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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 22


Volume 10 Chapter 22 - Primal Universe

The elite of the energy race beings, the Mosha clan, with the title of the most powerful assassination race. In numbers, even though the Mosha clan wasn't as few as the golden horned beast, the value of their skin didn't seem any lower than a golden horned beast's body.


A partial damaged skin of a Mosha clan, it's training value was very low, the main thing was just the price. This was what made Luo Feng happy.

’’Let's hope the undying don't get excited about it.’’ Luo Feng secretly prayed within, 1 mixed element was a huge amount even for sector lords, without any special situations, they wouldn't waste their money, the only thing he was afraid of was the undying spending.

1.1 mixed elements...1.15 mixed elements...

The numbers on the screen constantly rose.

1.5 mixed elements...1.51...1.56...1.59...

The numbers continued to jump, within a flash it had broken past 2 mixed elements.

’’Just a damaged piece of skin, is there a need for this?’’ Luo Feng gritted his teeth.

’’That's a skin with space origin laws engravings.’’ Babata said.

’’But it's damaged!’’ Luo Feng bit down, entering another higher price.

The price continued to jump at a dazzling speed, especially with a few large jumps, causing the price to swiftly go past 3 mixed elements. After which it was clear that the jumps began to slow down, after all, this was still a damaged piece of skin from a Mosha Clan demon.

’’3 mixed elements, any higher and there's no point.’’ In the millions of king sized seats, one of the guests, dressed in a peculiar silver armor, with white eyebrows, white pupils and bald. He was all smiles, giving off the impression that he had a personality as warm as a sun.

Even though it was warm, he still needed to be respected.

’’3.6 mixed elements. Even if I get it, this Mosha clan's skin will just go in my training room.’’ A silver haired black robed old man looked at the price break past 3.6 mixed elements and shook his head, giving up on the bid.


’’Enough, enough, don't rise anymore.’’ Luo Feng stared at the screen of the bids, gripping the slip so tight crunching noises could be heard.

’’3.9 mixed elements.’’ Luo Feng bit his teeth and entered yet another bid.

Others could simply not buy it, but he had to grab this opportunity.

After entering the bid, he continued to stare hard at the screen, the screen continued to display 3.9 mixed elements, after a few seconds of no change, Luo Feng began to grow excited.

’’3.9 mixed elements, any higher bids? Countdown 3 seconds, 3...2...1! Congratulations to guest number knd99286, you've acquired the partial piece of skin from the Mosha Clan.’’ The turtle shelled old man said, his voice resounding across the endless stream of seats within the vast auction hall.

’’Phew!’’ Luo Feng looked at the screen holding his breath, finally releasing a long sigh of relief.

’’Haha, Luo Feng, you've succeeded.’’ Babata too was extremely gleeful.

’’My luck is good, I was so afraid it would exceed my capacity.’’ Luo Feng was all smiles.

It was enough. By participating in this Ganwu Auction, he had seen tens of thousands of valuable items. At the same time, he purchased several important items: the Swelling water fruit for the cloud contact vine, the Nan Shen Armament to be his weapon for an extremely long time, and the skin of the Mosha clan to act as his next body.’’

The 2nd clone... was going to be of the Mosha clan!

’’Right now I'm just worried about one thing...’’Luo Feng thought.

’’What are you worried about?’’ Babata asked.

’’I'm worried about the owner of this skin, what level of power he was at.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’The golden horned beast's cloning process doesn't work on one that is more powerful than itself. Right now the golden horned beast is at universe level 6, that means the nurturing process can only do up to a universe level 6. The owner of this skin...let's hope it doesn't exceed universe level 6.’’

’’We can only rely on luck, however Luo Feng you should relax, the Mosha clan specializes in assassination, the stronger they are the harder they are to kill, much less kill and save a piece of their skin. Hence...the chances of it being a sector lord is close to zero, chances of it being domain lord or universe level are higher. Of'll still rely on your luck.’’

This Ganwu auction had attracted a good number of the Ganwu universe country's strongest warriors. Even undying from other universe country's had come to participate!

Whichever emperor, or head of organization, even the undying from whichever god country, they were all but guests within this auction, and Luo Feng was one of them too...many other very high ranking people, their main purpose in joining this Ganwu auction was to get the finale items from the final auctions.

’’Attention all, the auction has reached this point, where we've sold 99 of the finale items.’’ The turtle shelled old man was all smiles, his voice resounding across the auction hall, ’’We are left with the final item of all! Once this item has been sold, it'll mark the end of the entire Ganwu Auction.’’

’’I believe everybody cannot wait any longer, actually even I, Old Ba Tuo, am anxious.’’ The turtle shelled old man's voice suddenly got louder, ’’Right now!!!’’

’’I officially declare, the final item for the entire auction...the name list to enter one of the primal universe!’’ The turtle shelled old man's eyes were glaring, his voice bright and loud, ’’Sector lord namelist! This is the namelist to enter the primal universe, I believe all the sector lords here, even the undying are extremely clear of just how valuable this namelist is!’’


The entire auction hall had erupted, even though many had heard news of it before, however actually hearing it as the final item, the entire hall had simply erupted!

