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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 35


Volume 10 Chapter 35 - Luo Feng and Windmill

Daybreak, in the silent blood stained alley, Luo Feng stood there alone waiting.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked up.

In the distance, a green light was swiftly flying over. It finally reduced its speed and revealed a human silhouette. It was a green haired youth stepping on a green wheel-like spirit weapon with razor-sharp edges. As he slowed down, the green haired youth descended, landing about a 100 m away from Luo Feng.

’’I didn't expect you to shout so loudly.’’ The green haired youth looked at Luo Feng, his eyes seemingly laughing, ’’Your roar, everyone in the city must have heard you.’’

’’Let them hear it.’’ Luo Feng stood there, his entire body seemed to be a condensed blade full of anger and energy!

His anger, was extremely heavy.

’’I wonder what this Madman does in reality, to exhibit such a strong aura.’’ The green haired youth thought. He wouldn't even have thought that Luo Feng had possessed the golden horned beast, a being that lived to slaughter. This possession had given him many benefits. If he hadn't done this, with only the inheritance of the Yun Mo Planet, he would only be capable of making waves in the Black Dragon Mountain empire.

But with the possession, it's allowed him to become one of the top geniuses in the entire human race of the universe. It could be said...that he was destined for even bigger things and could not be restricted to just the Black Dragon Mountain star field

This was the greatest benefit the golden horned beast had brought. Its shortcomings however were that it brought with it increased savagery and brutality.

He had kept the shortcoming under control before, but in this 1st world, Luo Feng had completely let it out.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's cold eyes swept, gazing in the distant surroundings.

In the distant residential buildings, in a few shop houses or a few alley forks, he could make out a few human silhouettes. Also in the sky, he could see human silhouettes that had flown over and landed about.

’’It's Madman.’’

’’The other one is Windmill!’’

’’It's indeed the two of them. The one roaring before I guess was Madman, and in our city, only Madman would dare pick a challenge with Windmill.’’

’’It's too thrilling. And on this final day, Madman is going against Windmill.’’

’’Madman, Windmill, who will win?’’

’’Who knows.’’

’’Madman, that guy is capable of doing anything.’’

’’Devil, Ice Thread and Bones, these three all died under Madman's hands. However even more geniuses have been killed by Windmill. These's really hard to say.’’

Within a short time, many warriors had gathered about within a distance of a 1,000 meters between the two, spectating from shophouses, residential buildings etc. This fight was set to become the city's most elite and thrilling battle.


In the alley, Luo Feng and the green haired youth faced off.

’’Quite a lot of people have gathered.’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept the distant areas.

’’They were all called here by your roar.’’ The green haired youth said, ’’Now it's troublesome. Our battle...if one wins cleanly, then it would be ok. However if it's a tragic win! Winning but suffering heavy injuries, that'll definitely attract all the strong warriors around to surround us and attack. Because the victor among us would definitely have shocking amounts of points, it'll make the others go crazy for it.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

In reality, his internal world could swiftly recover injuries. However in this 1st world, his body's cells and regeneration was similar to everybody else, any injuries would mean trouble.

’’From what I see, we should kill them all first, then face off.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Hm?’’ The green haired youth was taken aback, thinking that this guy before him was indeed crazy enough.

’’Alright.’’ The green haired youth said loudly, ’’That makes sense. To prevent anyone from interrupting, we'll first have to kill everybody!’’

His voice reverberated about openly, causing all who were hiding within the surrounding little districts and alleys to get a shock. As this green haired youth was speaking loudly, it was obvious he was trying to let all the spectators in the distance know and retreat. However that way, their killing efficiency would be greatly reduced.

’’You sure are kind!’’ Luo Feng glanced at him and immediately jumped on the soaring shuttle and headed towards the closest residential building.

The green haired youth laughed, ’’I'm just afraid of the hassle!’’

The two stepped on their spirit weapons and swiftly flew to the residential building besides them.

’’Quickly flee!’’

’’That Madman and Windmill, they've gone mad.’’

’’Let's go.’’

’’They are coming over.’’

Immediately, silhouettes madly fled in all directions, all scurrying about. The geniuses that had survived till now, many had strength close to Thunder god or were even stronger than him. However against the two strongest powers in this city...Madman and Windmill, they all chose to flee!

’’Come with me!’’ After killing a bunch of people, Luo Feng communicated to Windmill.

Following which he led the way down to an underground alley, the green haired youth followed closely in.

This city's underground tunnels can lead to anywhere the city. Luo Feng and the green haired youth followed the tunnels at breakneck speed, and after a while, exiting through one of the exits. By now, they were already at the north part of the city.

This place was filled with villas.

These villas were all pretty similar to the villa constructs on earth, spread throughout a few kilometers in area. Luo Feng and windmill stood on separate roofs, staring at each other.

’’Windmill.’’ Luo Feng's heart was akin to a sea of blood, filled with killing intent and rage. However the sea was incomparably calm, as not even a ripple could be seen on it.

Savage but ice cold.

This was a special quality of the golden horned beast. Even though it enjoyed killing madly, it was always extremely calm.

’’This Windmill, is much stronger than the three before.’’ Luo Feng thought.

’’Today is the final day of the elimination. This battle, should also be the final one.’’ The green haired youth looked at Luo Feng, smiling, ’’Madman, I'm very curious, what's your current rank?’’

