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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 27


Volume 10 Chapter 27 - Big winds, Rise!

Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain island's nine star bay district.

Luo Feng and Hong appeared at their own grass fields. At this time, Thunder god was shouting, ’’Thirdie, Big brother, you've finally come, quickly look up!’’

’’What's going on? Why so noisy?’’ Hong smiled as he looked at him before looking up.

Luo Feng curiously looked up too.

In the air, there was an enormous declaration, almost like a curtain in the sky.

’’Battle of geniuses?’’ Hong squinted a little, gleaming.

’’All of the universe countries from the universe, a trillion geniuses are to battle?’’ Luo Feng looked at the declaration and it's details, drawing in a cold icy breath. It was madness! This was too crazy! Just how vast was the universe?

Not even the universe, just the Ganwu universe country alone had over a hundred million galaxies.

At any given galaxy there would be a multitude of top geniuses. But when the entire universe country is taken into consideration, they could already squeeze out over 1 hundred million geniuses!

’’Interesting.’’ Luo Feng squinted his eyes, feeling a strong sense of anticipation within.

’’Big brother, Thirdie.’’ Thunder god walked over, and pointed beside them. Immediately a floating screen appeared and on it was the virtual universe website. On its front page it had a glaring broadcast, 'Universe humans Genius battle' link.

’’Open it and see.’’ Hong said.

’’Kay.’’ Thunder god gently tapped it and it opened the link.

After opening it, it gave a detailed explanation of the Universe humans Genius battle.

The genius battle was aimed at all star level humans.

As long as one was a star level human, they could participate!

The genius battle, accurately speaking, was organized once every 5000 years, or twice every 10,000 years. These two battles were separately held by the virtual universe company and the Huge Axe dojo. Hence to the virtual universe company, this genius battle naturally was a grand affair that happened once every 10,000 years for them.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

Genius battle was separated into the universe country selections and the final genius battles.

Each universe country will organize their own selection internally and after picking out the elites, the geniuses would form a group and participate in the final genius battle.

The final battle would determine the ultimate victor.

The top 1,000 geniuses of the universe, will have 3 big prizes.

  1. According to how high they are ranked, they will receive between 10 mixed elements to 10,000 mixed elements and more as their prize.
  2. They will receive the chance to enter the primal universe name list.
  3. They may become internal core members of the virtual universe network.

Luo Feng was utterly baffled.

As long as you reach the top 1,000, even the lowest would receive 10 mixed elements which was even more than his rewards from the world within a world. And the highest was 10,000 mixed elements. He estimated that the number one of the entire genius battle would receive that. 10,000 mixed elements, that was comparable to the entire wealth of an undying.

Virtual universe company, indeed it was extremely wealthy.

’’All 1,000 of them will be able to enter the primal universe?’’ Luo Feng couldn't forget that during the Ganwu auction, the scene for the competition to enter the primal universe had intense competition. And it was a place even his teacher hadn't entered.

’’These prizes seem not bad. Cash, primal universe, core member...Hehe. These sort of prizes are worthy for the top 1,000 geniuses.’’ Babata said, ’’Luo Feng, your chances are not bad, go give it a shot.’’

’’What do you mean give it a shot?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’From your tone, it seems that it'll be very hard for me to reach the top 1,000?’’

’’What do you mean very hard?’’

’’Luo Feng, you really underestimate the trillion geniuses within the universe! Let's not even talk about the universe's top 1,000, which for you is too difficult and almost impossible. if you can reach the top 1,000 within the Ganwu universe,, that'll be not bad already.’’ Babata said.

’’Er...’’ Luo Feng realized.

’’Even though there are very few undying within the universe, the number of star level disciples under these undying range in the trillions! In terms of talent...many not only have strong bloodlines, but they also have extremely high talent! Considering there are countless people in the universe, in terms of comprehension,, why wouldn't there be people with extremely high comprehension ability within the universe? There are even more people with great willpower and hard work, ’’

’’Your strongest trump card is the golden horned beast's body. It has given you remarkably strong willpower, and also allowed you to begin to perceive the origin law's with much ease.’’

’’However with these alone, wanting to make it to the top 1,000 of the universe' trillion geniuses... that's simply too far away.’’

Babata's tone changed, saying, ’’Of course you've been working hard. Even though the golden horned beast has given you enough talent, however between golden horned beasts and its other counterparts, the difference is still huge. Because of you, this golden horned beast has been training very hard. To be able to attain a level 5 domain in a short 3 years, your hard work is the main reason.’’

’’Just like your big brothers, in terms of age they are even older than your grandfather! And many star level geniuses within the universe are at least a few hundred years old.’’

’’As for the star levels that survived for a few thousand years, they pose no threat. Not breaking through to the universe level after a few thousand years, that doesn't count at all as genius. Their comprehension and other abilities must be weak.’’

’’Your biggest weakness is...your training time has been too short. Your training till now hasn't even reached 30 years.’’

Luo Feng pondered.

’’Of course, your willpower, domain, and comprehensive abilities are strong. Once you add all 3 added together, you are indeed very strong. You can definitely wipe out the geniuses within the Black Dragon mountain star field without any problem.’’

