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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 29


Volume 10 Chapter 29 - The 1st World

’’1st world, what a sign!’’ Thunder god laughed as he looked at Luo Feng. Luo Feng surveyed the distant surroundings. With one glance all he saw were human silhouettes, all dressed in different clothing, some with heights reaching over 10m while others not even reaching 1m. Most of them were engaged in discussions. Just how many people were there on this continent?

Even without counting, they all knew, there were 820 billion!

A gathering of 820 billion people! What kind of scene was this?

’’Everybody take notice. This elimination process will be separated into 100 worlds, we will begin the group teleportations shortly to each of your assigned worlds. Please use the time to prepare yourself. The moment the elimination begins, you'll be unable to request for weapons anymore.’’ A clear voice resounded throughout the continent's skies.

Luo Feng lowered and checked himself to make sure he had everything he needed.

Dressed in a dark grey level 2 genetic armor, wearing a helmet and boots, with one storage ring on his finger. Things like his shield, genetic energy battle knife, soaring shuttle, Nan Shen Armament, these were all stored within the storage ring. The weapons simulated by the virtual universe were exactly the same as the ones used in real life.

’’We will begin the teleportation, counting down, 60...59...58...’’ The clear voice resounded throughout the continent.

Amidst the sea of people, Luo Feng and his brothers exchanged glances.

’’Good luck.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’We'll pass the elimination together.’’ Thunder god smiled.

’’All the best.’’ Hong too smiled.

’’10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Teleport!’’ That clear voice used universe language, resounding throughout the entire continent's 820 billion people's ears. In an instant, everyone there vanished.


Within the virtual universe, 100 independent worlds opened up and 8.2 billion fighters appeared on each.

The humans of the universe's...Genius battle, the elimination round for all the universe countries began simultaneously!

As a gathering of all the human race, from those way above in the upper echelons, the undying, down to those normal citizens able to enter the virtual universe, all were watching this event. Of course, the warriors and citizens were mostly concerned about their own universe country's stage.

The 1st world.

During the teleportation, Luo Feng felt his vision blur. Everything grew muddy and after about 3 seconds, it became clear once again.

He found himself standing within a regular living room. Besides this room, there was also the bedroom and bathroom.

’’This is the 1st world? What a shocking gravitational force.’’ Standing in the living room, the strong gravitational force made him somewhat uneasy. He looked down to see his quantum computer on his wrist, the screen automatically received and opened the virtual universe's organizer's mail with information.

The screen was filled with words.

’’Participant: Luo Feng (Black Dragon mountain empire)

Points: 0

Kills: 0

World: World No. 1

Time: The elimination stage will carry on for 30 days. When the time ends, the stage will end and the victor will be decided by the points accumulated.

Details of the stage: 1st world, this world is simulated according to the Ganwu universe's Bei Luo planet. Similar to its appearance, there's a total of 91 cities on this continent along with wilderness and much more. The total surface area is over 10.3 million square km. The houses and many other constructs and materials in this world are B9 grade.

Rules for point system: Killing one participant equates to one point, also acquiring half of their accumulated points! Hence, killing the strong ones equates to more points.

Ranking system rules: The dead will maintain their position according to their points. If their points are sufficient, even after dying and losing half their points, they still might be able to make it in the top 1001. So please make full use of your time.

Urgent reminder, everyone only has one life. Death will result in the end of your attempt and you'll lose half your points.

Please see the detailed rules for the ranking system below.’’

Luo Feng stood in the living room. He finished reading the information that virtual universe company had sent over. Taking a deep cold breath, ’’A total of 10.3 million square km? China's continent only has about 9.6 million square km. 8.2 billion gathered in such a place, the density is too high.’’

Luo Feng was analyzing the gravity.

This world's gravity was even more crazy than the world within a world, it was at least 10,000 times above earth's gravity.

’’This cup.’’ Luo Feng picked up a tea cup from the dining table in the living room. With a bit of force, the cup began to crack and it started breaking. This made Luo Feng surprised, ’’What surprising durability! The information was indeed correct. The ground of the house and all the materials are all B9 grade.’’

Following which Luo Feng gently put down the cup. Even under 10,000 times earth's gravity, he moved as lightly as a cat walking on a balcony.

Through the balcony he looked outside.


It was a luxurious posh city, with skyscrapers all about. The more shocking thing was with all the skyscrapers about, the entire city was completely silent without a sense of life at all.

’’Everybody just arrived, they are probably still preparing themselves.’’ Luo Feng thought.


From the distance a loud explosion erupted and Luo Feng quickly turned to see. One of the huge skyscrapers top levels had it's one level of windows violently shattered and two human silhouettes were breaking through them, fighting in mid air.