No one knew each other's true names, hence they didn't know their rankings.

’’102.’’ Luo Feng looked at the green haired youth, ’’And you?’’

’’42.’’ He replied.

Luo Feng was instantly shocked.

From the ranking alone, one could perceive the opponent's power. His own ranking was 102 because of killing Devil, Bones and Ice thread as these three were among the top 10 in this city. Although he had acquired a decent amount of points from killing them, these three were in the 200-300 ranking. And the strongest in this city, Windmill was actually only ranked 42!

’’How did you get so many points?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’When one achieves number one rank in this world, they can immediately enter the name list of the Ganwu universe country's top 1,000. Hence many absolute warriors, after massacring in their own city, would head to other cities to hunt.’’ The green haired youth smiled, ’’By staying within one's own city, it's impossible to become number one.’’

’’There was a strong warrior who came over to our city before. However, he was killed by me.’’ The green haired youth said, ’’From him, I acquired over 10 million points.’’

’’Over 10 million?’’ Luo Feng was utterly shocked.

An absolute warrior from another city gave Windmill over 10 million points. This Windmill's total points were definitely crazy, ranking 42 was normal.

’’That absolute warrior has been the only one who forced me to use my full strength up till now.’’ The green haired youth stared at Luo Feng, his eyes filled with anticipation, ’’Madman, this is the final battle. No matter who wins or loses, it's certain that we'll make it through the elimination. I hope you use your full strength...’’

’’Without a worthy opponent, it's really boring.’’ The green haired youth's eyes gleamed with madness.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked at the distant green haired youth, his competitiveness burning within.

’’Then let's cut the chatter!’’

Luo Feng roared.


A glaring gold light immediately burst out from his body as large amounts of golden threads formed a golden energy flow. A golden fish swam like a fish in water in that light, swiftly heading towards the distant green haired youth.

’’Rumble!’’ the green haired youth's body immediately released a green energy flow. Simultaneously a complex wheel like spirit weapon appeared before him.


The round wheel swiftly rotated, at the same time the green energy had formed a pathway that swiftly blocked the golden fish.

’’Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!’’

Clashes resounded over and over again.

The two spirit weapons clashed in mid air. Luo Feng's soaring shuttle and the green haired youth's green disc faced off.

These two were absolute genius spirit readers and both of them had actually stepped through the gateway of the origin laws. Unlike Devil with his four arms, this green haired youth relied only on the round wheel to block Luo Feng's gold fish's every attack. Of course his extremely fast round wheel was unable to completely suppress Luo Feng's weapon.

’’Windmill, that's all you got?’’ Luo Feng roared. The golden fish infused with threads of gold origin laws was incomparably flexible, dodging the edge of the blade and smashing into the wheel's surface. Following which with lightning speed, shot out towards the green haired youth.


’’Very good.’’

The green haired youth's wheel below his feet and the wheel he used to attack with was the same spirit weapon. The wheel beneath his feet suddenly shot out to deflect the golden fish. Simultaneously, the wheel actually split apart...into two semi discs. These two discs worked together and madly revolved around each other.

’’Madman, the other city's warrior was the first and you are the second person to make me use my full strength.’’ The green haired youth's eyes gleamed.

’’Dang! Dang!’’

With a quick clash, the two semi discs acted like two crescent moons revolving around each other, feeding off each others' energy. Their speeds were constantly rising, and getting harder to read! Their effect on each other caused Luo Feng's single golden fish to be somewhat panicked, seemingly getting fatigued by their interceptions.

’’Too fast and too hard to predict.’’ Luo Feng could feel that the two discs were infused with some origin laws.

Just like the universe, almost like two planets orbiting about each other.

These two discs were infused with some peculiar form of energy.

Before, when Windmill's reputation soared throughout the city, he relied on his spirit weapon's incomparably swift and fierce movements. However, when the disc split into two, its speed, power, and movement all soared greatly! It completely displayed to Luo Feng what Windmill's reputation was all about! It completely suppressed Luo Feng.

’’Chi.’’ One of the discs actually suppressed the golden fish while the other shot as quick as lightning towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng immediately used the soaring shuttle to retreat, simultaneously using his shield.

’’Dang!’’ The disc clashed into the shield which was in Luo Feng's hand.

Taking the impact from that fierce wind powered disc infused with origin law powers caused Luo Feng's entire body to be knocked backwards, directly smashing into the roof portion of the villa, straight into the villa itself.


The golden fish swiftly returned to the villa.

’’Peng!’’ The already shattered roof was once again exploded open, a human silhouette burst out from within. It was Luo Feng, he didn't look like a sorry figure at all, in fact there was excitement in his eyes.

The green haired youth floated in mid air as the two discs kept revolving in the surrounding.

’’Hm?’’ The green haired youth realized there was a dark golden long rod on Luo Feng's back. That rod was very long and thick, almost like a dark golden wooden stake.

’’Windmill, what you said was right. Without an opponent, it's indeed boring.’’ In the air above the villa, Luo feng's eyes gleamed with madness, ’’You windmill, are the first to force me to use my strongest power. There's no choice, you are indeed very powerful, without taking out this Nan Shen Armament, I really can't win.’’

The green haired youth's body was stunned, he looked shocked at the dark golden rod on Luo Feng's back, ’’Nan...Nan Shen Armament?’’


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