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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 2


Volume 10 Chapter 2 - Increase in Wealth

’’Other than the goods selling services, our universe galaxy bank also has the goods buying services, however our purchasing prices are based off of the normal prices.’’ The female robotic voice was clear and crisp, she smiled and was incomparably respectful.

’’I pick the goods selling services.’’ Luo Feng said.

Even though the selling services required the thousandth commission fee, the selling prices were usually not bad, even giving away the commission would still far exceed the original buying price of the bank. Beside him was the experienced and knowledgeable Babata, making sure Luo Feng wouldn't make any losses.

’’These are the 48 items I need to sell.’’ Luo Feng swiftly processed through his AI Babata, passing along the detailed information of the 48 treasures to the female AI.

’’48 items, our universe galaxy bank can immediately begin posting and selling through the virtual universe.’’ The female AI smiled, ’’Please confirm...the location of these 48 items and the time of transfer to our bank.’’

’’Ganwu star sector, Black Dragon Mountain starfield, Milky way's Bai Lan star.’’ Luo Feng reported the details and time.

The time was 8 days from now, after he reaches Bai Lan Star.

’’Time and location confirmed.’’ The female AI smiled, ’’Please sign the selling release form.’’

A contract floated before Luo Feng.

It was very detailed, including both parties' responsibilities and liabilities, along with the violation penalties etc...


’’The selling release form has been completed.’’ The female AI smiled, ’’Respected 5 star client, is there anything else I can help you with.’’

’’Nothing.’’ Luo Feng laughed as he stood up and turned towards the entrance, leaving immediately.


The luxurious room immediately vanished and returned to its original self service booth.

5 star clients, as the most absolute and important clients of the universe galaxy bank, the bank had made many privileges and services available for only them.

However, since they were services, they required money too.

However in the universe, if one didn't have a proper route, even if one had money, one couldn't do certain things. For example, selling these 48 treasures...if he tried to sell them in the Black Dragon Mountain star field, it would simply result in chaos. However through the universe galaxy bank, he could sell within many large universe countries without creating any commotion for himself.

48 treasures, they could just about reach up to 10 or 20% of sector lord Kabu's entire wealth.

However sector lord Kabu, compared to the Yun Mo planet's master, was incomparably poor.


After 7 months, Luo Feng and his brothers returned to Bai Lan star...a life planet very close to earth.

Luo Feng and his group spent 3 months within the world of thunder. In the world within a world, first excavating for universe crystals and later for thunder stones for a month, after which battling for another 1.5 months. Including the time returning to Cang Lan star from the world within a world and later from Cang Lan star to earth...

It was about 7 months in all.

Year 2063, Mid april, Luo Feng left earth.

China time, Year 2063 November 16 1.16pm, a universe ship entered Bai Lan star.

Within the ship's control room, Luo Feng and his brothers surveyed the warehouse below, in front of the warehouses was an exquisite and beautiful universe ship with the universe galaxy bank logo, it was streamlined shape and gave off an incomparably dreamy feeling.

’’Thirdie, the deal with those treasures, just that simple?’’ Thunder God looked at the ship below.

’’Right, just that simple, I just have to pass the treasures to them and it's over.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’They won't kill and rob?’’ Thunder God looked uneasily at the ship below.

’’Haha...’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’2nd brother, this is the universe galaxy bank, and you've seen that ship, it's a grade 3 ship...this represents incredible wealth! For entities like the universe galaxy bank, the universe 1st bank, these 2 super large banks, they emphasize trust the most.’’

’’Even with items thousands and and tens of thousands of times more expensive than our 48 treasures, they wouldn't even blink an eye. Don't be petty. What's more...when I go make the deal, the entire scene will be recorded by the bank's AI system, those bank workers wouldn't dare kill and rob us.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’The moment they dare betray us, they would simply go 'pop' and explode!’’

During their conversation, the ship landed on the surface.


The cabin door opened, Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu jumped out, immediately flying straight towards the dreamy looking ship, the door on the streamlined ship opened and 3 men in universe galaxy bank uniforms stood there, one of which was a domain lord, the other 2 were also universe level!

’’Sir, please pass your goods to me.’’ The domain lord smiled humbly and respectfully, even though he could see easily that the ones before him were only star levels...

However, the level of this deal was extremely high, and every move he made was being recorded by the bank's AI system, hence he had to act according to the bank's requests...humble and full of respect, and he had to smile!

’’These are the goods.’’ Luo Feng passed over a storage ring.


A dreamy blur beam of light shot out from the universe ship onto the storage ring, within a second, a voice resounded, ’’Goods confirmed.’’

’’Sir, the deal is a success, thank you for your support of the universe galaxy bank.’’ The domain lord bowed slightly, his face slightly twitching.

A domain lord bowing to a few star levels?

’’Haha, then I won't send you, we'll be leaving.’’ Luo Feng laughed and turned to go.

