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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 23


Volume 10 Chapter 23 - Final Days of the Lunar New Year

In the Ganwu Universe Country's territory, an incomparably beautiful light red colored renowned planet called Fula planet existed. This was a notable planet because this is where a great undying stayed. This undying had a high position even within the virtual universe company.

On the planet.

Soldiers from the universe army that belonged to the virtual universe company were stationed here, and the most basic soldiers of this army were at least universe level.


’’Hurry! the Ganwu auction is about to end. The 100 brothers that won the duels before, quickly enter the network and get ready to receive the important people.’’

’’Haha, the auction has finally ended, the brothers have all been waiting.’’

Within the enormous army base, it suddenly got busy.

’’Second brother, I heard that this auction has gathered all of the important figures in the universe country. I heard there are over a million sector lords! Even many undying, along with several youths with huge backgrounds. You have to help me look and tell me about it when you return. This time, even when we went outside the star field to the battlefield, we didn't see many undying.’’

’’Relax! Over a million sector lords...tsk, I'll tell you about it slowly when I return.’’

’’When the military service limit expired and we returned to the planet's territory, I didn't expect to get the chance to go take a gander at such a scene. I heard the lowest requirement for this Ganwu auction is to be a 3 star client, I may never get the chance to participate in my whole life. This time, for the army to send me along with the other 99, I really am lucky.’’

’’What's the requirement to be a 3 star client?’’

’’I heard that the savings must reach 10 trillion universe dollars.’’

’’My god! 10 trillion universe dollars? entire territory only has a few hundred life planets. Even the number of digits doesn't match.’’


Amongst the discussions of the universe level soldiers, 100 of the winners were proudly chosen to enter the virtual universe network.


Virtual universe, Ganwu continent, on one of the floating islands.

The main construct of the entire floating island was that enormous auction hall. At this time, under orders, human silhouettes began appearing there, swiftly dispersing and stationing throughout the important locations of the island. Among the total of over 1,000 people, even the service staff were all at least universe level!

’’Carter, I heard these guests are mostly sector lords. Over a million sector lords.’’

’’I've never seen so many sector lords together in my life.’’

Two male staff members dressed in service uniforms stood beside a small bridge, discussing in hushed voices and suppressing their excitement.

Universe level warriors...

Even though they could be considered tyrants and kings in several galaxies, when compared within the entire star field, their position was still very low. And in the vastness of the universe country, they didn't amount to anything! Just the Ganwu Universe country alone with over a hundred million galaxies, there were over a million sector lords, just how many organizations were there?

Under the large amount of sector lord's tutelage, the percentage of universe levels had grown much more.

The entire universe country with over a hundred million galaxies would have a minimum of 1 billion universe levels!! The soldiers that made up the armies sent outside the star field to battle were all at least universe level!

The universe soldiers were all very clear that within the entire universe country they were considered to be at the lower rungs of the ladder. Those participating in the universe country's greatest gathering...the guests of the Ganwu auction, those were the upper echelons of the universe country.

’’The auction has officially ended and all the guests will be leaving directly. All staff members in charge of guiding them, remember your responsibilities. Your performance and contribution will be linked together.’’ A cold voice swiftly resounded across within every staff member's mind within the floating island. The two male staff members who were discussing before immediately stopped and stood at attention.



All that could be seen from that distant, enormous, and totally beautiful auction hall's exits were the large number of people who began to flow out. There were over 1.8 million guests, with over 99% of them being sector lords(a group of them even undying) along with several youths with huge backgrounds and wealth.

’’Sir, this way to the teleportation spot. The other spots are used to sight see our floating island.’’ The staff member said with a respectful smile.


Three huge tall and sturdy men walked side by side, glancing just once at the staff member. Their gaze however was filled with an immense willpower, causing the staff member to tremble within. ’’And this is only in the virtual universe. If it were in reality, with the huge willpower of the sector lords, just a gaze alone would be enough to make my spirit crumble.’’

The Sector lords exited one by one...

A sector lord here wasn't worth anything. One would occasionally spot an existence even more terrifying than a sector lord, even though within the virtual universe they all had normal bodies. However, what made the staff respect them even more was the willpower of the undying infused within their bodies, the power that held the universe origin laws within it.

’’There are too many sector lords, the two that passed by were too scary. They must be undying!’’ All the staff members held their breaths.

’’There's a youth ahead, doesn't seem like a sector lord though, much less an undying! Oh, he must be a youth with an enormous background.’’ The staff grew even more cautious. When the black haired youth walked over, they smiled respectfully and said, ’’Sir, head this way to the teleportation spot, other directions will allow you to sight see our floating island.’’

’’Ok.’’ The black haired youth nodded slightly, smiling as he glanced at the staff member while heading towards the teleportation spot.

’’He actually smiled at me? This youth really isn't arrogant at all.’’ The universe level staff member was excited. He was used to the cold expressions of the sector lords, occasionally getting greeted with a smile made him feel warm and appreciated.


