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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 26


Volume 10 Chapter 26 - The Hovering Declaration

’’It won't be that bad.’’ Brolin couldn't help but to say, ’’Our Black Dragon Mountain starfield has billions of star level fighters. Are you saying that it would be hard for even one of them to enter the top million in the universe?’’

’’Extremely difficult!’’

’’Extremely, extremely difficult!’’ Hargrey nodded, ’’There are around 13,000 starfields under the Ganwu empire, and almost 1,000 other empires under its control! Our Black Dragon Mountain empire is just one of those empires under the Ganwu empire. In terms of the number of powerful fighters, we have even fewer compared to the starfields directly under the Ganwu empire!’’

’’It would be hard for our Black Dragon Mountain's top genius to place in the top 10,000 in the Ganwu empire, much less out of the over 1,000 empires of the entire human race’’ said Hargrey, ’’For example, in the last Battle of Geniuses, there weren't any people from our starfield in the top 10,000!’’

’’What?’’ Brolin widened his eyes.

’’Embarrassment, this is an embarrassment to our Black Dragon Mountain Empire, and an embarrassment to our sacred land!’’ Hargrey's anger surged and the surrounding temperature dramatically dropped. The air around them froze and ice crystals started to form.

’’Grandfather!’’ Brolin felt a bone chilling coldness as he yelled.

With a thought from Hargrey, the surrounding temperature went back to normal. ’’I was just angry because I felt ashamed.’’

’’Okay, I still need to raise my disciples, you go back first.’’ said Hargrey.

’’Yes, grandfather.’’

Brolin didn't dare to say more and left right away.

His original plan to get his grandfather to send people to deal with Luo Feng seems to have ended in failure.

China time, 2066/3/9, Black Dragon Mountain island in the virtual universe.

The various continents and islands in the virtual universe also had day and night. There were even virtual stars in the sky. As of now, it was night. There were various lit up places across the Black Dragon Mountain island. Places like bars were extremely bright. Everything was normal.


In the night sky above the Black Dragon Mountain island appeared an enormous, black declaration that emanated light out of thin air. This completely black declaration had conspicuous white letters glowing on it.

’’Humans of the universe the top Battle of Geniuses’’

’’Once every 10,000 years!’’

’’Is about to be held!’’

’’Sponsored by the Virtual Universe Network company and all the universe empires!’’

’’Are you a genius? Can't find an opponent that's on the same level as you? Then join the 'top Battle of Geniuses'. Here, will be where billions of geniuses from all over the universe compete with each other!’’

’’For details, please visit our Virtual Universe Network's homepage through your virtual assistant’’

The gigantic declaration that appeared out of nowhere in the night sky was over one million km wide and long. Even in the Black Dragon Island where billions of people lived, you can clearly see the declaration if you raise your head!

’’The top Battle of Geniuses is beginning? Wow, haha, things are going to get crazy’’

’’The battle between the billions of geniuses throughout the universe?’’

’’It's a huge banquet for all of humanity!’’

’’I heard if you can place in the top 1,000, you'll receive a startling reward!’’

’’Yea, this time the Virtual Universe Network company is hosting it, so the rewards must be great!’’

’’The top Battle of Geniuses, held twice every 10,000 years. Once by the Virtual Universe Network company, and once by the Battle-Axe Coliseum!’’

’’Hurry and check their website!’’

In the virtual universe, above each continent that represented a 'universe empire' and each island that represented a 'medium level civilization' appeared a gigantic declaration. Each declaration advertised the fact that the 'Humans of the Universe top Battle of Geniuses’’ was beginning soon.

In just a night, this news spread across all of the empires of humanity.

The speed at which the news spread showed how advanced the virtual universe network was.

Killing Fields Killing Area

This was a boundless desert. There were thousands of densely packed black clothed men on the desert. Each black clothed person was a star level five stage. In front of these thousands of black clothed men stood a white robed bald person. He held a genetic weapon blade, which reflected a cold light.



The several thousand black clothed men yelled and then crazily charged forwards like lightning.

The white robed bald man smiled as he walked over. Lightning seemed to appear in his surroundings. When the first bunch of the black clothed men arrived, the white robed bald man's body suddenly flashed, and the blade in his hand moved!


His blade was as fast as lightning! It instantly slashed open a black clothed man's head, and his blood flew everywhere!

’’PU!’’ ’’PU!’’ ’’PU!’’.....

The white robed bald man didn't seem to be moving that fast, but his movements were very peculiar. At the same time, his blade was usually stationary, but once it moved, it was as fast as lightning and was guaranteed to take a life! His steps and his slashing formed a very mysterious rhythm. Fast combined with slow as large amounts of opponents of the same level were slashed to death.

’’CHI ’’ a long whip hit the white robed bald man's left arm, causing it to blow up and become bloody.

’’CHI!’’ ’’CHI!’’ ’’CHI!’’ the others that were surrounding him took advantage of this opportunity to attack him.

The white robed bald man died!

The surrounding space slightly changed. All of these black robed men, including the corpses, marks of blood, etc. completely disappeared, and the white robed bald man appeared again.

