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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 28


Volume 10 Chapter 28 - Endless Geniuses

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god opened a screen each before them and entered the virtual universe company's website to submit their names.

On the main page, there was a very clear number...1,948,593,889. Within a few seconds the numbers immediately jumped greatly, becoming 2,008,299,173. Beside these numbers were the words in universe language, Ganwu universe country participants headcount.

’’So many people have signed up!’’ Thunder god said shocked.

’’A lot Indeed.’’ Luo Feng looked carefully, ’’That's right, it has already exceeded 2 billion.’’

’’When I entered the slaughterhouse to train, I didn't even see the declaration. But, when I came out, it was already there and I immediately came to look for you guys. It definitely hasn't been that long!’’ Thunder god exclaimed, ’’Within the time I was training, there were actually so many people who had signed up.’’

’’The entire Ganwu universe country has over a hundred million galaxies.’’ Luo Feng laughed and began to register for the event.

’’We still have to input our information?’’ Luo Feng looked at the screen helplessly, before swiftly filling it in and pressing the submit button.


’’Scan complete. Star level 7 spirit reader, application successful.’’

The application process of the virtual universe network had the ability to scan a person's ability and strength. Hence it could automatically verify that the applicant was a star level.


The three of them signed up that same day. However, the entire human race of the universe still had about a month or so left to sign up for the genius battle. Since there was still time left for the battle, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god grabbed the opportunity to work hard and train to raise their own strength and abilities. No one wanted to get eliminated immediately.

Whether it was Luo Feng, Hong or Thunder god, they all had their own pride!

No one was willing to admit defeat easily. As for trying to make them to submit? That would be a tough indeed!

Time passed by and under the supervision of countless human galaxies and universe countries, the application period finally came to an end.

According to china time, it was year 2066, april 16th.

’’Luo Feng, there's mail.’’

’’Punk, there's mail.’’

’’Master, there's mail.’’

On earth, Luo Feng, Thunder god and Hong all received the notification simultaneously, immediately entering the virtual universe network.


Virtual universe, Black Dragon mountain, island 9 star bay.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god appeared simultaneously at their house entrances, smiling as they glanced at each other.

’’Daddy!’’ Little Hai ran excitedly at Luo Feng. ’’Daddy, why have you come? I haven't seen you here in such a long time.’’

’’Come, sit on daddy's lap.’’ Luo Feng sat in a chair beside him. While hugging his son on his lap, he pointed in mid air. A screen appeared automatically, and he swiftly opened the mail.

’’We welcome your participation in the universe human race...Genius battle selection.

There have been over 822.5 billion star levels that have signed up for the selection this time, within the Ganwu universe country territory., This amount has exceeded previous times participation by over 110 billion! This has made our virtual universe company very happy.

We can guarantee that the genius selection process will happen under the fairest of conditions.

The level of participants range from star level 1s, 2s, all the way to level 8 or 9. To be fair during the true geniuses selection, the true elimination arena will be held within the virtual universe. All participants will have the same bodies physically while maintaining a star level 9 ability.

Everybody's spirit powers will be at the same level too, at the star level 9!

All participants will have exactly the same physical abilities. However, their looks can be customized! One can pick out their own genetic weapons or spirit weapons (Not exceeding 10 of them. A reminder to participants, even though level 4 or 5 spirit weapons are strong, if one's abilities are weak, it can't be used properly. We advise you all to pick what's suitable). At the same time you can pick genetic armor (Not exceeding level 2), and acquire storage rings that have food and beverages within.

Genius selection!

The test will be on willpower, domain, experience, law comprehension etc,

This time's genius selection will be separated into two levels.

The first level will be each universe country picking out their top 1000 warriors.

The second level will be the gathering of all the top 1000s from each universe country, then there will be a final battle to decide the universe's top 1000.

Among which...

The scale of the first stage is at an unprecedented level.

The universe country you are in is the Ganwu universe country.

The Ganwu universe country has over 822.5 billion participants. It will be split into the elimination stage and the arena battle.

Once the elimination stage wraps up, there will be a total of 100,100 participants left!

As there are many to be eliminated, this stage itself will definitely be a bloodbath.

The initial elimination of the Ganwu universe, will begin with a 100 worlds within the virtual universe. Every world will have 8.2 billion participants. 8.2 billion participants will kill amongst themselves on each world. Killing others will gain one accumulated points, the more one kills, the more the points! Everyone only has one life. Thus,the moment you die, it ends.

The elimination stage would come to an end at this point.

With regards to the accumulated points, the top 1,001 participants of each world will be ranked accordingly and they'll be considered having passed the elimination. Every world will choose their top 1,001 participants. With a total of 100 worlds, 100,100 participants will be picked.


