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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 20


Volume 10 Chapter 20 - The End of the Auction

’’The lowest price for the life fruit is 500 billion universe dollars. However, the life fruit is akin to a sector lord's second life. Hence the price will rocket even higher! It normally exceeds 2 trillion, and if more people are fighting over it, it may get even higher!’’ Babata said.

’’Hm, no way around it.’’ Luo Feng shook his head and gave up on the life fruit.

Even though Hong wanted a life fruit for himself, he too was prepared to use it to nurture his cloud contact vine.

In truth, nurturing the cloud contact vine with the life fruit was an extremely wasteful action because the life fruit was as valuable as a sector lord's second life, things that were used to nurture the plant life form were items that were far below the life fruit in value, like what Luo Feng had purchased before, the Swelling Water fruit.

’’Back then, you fought for the thunder stones in order to exchange for treasures in the world within a world, that exchange was valid for using the life fruit to nurture the cloud contact vine. However in truth, eating too many at a time is not good for the vine, the life energy of the life fruit is simply too much and huge. Swallowing all at one go will make the vine bloated, wasting a lot of its other beneficial effects, it's simply a waste.’’

’’The life fruit, it's most optimal usage isn't to nurture plant life.’’

’’Didn't you already buy 200 swelling water fruits?’’

’’The swelling water fruit is used to nurture spirit beasts and plants. It even has medicinal properties, and its portions are smaller than the life fruit, making it easier to absorb. The cloud contact vine may still get bloated but it won't ever implode internally like it would from eating the life fruit.’’

’’By using one swelling water fruit every 10 days for 3 years, thereby using a 100 of them, your big brother Hong's cloud contact vine will be able to grow to universe level 3 or 4. This would be much better than swallowing one life fruit immediately.’’

The life fruit finally reached a bid of 2.8609 trillion! It was still cheaper than the Nan Shen Armament, but still extremely expensive.

The next batch of items began to show themselves, causing Luo Feng to drool over them. However, he had insufficient funds in his pockets.

’’Even if I don't buy, looking is not bad too.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he held onto his slip, on it displayed were the 1000 items. He casually browsed through them and looked at their details.

The details and information of each valuable item were indeed eye openers.

It allowed Luo Feng to gain knowledge about many secret items of the universe.

When Luo Feng participated in the universe's greatest gathering...the Ganwu auction, his little brother Luo Hua was in his work station.

9 star bay, within that work room of the villa.

’’It's boring.’’

Laying in a chair, there were 6 laptops on the table before him.He was observing every one of them, which had a webpage displayed on their screens with information about his important investments.

’’After half a day of virtual wrestling games and another half of gun games, there's nothing else to do, so boring.’’ Luo Hua lay down, his legs on the table.

The other workers in the room were all seriously engaged in their work.

As a financial investor, the rest days could be half a month, a few months or even half a year without having to do anything. However, once the ball started rolling they would get extremely busy.

’’My god, xphf000891-9279 has suddenly appeared with a huge price!!’’ A young lady shouted.


The initially bored Luo Hua sat up immediately, pulling his chair and sliding towards the desk, staring hard at the 2nd laptop screen on his left. The screen obviously displayed the new higher price. Luo Hua smiled, ’’ I'm not afraid of the troubled waters, just afraid of the stagnant ones! The opportunity has come!’’

In such investments, Luo Hua's initial investment had already dropped 35%. For such high risk investments, these sort of returns were already considered high.

The only reason he could do this was because he had confidence!

From the initial 700 billion universe dollars, after these 2 years of investments, it had grown to 800 billion. It may seem like an incremental increase, but that was only because he hadn't sold anything, as he was waiting for a good chance!

’’The longer one waits, the higher the returns! It just depends on who's more patient, I hope this time everything will come through!’’ Luo Hua was like a venomous snake, staring hard at the screen, the universe large investment markets included not just him or an investor with 2 trillion universe dollars, it even included 4 star and 5 star clients.

He had to be extremely cautious!

As he was dealing with the bigger financial market, it was easy to encounter the high level players. They may be the investment department from universe countries, maybe the universe galaxy bank, or the universe 1st bank, or even some large organizations. The moment he encounters a high level player and isn't careful enough, he could not only not reap his rewards but also may lose his life.

’’3rd level financial security risk, this ensures that they stayed within the safety level.’’

’’1st group, 2nd group, 3rd group, keep an eye on xphf000891-9279, you know the drill!’’ Luo Hua shouted.

’’Yes boss!’’ A group of youths from earth all were extremely excited.

Luo Huas investment this time, each deal period had a window of 12 hours and every exchange lasted about 4 hours.

’’Boss, the price is swiftly rising, it's already risen 6%, do we sell?’’

’’Wait.’’ Luo Hua ordered.

’’It's begun to fall, only left with a 5% increase, and it's continuing to fall!’’

The moment the prices began to move, it indeed made people worried, because the moment it loses 1/3rd of its value, with their 3 level security, it would already implode. Then the 700 billion capital would be reduced to null, returning to nothing!

Luo Hua was expressionless, like a venomous snake, staring hard at the screen before him.

’’We still have 2 minutes until the collection time.’’

’’It's rising quickly, violently rising.’’


During the first exchange period it rose 12%.

During the 2nd it rose 8%.

During the 3rd it fell 6%.

During the 4th, it slightly shook falling 0.8%.

From the previous stagnant state, it had completely gone volatile. Even a high level player wouldn't dare get careless here.he larger the investment one plays with, the moment it falls, it would be hard to sell even if one wanted to! When compared, a large investor would actually have a harder time with higher turnover than a smaller investor.

During the 5th period, it began to rise again, rising all the way to 15%.

