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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 24


Volume 10 Chapter 24 - Movement

Earth, Asia, Hong Ning base.

’’Third brother, why have you come here?’’ Hong was still dressed in all black.

’’Big brother, didn't you ask me to get you a life fruit the last time?’’ Luo Feng sat before Hong, picking up a cup of tea, his eyes gleaming as he drank, ’’Oh, good tea.’’

’’Life fruit?’’ Hong seemed anxious with anticipation.

Back then he witnessed for himself how Luo Feng's cloud contact vine had grown immensely in strength after eating a life fruit.

’’I didn't get to buy a life fruit. However, I bought a hundred Swelling water fruits.’’ Luo Feng explained, ’’This swelling water fruit has medicinal properties which are more gentle and your cloud contact vine will definitely absorb it well. These one hundred fruits, use one every ten days for the next three years. Once you finish all one hundred fruits, I guarantee that your cloud contact vine will be able to reach universe level 3 or 4.’’

’’Oh?’’ Hong seemed delighted and surprised.

His cloud contact vine, first off, was weaker than Luo Feng's.

Even Luo Feng's cloud contact vine only became universe level 2 after eating the life fruit.

’’Big brother, the main thing is when I went to participate in this time's auction, I had to spend quite a bit on a spirit weapon. Hence, I didn't have enough to get a life fruit.’’ Luo Feng apologized, ’’Of course, in terms of nurturing, these one hundred swelling water fruits added together do not pale in comparison to one life fruit.’’

’’Haha...alright, I understand.’’ Hong laughed, ’’We are brothers, there's no need for so much talk.’’

Luo Feng laughed too.

With a wave of his hand, he took out a box and placed it directly on the table before them. Pa! The box was opened and in it were one hundred swelling water fruits.

’’Looks very peculiar, they indeed are treasured fruits of the universe.’’ Hong's eyes gleamed.

’’Without a doubt! The price of these one hundred swelling water fruits is comparable to an entire galaxy.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, curious, ’’Right, why haven't I seen second brother around recently?’’

’’Thunder god? Ever since he acquired the inheritance of sector lord Kabu, these past 2 years he's been training under that Lord Wu.’’ Hong smiled, ’’His strength has been growing quite quickly. Luckily, the training you've given me from the Yun Mo Planet has been fruitful and I've made some breakthroughs, otherwise I would have been surpassed already.’’

Luo Feng realized that the fighter training and techniques from the Yun Mo Planet weren't weak at all. One had to know that the Yun Mo Planet master had 9 great undying underlings and a big half of them were fighters! Undying fighter techniques, how could they be weak?

The only difference was that the Thunder god had the living AI Lord Wu's guidance, along with maybe some treasures and assistance!

And Hong, could only rely on his own comprehension and skills.

However, Hong's comprehension had always been very high. Back then Mingyu had determined that Luo Feng and Thunder god belonged to the level 3 elite geniuses while Hong was a level 1 elite genius. Of course it has only been two years since then. Yet, ever since the golden horned beast broke through to the universe level, Luo Feng's comprehension in the gold origin laws had huge improvements.

’’Right, third brother. Recently, the number of skilled opponents within the slaughterhouse battle arena has increased by a large number. I don't know what's going on.’’ Hong creased his eyebrows.

’’Increased by a large number?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Recently, he had been busy with the auction. Hence, he had not been able to keep up with the situation at the slaughterhouse.

’’Right, before I could easily defeat many opponents. However,these days, a large number of powerful geniuses have popped up. And these people rarely showed themselves before at the slaughterhouse battle arena.’’ Hong said, ’’If a couple of geniuses popped up here and there, It would be nothing. But, with so many of them suddenly appearing, I feel like something might have happened.’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious, not knowing what the reason was.

That battle arena, Luo Feng didn't actually go to investigate it. Instead, he immediately began nurturing his second clone.


