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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 25


Volume 10 Chapter 25 - Sacred Land Black Dragon Mountain

TLN Note: Prince Bu Luo Lin's name has been changed to Brolin

Brolin was one with the greatest power amongst the other princes. Not only did he have money, he also had backing!

And right now his backing Hargrey had lost his power within the Sacred Land Black Dragon Mountain Also, the treasures he got from the world within a world were all used by his grandfather to appease the sector lords.


’’With money I can even make a sector lord bow to me, without money I can't do anything!’’ Brolin gleamed coldly, ’’The empire's information system, along with the citizen information cache completely forbids certain news from us princes. If I had enough money, I could pay off someone to risk it and help me acquire the information and news I need regarding Luo Feng!’’

The laws of the empire were very strict.

As the life span of the emperor was very long, naturally they would forbid and restrict the princes. The entire empire's information cache and systems completely forbid the prince's intervention.


The laws were after all still man made. They were still implemented and carried out by man! With sufficient wealth, one could still pay off someone to get the information.

’’Back then I attacked the troops of the Three Axe Mountain. With 12 laser guns I was able to kill 11 of them, only Luo Feng didn't die.’’ Brolin thought, ’’And he definitely managed to exchange treasures in the castle. Also, he had a storage ring capable of storing a universe ship and was to be able to survive a C2 laser gun, the treasures on him must be plenty!’’

Brolin was thinking of ways to acquire money, however he wasn't interested in meager sums, naturally he thought of Luo Feng. Just from the surface, it seems that Luo Feng had plenty of treasures.

Randomly picking any treasure from the world within world will lead to a huge profit if sold.

’’I can only do this.’’ Brolin grit his teeth.

Brolin changed into casual clothing and left the palace.

The palace on the imperial planet was a city that was floating, there were continuous palaces within the city, making the security very strong within.

’’It's his highness Brolin.’’

The guards quickly made way. Brolin walked deeper through the lanes into a spacious yard. Beside this yard were regular stone tablets. As he walked towards them, a ripple formed on the surface of the stone tablet and Brolin completely entered through it.

On the peak of a mountain that reached as high as the clouds, a ripple appeared and a human silhouette appeared through it.

’’Your majesty Brolin, why have you come to the Sacred Land?’’

A low voice resounded. A winged, skinny man with an aura that made one's heart palpitate immediately appeared on the peak, his green eyes staring at Brolin. Brolin was immediately shocked and said ’’I have matters I need to discuss with my grandfather.’’

’’Allow him in.’’

A voice resounded across a million km within the mountain peaks.

The man with the wings looked at Brolin and said coldly, ’’Remember, head directly to Lord Hargrey. Everywhere else is forbidden to you.’’

’’Yes!’’ Brolin was very respectful.

Sacred Land Black Dragon Mountain was the biggest backing behind the empire royalty.

The founding emperor of the empire was currently the godly master of the Sacred land Black Dragon mountain. It was he who fused his internal world with the universe space into one, forming the mighty Vast God Country...Sacred land Black Dragon Mountain.

’’God country.’’

Brolin flew out from the peak, looking at the grand sun which hung above the vast skies and earth with endless ocean stretching out before him.That was something an undying brought from the external world into this god world, a real star!

Tearing space, creating worlds and picking out stars ...

That was an undying!

’’The Sacred Land, it's even bigger than the imperial planet outside by many times.’’ Brolin looked towards the star in the sky as he flew, ’’To put a star in here, an undying is seriously powerful. If one day I am able to become an undying...’’ As he thought, he began to shake his head and force a smile.

Undying, even the thought of becoming one seemed too far away.

The entire Black Dragon mountain star field has less than a 100 sector lords. The chances for these close to 100 sector lords to break through and become an Undying was simply too difficult. It seemed like they were all destined to die from old age instead.

After all, there was a limit to a sector lord's life span.

An undying, on the other hand was the only eternal existence.

’’Hu!’’ Brolin's thoughts moved, releasing a universe ship from his storage ring.


The universe ship flew swiftly towards his grandfather in this god country. The speed of this ship was extremely fast. After flying close to a million kilometers, he saw the entire god country's most impressive mountain peak, an enormous black mountain that was over a 100,000 kilometers, floating above the ocean.

A floating mountain range that exceeded a 100,000 kilometers!

A mountain range that was bigger than earth itself!

The entire range was black, similar to a huge black dragon with wings. This mountain range was the legendary Black Dragon Mountain.

’’Black Dragon Mountain.’’ Even though Brolin had been here several times, he still felt a sense of awe and fear.

Drawing close to Black Dragon mountain, with one's naked eyes, it was impossible to see the peak of the mountains or even the ends of it.

’’Come here.’’ A voice resounded within Brolin's ears.


Brolin retrieved his ship back into the storage ring the moment he reached the Black Dragon Mountain. As he flew directly towards a luxurious palace, before the palace, at the edge of the cliff stood a bald old man with a roman nose. The space itself around him seemed to distort. It was one of the top 3 sector lords within this Sacred Land Black Dragon Mountain...Hargrey!

’’Grandfather.’’ Brolin quickly flew over.

’’Hm.’’ Hargrey looked at Brolin, a rare smile appeared on his face, ’’Ah Bu, why have you come here?’’

’’Grandfather my recent days have been hard.’’ Brolin gave a helpless expression.

’’I understand.’’ Hargrey saw the look on his grandson, feeling guilty within. The world within a world incident, his grandson had performed extremely well! However, because of the inheritance crystal ball deception, they ended up this way. And the treasures his grandson had acquired were all passed on to his own hands.