’’In different batches sell off 30% of the goods.’’ Luo Hua ordered coldly.

’’Boss, the condition is good right now.’’

’’Looking at today's madness, even with all the smaller investors, it will go crazy again tomorrow. It will definitely have a period of rise again.’’ Immediately someone from below shouted, however they didn't dare delay their actions at all.

The boss's order, one could have an opinion about it but still had to carry out the order!

This was because in times of crisis, even a small delay could result in heavy losses.

’’1st group's goods completely sold.’’

’’2nd group completely sold.’’

’’3rd group completely sold.’’

The 3 little groups shouted loudly, Luo Hua who was sitting in his chair before the desk smiled, ’’Very good.’’


During the 6th period, the price continued to rise! making it seems like Luo Hua had sold off too early.

’’This batch of investment had a total of 700 billion as capital, selling off 30% of the goods, that's 210 billion, even with the 3rd level security risk, it's still rising today. we've lost the opportunity to earn 20 to 30 billion universe dollars in a short period of time.’’ The young people were engaged in discussion, however despite their discussions, they didn't dare go against any of Luo Hua's orders.

’’Sell off 10% of goods.’’

’’Continue with another 10%.’’

During the 7th period, Luo Hua actually did 2 exchanges, and during this 7th period, it was still rising.

During the 8th period, it began to rise initially but fell by a lot after! Finally falling throughout the period.

During the 9th period, the moment it started it continued falling.

’’Sell 10%.’’ Luo Hua ordered.


Under these volatile situations, Luo Hua still maintained clear orders, throughout the dangerous situations he gave his orders, however with the rises he still made profits.

During the 12th period, it continued to rise!

And after which it still continued to rise.

Throughout this entire process, Luo Hua maintained his position and continued to sell!

’’The target has been met, sell off all remaining goods.’’ Luo Hua ordered.


Amidst the chaotic situation, Luo Hua managed to sell off all goods under his hand.

’’2 years of waiting, half a year of arrangement, finally it's over.’’ Luo Hua smiled, no matter how much the price would continue to fluctuate after, it didn't mean anything to him anymore, his required target had been met and that was enough.

’’After the final exchange, the initial capital of 700 billion had ballooned to an enormous amount of 4.681 trillion., it could be considered 6 times that of the initial investment.’’ Luo Hua was very satisfied. Using the moderate security risk levels, it indeed allowed him to increase his gains. However it was also easy for the security risk levels to cause considerable losses, it was like a double edged sword.


This investment, during the next 3 exchange periods, it continued to rise and fall. However, it's entire movement continued to gradually rise, making the countless investors to be extremely anxious. This was followed by a fall after, this investment continued to fall continuously another 3 times causing others to dump all their stocks, but with no one to buy.

’’Even if you wanted to sell now you can't sell, everything will be stuck.’’ Luo Hua sighed at the situation, ’’Who knows how many have had a considerable loss of funds and forced to commit suicide.’’

’’The boss is indeed formidable.’’

’’The boss sure is calm.’’ Within the work room, looking at the 4 continuous falls, they all were covered in cold sweat. Every fall fell by 15%, until finally it hit only half of its previous highest price. Within 4 short exchanges, or 2 days time, this sort of mad drop was too extreme.

’’Some win, some lose.’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’The ones who know how to buy are formidable but the ones who know how to sell are the true winners.’’

’’Once you've reached your target that's good enough, don't get too greedy.’’

’’With this batch of money, I was initially prepared to have 20%-30% that we wouldn't have been able to be sell. Who would have thought it worked out better than my expectations.’’ Luo Hua ordered, ’’Alright, with this the prices should be solid, in this 1% category and investing 100 billion, there's no need for the security risk levels, and normally these prices will still fall.’’


The workers under him immediately began to establish and invest , even if it continued falling they continued, even if it rose they invested. Whether it was a smart move or not, they would only know after the entire exchange was done.

’’Calm down!’’

Luo Hua was very clear that he could succeed. The main thing was to have absolute nerves of steel. This was something that his long years as a handicapped and depressed youth had trained out of him. Capturing the opportunity while remaining calm, plus talent and knowledge of investment from earth, all these made Luo Hua the man he is!

’’Big brother, I have 4.2 trillion here.’’ During the 13th exchange period, Luo Hua had transferred this money to Luo Feng.

Ganwu auction, normally it would go on for about 10 days, sometimes longer while sometimes shorter.

Every batch of 1,000 items lasted about 3-6 hours, while the items themselves were not similar to each other.

On the 10th day of the Ganwu auction.

In the enormous auction hall, a million king sized seats with large amounts of sector lords sitting in them, looking at the host in the middle.

’’A total of 50 batches of items, 50,000 items, have all been sold.’’ The turtle shelled old man laughed, ’’Right now, we've reached the climax of the entire auction...the final 100 items, every one of these items are unique and only one of each is available. They are usually extremely valuable, but their starting bids are all 0!’’

The end of the auction marked the beginning of the final auction.

’’4.2 trillion universe dollars?’’ In a particular seat, an inconspicuous Luo Feng had an expression of extreme shock, ’’Luo Hua said in his message that these are the profits? His capital wasn't affected at all?’’

10 days ago his little brother hadn't earned much.

With a flash, he had already earned this much! Luo Feng was stunned.

’’Haha, Luo Feng, your little brother's really skillful. Even if I was the one handling the accounts, I wouldn't compare to him. The higher the capital, the harder it is to earn, the other larger powers wouldn't let you take a piece of the pie. I seriously respect him.’’ Babata complimented, ’’With this over 4 trillion universe dollars, you might be able to get something from this last auction.’’


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