Within the vast golden continent, high above in the sky there was a layer of golden fog in the atmosphere, permeating through to the surrounding continent too.

With an area reaching 6,000km, right in the middle of sky, a black peculiar piece of skin suddenly appeared. This was the damaged piece of skin from the Mosha Clan that Luo Feng had won in the auction, albeit being only a small portion of it.

’’Talent, cloning, nurture!’’

With a thought the entire world began to rumble. As the tremors ran through, the huge land began to quake.


That peculiar black skin immediately vaporized, leaving behind only a peculiar liquid. Amidst the mad quakes happening throughout the continent, the gold fog immediately began to gather towards the center, seemingly wrapping itself around that black liquid left behind by the vaporized skin, in an instant coagulating into an oval shaped golden egg.

’’The nurturing process has begun, I don't even know how long it'll take before it completes.’’ Luo Feng thought.

According to Luo Feng's conversation with the auctioneer during the exchange, he came to know that the original owner was a universe level 2 Mosha Clan demon, and because of that Luo Feng could begin the nurturing.

The natural talent cloning, the golden horned beast only had three chances within its lifespan.

Right now it was the second time!

’’The Mosha clan's nurturing, compared to the initial nurturing of the earth human body, was tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands times harder. And back then the internal world was a star level 1.Yet, right now the internal world was universe level 6. It was tens of thousands of times stronger than before.’’ Luo Feng calculated, ’’After the first day, I should be able to deduce how long the nurturing will take.’’

Theoretically speaking, the stronger the original owner, the more elite the bloodline was. This also meant that it would require longer and more shocking the amount of time for the nurturing.


’’Weird, weird.’’

’’Originally, I guessed that the nurturing would require decades to a hundred years. However, I never thought it would only require 3 years and 9 months.’’ Luo Feng waited a day while using the information he gathered from within the internal world and the mysterious energies that surrounded the continent, he completely figured out the length of time required for the nurturing of the Mosha clan body.

Mosha clan, they weren't of flesh and blood!

The rules for nurturing a flesh and blood body didn't apply here.

As an energy life form, as long as the internal world was able to nurture the life crystal core, it would automatically unleash the energy and form its body! And as a special feature of the energy life could not only take human form, but also other forms and able to transform to almost anything easily.

’’All it takes is to nurture the life crystal core, this Mosha clan is indeed special.’’ Luo Feng thought.


The natural talent cloning, the moment it began, Luo Feng didn't need to think twice about it, he only had to wait patiently.

The 12th lunar month, Chinese New Year came around quickly.

The entirety of China was engaged in ceremonies. Even during the Great Nirvana, with constant attacks by beasts, the citizens of China never forgot their most important celebrations...Chinese New Year. Luo Feng too had to stop reluctantly from his training and spend a few days with his family.

On the 9th day, early morning.

Outside of the Jiang Nan base, in the wilderness region, there were dilapidated and broken cities., Within a city which had been deserted for over 10 years, there was one skyscraper which was 28 levels high. On one of its loft, with a glimmer of light, a human silhouette appeared.

Dressed in dark red armor, feet in boots and carrying a peculiar dark golden long rod.

This dark golden long rod was over 2m long and was quite wide, to the point that 2 hands could barely grab it. With a diameter of about 15cm. The entire rod gave off an aura that made hearts palpitate. The aura it gave off occasionally caused the surrounding concrete city's large amounts of beasts to steer clear of Luo Feng.

No beast dared to approach him.

’’Wearing this Nan Shen Armament feels like carrying a mountain.’’ Luo Feng could feel the pressure from the Nan Shen Armament he carried.

Normal level 1, 2 or 3 spirit weapons were fairly simple to use.!

However, higher level weapons were different. For example, unleashing the strength of a level 5 weapon required one to first nurture it mentally and spiritually, leaving an imprint on the weapon itself.

