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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 31


Volume 10 Chapter 31 - 'Madman' Luo Feng

There were five corpses on the patch of grass. Luo Feng's strength made that skinny youth feel fear within. He stared hard at Luo Feng and thought ’’Too strong. Origin laws...right, origin laws. He's already touched on the concept of the universe laws. What do I do, what do I do. The amount of points I have now are insufficient to make it to the top 1,001 of the first world. If I die, it's definitely over.’’

’’He's a spirit reader and also has a flying type spirit weapon. His flying speed is much faster than my current running speed. Even if I try and escape, I won't be able to.’’ Many thoughts quickly flashed through this tanned skinny youth's mind.


The skinny youth shouted, ’’I've made a mistake. You are actually a warrior who's stepped through the gateway of the origin laws. I might have some information here for you. As long as you spare me, I'll tell you.’’

’’Information?’’ Luo Feng stood on the soaring shuttle, staring at the skinny youth.

’’Right. Information. The entire first world has a total of 91 cities. Every city has close to 1 hundred million participants.’’ The skinny youth looked at Luo Feng, ’’Within these ten days, we were able to determine that every city has a few renowned absolute warriors. Anyone meeting any of these absolute warriors, should completely avoid them.’’

’’I'll give you the names and information about these warriors in this city, if you can spare me.’’ The skinny youth stared hard at Luo Feng, not daring to relax.

’’Absolute warriors?’’ Luo Feng smiled slightly.

’’Right, if you meet an iron wall, it'll be too late to regret.’’ The skinny youth said.


Luo Feng smiled and looked at the skinny youth, ’’Not just this city, even within the first world, there isn't a single person capable of making me feel fear!’’

The skinny youth's expression changed.


The skinny youth stomped on the patch of grass and flew, becoming a black silhouette rushing straight towards Luo Feng. The blurry blood red wave that surrounded the skinny youth started to wrap itself around the arc knife in his hand and it sliced at Luo Feng at shocking speed!

Fast! Sly! Brutal!

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle and became a golden beam of light, dodging the attack by a large distance.

’’Xiu!’’ The golden fish happily flew around Luo Feng's side. It then started flying towards that skinny youth and in an instant it had reached right beside that youth.


The skinny youth's body form was that of a monster. His blood red knife once again blocked the golden swordfish.

’’I hate these types of spirit readers the most.’’ The skinny youth was filled with rage and hatred. ’’Stepping on a spirit weapon and making others unable to catch them Also attacking and controlling a spirit weapon from the distance. Bastard!’’ He was completely immersed within his domain and controlling it. He was trying his best to use all his strength and deflect that seemingly harmless golden fish over and over.

Luo Feng stood on his soaring shuttle: ’’His strength is not bad, seems like a level 4 domain.’’


Luo Feng's expression got serious. He started pouring his extremely powerful amplifier into the golden swordfish. With his full control, the thread of origin law fused perfectly with the golden swordfish, its flexibility and speed immediately rose by leaps and bounds! Totally controlling it compared to casually controlling made a big difference in its power.


A golden light brushed past that skinny youth's knife, immediately piercing through his forehead, leaving a deep hole in his head, his eyes rolled, seemingly unsatisfied.

As it pierced through, that skinny youth's corpse fell on the patch of grass patch. Luo Feng walked over and looked down at him, saying softly, ’’You are quite strong. In terms of your domain, you've even caught up with my second brother. As for your movements though, just a little weaker than my second brother, everything else is almost there.'s a pity that you met me, hence you are dead.’’

Those who were strong, always had absolute confidence in themselves. Luo Feng had relied only on his amplifier and origin laws to kill his opponent. During the attack he didn't even unleash his domain.

The current Luo Feng was extremely powerful.

Babata had already determined that Luo Feng would work hard and break through into the Ganwu universe country's top 1000. Anyone with the power to hit the top 1000 amongst the trillion geniuses in any universe country definitely had the potential to be in the top 10 of his own world! Usually when the power differences was small, even if the opponent was stronger by a little, he could still battle it out.

