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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 33


Volume 10 Chapter 33 - Bloody battle in the streets

Two warriors strong enough to be ranked among the top ten in the entire city. Two warriors who were the strongest within the east district, met within that dark alley. Usually, the peak warriors would pick their battles according to the points, and only when they have enough points would they go and engage with other peak fighters in life or death battles.

As they have enough points, even if they died, losing half their points, they would still remain within the top 1,001.

’’Shall we fight now?’’ Devil stared at Luo Feng.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’Right now!’’

’’Haha, then let me have a glimpse of the terrifying Madman that has scared so many geniuses.’’ Devil's singular vertical eye gleamed with madness.

Luo Feng floated up half a meter as the soaring shuttle automatically appeared below him.

The two faced off within that alley.

’’Rumble!’’ Devil stomped hard on the ground with his right foot, causing the concrete to split open and his entire body rushed towards Luo Feng in an instant. His four arms were wielding the black hammers which had pointy edges, as they sliced towards Luo Feng in a flash.

Luo Feng's body drifted backwards, simultaneously a gold light shot out from the soaring shuttle below his feet, forming a golden fish.

’’Go!’’ Luo Feng's gaze focused.

The golden fish happily swam towards Devil, causing his eye to have a hint of shock, ’’This madman controls a spirit weapon, and he's actually reached such a perfect level of control over it. Obviously he has perfectly fused the knife blades together, but he actually produced such a life like fish, without any killing intent at all.’’

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

They clashed, and the four arms danced, causing the hammers to inter cross between each other, forming an almost perfect defense, blocking the golden fish time and again.

’’Haha, this madman only has this amount of power.’’

Devil let out a loud laugh.

Rumble...A thick black aura began to revolve about Devil's surroundings. In an instant, it caused a hundred meter area to be engulfed in a black energy domain. Luo Feng could feel that black energy was extremely thick and heavy, filled with killing intent. Under that energy's cover, Devil's four hammer wielding arms seemed to be boosted as their speeds increased and every slice was even faster and heavier!

Black hammer dance! The golden fish continuously dodged and tried to find ways to penetrate the black hammer defense.

’’Ka!’’ the golden fish dodged and a black hammer smashed into the alley street light beside them. That thick and strong street light was actually hit so hard that it bent right at the point of collision.


A hammer smashed into the alley, causing the concrete to split into a crevice. The smashed rubble dispersed like a gun shooting in all directions.

Hammers danced all about! As quick as lightning and as heavy as mountains!


Finally the golden fish was hit by an hammer and knocked backwards, the golden threads on the surface of the fish tremored, as though they were about to crumble.

’’Haha, madman, that's all you've got? Don't think that by stepping on that spirit weapon I won't be able to catch up with you.’’ A peculiar round disc appeared below Devil's feet. His entire body began to fly swiftly towards Luo Feng. ’’We all have the same physical structure, my spirit reading energy won't be any weaker than yours.’’

With the power of the domain, Devil flew straight towards Luo Feng.

And Luo Feng actually revealed a smile, ’’Devil, indeed a devil!’’

The Darkness clan was well known as one of the strong clans within the Ganwu universe country. When one of the darkness clan reaches maturity they become universe level, and as one favoured by the earth, over 90% of the clan would favor the earth type domain and origin laws.

This devil's black domain, that heaviness caused was actually a special quality of the earth domain.

’’Rumble!’’ Luo Feng's body's surroundings suddenly exploded around with a golden light. An extremely sharp and piercing golden energy flowed and engulfed the surroundings, causing the black energy to retreat.

’’Hm?’’ Devil stopped in mid air.

’’Devil, you are the first person within this city to make me unleash my domain to fight.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

Devil squinted his eye. The madman before him was too savage. He hadn't even unleashed his domain until now.

’’Even with a domain, you will still die!’’ Engulfed in a black energy, along with four arms and a single eye, the Darkness clan genius...Devil, just like an actual devil, headed straight towards Luo Feng. The four hammers in his arms immediately became a black shadow, and it almost looked like it was splitting the earth and mountains as countless amounts of rubble madly fell from all over!

With the golden light energy engulfing the surroundings, the golden fish almost seemed to be like a fish returning to water, suddenly becoming more flexible, nimble and swift.

The domain gave it more mobility.

The soaring shuttle had gold energy at its core. Being infused with the gold origin laws and with the gold domain, it was like a fish in water.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The golden fish rushed time and again at Devil, and his mad quad hammer dance was aimed at deflecting the fish. However...this time the fish was definitely much more nimble, and its power was much greater. Not just attacking, but defending alone against this slippery fish was extremely difficult.

’’Ahhhhhh!!!’’ Devil couldn't help but roar out, his single eye staring straight at the golden fish.

The golden fish's tail waved and its body arced into an S shape, piercing towards Devil.

’’Dang!’’ Devil once again blocked it.

’’Dang! Dang Dang! Dang!’’

Devil fought hard to deflect the hits, as beads of sweat were oozing out from his forehead.

