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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 34


Volume 10 Chapter 34 - Ranking

’’Windmill?’’ In the street, Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

The absolute warrior with the name Windmill was similar to himself, another spirit reader.

From what he understood with the information on hand, this Windmill's speed, along with his ferociousness were terrifying. The moment he attacked, he hadn't even failed once at all! He was one of the top two absolute warriors of this city. Just his silent arrival earlier on a balcony which was not even 200m away from Luo Feng, while Luo Feng was momentarily unaware of his arrival was indeed proof of Windmill's strength.

’’Windmill?’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Bring it on!’’

Following which Luo Feng left the alley, leaving behind the Darkness clan Devil's body on the floor.


Actually, the battle between Madman and Devil which resulted in the explosions and clashes, not only attracted Windmill but also many other weaker geniuses. Only thing was, as soon as they saw that the battle was between Madman and Devil, they decided to maintain their distance, not daring to approach or get any closer.

This battle, Devil died! Madman survived!

In the east district, the reputation of Madman exploded.

The following days...


Madman resumed his massacre, any survivors he discovered were immediately chased down and killed!

On the 21st day of the elimination.

Madman had just killed another top 10 in strength, warrior Ice Thread in a skyscraper.

On the 26th day.

Madman once again killed another top 10 in strength, named Bones in a little residential district.

Ever since three of the top ten had died by the hands of Madman, the reputation of Madman had a terrifying deterring effect in the city! The remaining survivors, the true geniuses all unanimously agreed that Madman had the power of the top three.

In the 88th world.

A youth dressed in a white robe stood on a cliff in a continuous mountain range.

’’You are Thunder?’’ Barefeet, messy hair, a young sturdy looking youth who was 3m tall, hand wielding a short knife, smiled as he looked at Thunder god before him.

Thunder god's face went pale, ’’You, you are...’’

The tall and study man before him had an appearance very similar to an earth human, only sturdier and taller. And this wild man in the 88th world, was a terrifying figure.

Nicknamed Savage, he was one of the top three in strength of the 88th world.

Savage loved to kill the strong. Only geniuses with true strength could attract his attention. In this 88th world, no one was even a match for him! At least he hadn't met a match yet. All the geniuses ended up being killed by his short knife. The knife was only short compared to his full height.

That knife, to someone like Thunder god, was a large battle knife.

’’Bring out your full power.’’ Savage looked at Thunder god.

’’I don't believe this!’’

Thunder god's eyes gleamed, thunder snakes flew about him as his entire body became a blur, almost as though a dreamy image appeared, as he flew straight at Savage.


Savage roared loudly as his battle knife fiercely slashing forward.

Thunder god felt as though the earth and skies had vanished, what was left was that shockingly fast knife. It sliced through both the heavens and the earth with a force that was incredibly heavy and powerful, causing the Thunder god to quickly use his battle knife to defend, ’’Clang!’’ Thunder god felt his hands go numb and the handles of his blade were covered in fresh blood as his blades were knocked away from the force.

’’Too, too strong...’’ Thunder god looked at the slash coming at him, with only that thought in his head.


The knife slashed past him.

Thunder god, on the 27th day, was killed.


72nd world.

If one said that the world that Luo Feng was in was modeled after a certain planet's land surface, then the world Thunder god was in was modeled after a large mountain forest range. The 72nd world however was modeled after a very well known Ganwu universe country's construct...the Planet Skyscraper.

The planet skyscraper was an extremely tall construct that reached past the clouds, its entire area was vast.

Within the skyscraper, its construct design could house up to 10 billion people.

This was indeed an unbelievable thing. Normal planets usually only had population of that size in total, hence it became known as the Planet skyscraper. This building had a huge reputation throughout the Ganwu universe country as it was built from an impulse of an undying with huge amounts of wealth.

This 72nd world.

Within this skyscraper, 8.2 billion people were crammed in there, engaging in battles.

At Night time.

The entire skyscraper was covered in darkness. A black haired man wielding a pike was walking quietly in a large walkway that was 10m wide and on it were traces of blood stains all over, bodies strewn about.

’’It's already the 28th day.’’ Hong looked down at the screen on his wrist.

Participant: Hong (Black Dragon Mountain empire)

Points: 910,293

Rank: 1,016

’’It's the final two to three days, many warriors will risk it all and fight for more points. These last few days, I have to get enough points to make it into the top 1001.’’ Within the dark walkway, Hong was like a ghost during the night. Due to the training he received as an assassin in his youth, he was very used to these sort of life or death situations.

’’Hm?’’ Hong creased his eyebrows.


The surrounding lights warped and Hong's entire body vanished.

In the distant fork in the walkway, a warrior was looking around him, not spotting anybody and continuing to push forward.

