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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 32


Volume 10 Chapter 32 - Madman and Devil

Above the barrier in the 82nd world, in a universe ship, there was a particular luxurious universe ship. In a single room, there was a Dream clan young lady with a steaming hot figure kneeling by the side, massaging a fat and chubby youth.

’’Young master, quickly come look. There is someone from our Black Dragon Mountain empire who's made it into the top 1,001.’’ The dream clan young lady shouted.


The fat youth lay there, casually tapping to open a side screen. On it displayed was the ranking. As he looked, he immediately stared wide eyed: ’’Damn, there really is one. Wow...and this warrior is actually called Luo Feng! His name is similar to the friend I made on Horned Dragon star.’’

The chubby youth was the Gao Sheng, whom Luo Feng had met back then on Horned Dragon star.

’’Interesting, interesting, I have to tell Luo Feng.’’ Gao Sheng quickly sent out a call request, after awhile, he creased his eyebrows, ’’Hm, still not answering?’’

1 minute, 2 minutes...

’’That's weird, he's not answering my call.’’ Gao Sheng was suspicious.

’’Master, maybe the one who's made it into the top 1,001 is young master Luo Feng?’’ The dream clan young lady smiled and said, Gao Sheng simply waved his hand: ’’What do you know. Those able to get into the top 1,001 are absolute geniuses among the geniuses. Considering the Black Dragon Mountain star field is so vast and huge with countless star levels, similar names are very common.’’


In a particular single room.

Nuolan Shan's cold eyes stared at the screen, on it displayed was Luo Feng's name.

’’Luo Feng?’’ Nuolan Shan creased his eyebrows, ’’This name...’’

The elimination stage wasn't broadcasted, and the universe was simply too vast. With countless numbers of citizens, it was common to see people with similar names.

’’I hope, really hope that this is not the Luo Feng that I know.’’ Nuolan Shan creased his eyebrows, staring hard and suspiciously at the name on the screen that gave him constant headaches.


Within a luxurious and spacious living room of a universe ship, sitting within it were a few thousand people. These were the true governing upper echelon of the Black Dragon Mountain empire. 'universe humans...genius battle' was directed towards all of humanity within the universe, to all the universe countries. These sorts of gatherings that affected the entire universe country's honor, naturally the emperor would be watching it too.

’’Congratulations. your majesty.’’

’’Your majesty, great news.’’

The entire spacious living room immediately erupted, all the huge figures in the Black Dragon Mountain empire immediately cheered. To be able to enter such a gathering, other than the empire's personal ministers, sector lords, domain lords, or even the emperors of the over 500 basic level universe countries, their positions far exceeded that of Nuolan Shan.

’’Haha...’’ Dressed in a dark black imperial robe, the emperor let out a carefree laugh The laughter was so thick it reverberated within that big living room.

At the foremost of the living room was a huge screen. On it displayed was the ranking and the name of the warrior of the Black Dragon Mountain empire that made it into the top 1,001 (temporarily): 1, Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng, very good.’’

The empire let out a huge laugh, roaring, ’’Our Black Dragon Mountain empire isn't at the bottom this time. This Luo Feng's contributions won't be for naught, he must be rewarded!’’

’’Right, he must be rewarded.’’

’’This Luo Feng has made huge contributions.’’

’’Your majesty is wise.’’

The group of officials were all busy flattering the emperor. Their complements were just like a tide. These basic level civilization empire emperors were all incomparably passionate.

’’Your majesty, right now it's still far from the end of the 1st stage. We'll know the final result when it ends.’’ Beside the emperor, a bald old man who seem refined said softly. Behind his ears, there seem to be another 4 small ears. To actually say such words when the emperor was happy, this old man's position must be extremely high, he was one of the sector lords attending the gathering.


The emperor slightly nodded, ’’However even if Luo Feng falls towards the back, he's still made huge contributions.’’

Luo Feng didn't know that at the time he made it into the top 1,001, he had perked the interest of many, especially the citizens of the Black Dragon Mountain empire, who felt extremely proud and excited.

It was similar to watching any world level competition on earth. When one's own country's player were chosen, they were incomparably proud and excited. All of them were anticipating their country to emerge as the winner. And the genius battle was one of the two biggest gatherings for the entire human race of the universe. The influence amongst the masses was even more shocking.

At this time, the trillions of citizens in the Black Dragon Mountain empire were all cheering for and anticipating Luo Feng's victory, supporting him.


1st world, in a particularly posh city, in a residential building's living room.

Oblivious to the fact that he had attracted the attention of countless eyes from the Black Dragon Mountain empire, Luo Feng sat crossed legged in the living room recuperating. Up till now, the elimination stage had been going on for 18 days. And these 8 days, especially within the east district, Luo Feng, the madman's reputation had already caused fear amongst the geniuses.


In the city that Luo Feng stayed within, it was a name that ranked among the top 10!