The domain lord and 2 universe levels returned to their ship, within the ship, their expressions were strange and puzzled.

’’It was actually a few star levels dealing with us, what a joke!’’

’’We even had to bow to them earlier! How uncomfortable.’’ The 2 universe levels were incredibly dissatisfied, the domain lord beside them creased his green eyebrows, ’’Our service level is incredibly high, usually we deal with undying beings. Occasionally we deal with sector lords. This time we actually dealt with some star level punks...however they may be from some ultra large families or even disciples of some super power.’’

The other 2 universe levels nodded.


Their teams' dealings were usually with much higher leveled customers. All either 4 star or 5 star clients, and under normal circumstances, 4 star clients were normally undying or lucky sector lords who struck windfalls. As for 5 star clients, those were without a doubt super powerful beings that could easily shake and tremor countless galaxies.

’’Whining about it for a bit is okay, but never reveal any bit of information about the client, otherwise we'll be dealt with by the bank, don't say I didn't warn you.’’ The green haired domain lord exclaimed.

’’Yes sir.’’

The 2 universe levels complied.

After Luo Feng and his team had finished the deal on Bai Lan star, they sat in the universe ship and left, engaging in universe travel heading towards their home, Earth!

Within the control room.

’’Hahaha, a domain lord bowing to us?’’ Thunder God laughed satisfied.

’’Unbelievable.’’ Hong exclaimed.

’’1st and 2nd brother.’’ Luo Feng laughed as he looked at them, ’’The money has already been transferred to my account, everything according to our old distribution agreement.’’


Thunder God shook his head, ’’I don't want it, you gave me the 5 set thunder techniques, just getting that spent a large amount of thunder stones, about 20% of our entire stock. What's more within that set there was even a living AI, that Old Wu, allowing me to gain the inheritance of sector Lord Kabu, accurately speaking, I've had the greatest earnings! Don't give me anything!’’

’’What a stroke of luck actually getting sector lord Kabu's inheritance.’’ Hong smiled, ’’That sector lord must have prepared everything for him.’’

Luo Feng smiled and nodded.

He himself had acquired an inheritance from his teacher, split into 3 different accounts. What his 2nd brother acquired shouldn't be too far off.

’’Big brother.’’ Luo Feng looked at Hong.

’’I have enough money, if you want to give me anything...get me another life fruit next time.’’ Hong said, ’’One life fruit would be about 20%.’’

’’Life fruit?’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Life fruit, even though within that world within a world, it required a total of 800,000 thunder stones.

However in reality outside, it was hard to even buy one if one wanted, and if one acquired one, the price was extremely shocking, the 20% he acquired would maybe even be insufficient.

’’Very well.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’Then I'll first enter the virtual universe network.’’


Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain island 9 star bay.

Luo Feng's study, a screen was before him.

’’So many messages.’’ Luo Feng sat at the chair, opening the 1st one.

’’Respected client, how are you.

Your account with us has just received 1.123 trillion universe dollars, your accounts has passed the 10 mixed element units threshold( 1 mixed element is the highest denominator, each mixed element is equivalent to 1 trillion universe dollars), automatically rising to a 3 star account. You also automatically rise to become our respected 3 star client. As a 3 star client, you have several special privileges.

The bottom of the mail displays the special privileges and their explanations.

Universe Galaxy bank’’

The 1st email, was a huge transfer email.

’’Over 11 trillion?’’ Luo Feng looked and held his breath.

11 trillion universe dollars, what concept was that?

Normally within the universe, one galaxy was worth about 100 billion...1 trillion. In other words, Luo Feng's wealth was equivalent to about tens of galaxies! And a sector lord usually joining any empire would only receive 1 galaxy, of course as long as they worked hard, getting a few of them wasn't hard.

11 trillion universe dollars, equivalent to tens of galaxies!

It was definitely comparable to a sector lord's wealth level.

Within the universe, the true forms of currency are mainly 2, one is the universe crystal (universe dollars). These are energy crystals condensed by a sector lord's power and formed. The other is the undying crystal (Undying dollars). These are special energy crystals condensed by undying and their power of the universe origin sources, they are even more valuable.’’

’’However, the universe dollars works as currency more within the market and deals, as for the undying dollars, they are used within war and battle equipment, no matter which human race, or other races, they are all unwilling to sell their undying crystals.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’As for the 'mixed element unit', it's a large amount used frequently by the superpowers during their deals’’

Luo Feng blinked his eyes hard.

Within a blink of an eye he had suddenly become a wealthy person capable of owning tens of galaxies.

’’Don't get excited, this little bit of wealth doesn't mean much in the vast universe. You are only a 3 star client. In the vast universe, you are only a small shrimp, a few tens of galaxies? Just moderately affluent.’’ Babata said, ’’Work and train hard, when you reach the domain lord and inherit your teacher's 5 star account, you'll be rich.’’


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