’’Wu, I did a good job didn't I.’’ smiled Thunder God, ’’I killed around 190 opponents of my level in one go.’’


’’You are SOOOOO stupid. Without me, you were able to attain your own domain. Now that I'm taking all my time to train you, you should be improving even more!’’ A white bearded old man that was the size of a fist was roaring in rage on Thunder God's shoulder, ’’Also, I can't believe you lost to that Hong last time! I'm so embarrassed! Hong doesn't have a teacher while you have me teaching you, AND YOU STILL LOST!!!’’

’’I almost won....’’ followed Thunder God, ’’Don't forget, I've never beaten my big brother even once all these years. It's good enough that I almost won last time’’

’’What do you mean 'good enough'? You need to aim higher!’’

’’Alright, let me talk to you about your body and blade technique. From today's examination, your technique still has quite a few problems. I saw nine of them in a glance. First, your blade's movement is part of your body's technique, you just can't get it right. Next, .....’’ the white bearded old man pointed out a bunch of errors.

Thunder God listened carefully.


Only after he finished training did Thunder God leave the killing fields. When he stretched outside the lobby of the killing fields as he prepared to call the sky horses in the sky, he saw the enormous declaration in the sky.

’’Damn!’’ Thunder God widened his eyes, ’’Such a gigantic declaration?’’

Thunder God read the declaration's contents.

’’Top Battle of Geniuses? Kiddo, you HAVE to participate, such a rare chance!’’ roared the old man Wu.

’’Big brother, thirdie!’’ Thunder God contacted Luo Feng and Hong.

Earth, continent of Asia, dawn.

On an extremely battered highway, Luo Feng was in a battle robe and had a dark, golden staff on his back. He coldly looked ahead, and with a thought in his heart, he yelled: ’’*!’’


Suddenly, a flash of golden light shot out of the dark, golden staff on his back. At the same time, a powerful peculiar force merged into the golden light. After that, the golden light stopped in mid air. The light appeared to be nine small golden blades that were as thin as a cicada's wings. At this time, the nine fist-sized golden blades with extremely complicated engravings on them were currently spread out in a row. With the assistance of a concentrated domain, Luo Feng used his powerful conscious to attempt to move those nine small golden blades.

Golden threads were everywhere as they intertwined. In terms of complexity, this was tens of thousands of times more complex than the 'soaring shuttle'.

’’Converge!’’ Luo Feng clenched his teeth.

The nine small golden blades that were connected by the complex golden threads combined in a mysterious matter. Finally, a golden * started to form.

’’PENG!’’ The golden * fell apart and the golden threads snapped. The nine small golden blades spread out.

’’Return.’’ Luo Feng's face was pale as he sighed and shook his head.

The nine small golden blades swiftly returned to the small openings in the dark golden staff on his back.

’’Who would've thought that the first stage of this 'Nan Shen Armament' would be so difficult.’’ Luo Feng shook his head and sighed. After training with the Nan Shen Armament over the past few days, he has already gotten used to it. However..... fighting with the Nan Shen Armament is indeed extremely difficult. He has so much trouble with just the first stage.

Currently, he has a five stage domain and has stepped into the entrance of the origin laws of gold.

At the same time, his spiritual force amplifier has reached 58. Of course, this amplifier is the amplifier of the universe level six stage Golden Horned Beast. That's why Luo Feng, a star level seven stage spirit reader, can have such a disgustingly huge amplifier.

A powerful spiritual force amplifier, a five stage domain, and stepped into the entrance of the origin laws of gold.

Any one of these things is quite amazing for a star level fighter.

But even with that, he still hadn't finished the first stage.

’’Don't rush, Luo Feng. Your domain, comprehension of the laws, and spiritual force is enough to cast the first stage. However, you haven't practiced enough yet. You have to practice over and over again. You have to practice it so much that it becomes natural to you. After that, you won't have to use so much spiritual force.’’ said Babata.

’’Understood.’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng, there's a call invitation from Thunder God.’’ said Babata.

’’Hm? Second Brother?’’ Luo Feng was a bit shocked. Thunder God was being trained like crazy by his living AI, so he rarely contacted Luo Feng, ’’Connect to the virtual universe network’’


Western Asia, wastelands.

A battered beggar was currently sitting cross legged below a curved tree. However, the monsters that frequently ran past ignored him and didn't even try to eat him.


Monsters attacked each other and blood was everywhere.

However, the beggar still sat silently.

’’With light, there'll be light.’’

’’Without it, darkness.’’ spoke the beggar quietly.


The beggar that was sitting there instantly disappeared. His surrounding area suddenly turned into absolute darkness. And right after that, the absolute darkness disappeared, and the beggar appeared once again.

’’Universe.....natural..... our ancestors were so intelligent, but were restricted to their bodies and couldn't dig deeper.’’ The beggar revealed a smile, ’’Last time I was almost defeated by second brother, and now my domain finally stepped into the sixth stage’’


’’Second brother again? Does he want to spar?’’ The beggar's battered clothes instantly burned up. At the same time, a new outfit automatically extended across his body. He became a tranquil looking man right away, it was indeed the big brother of the three powerful fighters of earth Hong.


Luo Feng and Hong both entered the virtual universe network.


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