From the distance Luo Feng was actually shocked within: ’’With my strong domain, my strong amplifier and law infusion, I've used everything, the soaring shuttle's power has already reached its peak. Yet I'm still unable to kill Devil.’’

Devil's power was indeed strong, the revolution of the four hammers combined with the powerful domain.

During his attacks, every slice was shockingly heavy.

His defense, it could be said to be perfect.

’’If i want to kill him in an instant, I will have to use the Nan Shen Armament.’’ Luo Feng thought. The soaring shuttle was incapable of unleashing his full power, but the Nan Shen Armament...that was the final trump card.

’’This madman is too terrifying. I've met over tens of thousands of spirit readers. However, among their spirit weapon control, none have been so terrifying. His golden fish attack is akin to a normal fish altogether, incomparably flexible and its orbit and movement is hard to track as well. Its power itself is hard to gauge. The moment it's unleashed, its power is shocking.’’ Devil thought.

The swordfish's control was indeed at a point where he controlled it thoroughly, perfect without any flaws, unleashing its power whenever required and concealing its power when not needed.


Under Luo Feng's golden fish attacks time and again, Devil's defense was slowly getting worn down.

Continuing this defense would mean certain defeat!

Gritting his teeth and after defending against 106 continuous attacks, one's mental state would definitely start to slip. That golden fish immediately pierced straight and brushed past him, causing this Darkness clan genius to startle, as he retracted one of the arm's black hammer quickly protecting himself.

’’Pu chi!’’ The golden fish savagely cut past one arm. Infused with gold origin laws, this fish's power was extremely strong as it immediately sliced the genetic energy armor, and flew right through it!


One of the arms which was holding a black hammer fell to the floor.

’’Ahhhh!’’ Devil, who lost one arm roared loudly. The other 3 arms gripping their hammers, madly rushing at Luo Feng.

’’I'm a spirit reader, I won't engage in close combat with you.’’

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle and swiftly rose and dodged, controlling the golden fish to attack.

A spirit reader engaging in close combat, that is just pure stupidity.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

With one arm gone, his defense obviously had dropped a level. The Darkness clan genius devil knew he was unable to change the tides. Knowing that, he madly rushed to kill Luo Feng. However, he was stopped by the golden fish.

’’Ahhh!’’ Devil roared.


Three black hammers were dancing madly, hitting the side street lights till they bent and smashing the side constructs till the walls split open, revealing rods of alloys, and pieces of glass flew everywhere.

However, when one runs rampant like that, they can only preserve that momentary explosion of energy for a short period of time.


The golden fish suddenly slipped directly through the black hammers piercing through Devil's single eye, right through his forehead!


Luo Feng slowly landed in the alley, as his golden fish too returned into the soaring shuttle.

’’Rumble!’’ Devil's huge body gradually fell. The black hammers too smashed into the alley ground, causing loud clangs.

Looking at the Darkness clan genius's corpse before him, Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief, ’’This Devil, is a little more powerful than even big brother.’’

Judging his powers...

This devil should be a domain level 8! Along with the Darkness clan being favoured by the earth, just like how the golden horned beast was favoured by the gold origin laws. Devil's training time ranged in the hundreds of years, along with the teachings of his ancestors, and being a genius on top of that, reaching domain level 8 isn't strange at all.


Even without using the Nan Shen Armament, Luo Feng had already spent all his energy.


In the Alley.

Standing beside the corpse of devil, Luo Feng tidied up and looked down at the screen on his wrist.

The numbers had already changed.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black Dragon Mountain empire)

Points: 6,129,030

Rank: 191

’’This devil was indeed an absolute warrior of this city. He started going all out right from the beginning. After so long, his points were much more than mine.’’ Luo Feng thought. Killing devil alone gave him 3 million points, meaning that Devil still should have about 6 million points.

Indeed a domain level 8 genius!

’’Very good.’’ Luo Feng revealed a smile, killing one devil was worth more than killing over a thousand geniuses before.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng became startled, as he turned fiercely to look at a residential building.

On the balcony of that building was a silhouette. One dressed in green battle robes with green long hair and a handsome face, he was looking over at the alley in which Luo Feng was located.

’’There was actually someone so close to me and I didn't detect him before.’’ Luo Feng felt cold sweat on his back.

’’Madman, indeed a madman.’’

A clear crisp voice resounded. The green hair handsome youth stood on the balcony, smiling, ’’To actually defeat Devil, this Devil...was one that even I would have to spend quite a bit of energy to kill. Right now in this east district, you Madman, are number one. I really want to battle with you right now.’’

Luo Feng squinted, remembering a person within his mind, shouting: ’’You are...Windmill?’’


Known as one of the top 10 geniuses of the city unanimously. If one said that Madman was the closest to being the craziest of the lot, then Windmill would represent the entire city's close to being invincible warriors. He enjoyed making the city his own, especially aiming the strongest among the strong. So far, whenever he made a move, he had always succeeded.

’’My points are still insufficient! On the last day, I will come and find you. You'll have to battle with me!’’ The handsome youth smiled, following which his entire body became a green light and immediately vanished into the darkness of the night.


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