Of course every time he massacred he was cautious and prudent. As time dragged on, Luo Feng too naturally felt mentally fatigued, having to recover for a period of time. No matter what opponent he faced, he would make sure he maintained his best form and peak performance, almost like a lion hunting a rabbit, using his full strength!

’’As the stage draws on, it gets harder and harder to rise up the ranks.’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes, his gaze reserved, looking down at the screen on his wrist.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black dragon mountain empire)

Points: 3,129,302

Rank: 398

To be able to rank amongst the first few and to ensure they maintain within the top 1,000, many would kill madly, gaining as many points as possible. Especially when absolute geniuses faced off against each other. One match alone could give millions of points This resulted in the situation of the higher up the ranks they went, the more crazy the points they acquired!

With Luo Feng's rise from the top 10 million to the 997, he had increased by about 900,000 points.

From 997 to 398, he had an increase of over 2 million.

’’It's time to hunt.’’ Luo Feng's gaze gleamed. Standing directly up, at the same time his spirit energy spreading out almost like a torrential storm, scanning the entire 800m area around him.

’’Hm? Three prey.’’


Luo Feng flew as quickly as lightning from the balcony, almost like a flash forming a beam of light through the residential area. Behind him, the golden fish jumped about excitedly, seemingly extremely happy and carefree before it began heading towards his prey to give them a passionate 'kiss.'

’’It's Madman.’’


With a shocked howl, two of the warriors were immediately killed by Luo Feng. The only youth that managed to get away was chased for a few kilometers before being killed as well.


At night, this city had night and day.

The winds howled.

Luo Feng carried on his back a battle knife and shield, quietly walking in the streets which were filled with dried blood and occasional cracks and splits in the ground. Other than the remains of corpses all around, the only living thing was Luo Feng.

Chi! His boots stepped on rotting meat.

He carried on walking, suddenly his ears twitched. He could hear from the distance a very small sound, causing his eyes to reveal glee, ’’To dare to come out in the night, normally these are the stronger ones among the strong! By killing these warriors, the efficiency is much higher!’’


Luo Feng became a blurred silhouette and swiftly headed towards the noise, in an instant he came to an intersection of roads.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned to look, even though it was night, the vision of a star level 9 warrior was extremely powerful, he could still see thousands of meters ahead, if it were day without any obstacles in the way obstructing, one could easily see hundreds of km around.


In the distant alley, there was a battle going on, accurately speaking it was a slaughter!

’’Peng!’’ A spirit reader couldn't dodge in time. Getting knocked on the head by a black hammer, his head immediately splitting open and he lost his life.

’’Haha...’’ a shrill laughter that made people tremble. Hand wielding a hammer, this skinny man was three meters tall. He had strong looking legs and four thick and strong arms which held a hammer each, and he only had a single eye on his face.

And this single eye was vertical.

Looking at this person's appearance made Luo Feng's heart jump from the distance: ’’Darkness clan, he is devil!’’ As one of the top warriors of the city, during the period of this massacre, Luo Feng naturally began to gain an understanding of the more reputable warriors of this city.

As no one knew each other's names, they all used the nicknames they had gathered.

’’Madman’’, was a new name that had appeared suddenly. An incredibly crazy person who killed anyone he saw. Most slaughters and fights were on a choice basis, slaughtering others normally gave one an unbearable feeling. This madman however seemed to enjoy slaughtering others. In terms of strength, he was regarded as the city's top 10.

’’Devil, a powerful warrior that rose from the beginning and could be said to dominate the city's east district. He was once regarded as the east district's number one.

However since Madman's rise to fame, his first place position came into skepticism, mainly because Madman was also from the east district.

’’Interesting.’’ Luo Feng's eyes had a sense of excitement. He immediately walked towards devil.

The Darkness clan man who was three meter tall and was holding on to his black hammers, after killing one opponent, immediately began chasing after his other opponent. His footsteps were peculiar, every step he took it seemed as though he immediately closed a large distance, it was extremely fast. And his final opponent was a youth with beautiful crystal like skin. He looked fearful and swiftly tried to flee, ’’How did I meet Devil, this demon, it's too late, it's too late.’’


’’Hm?’’ The Darkness clan warrior devil wielding his hammers suddenly stopped, his single eye staring ahead.

Darkness enshrouded the alley ahead.

A man walked quietly. Compared to the three meter tall skinny but fit darkness clan devil, he was obviously much smaller. His entire height was only 1.8m, dressed in dark grey armor, carrying a battle knife and shield. One step at a however made the Darkness clan warrior Devil give up on his final chase.

’’Hm?’’ That handsome youth flew in mid air, still in shock.

In the alley.

The devil's single eye was staring at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng too was staring at this opponent before him. His eyes were gleaming with a sense of excitement.

’’Madman?’’ The devil's voice was cold.

’’Devil?’’ Luo Feng actually revealed an excited smile.


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