Luo Feng followed the directions of the staff member and quickly reached the teleportation spot.

’’Most of the guests here are sector lords. Even though it's within the virtual universe, with their gaze that's infused with their willpower,, they are still terrifying. These staff members have to be at least at the universe level or else they'll lose their composure.’’ Babata said.

’’I didn't feel that terrified.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’First of all, your will power is quite strong and your golden horned beast body is at universe level 6. Second, those sector lords will look at you as their equal. After all, in the universe, there are two types of people that are never to be offended. One is an absolute warrior and the other is those with huge background.’’ Babata said, ’’And those who are weak but still come here as guests, usually are people with huge backgrounds.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Without background and acquiring the treasures, one wouldn't have a path to sell them!

’’Sir, we welcome and thank you for attending this time's auction. We also thank you for your support.’’ An incomparably beautiful young lady with reddish brown hair smiled, that smile had within it a peculiar mesmerizing ability.

Under the gentle sound of her voice, Luo Feng stepped into the teleportation spot and during the time, he turned to glance at the floating island...

On the island were extremely courteous and respectful universe level staff members, along with many sector lords and undying!

’’Coming here really does make one feel nervous.’’ Luo Feng smiled and shook his head.


His silhouette vanished.

To Luo Feng, joining this great gathering of the Ganwu Universe country, the Ganwu auction, it felt very much like a dream. And within the dream...those treasures and their worth were each comparable to a galaxy at least. Now, awakening from the dream, Luo Feng returned to his home, the Black Dragon Mountain star field within the Ganwu Universe Country, the Milky Way, within which was the little and unnoticeable plane Earth.

Fifteen days after the Ganwu auction ended, Luo Feng brough Di Fan in a universe ship and headed towards Bai Lan Star.

Bai Lan Star's every peak was covered with snow.

Luo Feng walked ahead while Di Fan followed behind him. They were walking towards the beautiful ship while stepping on the snow., It was a ship belonging to the virtual universe company.

’’Guest identity confirmed, we can begin the exchange.’’

A robotic voice spoke.

The virtual universe company's workers placed a huge box on the floor, Luo Feng waved and kept the box within his storage ring.

’’Respected client, thank you for supporting our virtual universe company.’’

Luo Feng shook hands with a silver short haired youth, following which the two separated.Luo Feng and Di Fan swiftly flew back towards their ship.

’’We've got the goods, let's return to Earth!’’ Luo Feng ordered.

The ship rose into the sky and rushed out of the Bai Lan Star atmosphere, engaging in universe travel into the dark universe and heading towards the coordinates of Earth.


Within the ship's control room.

A large box was placed there.

’’I've spent close to 10 galaxies worth of wealth to buy these treasures.’’ Luo Feng sighed. Beside him Di Fan smiled, ’’The more you invest, the more your returns. Master spent so much wealth this time, I believe he will get a hundred to a thousand times more in the future.’’


Luo Feng laughed as he walked boldly forward, opening the box. Pa! The first box was opened. Within it were several translucent boxes, every box had tender and lovely fruits with dew drops on them, which was the swelling water fruit. Even though it wasn't one that could save a life, the swelling water fruit was still worth a few thousands of life planets.

’’Pa!’’ The second box was opened. Within it was a large number of translucent boxes, and within them were more swelling water fruits.

Pa! The third box was opened.

Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

What lay within it was a peculiar dark golden long rod, one of the 9 godly weapons for the spirit reader controller, the Nan Shen Armament! Luo Feng squatted down and extended his hand to touch that dark golden long rod, feeling its extreme cold, his heart was filled with anticipation.

This Nan Shen Armament...will accompany him for the next thousand to ten thousand years!

’’Pa!’’ Luo Feng turned around to open the last box, within it was the dark golden peculiar partial piece of skin that had peculiar engravings on it.

’’The second clone!’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up, his heart burning with excitement.

In the universe, even though hard work and comprehension was important, talent and resources too were just as important.

One who was incomparably hardworking with high comprehension may be powerful within a galaxy.

However those with talent, back support, with wealthy resources, putting in the same amount of hard work and with comprehension, will definitely accomplish more!

’’My aim, is to become an absolute warrior, one even amongst the undying, one that surpasses even my old teacher! This foundation, naturally the stronger it is the better.’’ Luo Feng's gaze burned, this partial piece of skin was going to be the conduit for his second clone. Once his second clone was formed, the golden horned beast could then focus on training the golden universe laws while the second clone could strive for the space laws.

Luo Feng's human body could then focus on the Nan Shen Armament skills.

With the three combined...

His accomplishments wouldn't have a limit.

’’I wont think too far ahead. Right, today is the 12th lunar month, there's only a few days till the Chinese New Year. I should find presents for Ping Ping and Little Hai.’’ Luo Feng rubbed his nose.


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