’’Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!’’

With one clash, suddenly it seemed like the entire city was filled with explosions all over.

Everyone had a star level 9 body. If it were on a normal planet, a star level 9 fighter could easily destroy an entire city. This was also the reason behind why the Virtual Universe company specially designed all the building materials to be of B9 grade. This way, at least the world could take a month's worth of the battle damages from these 8.2 billion star level 9's.

’’Has it begun?’’ Luo Feng squinted, immediately walking back into his house.


His door was violently kicked open, the alloy door was kicked so hard it was deformed, a tall and sturdy man stepped through. His entire body was covered in genetic energy armor, along with helmet and boots while both hands held an axe each. when he saw Luo Feng, he smiled and said, ’’You are the first!’’

Rumble! The tall and sturdy man rushed forward. His boots violently stomping through causing the cement from the ground to split open, following which he swung with his left hand and the axe sliced right through the air straight towards Luo Feng.

’’Hmph!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was cold.

The soaring shuttle which was floating beside him immediately shot out a light that formed into a beautiful golden fish, completely different from the form from three years ago within the slaughterhouse. The current swordfish formation Luo Feng controlled was almost like a real fish. It seemed unthreatening, however...


The golden fish brushed past the axe heads and immediately pierced right through the tall and sturdy man's forehead. His eyes still seemed like he was in disbelief and shock, as his mouth slightly opened as though he wanted to say something.


His head split open and the tall and sturdy man immediately fell on the floor. His axes too fell onto the living room floor, causing the ground to slightly shake.

’’After training madly with the Nan Shen Armament for the past few days, using the soaring shuttle now gives a really special and very relaxed kind of feeling.’’ Luo Feng smiled. It was similar to one constantly lifting a 100kg weight and going back to lifting 10kg. It was much lighter and simpler than before.

It was this feeling that Luo Feng was experiencing.

The difficulty of the soaring shuttle wasn't even a thousandth of the Nan Shen Armament.

’’Points...’’Luo Feng looked down to look at his wrist, the screen numbers had changed.

Participant: Luo Feng (Black dragon mountain)

Points: 1

Rank: 696,034,836

’’The entire stage will last a month. Since there's too many people at the beginning, the killing will be extremely intense. In contrast, towards the end the numbers will decline. Yet, those who were able to survive till the end, will definitely have high points. When that time comes, killing one person would be more effective than killing a hundred now.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’Also, the more powerful one is, the more he's susceptible to being surrounded and ganged up on. Being surrounded by 10,000, 100,000 to even a million same level attackers... no matter how powerful, he would die too.’’

’’I'll stay low key for now and get used to the strength.’’

When Luo Feng sneakily left the house, he followed the staircase swiftly down. One level after another, he scanned the area and met nine opponents along the way.They were not bad though. There was even a spirit reader controlling a spirit weapon comparable to Luo Feng from three years ago.

It was a pity that the current Luo Feng was extremely powerful. His improvement speed had been incredible over the past three years.

From no domain, to already a level 5 domain. And he even stepped into the basics level of the golden law origins. This has made Luo Feng's strength grow and increase in an unbelievable rate! Even Hong and Thunder god were far from being his match. Using the soaring shuttle to form the golden swordfish infused with a thread of the golden principles produced a shocking power. Destroying these opponents was indeed simple now.


Even Babata thought that Luo Feng could take the title of number 1 in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.


’’This residential building has a total of 4 units and a total of 41 opponents all fighting amongst each other.’’ Luo Feng was on the 12th floor of the building in a regular tea room, sitting crossed legged. A golden orb constantly revolving around him. Yes, this gold orb was indeed the Nan Shen Armament's first form.

The two consecutive months after signing up for the competition, Luo Feng had totally invested himself in training. Forgetting to even eat, he finally managed to squeeze out some headway with the first form.

’’This form, I'm still not used to it I can barely unleash it, I cannot even unleash its true strength.’’

’’Compared to that, I've already trained until i'm completely in control of the soaring shuttle's swordfish formation, and am able to use its true power.’’

’’Right now...’’

’’I have to focus and train on the first form until i get used to it to the point that it becomes second nature to use.’’ Luo Feng thought. This blurry golden orb infused with power and strength that was able to make hearts palpitate constantly revolved around Luo Feng. Although, at this time the revolution was still more rigid.

The elimination process had already started within this 1st world.

Luo Feng took control of that residential building, and continued honing his skill which was to be used as his trump card. The elimination was still at the beginning stage, it wasn't time to get out and start the massacre yet.


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