's actually a genius who was able to make it to rank 51?’’

’’It is rare indeed. Black Dragon Mountain empire has always been a lower level country within the Ganwu universe countries' many territories.’’


At the time, within the enormous luxurious living room of the universe ship which gathered all of the black dragon mountain empire's governing officials and royalty.

’’Congratulations your majesty.’’


’’Your majesty, rank 51, a 2 digit number!’’

Up to a thousand people within the hall had erupted in joy. A 3 digit rank compared to a 2 digit or 1 digit rank, the honor associated with each was completely different. As for the three from the Black Dragon Mountain who had made it temporarily through the 1st round...

’’Hong's standing was 999.

Nabini's standing was 860.

Luo Feng's standing was 51.

From one look it was clear that Hong and Nabini could be considered amongst the elite geniuses of the Black Dragon Mountain. But Luo Feng was definitely an absolute warrior capable of making it into the top ranks of the Ganwu universe country.

’’A 2 digit number.’’

’’Your majesty, right now within the entire Black Dragon Mountain island, the trillion citizens are incomparably excited.’’

Sitting above everybody else, the emperor's face too could hardly conceal his joy. Laughing out loudly and roaring ’’In this elimination, our empire has done not bad! Looking at how things are going, there may very likely be 3 people making it through! Hong and Nabini are outstanding As for Luo Feng...haha, he's the pride of our Black Dragon Mountain empire!’’

’’This Luo Feng has done us great honor! Great honor!’’ The emperor's voice grew even brighter, ’’We must reward him, heavily reward him!’’


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