Every world's top participant will be able to skip the arena stage and immediately head into the top 100 namelist of the top 1,000. The remaining 900 will be decided through the arena with the 100,000 people.’’

’’The message contains an attachment, further details can be found in the attachment.’’

Looking through both the message and the attachment, Luo Feng couldn't help but feel immense pressure.

The elimination itself was going to be crazy.

Over 8.2 billion people will be desperately killing each other in the world just to gain enough points to rank higher.

’’Second brother, third brother, this genius battle is going to be brutal. Just through the elimination level alone, over 800 billion participants will be eliminated, and only 100,100 will remain!’’ Hong smiled, ’’This'll make every one kill frantically within the first round. I can just imagine the scene of a psychotic world full of fresh blood and corpses.’’

’’There's too many people, hence they have to resort to such measures.’’ Thunder god smiled, ’’I'm anxious already.’’

Luo Feng laughed, his eyes gleaming with a sense of bloodthirst.

The current Luo Feng would occasionally enter the slaughterhouse and select a large amount of opponents to madly slaughter. Luo Feng could only rely on such methods to vent out the bloodthirst that permeated even from within his soul. And the elimination level...allowed 8.2 billion people to madly slaughter within each world. The one who was most anxious and anticipating of the three brothers was Luo Feng.

’’Kill kill.’’ Luo Feng imagined himself killing 10 people in one blow.

It was thrilling!

At the end of the submission period, the virtual universe company began to move. The preparation itself was tedious and complex, however the virtual universe company's efficiency was extremely high.

One month after the submissions closed, china time year 2066, may 16th. This day was the gathering day for the Ganwu universe elimination selection.


’’You all help me keep a close watch on the points and the ranking systems which will be changing constantly. Our organization was unable to get a few super geniuses, but we can atleast get those that almost make it too. Our Ganwu universe has a total of 100 elimination worlds. Taking every world into consideration, the top 10,000 will all be extremely powerful. Keep an eye on their rankings.’’

’’This is the best opportunity to acquire more elites.’’


’’Every time the rankings change, do a calculation.’’

’’Gather all the information of the elites and geniuses and store them. Our Ganwu universe country's large amount of future sector lords and domain lords will be amongst them.’’


’’You are all our Nuolan Shan family's most elite of the young generation. I don't dare to expect each and every one of you to get past the elimination level. However, whoever manages to rush into the top 10,000 will be named the next head of the Nuolan Shan family!’’ Nuolan Shan stood before over 1,000 youths, filled with anticipation and hope.


’’Today is the beginning of the gathering for the elimination.’’

’’The godmaster is filled with hopes for everyone, don't let him down.’’ In sacred land Black Dragon Mountain, a group of sector lords too were speaking to a large amount of disciples.


’’You all are the Old Ganwu universe country's future elites and pillars.’’

’’We wish for you all to take at least half of the 100,100 name list!’’ A thick voice rumbled through the skies and earth, resounding within a universe space. On one particular space, a giant that was impossible to see clearly stood. The space around around him was warping slightly, and before him in the distance was a blur of endless youths.

All the youths were respectfully kneeling down.

There was such a large group of youths that it was impossible to see from one end tothe next with the naked eye. Beside this giant's voice that made people tremble, were several other powerful undying beings, all standing respectfully around.

Every undying had their own heart palpitating and powerful aura, and with just one look, there were at least a thousand undying beings there!

’’Go on children.’’ A thick voice rumbled through the space, causing everyone's soul to tremor and rise their morale.

’’Yes, country master!’’

Over one hundred million star level youths knelt there respectfully and excitedly. They didn't think that they'd actually get to see the legendary being, the one who built the Ganwu universe country! A being so high up that it was impossible to imagine. The leader of the Ganwu universe country! had held his position for over a trillion years.


The space ahead warped and over a hundred million star level youths immediately vanished. This unbelievable god made even the surrounding over 1,000 undying's stand there with their hearts palpitating respectfully.


Countless humans were watching this elimination battle.

And on this day, China time March 16th. A large amount of participants started to gather, 820 billion people in total. On average every galaxy within the Ganwu universe had less than 1,000,000 people. One had to know that every galaxy had at least a few tens of thousands of star level 9s, much less level 1 to level 9 added together.

This means to say that those that dared to sign up all had confidence.

Over 820 billion...

Some, had lucky meetings!

Some had natural talent!

Some had good teachers!

Some had the hearts of powerful warriors!

All in all...

Whatever type and form, they all regarded themselves as strong. Including Luo Feng and his brothers, these 820 billion star levels all gathered together in the Ganwu universe country .

’’The elimination will be sorted into 100 worlds.’’

’’I'm in world 72. Thunder god, Luo Feng, how about you two?’’

’’Haha, I'm in world 88. I like that number. Thirdie, what about you.’’

’’I'm in world number 1!’’


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