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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 3


Volume 10 Chapter 3 - Record

’’Alright, I'm just a little shrimp.’’ Luo Feng smiled, looking at the screen.

Including the letter he was looking at, there were a total of 7 messages, of which 5 were from the universe galaxy bank, the 6th was from the virtual universe company, the 7th from the Battle-axe Coliseum,


Luo Feng gently tapped the screen, opening the 2nd message.

’’Greetings, respected client.

Are you constantly putting large amounts of money into your account and having to withdraw when you need it? I have to remind you that this is an extremely low efficiency way of utilizing your money. As long as you pass it to us to circulate, you will constantly receive increases and rewards, we can guarantee, there'll be no losses!

As for the rewards, according to the trends, there will be slight differences in the amount every year, our highest record for a user in history has been over 100% before.


As long as you pass 1 trillion universe dollars for us to handle, 1 year later, it could very likely become 2 trillion universe dollars! Even in bad situations, we can guarantee no losses!

Here are some of the 'achievements' randomly picked out by our investment department.


Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh, raising his finger and gently opening the 3rd.

’’Greetings, respected client.

Our team has the greatest planet management skills, do you have a large amount of planet territories, however, they are not giving you enough rewards and earnings? As long as you pass them to us to manage, we will cultivate the highest and most elite warriors, loyal soldiers, at the same time ensuring the earnings of every planet, the efficiency will greatly increase.

Also, we can help set up a sect or a large and strong family...

A sect, family, dynasty, school...

You can pick any plan and allow us help you manage your territory.


Luo Feng read all five messages in one go.

’’The 2nd message, is from the universe galaxy bank's investment department, they want me to allow them to use my money to invest and trade stocks!’’

’’The 3rd message is a service, saying I can pay to allow them to help manage my planets, helping me cultivate loyal underlings. Also with different plans like a sect, family etc.’’

’’The 4th, is asking to help me invest and trade in the stock market, the higher the percentage of returns, the greater the risks.’’

’’The 5th, is just for my relaxation, providing different forms of services!’’

Luo Feng shook his head, two of the five above messages were about investment and stock trading, one with a guaranteed no loss policy while the other had uncertain risks, and according to what he understood from his little brother, the financial market in the universe was very dark, the 2 super banks would absorb lots of ordinary people's money to form a large power and battle the tides.

They normally used ordinary people's money to specially 'raise themselves into a sedan chair.'

’’Luo Feng, the 6th and 7th mail are important, you should take a look.’’ Babata said.

’’Hmm?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, very important?’’

The 6th mail was from the virtual universe company.

Luo Feng raised his finger and opened it.


The moment you became a 3 star client, you gained the right to participate in the Ganwu auction. In the universe, several treasures and items belong to an extra high level and grade, and many others are hard to purchase even if one had the money. And the auction our virtual universe company organizes is specially to allow people to be able to purchase such items.

The Ganwu auction is organized once every 3 years.

The lowest requirement to enter the auction is to be a 3 star client in either the Universe 1st bank or the universe galaxy bank.

The next Ganwu auction will be in 2 years, as for the specific details, please look at the attachment below.

Virtual universe company’’

Luo Feng looked seriously at the screen before him, the requirements for this Ganwu auction were indeed high, the lowest actually being a 3 star client at either of the 2 super banks! And 3 star clients were normally sector lords, or large wealthy people with great amounts of power.

To allow a group of sector lords to take part in an auction...

’’Luo Feng, in the Ganwu auction, there will be many incomparably valuable treasures, like the life fruit, along with some level 5 weapons that only undying could forge, and other high level weapons, all these can be seen at the auction. To the strong, this auction is very important.’’ Babata reminded, ’’Only through this auction will you be able to get certain items.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

’’Of course, this is only the most basic auction.’’

’’The auctions the virtual universe company organizes are split into the basic, middle and high level auctions.’’

’’The basic auction, the lowest requirement is to be a 3 star client and normal 3 star clients are sector lords.’’

’’The middle level auction, the lowest requirement is a 4 star client and normal 4 star clients are undying. Hence, the middle level auctions are usually filled with undying participating. Every treasure at the auction...I'm afraid even your entire fortune won't be enough to buy even one.’’

’’The high level auctions, the lowest requirement is to be a 5 star client. Hm, these auctions...the ones participating are the large organizations, the leviathans. Or some super powers within the Ganwu universe country or other universe countries, or some super undying's who work alone. The high level auctions, every treasure is incomparably expensive. However, one high level auction, just the preparation time is usually very long, and the items are what undying would risk everything to get, some trying hard but not getting them, like your teacher...’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

His teacher the master of the Yun Mo Planet, lost his life back then for a certain item.

