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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 21


Volume 10 Chapter 21 - The Second Clone

’’The next item is the beginning of our final auction. To be able to start our conclusion, this item is definitely one of the top 3 valuable items the golden leaf of the ancient Klass tree’’ yelled the turtled shelled old man. At the same time, an image of a seemingly normal golden leaf appeared on the screen beside him. However, the entire leaf seemed to have a peculiar feeling to it. The fighters on the millions of seats throughout the auction started discussing in confusion.

’’What is the ancient Klass tree?’’

’’What is that?’’

’’No idea.’’ Out of the over a million sector lords present, basically 99.9% of them had no idea what this item was.

Luo Feng was also confused: ’’Babata, what is this?’’

’’This auction sure can do it. This auction is definitely the best one of the Ganwu auctions in the past 10,000 years’’ sighed Babata, ’’This golden leaf of the ancient Klass tree, even in the vast universe, is an extremely valuable item. Don't bother asking about it until you reach the undying level;it ties into a lot of complicated matters’’

’’Carry out my order, tell the empire's investment branch to give me as much money as they can.’’ On one of the various thrones in the auction, a long-haired middle aged man with long eyelashes gave his order through his virtual assistant.


’’Oh? The golden leaf of the ancient Klass tree? I came here this time just for a spot to study in the primal universe, but who would've thought I would run into the golden leaf.’’ A fat man was wearing some peculiar armor. As he stood there, it seemed like an infinite amount of lightning was gathering around him. He seemed to be the avatar of the universe origin laws themselves.


’’Those who know about this golden leaf knows how much it's worth. For those who don't, nevermind. The authorities have requested that I don't go into the specifics.’’ yelled the turtle shelled old man, ’’Bidding begin, starting bid ... 0!’’

The first item of the finale of the auction the golden leaf of the ancient Klass tree, started to be auctioned off.

’’1,000 mixed element units!’’

A number appeared on the cards of the million sector lords, the various rich people, and even the undying beings, which caused Luo Feng to gasp ’’1,000 mixed element units right off the bat?’’. Such an amount can purchase a few hundred life fruits and a small star sector.

’’2,000 mixed element units!’’

2,200 mixed element units..... 2,800 mixed element units..... 3,300 mixed element units.....

The rising price caused everybody to widen their eyes in awe.

Even for undying beings, this was a gigantic amount.

’’My lord, there isn't any money left in the royal reserves of the entire empire’’


Cold darkness was currently emanating from the eyes of a bald, handsome, tall man as he cursed. As of now, the bids have already reached 5,000 mixed element units.

’’This is too amazing.’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’The requirement for a four star client is 10,000 mixed element units, which is above average for an undying being’’ said Babata, ’’The ones still bidding are probably all undying beings.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Sector lord Kabus wealth could rival a poor undying being, which is around 200 to 300 mixed element units. And now, the bids have reached 5,000 mixed element units. Sector lords could only stare at this price in awe.

’’The first and last item of the finale are extraordinarily expensive’’ introduced Babata.

’’8,900 mixed element units! Any higher?’’ the turtle shelled old man smiled as he yelled. This price was already above their accepted standard. If nobody bid above the accepted standard, then the organizers of the auction will arrange for someone to purchase the item.

’’8,950 mixed element units!’’

Another higher bid.

’’8,960 mixed element units!’’ the price went up only by a bit every time. The price continued to rise, but the frequency lowered by quite a bit.

’’Everyone, we're at 8,990 mixed element units, any higher?’’ the turtle shelled old man looked around, ’’Beginning countdown, 10, 9...... 3, 2, 1! Congratulations customer bue52522, you just received this extremely valuable golden leaf of the ancient Klass tree’’

Luo Feng was shocked, even his top quality E grade automaton race spaceship is only worth around 1,000 to 2,000 mixed element units. This price of 8,990 mixed element units, is enough to purchase five or six of those automaton spaceships, and that price was used just for a golden leaf?

As the rest of the items appeared, Luo Feng became calm.

It seems like not all of these items were absurdly expensive. Out of the 100 items in the finale, only two or three were extremely expensive! 20 of them were a bit expensive. As for the rest of them, they could only count as 'extremely rare';their price is within reason.

’’22,000 universe dollars, counting down, 3, 2, 1! Congratulations customer ypr20445, you just received this Tian Luo crystal’’

’’This next item, is even more rare than the rest. Even in the auctions held in the various empires, one would rarely have the chance to encounter this item the skin of a Mosha clansman!’’ yelled the turtle shelled old man. Instantly, the over a million sector lord fighters on their thrones started to go into an uproar.

’’Yes, the skin of a Mosha clansman, you didn't hear wrong’’ the turtle shelled old man was extremely excited. A peculiar black piece of skin appeared on the display beside him. On the skin was some dark golden engravings.

’’Humans, monsters, etc. are all flesh type beings’’

’’But the Mosha clans people are energy type beings. As long as their energy core doesn't extinguish, they won't die. Even if they die, the energy of that Mosha clans person will dissipate, leaving behind just a shattered energy core. Killing them is already extremely difficult, but to try to obtain their skin..... is even more difficult.’’