’’Hm?’’ This youth's expression changed, ’’There's someone!’’ Immediately an explosion of energy surged and waved about as he unleashed his domain. Immediately, in the air about 10 meters away, a human silhouette appeared. This black dressed silhouette was approaching as fast as lightning;his entire body form was warping, giving off an extremely weird monstrous image.


The pike turned and the tip pierced through the space, straight at the enemy.

That youth quickly retreated, simultaneously controlling his spirit weapon to block the attack.

’’Chi!’’ the pike's tip pierced through the head of the youth, his eyes filled with shock and denial, as though he was unable to comprehend why. He had obviously blocked the attack, yet he still died.

’’Your usage of the domain is too raw.’’ Hong looked at the body, his body blurring again and vanishing.

Within a ship's single room.

’’Ah! second uncle's points have suddenly dropped.’’ Little Hai's flushed face looked completely shocked, shouting out clearly, ’’He was still in the top 3000 earlier, now he's dropped to the top 5000.’’


Xu Gang too stared wide eyed, carefully examining the screen, shaking his head, ’’It's true, Thunder god's ranking is dropping rapidly. Look his points seem to have dropped by at least half, losing half his points...don't tell me Thunder god was killed?’’

’’Let me try.’’ Xu xin said, contacting Thunder god.


’’Hello, little sister. I've just been eliminated, but I have been receiving multiple calls and invites, haha...’’ Thunder god appeared on the screen, laughing.

’’Ah, second uncle, you've lost?’’

Beside, Little Ping shouted out loudly.

’’Yea, completely lost.’’ Thunder god replied oddly, shaking his head, ’’No way about it, I met our world's Savage, he's completely sick, his speed is sick, I couldn't even run if I wanted to. When he attacked...just one move and I got killed. His strength is way above mine. I was beaten to a point where I couldn't even say anything.’’

’’One move?’’

Everyone in the room was shocked.

’’However Little Ping, your father's doing pretty well. I just saw. He's already rushed into the top 128 ranks.’’ Thunder god complemented, ’’Big brother is also doing okay, but he's still just a little shy of the top 1001.’’


Luo Feng sprung up suddenly in this battle of geniuses, causing countless Black Dragon Mountain empire people to crazily cheer for him.

In the air above the 1st world, in a ship's large hall, over a 1000 people were gathered.

’’Luo Feng's rank has just risen again, he's made it to number 128.’’

’’Too powerful, and he only began to make his move from the 10th day. If he had begun from the start, his points would definitely be higher than now. Making it into the top 100 would definitely be simple.’’


’’Luo Feng is too strong. Stronger than many warriors from the Ganwu universe starfields.’’

This group of empire citizens were extremely passionate. Competition between the many starfields was a rare thing, and there was no better place for this competition. As there were many fighters and warriors located within the many starfields, this genius battle represented the quality of warriors from each star field. The more geniuses there are, it meant the stronger the star field was.

People who lacked talent would naturally be looked down on.

’’Right now our Black Dragon Mountain empire already has two people who have made it into their world's top 1001.’’

’’Nabini is very strong too, his current rank is at 862.’’

’’This Nabini was a genius from our galaxy initially. After gaining attention from the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land, he was immediately brought over. For him to make it to number 862, that's not bad.’’

’’Not bad. However, he can't compare to Luo Feng.’’

’’Right, Luo Feng is already at 128. And the higher you go the harder it becomes.’’


Gao Sheng, Nuolan Shan and countless other citizens from the Black Dragon Mountain empire, even many from the Ganwu universe starfields, were all paying attention.

And Luo Feng this time had brought great honor to the Black Dragon Mountain empire.

On the 30th day of elimination, which was also the last day.

Night had just passed and the sun was just rising.

Luo Feng walked in the alley, looking down at the screen on his wrist.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black Dragon Mountain empire)

Points: 13,988,292

Rank: 102

’’102?’’ It was mainly from killing those 3 absolute warriors like Devil that he got so many points.

At the time, Luo Feng came to the alley in which he killed Devil, and Luo Feng unleashed his genetic energy, looking up and shouting loudly, ’’Windmill!’’ A roar with the genetic energy power of a star level 9, immediately spread across the entire city, and eventually even spread beyond the city into the wilderness.

Windmill! Windmill! Windmill! Windmill! Windmill! Windmill! Windmill! Windmill!

His roar echoed throughout the city!

Within the entire city, countless survivors were all shocked.


Who would dare challenge Windmill?

On the balcony of a large skyscraper, a green haired youth sitting there opened his eyes, muttering: ’’This madman...he's indeed mad.’’

’’Devil, Ice Thread and Bones all died by his hands. This battle is really getting me excited.’’ The green haired youth stood upright. His eyes gleamed with a peculiar light, following which he became a green light breaking through space, immediately heading towards where he had first met Madman.


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