’’A 3 star client, within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, is quite impressive.’’

’’However in the entire universe, it's just average. As for the auctions, you can only participate in your own empire's auction, the Ganwu auction. You don't have the rights to enter others.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng nodded.

These auctions had huge requirements, people without background or money wouldn't even have heard of them. Even the basic auction, the lowest requirement was to be a 3 star client.

’’The next ganwu auction will be 2 years and 1 month from now.’’ Luo Feng secretly anticipated, this level of auction, he definitely had to participate.

Luo Feng sat in his study, finishing up the introduction of the auction, feeling even more anxious, there would indeed be many valuable treasures there.

’’The last message is from the Battle-axe Coliseum?’’ Luo Feng raised his finger and opened it curiously.

This message was a notification.

When he became a 3 star client, he automatically gained the title of bronze member, he could go watch the battles of the Battle-axe Coliseum.

’’Battle-axe Coliseum? A membership, is it important?’’ Luo Feng asked suspiciously.

’’The membership himself isn't, however, the live broadcast of the Battle-axe Coliseum battles are important.’’ The little devil the size of a huge fist on Luo Feng's shoulder emphasized, ’’Every battle the Battle-axe Coliseum organizes are life or death! At least one must die before the battle will end. Hence these battles...are very valuable to watch. They are very important and rewarding to one's training and realization.’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Along with this message came an attachment of the list of the upcoming battles, Luo Feng opened it.

’’Death battles within the next 7 days?’’

’’A total of 6201 battles?’’ Luo Feng stared wide eyed, ’’there are 6,118 universe level battles, 82 domain lord battles and 1 sector lord battle.’’

Luo Feng took a deep chilly breath.

Within the short span of 7 days, there were so many death battles? And even a sector lord level death battle?

’’That's normal, the Battle-axe Coliseum spreads over every empire in the universe! One empire alone is vast and enormous. With all of them added together, with so many death battles in the next 7 days, that's normal.’’ Babata explained, ’’Look, of these 6201 death battles, the ones belonging to the Ganwu universe are only these 3!’’

On the list, the universe death battles, 6,118 of them were arranged according to the number of viewers from highest to lowest.

The most anticipated life and death battle was one where both fighters were at the level 6 stage!

’’Universe level 6 stage, so many people spectating?’’ Luo Feng curiously opened the battle to view the details.

Both of them came from the Desolate Peaks universe country.

One was named Genji and was from the Lu Xiu clan.

The other was Hanks, a slave from a slave owner.

Genji was born on planet Lu Xiu and their living environment is extremely hostile, with many wild beast roaming the land killing weaker and smaller Lu Xiu people, only the strong survived. And the genius of the clan Genji very quickly rose from the planet and reached star traveller level, even star level, arousing the attention of the leaders of the planet. Genji later became an elite soldier of one of the leaders.

He constantly worked hard and his position rose greater, with the leader later giving him more benefits and privileges.

Genji became the leader of the Lu Xiu planet and the hero of the Lu Xiu clan.

However later, the leader angered a large enemy and came under attack, many of the planets he owned including Lu Xiu were robbed away with many Lu Xiu clan people becoming slaves.

Genji worked hard to reach the universe level, after which he sold himself to the Battle-axe Coliseum. The Battle-axe Coliseum bought him over from the original leader, and Genji had to experience 1000 battles within the Battle-axe Coliseum, if he survived, he would recover his freedom.


Hanks lived on a very normal planet, leading a normal life.

Many youths on this planet, including the young Hanks was taken by a slave trader forcefully. This slave trader took many slaves and began his hellish training, with many failed subjects being eliminated and sold off as slaves, while the elites continued training...Hanks was one of the elites.

Becoming star level and breaking through to the universe level!

However because of the microchip, he remained a slave! Later on he grew incredibly strong, being sold off as a simple universe level alone wasn't worth it, hence the slave trader made a deal with him...As long as he could survive through 1000 death battles in the Battle-axe Coliseum, he would be returned his freedom!

This was because the longer one survived within the Battle-axe Coliseum, the higher the appearance fees! And this was much more than simply selling him off.

The slave trader was very clear...only by allowing the slave to truly wish and anticipate his freedom, would he truly unleash his strongest abilities within the battles. Hence he gave him the deal that if he made it through 1000 battles, he would regain his freedom.


Genji, 691 wins!

Hanks, 821 wins!

Both universe level 6!

This battle was the highest profile battle within the upcoming 7 days, out of the over 6,000 battles within the universe's Battle-axe Coliseum!


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