’’As a clan specializing in assassination, as the ones that space itself favors, their skin contains the 'universe origin laws of space'.’’

’’I'm sure everyone understands the price of this skin’’

The million sector lords in the auction started discussing with each other. 'Luo Feng', who was sitting on one of the many thrones, was also excited.

’’The Mosha clan, Luo Feng, THIS IS THE SKIN OF A MOSHA CLANSMAN! If we say the Golden Horned Beast is naturally talented in the universe origin laws of gold, then the Mosha clan is talented in the universe origin laws of space. If you use its skin to nurture your second clone, this, this is like a dream combo’’ Babata was extremely excited.

Luo Feng froze, his Golden Horned Beast could have a total of three clones. The first clone is his 'human from earth'. Now that his Golden Horned Beast has reached the universe level, he could indeed nurture his second clone.

Since he could only have three clones in total, Luo Feng didn't dare to take it lightly.

If he couldn't find a suitable one, he would rather hold it off temporarily.

’’Mosha clan?’’ Luo Feng was a bit expectant and confused.

’’There are many races throughout the vast universe. The most powerful ones are the flesh type ones. However, other life forms cannot be underestimated. For example, there are peculiar races that can live forever. There are metallic life forms, energy life forms, soul life forms, plant life forms, etc. Metallic life forms can be divided into 10 million different kinds, and there are billions of plant life forms’’

’’Some life forms are naturally favored by the universe’’

’’The 'Mosha clan' of the energy life forms are one of the most elite races! The Mosha race has the title of the most powerful assassination race! Their only weak point is that they grow extremely slowly. However, once they grow, they'll become one of the most horrifying assassins. They are naturally talented in comprehending space, so their appearances are extremely peculiar and their escaping methods cannot be predicted.’’

’’Luo Feng, with your Mosha clan clone, your studies in the 《Spatial Techniques》 will be two times easier.’’ followed Babata.

Luo Feng nodded.

Yes, he had to choose the best choices for the three clones of the Golden Horned Beast. This skin of the Mosha clan was indeed a suitable choice.

’’And their most valuable part is their skin.’’

’’Since they are an energy life form, their bodies would normally dissipate like energy on death, leaving behind just a shattered energy core. Only when they are killed under special circumstances are their bodies preserved. So its skin is extremely valuable..... oh yeah, the price of this skin is quite high, probably at least a few hundred mixed element units. You can't afford it.’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng was speechless.

Can't afford.....

Such a good choice for his second clone, and he couldn't afford this piece of skin.

’’I actually don't need that much, I only need a tiny bit of the skin.’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. However, he understood that nobody would be stupid enough to give just a bit of the skin to Luo Feng.

’’Unfortunately, I must inform you all that this is not a complete piece of Mosha clansman skin’’ the turtle shelled old man pointed to the display beside him, which displayed the black piece of skin with the peculiar dark golden engravings on them, ’’This skin is only a tiny portion of the skin of the Mosha clansman. The rest was either torn apart or destroyed during the battle’’


’’What was I expecting.’’

’’Trying to learn from the engravings on the piece of skin is already an extraordinarily difficult task. One out of ten thousand people would already have trouble succeeding. If you could just trigger some thoughts, that would be good enough already. As for an incomplete piece of skin..... there's basically no chances of success’’

’’Got all excited for nothing.’’

Discussion was rampant across the auction. The difference between a complete portion of skin and an incomplete portion was as large as heaven and earth. This disappointed many of the people here, but one youth was extremely excited.

’’Incomplete! The more incomplete the better, the more the better!’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed. Babata followed: ’’Luo Feng, the price of an incomplete portion is much lower than a complete portion. According to my estimations, you should be able to get it with two or three mixed element units. However, if some undying being wants this and randomly bids, it could raise up to 10 mixed element units, if not higher.’’

Luo Feng was speechless.

Out of the roughly a million participants, there were indeed some undying beings. If an undying being wanted it, then the price could soar. To an undying being, 10 mixed element units was indeed not too big of a number.

’’They probably won't fight over it.’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

’’That is up to your luck. Most undying beings wouldn't fight over some incomplete engravings, but one of them just might.’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng clenched his teeth.

He had to go all out.....

And also leave it to fate!

This Mosha clansman skin was definitely an extremely suitable choice for his second clone. As one of the peak energy life forms and the most powerful assassin, even if it was slightly inferior to the Golden Horned Beast, it wasn't inferior by much. Even a sector lord's entire fortune could not afford its skin, which was a testament to its value.

’’Even if it is extremely hard to learn something from the engravings on a Mosha clansman's skin, there still exists a chance. Furthermore, the skin of a Mosha clansman is very rare. The numbers of the Mosha clansman are extremely few, so this piece of skin is definitely one of the most, most valuable collection items. Just its worth for collection purposes is already quite high’’ said the turtle shelled old man loudly, which caused Luo Feng to grind his teeth.

’’Alright, let the bids begin. Starting bid is also 0!’’

’’One mixed element!’’

The first bid appeared on everyone's auction cards.

The auction for the Mosha clansman skin, begins!


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