’’Grandfather, doing anything within the imperial planet requires money.’’ Brolin said helplessly, ’’I know now that there was a star level punk in the world within a world that acquired many treasures. However I'm unable to use the empire's information system or news to search for him. It's frustrating knowing there are treasures, but not being able to acquire them.’’

’’Hm?’’ Hargrey's eyes gleamed, ’’Are you sure?’’

’’Very sure!’’

Brolin nodded, ’’First, I'm sure he managed to exchange for treasure within the castle. Second, he had a storage ring with a universe ship in it. Third, he survived a hit from the C2 laser gun.’’

’’What's his name? What news do you have?’’ Hargrey quickly asked.

The world within a world incident had left Hargrey close to broke!

Normal sector lords had about 10 mixed elements worth of wealth. However at the moment, Hargrey currently couldn't even take out 1 mixed element.

’’He's called Luo Feng. In the world within a world, he was using the identity of an underling of the 3 Axe mountain's Mingyu to enter the allied base.’’ Brolin said, ’’However, even as a prince, I don't have much authority to get further information about him’’

’’Let me check.’’ Hargrey said directly.

Simultaneously, Hargrey sent a thread of his consciousness into the virtual universe network and began giving orders.

Princes, had little authority.

But he, Hargrey, even though he had lost his power, he was still after all one of the top 3 sector lords within the sacred land Black Dragon mountain. Not only could he use the empire's citizen information cache, he could do special searches through the Sacred land Black Dragon mountain special information system. Within a few minutes, he had acquired his answer.

’’Hm?’’ Hargrey creased his eyebrows.

’’Have you found something?’’ Brolin anticipated.

’’Right, I've checked.’’ Hargrey creased his eyebrows, ’’Luo Feng, he's indeed under Mingyu. After the incident in the world within a world, he acquired a 100 planets territory from Mingyu. Also, Mingyu seemed to have acquired a level 5 genetic energy weapon, the Air cutter knife, which was transferred over to a general of the 3 Axe mountain. I estimate that the Air cutter knife was the treasure Luo Feng acquired.’’

’’Luo Feng initially had only one planet called Earth.’’

’’Heading to earth is very troublesome. It requires one to travel through a wormhole and after which close to another three years of flying is required to reach Earth.’’

’’From the Sacred lands information organization, the Peterly family had found this...They had initially sent a small team over, who spent close to 3 years to reach planet Earth. However, there was actually a universe level 9 there stopping their family's little team. This universe level 9 also proclaimed that Earth was a part of 3 Axe mountain territory.’’

Brolin was stunned, he couldn't help but say, ’’Grandfather...’’

’’Very troublesome.’’ Hargrey shook his head, ’’First, we don't know if he's on earth. Second, heading to earth takes up too much time. Third, there's at least a universe level 9 on earth. Even if we have to send someone, we have to at least send a domain lord, and under me I only have 3 domain lords. Fourth, the Air cutter knife treasure he acquired has already been given away. Last but not lease and the most important thing is, that's a part of Three Axe mountain territory.’’

Three Axe mountain, the leader of the 4 organizations. Sacred land Black Dragon Mountain didn't dare easily mess with Three Axe mountain and did not want to get on its bad side either.

’’This matter will stop here for now, I'll arrange for the Sacred land information system to do a thorough check on Luo Feng.’’ Hargrey emphasized, ’’I've been very busy recently too. I have to devote my time to training a bunch of disciples under me.’’

’’Understood.’’ Brolin understood too that there was nothing he could do.

’’Grandfather, you said you are nurturing disciples?’’ Brolin was very shocked. A pinnacle sector lord usually only gives several pointers to his disciples. But, dedicating time to actually train them, he had never heard his grandfather ever mention this before.

’’This was something the Sacred land assigned me to do.’’ Hargrey sighed, ’’Right now in the vast universe, several universe countries and many god countries and organizations have begun to seriously train their disciples. There are many other independent strong warriors who've begun to seriously train their disciples. After all, time is running out.’’

’’What?’’ Brolin was suspicious.

’’For the two pinnacles of battles...’’ Hargrey reminded.


Brolin stared wide eyed, ’’Grandfather, are you speaking of...’’He held his breath.

’’The absolute genius fight, or the strong warrior fight?’’ Brolin asked.

’’The genius fight.’’ Hargrey said.

Brolin's heart beat raced.

In the vast universe, the strong prey on the weak. And the human race was one of the most elite races amongst all the other races in the vast universe! However, even though they were elite, it didn't mean that they would always stay on top. Hence humans too had to work hard and nurture their elites.

In the universe, humans had two ultimate battles that expanded across the vast universe!

One of them was the pinnacle genius battle for the humans across the universe. The other was the pinnacle warriors battle for the humans across the universe.

The pinnacle genius battle, was aimed at all the star level humans in many universe countries. As long as one was a star level, they could participate!

The pinnacle warrior battle, was aimed at all the universe level warriors. Any universe level human could participate!

’’All the great universe countries, with trillions of galaxies and countless star level humans, they'll battle with extremely fair and strict conditions. To be able to survive and stand out till the end would mean one was an absolute genius in countless galaxies!’’ Hargrey sighed, ’’From the star level, one can begin to see a person's natural talent,comprehension and their level of genius! Taking all the universe countries into account, I wonder if our top genius from the Black Dragon mountain star field will be able to make it into the top one million of the geniuses.’’


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