Luo Feng said that in the entire 1st world, there wasn't anyone he was afraid of. That was completely due to his self confidence.

’’Hm, that's quite a lot of points.’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and looked.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black dragon mountain empire)

Points: 15,921

Rank: 62,912

’’This way of killing is so much better.’’ Luo Feng's eyes had a glint of excitement, ’’When it first began, killing one person only earned 1 point. But now, killing just one now is able to gain me thousands of points. This is definitely more thrilling!’’

’’The Ganwu universe country must have a trillion strong geniuses’’

’’Then let's go kill them!’’

’’I hope there is at least one person who will be able to force me to use my domain.’’ Luo Feng thought. Even though the six that he faced before were considered strong, with one even close to Thunder god in power, these people didn't push him to use his full power at all. Ever since he stepped through the gateway of the origin laws, his power had indeed increased by a lot..

Luo Feng carried on his back a battle knife and shield, as he walked through the silent city. Along the way, he saw corpses frequently. Scanning with his spirit energy, he picked out the survivors and started engaging in a massacre.

Fresh blood flew everywhere!

Head's flew!

His rank, too, jumped constantly!


In the air above the 1st world, above the barrier.

Within a single room of a universe ship, Luo Feng's family were in there.

’’Mommy, daddy's rank has gone up suddenly, in an instant it suddenly rose to the top 120,000. Look!’’ Little Hai excitedly brought the screen before Xu Xin. Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan who were sitting in the sofa were shocked as well as they opened their own screens, ’’Wow, it rose so quickly!’’

’’That's what I said, Uncle and Daddy were conserving their energy.’’ Little Ping said, ’’ Big uncle just started to unleash his powers yesterday, and now he's already made it to the top 10,000. Daddy won't disappoint either.’’

’’Look, your daddy's risen again, to the top 60,000.’’ Luo Hong Guo couldn't help but be shocked.

’’What! within the time span of a few words that we spoke, he went from 120,000 to 60,000?’’ Xu Gang said shocked.

’’Look, it's still rising.’’

’’Daddy's rank is constantly rising, already reaching 40,000. Wow! 30,000, he's already in the top 30,000.’’ Little Hai was extremely excited. within the entire room, everyone held their breaths.

It was madness.

The points skyrocketed, rising almost every second.

What did this mean?

It meant that Luo Feng was killing people every minute! It was simply a massacre!

The twelfth day of the elimination, 1st world.

The violent winds howled, the smell of blood permeated the air.

In a street that was filled with marks of battle, Luo Feng walked slowly carrying a knife and shield on his back, the entire street was empty.

’’Madman, he is a madman.’’

’’That's him? I heard within two short days, he killed over a hundred warriors in the east district?’’

’’Right, that's him.’’

’’He doesn't reason with anyone at all and kills anyone he meets. Simply, he just kills, kills. and kills! And he's incredibly strong too.’’ In the distant skyscraper, two partners were peering through a glass window at Luo Feng, who walking down the alley.


This city is extremely huge, much bigger than any of earth's cities. After all, it was filled with one hundred million participants. Luo feng had been massacring these past two days in the east district of the city, killing a few hundred of them. Also these few hundred weren't like the initial group of people who just arrived. These were all strong warriors who had survived through that bloodbath.

They were all true geniuses! All of them had the ability to be first in their galaxy.

It was a pity...

Luo Feng had the ability to be the Black Dragon Mountain star field's number one! Also he had the potential to breakthrough to the universe country's top 1001 ultimate warriors. Naturally it wasn't a battle at all!

Luo Feng stood in that alley which was filled with the stench of blood. Looking ahead at a shopping center, with a spirit energy scan he clearly discovered three people within. He patiently stood there for a few seconds. Usually, with a spirit energy scan, the opponents would instinctively feel it too and they would automatically come out. However these three didn't.

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, shouting coldly, ’’Come out!’’

His voice boomed, resounding through the alley.

’’Madman! We don't want to fight you, so don't be unreasonable.’’ A universe language shout returned.

