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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 30


Volume 10 Chapter 30 - Making his Move

First world, all participants could at most fly to a height of about 9,000m above ground level. Any higher and they would meet with an invisible barrier.

Above that barrier.

There was a universe ship flying slowly. In one of its single rooms, Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, Xu Xin and their 2 children, along with Xu Xin's older brother Xu Gang and his family were present.

’’They are actually not broadcasting this battle?’’ Xu Gang exclaimed. ’’If one wanted to watch the elimination battle, they would have to sit in an universe ship and come here to watch, and the cost is so high!’’

’’Big brother, it's normal that they don't broadcast this.’’ Xu Xin laughed, ’’8.2 billion people are battling it out, how would they possibly broadcast every battle?’’

Through the external image simulator.

Xu Xin and the others lowered their heads to look. There was massive bloodshed happening in the cities on the continent below. They could even enlarge their view to clearly watch the battle and be able to see each participant's appearance. Of course, if the participant hides in a building, they wouldn't be able to see him.

’’Mommy, Daddy... daddy's rank is constantly dropping.’’ Little Hai bit on his lip. He was holding a screen in his hand and on it were 3 rank charts. These were precisely the charts from the 1st world, the 72nd world and 88th world. He had locked onto these three worlds of which Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god were on.

Luo Feng's rank dropped constantly.

’’Uncle's rank is dropping too. However second uncle's rank is rising.’’ Little Hai said, ’’Second uncle's rank is rising like crazy, rushing into the top 100,000 already. Daddy and Big uncle are in the bottom 10 million and dropping.’’

’’What do you know? This is called conserving energy.’’ Little Ping said.

Little Hai stared at him: ’’Of the 8.2 billion below, who is daddy's match, is there any need to conserve energy?’’


Beside them, their grandfather and grandmother too laughed.

’’They are talking big nowadays.’’ Xu Gang laughed too, ’’Come little Hai, sit on uncle's lap.’’

’’No.’’ Little Hai lowered his head, turning to stare back at his screen in his hand.

Luo Feng and Hong indeed were indeed at the bottom, since their ranking was quite low and not noticeable at all.


All 100 of the worlds had began its battles at the same time. As there were no broadcast of the battles, the entire Ganwu universe country's upper echelons, citizens, many more had to actually spent money on a universe ship to float above these 100 worlds to watch the battles.


In the air above the 61st world, a beautiful universe ship was located. Within it were a group of young men and women holding wine glasses and eating delicious food while watching the battles through the external virtual simulator.

’’Haha, the top ranker is from our universe country star field.’’ At three meters tall, a towering sturdy man dressed in a luxurious long robe holding a wine glass laughed carefreely. ’’Oh, hehe. Luo Tu Er, your Pengyu empire's results are not bad, there's some in the top 100.’’

’’Thank you your majesty for the compliment.’’ A man with a pigtail, with a peculiar gem embedded in his forehead laughed.

’’The Pengyu empire has always been one of the empires under the Ganwu universe country's that has produced many strong warriors. Right, Luo Tu Er, I heard some news from your side, saying they are going to make you the emperor's first successor?

’’I heard that too. Luo Tu Er, once you become the emperor of the Pengyu empire, don't forget about us.’’

’’Luo Tu Er....’’

This youth smiled, shaking his head, saying ’’Those are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed yet. No matter what, I can never compare to your majesty! Your majesty is the only son of the heavens. You'll definitely take over the position of the emperor in the future. The heaven's territory, is ten times larger than my empire.’’

That three meter tall and sturdy man couldn't help but laugh when he heard this.

Ganwu universe country, its territory was vast. The highest person in position was undoubtedly the country leader. Under him were many other strong warriors! Such a high position in the Ganwu universe country can mostly only be attained by undying beings. And these title holders, their territories were no lesser than those middle level civilizations. Some are even bigger!

’’Brolin, why haven't I seen your Black Dragon Mountain empire?’’ That majesty looked at the not too far away Brolin.

’’Yes, Brolin.’’

’’The last time the Black Dragon mountain participated, it didn't seem to have anyone who even made it into the top 10,000.’’

’’Hm, the Black Dragon Mountain empire's recent performances seem to be pretty bad.’’

This group was made up of either royal princes and princesses from the empires, or underlings under the internal Ganwu universe country itself, or even young princes from a few large families. They had their own faction even within the virtual universe. Brolin, as the Black Dragon mountain's most powerful prince, naturally was part of it.

’’Right now many warriors aren't rushing at all to make their move, maybe after some time the Black Dragon Mountain warriors may appear. Am I right Brolin?’’ That Luo Tu Er laughed as he looked over.

Brolin forced a smile, ’’It's still too early, it's hard to say.’’

However, Brolin was feeling extremely uneasy.

In the universe, the pride of a territory was directly related to how strong an empire usually was.

Just like the Black Dragon Mountain empire, if an absolute warrior appeared, the entire empire would immediately feel much more pride. The other empires and countries would naturally look at them with more respect.


Watching the battle from within a universe ship's single room was Nuolan Shan. He was only one person present in that room..