’’As for the top 1,000 of the universe, that's simply too far away. You can go ahead and give it a shot. Fighting your way into the Ganwu universe top 1,000 will already be considered a great success..’’ Babata said.

The news of the genius battle stirred up the three brothers. At the same time, within the vast universe's countless galaxies, there were trillions of star level humans who were waiting in anticipation for the battle.


This was a vast god country, within its center floated a volcano.

At that time.

A 7 to 8 meter tall human silhouette with red scarlet hair with his entire body seemed to be bathed in a flame, stood in mid air. Beside him were several other sector lords, and before him knelt up to 1,000 star level youths.

’’You all are the most elite disciples of the Heavenly Flame god country.’’

His voice was like thunder, resounding within the 1,000 youths' ears.

’’As long as any of you pass the initial selection and enter the battle, I'll take him as my disciple. If you can fight into the universe top 1,000, I will give youan entire galaxy!’’ The god like figure bathing in flame said coldly, ’’Go prepare right now and don't disappoint me.’’

’’Yes, God master!’’

Over 1,000 youths complied respectfully.


’’Remember, you take along with you the honor of the Black Dragon Mountain empire.’’

A low hoarse voice sounded.

In the sacred land Black Dragon mountain, a tall and sturdy man dressed entirely in black scales with a black dragon horn on his forehead stood tall. The space around the area where he stood seemed to tremble. The surrounding sector lords were extremely respectful. Before this presence, they didn't dare to show any form of disrespect. Just the aura and forceful energy from this man made everybody shudder.

’’Go on, battle for the honor of the Black Dragon mountain!’’

This huge god like figure spoke.

’’Yes god master!’’

Close to 1000 star level youths knelt there, extremely respectful, their expressions passionate. Amongst them, almost all of them were gazing at the legendary founding emperor of the Black Dragon Mountain empire for the first time, the grand undying being.


On a green planet with its entire planet was covered in vegetation. There were many aboriginal life forms. Yet, this planet didn't seem to have any trace of technology at all.

On this planet, the fighters were extremely strong to the point where they had up to ten universe levels, with many many more star levels. This sort of strong planet should have long entered the universe culture, unless its location was simply too desolate or it was a territory of an absolute warrior.

A few warriors would specially cultivate a planet to let it remain without the influence of technology.

’’100 star level 9 fighters and spirit readers will surround you and attack you in a bit.’’ A white robed bald man moved slowly.

Beside him was a fit white robed youth carrying a blood red blade.

’’Ok’’, the white robed youth gently nodded.

Suddenly from the distance flew a group of star level 9s. This group of fighters and spirit readers had immediately surrounded the youth. Usually against such numbers, one would rely on movement to dodge and avoid, reducing the number of enemies quickly. For this person to let himself get surrounded immediately...

It was akin to suicide.

’’Begin.’’ The white robed old man ordered coldly.


The 100 star level 9 fighters and spirit readers surrounding the youth made their move simultaneously, be it with genetic weapons or spirit attacks, or even blade weapons.


A blood red blade flashed!

The white clothed youth's body became a blur and there seemed to be images of himself appearing throughout the area.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Fresh blood flew everywhere. The 100 bodies were either slashed open or their heads rolled...

In an instant, they were all killed!

’’Very good.’’ The white robed old man's eyes gleamed, ’’You've improved considerably, compared to before. You are definitely the most impressive genius your teacher has seen from trillions of years of wandering the galaxies.’’

The white clothed youth's body trembled slightly. His cold eyes looked at the white robed bald man. his eyes filled with shock: ’’Teacher, you, you just said...’’ How long has it been since he followed this absolute warrior. He had never heard such an obvious complement. At most he'd receive little words of encouragement or something along those lines.

’’Your teacher cannot teach you anything anymore.’’ The white robed old man said.

’’Teacher, I...’’ The white clothed youth wanted to speak. But he didn't want to say anything offensive, and stood speechless for awhile.

’’Go take part in the universe genius battle. With your strength, entering the universe top 1,000 should be simple. In the virtual universe, the strong are numerous like the clouds. Only there will you be able to find a suitable teacher to teach you.’’ The white robed bald man said, ’’When you reach the undying level, look for me again.’’


The white robed old man vanished.

’’Teacher...’’ The white clothed youth wanted to speak, before stopping from realization and whispering softly, ’’Genius battle?’’


’’Genius battle? All the universe countries within the universe?’’

A 3m tall youth with messy hair, walking barefooted in a desolate mountain range, carrying a short knife laughed loudly, ’’Sounds interesting! I, Tuman haven't met an opponent in a long long time.’’ In the distance behind him there was a body of a universe level 1 warrior.


All people within the vast universe, in the universe countries, countless god countries, along with other independent geniuses, hard working warriors, travelling fighters etc, had noticed the genius battle declaration that encompassed the entire universe.

There was only a winner and a loser The more genius one was, the more they were unwilling to submit to others.

Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain island 9 star bay.

Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder god looked at the screen.

’’Second and third brother, shall we take part?’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng and Thunder god.

Luo Feng and Thunder god looked at Hong, their eyes all filled with anticipation for battle.

The three immediately laughed.


’’Then let the three of us brothers go and fight it out.’’

The three brothers from earth too were filled with confidence and heroism.


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