’’Madman.’’ Another low voice came out, ’’Just reaching the top 1,001 of the first world means passing the elimination. You should already easily be able to reach that. You don't have to bully others so much.’’

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows. Many surviving geniuses, especially those with similar strengths and power levels would temporarily form alliances.

’’All of you better come out. Otherwise, I'm comin in.’’ Luo Feng remained cold and shouted.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three human silhouettes rushed out from the window of the shopping center and floated in mid air. One of them had a huge body structure with brown yellow skin, and the other two were similar in size to Luo Feng, a man and a lady. These three all looked at the black haired youth with a knife and shield on his back as they felt immense fear and rage.

The name Madman, had spread across the city in a short time.

Madman, an absolute warrior who was simply insane. Hundreds had died by his hand and no one was even a match for him. One had to know that these were all geniuses. However there was still a stark difference between each level of genius.

’’Madman, I was sent here from the imperial family of the Ganwu universe country to participate, you...’’ That tall man said seriously.

’’Die.’’ Luo Feng said coldly, stepping on the soaring shuttle.


The three people's expressions changed as they immediately turned and fled Cursing inwardly ’’This madman, even though I'm from the Ganwu universe country's imperial family, he doesn't show any respect or give face at all.’’ Even though there were over eight trillion participants, they were made of the different countries, starfields, organizations or even independent.

As for the imperial family of the Ganwu universe country, they sent a total of over a hundred million.

However, according to the instructions from the leader of the country, these one hundred million had strive to take over a half of the top 100,000!

’’Chi!’’ The golden swordfish pierced through that tall and built man's forehead. That man had long lost any courage to face him, with a blank look in his face, he was killed immediately.

The black clothed lady gritted her teeth, ’’The devil will definitely kill you.’’


Luo Feng coldly killed her.

With the soaring shuttle's speed, Luo Feng immediately killed two of them. The third had fled in a different direction, after killing those two, he already couldn't catch up with the third.

’’Devil? Hmph, hopefully he allows me to use my domain.’’ Luo Feng lowered his head to look at the screen on his wrist.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black Dragon Mountain empire)

Points: 863,829

Rank: 1,012

’’The higher up I go, the slower I jump in rank. However it's still fast, I've almost reached the top 1,000.’’ Luo Fen thought.


Within that beautiful universe ship, the heirs, princes and princesses from the various Ganwu universe country star fields were all laughing and discussing.

’’Quickly look. Look, Brolin, your Ganwu universe country has one who has made it into the top 1,001 already.’’ One of the royal princes shouted loudly.


Brolin's eyes gleamed and he looked over.

On the large screen, there were names from all the countries. In the Ganwu universe country pre-selection namelist, (Temporarily) : 1, it was 0 before, right now it had become 1.

’’Hurry and open.’’ Brolin said.


A small screen appeared beside the large one and information appeared: ’’1st world, rank 997: Luo Feng (Black Dragon Mountain)’’

’’Haha, this Luo Feng is a genius nurtured specially by our Black Dragon Mountain empire.’’ Brolin said loudly. Suddenly he felt a lump in his throat, ’’Luo Feng, this name...right, that brat in the world within a world was also called Luo Feng. Don't tell, it definitely can't be. There are many similar names within the universe.’’

’’Luo Feng?’’

’’Haha, Brolin, your Black Dragon Mountain is not bad. It's finally not at the bottom.’’

Right now, of the close to 1,000 mid level universe countries, there were still over 200 of these that have 0 that had made it through the 1st round!

At the same time, many god countries and countless organizations have been paying attention to this genius battle, taking down Luo Feng's name. However...the most passionate and excited were the citizens of the Black Dragon Mountain empire, and some upper echelon people.

’’Haha, there's one who has made it into the top 1,001. Quickly look, just who is this Luo Feng.’’

’’From our Black Dragon Mountain, there's someone who's made it into the top 1,001.’’

’’Luo Feng? Never heard of that name.’’

’’Quickly, check where's he from?’’


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