’’Primal universe.’’

’’The legendary primal universe, to be able to enter and see, even if one reaches the limit of his lifespan, it would be worth it.’’

’’I heard the primal universe is different from our original universe.’’

’’The five great leviathans had long taken control of the the namelist for the primal universe, so even the universe countries would have a hard time getting on it. Much less the sector lord name's going to be crazy, the auction is going to be crazy.’’


The discussions were rampant, Luo Feng could feel the mixed feelings within them, passion, envy, anticipation, excited.

’’Babata, the name list for the primal universe, what does it mean?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’Primal universe, what place is that?’’

’’Luo Feng you should know that the extremely vast universe that we live in with countless races and all is actually called the original universe. The original universe is a very perfect universe, wanting to actually to make changes to any of the origin laws is extremely difficult.’’ Babata said, ’’However the primal universe is different.’’

’’Primal...meaning as beginning, represents a universe that is still evolving and in its early stages.’’

’’Legends say that there hasn't been any life produced in the primal universe.’’

’’Legends say that because the primal universe isn't perfect, so there's constantly disasters.’’

’’Legends say that because it isn't perfect, it's a lot easier to feel and comprehend the origin laws!’’

’’In the universe, a few powerful organizations, like the virtual universe company, the universe galaxy bank, the huge axe dojo and the other 5 great leviathans will occasionally send a few important elites to enter the primal universe.’’ Babata sighed, exploring in the primal universe, it's a lot easier to evolve in there.’’

’’Luo Feng was getting more curious as he listened, ’’Where did the primal universe pop up from? How do you go over?’’

’’No idea.’’ Babata said.


Within the auction, the turtle shelled old man said loudly, ’’Sector lord pinnacles, the chance to enter the primal universe, the chances of reaching undying level is over one half! This name list is extremely valuable, right now, the auction begins! The lowest bid starts at 0!’’

’’1000 mixed elements!’’

Over a million guests had their slips light up once again with numbers, causing many sector lords to exclaim secretly. So much wealth!

Suddenly the numbers jumped again...’’10,000 mixed elements!’’


The entire auction hall went silent, all the sector lords were stunned, this was the first time during the entire auction the number had actually hit 10,000 mixed elements! This was the requirement for a 4 star client, even amongst the undying, having 10,000 mixed elements was considered not bad.

Throwing out 10,000 mixed elements for only a sector lord namelist, it was indeed extravagant.

’’My god, this is only a sector lord name list, if it were an undying expensive would that be?’’ Luo Feng stared wide eyed.

’’The undying namelist wouldn't even appear in this entry level auction. Normally it would be a rare appearance at the middle level auctions, or at the higher level auctions. Even your teacher's entire fortune wouldn't be enough.’’ Babata exclaimed.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was stunned.

’’Back then your teacher went to participate in that auction, however in the end his fortune wasn't enough.’’ Babata shook his head, ’’Hence, even your teacher hasn't visited the primal universe.’’

’’Even teacher hasn't gone before?’’

’’Even though he's never been, however...that is but a special place. The primal universe belongs to a universe in its early stages. In terms of size, it's much much smaller than the original universe!’’ Babata said, ’’The original universe hosts countless clans and life forms, countless life, and humans are but one of the many!’’

’’The original universe is the true core.’’

’’Other secret places, god countries, worlds, primal universe, and other special places, many are attached to the original universe in nature!’’ Babata said, ’’Or, correctly speaking, they are parts of the original universe!’’

’’A part of?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious.

’’Even if I tell you now, you won't know! Cough...actually, regarding this, even I don't know that much!’’

’’Even though your teacher was considered a powerful warrior amongst the undying, however in the vast universe, strong warriors are like the clouds. There were many more that were even more powerful than your teacher.’’

’’And the universe is simply too vast, even undying, spending trillions of years would find it hard to actually have travelled through the entire universe, hence, even your teacher only knew just a little bit of this universe. Naturally what I know isn't too much either.’’ Babata said, ’’As the most ancient and most mysterious original universe, if you want to know more, you have to rely on yourself.’’

Luo Feng smiled.

Right now he was only messing about in the Black Dragon Mountain star field, not even entering the Ganwu universe country yet, much less exploring the entire universe. After all, the human race was but one of the many countless life forms in the vast universe.

’’36,530 mixed elements! Any higher?’’

’’36,550 mixed elements, oh, 37,000 mixed elements, right now it's at 37000 mixed elements!’’ The turtle shelled old man's voice cut through the entire auction hall, ’’Any higher? We'll begin the countdown...10...9, oh, 37,500 mixed elements! A new high price, a new bidder, until the final moment, if you miss it it'll be hard to get an opportunity like this again! 10...9...8...’’

’’3...2...1! Congratulations to guest number tuf49903, you've acquired the chance to enter the primal universe sector lord name list! We congratulate and wish you be reborn as a new undying!’’ The turtle shelled old man's voice got louder, ’’This auction...all of the items have been sold, we thank everyone for their support, I, Old Batuo officially announce that this auction is officially over!!!’’


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