’’Head ancestor, only 83 of the disciples taking part are still alive, the rest have been killed. The number of people at the beginning were too many. Hence, the killings were so intense that they couldn't even escape. Right now, among the 83 of them, the highest ranking one is ranked 1.3 million.’’ Looking at the news from the screen, Nuolan Shan's expression grew ugly.

’’Bunch of useless things.’’

Nuolan Shan shook his head, ’’However it's still early, let's keep watching. Hopefully I will get a good surprise.’’

First world, still within that residential building.

In a normal room, Luo Feng sat crossed legged quietly. His gaze was fixed on the golden orb before him. Those blurry and peculiar 9 golden blades were infused with large amounts of golden energy with threads going through all of them had formed the orb and it was revolving in an orbit that resembled the number 8 in front of Luo Feng. It's speed extremely fast.

’’Gather!’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved.

The golden orb immediately separated and became a golden light as it flew back towards the dark golden rod by his leg.

Luo Feng felt exhausted. The amount of energy consumed while controlling the Nan Shen Armament was too high compared to the soaring shuttle. However, its strength was indeed shocking! Luo Feng sat crossed legged patiently for about an hour, recovering his spirit energy.

’’It's been ten days.’’

’’This first world's elimination has already been going on for ten days. During these ten days I've been in this building, even when people entered, I've been too lazy to make a move, unless they came too close.’’ Lou Feng lowered his head and looked at his screen on his wrist. It clearly displayed his points.

Participant: Luo Feng

Points: 92

Rank: 68,942,048

’’There's over 60 million people with higher scores than me?’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Ten days, a third of the stage is over. The mad killing period has already passed and I assume that the survivors now must all be powerful.’’

’’These ten days, I've already honed my basics. Also, my spirit energy has already formed the void pagoda within my consciousness.’’ The void pagoda was a special technique. However, this was not something of the Yun Mo Planet master's creation. Back then when the master lost his life, he hadn't even trained to the highest level of such a skill.

Within the virtual universe, it was possible to unleash such a skill.

After training for about 9 days worth of time, Luo Feng finally managed to form the void pagoda within his consciousness. However it was just at level one. Nevertheless, it caused his soul's defense to increase greatly. Along with his shockingly amplified strength...which was of a universe level 6 golden horned beast, not many people from the same level could even match up to him.

’’Right now!’’

’’It's time to make my move!’’

’’Let the massacre begin!’’

Luo Feng's eyes gleamed with a peculiar color. He gently stood up and walked out of his own house, very quickly leaving the residential building.

The area in which the building was located was initially a beautiful place. However, the ground was already filled with shards of broken glass, dried up blood and bodies. To make the battles more realistic, the virtual universe made it so that the bodies remained after death.

Walking on a patch of grass in the area.

Luo Feng released his spiritual energy. As the gravitational pull was too strong, the most he could expand it to was 800m. However, just this 800m allowed him to scan about half of the area. The scan however immediately caused six human silhouettes to pop out from the surrounding buildings.

’’My friend, to be able to survive these ten days, you must be no fool. To actually dare to release the spiritual energy to scan the area, you must be very confident.’’ The six silhouettes separated. One sun tanned skinny youth smiled coldly as he held in his hand a blood red arc knife.

’’Six people.’’

Luo Feng gazed at the six before him.

To be able to survive till now, these six people's points must definitely all be higher than his.

’’Move!’’ Of the six, it was unclear whether it was a man or woman's voice, but the one dressed in black genetic armor ordered. Simultaneously, a formless spirit attack pierced towards Luo Feng's consciousness. To be able to survive in the first world till now, these were all considered geniuses to a certain extent. One of them was already considered to be among the top three geniuses of a certain galaxy.

Luo Feng swept with his spirit energy as a form of provocation.

When one person ordered them to move, the other five naturally took action.

’’Rumble! Rumble!’’

Two youths with almost the same appearance simultaneously attacked with thunder infused blades.

’’Xiu! Xiu!’’

A silver flash and a golden flash shot from the distance.


The earlier spirit attack from the black genetic armor youth hit Luo Feng's soul. Yet, within his consciousness, that tall void pagoda only gently shook, easily blocking the attack. Luo Feng stood on his soaring shuttle as his body was surrounded by a gold energy. His movement was but a blur as he easily dodged the enemy attacks.


’’On top of that, his domain is extremely strong.’’ The six people's expression changed.

With the help of a level 5 domain, along with the soaring shuttle whose original property was that of the gold origin laws, Luo Feng was able to step through the gateway of the origin laws. Using the soaring shuttle, his speed had reached an unbelievable proportion. Hence, dodging these attacks was quite simple.

’’Die!’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved.


A golden fish rushed out from the soaring shuttle with shocking speed. It was covered in a peculiar golden energy or origin laws. This fish sailed in an arc and immediately brushed past the six of them. With a low roar, the weapons clashed directly with the golden fish as the clang of metal was heard.

’’One actually survived.’’ Luo Feng looked at that sun tanned skinny youth. The other five had already fallen dead.

The skinny youth held onto his blood red arc knife while staring at Luo Feng and biting down on his lip.

At the same time the numbers on his wrist screen jumped.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black dragon mountain)

Points: 8162

Rank: 122,912


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