’’Treat it well and nurture it. Once it's complete, the Nan Shen Armament will treat you as its master. Then you can begin your training.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng was worried about the armament's aura affecting his family during the nurturing. Hence, he specially chose to head towards the wilderness region.

’’The Nan Shen Armaments, nine levels of amplification.’’ Luo Feng sat crossed legged, placing the long golden rod on his lap, ’’According to my level, I should be able to finish the first level.’’

The Nan Shen Armament was divided into nine levels, with each having more immense power than the previous. With the reputation being the strongest and also the weakest of the godly weapons, if one wasn't a true genius, he would be better off using normal spirit weapons.

The first level, named ***

The second level, named the Sky piercing form.

The third level, named the Heavenly blade form.

The fourth: Skilled time.

The fifth: Space slice.

The sixth: Own world.

The seventh: One rod to tremor the earth and skies.

The eighth: Gold blade slicing through the void.

The ninth: Even undying isn't a foe.

When Luo Feng found out the names of the 9 levels, especially the ninth form: Even Undying isn't a foe, he was greatly excited. Because, whether it was the inheritance memories of the golden horned beast or the knowledge that Babata had imparted, from sector lord to undying, this was an incredibly huge breakthrough, one that would completely alter one's soul and spirit! The true supremely qualitative breakthrough!

Undying, could easily destroy the pinnacle of sector lords!

Even the sector lord pinnacle golden horned beast, against an undying, had to lower its head.

However this ninth form actually says even an undying isn't a foe, it was simply divine.

’’It's a pity that it's extremely hard to reach the ninth form. Amongst the entire human races within the many universe countries, very few have actually reached the ninth form. The difficulty of completing the ninth form is even harder than reaching the undying stage.’’ Luo Feng sighed. No matter what, right now he only had a hair's width of understanding about the golden origin laws. As for the space origin laws, he hadn't even begun to understand them, he had to slowly work on it.

Luo Feng had immersed himself within the Nan Shen Armament to comprehend it. At that moment, within the Black Dragon mountain empire's Imperial capital planet.

Imperial capital planet, within a floating castle.

’’Have you found any information on Luo Feng yet?’’ Dressed in imperial gowns, the ninth prince sat in the throne and said coldly.

’’No, back in the world within a world, he followed the 3 Axe Mountain and left. We only found out that he was part of the group under Lord Mingyu. We haven't found anything else and we don't know where he's at.’’ Below, a worker said respectfully.

’’Get lost!’’ The ninth prince Bu Luo Lin ordered.

Lately, Bu Luo Lin had been in an extremely bad mood.

Since the world within a world incident, his grandfather Hargrey was the biggest loser of all! Not only did he not acquire the inheritance crystal ball, he lost almost all of his fortune. Also, he had offended many of the sector lords within the Black Dragon Mountain!

One must know that back in the world within a world, Bu Luo Lin commanded over 220,000 troops. Just where did these troops come from? The main thing was there was a group of sector lords that supported Hargrey from within the Black Dragon Mountain Sacred land. They handed their troops over to Bu Luo Lin to command and decided to support him unconditionally!

All they decided on were promises, which both Hargrey and the ninth prince have not been able to keep. The ninth prince, had even given treasures like the D6 Railguns to his grandfather, to settle with those sector lords.

However, there were over ten of them back then! The treasures the ninth prince had acquired were simply not enough! And with Hargrey himself being close to bankrupt, his mood was definitely not good from the beginning. As these sector lords still chased him about the promise from before, he raged and his mood got even worse.

Eventually, Hargrey lost his power within the sacred land.

Hargrey himself didn't care much for the power and authority. As a sector lord, his own power was the most important. However...

Losing his power within the black dragon mountain sacred land had negatively affected the 9th prince's position.

’’Hmph!’’ Bu Luo Lin gritted his teeth, ’’Both big brother and third brother want to fight with me for the throne?’’ Thinking about the entire incident before, Bu Luo Lin grew even more enraged!


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