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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 19


Volume 10 Chapter 19 - Nan Shen Armament

Controller? One of nine godly weapons? The Nan Shen Armament?’’ Luo Feng looked curiously down at the black slip in his hand, the screen on the slip had a detailed explanation of the 1000 items.

’’It's most suitable for you Luo Feng, it's usually extremely difficult to buy one Luo Feng, you definitely have to buy it.’’

’’I understand, let me take a look first.’’ Luo Feng looked carefully at the screen on the slip.

Luo Feng was swiftly able to spot the item Nan Shen Armament.

Gently tapping, he accessed the detailed explanation of the item.

Nan Shen Armament: One of the nine godly weapons for the controller type spirit reader. It's full name is the Hun Tian Yan or the Nine Layer Hun Tian Yan. The Nan Shen Armament's normal form is that of a dark golden elongated l rod. Within it lies 10,081 golden blades as thin as cicada wings Every blade is infused with profound engravings and energies of the origin laws.

The nine godly controller weapons, which are the embodiment of origin laws, of which eight of them are gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder and light. These eight origin laws can then be combined to form the majestic laws of either time or space,.

The last of the nine godly weapons was created from the fusion of time and space;the two most profound of the origin laws.

And the Nan Shen Armament, is a mixture of gold and time. As these two origin laws are fused to form the godly weapon, its power was immense.

Nan Shen Armament has a total of nine forms.

Each form is stronger than the other. Similarly, the difficulty to wield each of these forms soars as one goes up.

The nine layer Nan Shen Armament is incredibly difficult to master!

The First form: To a star level, it is incredibly difficult. To be able to unleash the first form during the star level, one would be deemed invincible in within that level!


The Third form: To be able to unleash it during the universe level, one would be deemed invincible within the same level! It will not be too difficult to acquire a 1000 match winning streak even in the huge Battle-axe Coliseum.


The Sixth form: To be able to unleash it in the domain lord level, one would be deemed invincible within the same level. Widening the field to the Ganwu Universe country, even the entire human race...a domain lord that could unleash the sixth form would be considered as one of the pinnacle warriors in the same level and even comparable to the same level golden horned beast.

The Seventh form: If it were a level nine sector lord who is able to unleash it, that person would be at the pinnacle of sector lords.

The Eighth form: This form is incredibly difficult to achieve. A level nine sector lord who is able to unleash the eighth form would be deemed invincible amongst the sector lords in the entire Ganwu Universe country.

The Ninth form: The highest form. From time immemorable within this vast universe, no sector lords have ever been able to unleash the ninth form! This is because sector lords who are able to unleash the ninth form usually would have broken through to the undying level already.


Nan Shen Armament is incredibly strong, but it also had its weakness.

It was strong because of it's nine forms, each more powerful than the one before.

It was weak because of its difficulty. People with poor comprehension skill would be better off with normal spirit weapons.


The auction started at 500 billion universe dollars. There were a total of nine of them!

’’Nine Layer Hun Tian Yan? Great!’’ Luo Feng muttered. At this moment, sitting on the large seat to the left of Luo Feng, a black scaled man that was close to 60m tall said softly to him: ’’This brother, you've taken a fancy to the Nine Layer Hun Tian Yan? That Nan Shen Armament isn't for normal people's usage! The nine godly weapons are all incredibly difficult to use, as their utilization is mostly based on the the understanding of the origin laws. Without that ability, it's better to buy normal spirit weapons, as it'll be better for unleashing one's true strength. buying weapons, it's not about buying the best, but what's the most suitable!’’

’’Makes a lot of sense.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he glanced at the huge black scaled man.

The black scaled man chuckled and opened his big wide mouth: ’’The difficulty of the nine godly weapons is immensely tedious. Like that Nan Shen Armament, a sector lord who is able to unleash the eighth form would have normally broken through to undying already. Little brother, even if you have money, you shouldn't waste it like that. Buying something that suits yourself would be better.’’

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng smiled and didn't speak more, thinking within, ’’This Nan Shen Armament is best suited for me.’’

Luo Feng currently already had some comprehension of the gold origin laws!

As for the space laws, even though Luo Feng didn't have any progress, he was working hard on it.

With such qualities, he definitely had to work hard to use the Nan Shen Armament.

’’Luo Feng, the maximum potential of the soaring shuttle is only until universe level. Right now, your golden horned beast's body is completely able to unleash the full power of the soaring shuttle. It's not much of a challenge to you anymore. And the Nan Shen Armament isn't afraid of you using it, just worried that you currently do not posses the ability to unleash its full power. The nine forms are awaiting your breakthrough.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng felt super ambitious and pumped.

Nine forms!

I'll breakthrough one layer at a time!

’’Babata, how much do you think the Nan Shen Armament will go for?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’There's a total of nine of them. Amongst the sector lords here, only spirit reader controllers will vie for it, and only those along the path of gold and space origin laws will go for it. However, since the size of the hall and number of people is huge, according to my calculations, the price will rush pretty high. However, the amount of money you have should be enough.’’

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng nodded unconsciously.

At this point, the current amount he had was about 3 .986 trillion, getting the Nan Shen Armament shouldn't be hard.

As time passed, expensive and valuable weapons aroused bidding wars, swiftly being bought and auctioned off in the incomparably vast auction hall. 99% of the the people present were sector lords, the others were either people with huge backgrounds or undying!

’’The next auction item is the Nan Shen Armament!’’

’’It's one of the nine godly weapons! As for the Nan Shen Armament's power, I'm sure everyone is clear on it! Many sector lord controllers constantly fret over it, however once they begin to comprehend the origin laws and breakthrough, their current spirit weapons are unable to unleash their full strengths! With the Nan Shen Armament however, one would never have to worry about that.’’

’’It's not afraid of you using it, just that your ability might be inadequate.’’

’’Nan Shen Armament, nine forms. If you are able to unleash the ninth form, in the vast universe, not just among the human race, but even the automaton race, the beast race or even the space beasts, you'd probably find it hard to find an opponent.’’ The turtle shelled old man's voice reverberated about, ’’Alright, we'll begin the bid now, there's a total of 9 of them, the highest 9 bids will be chosen. The lowest starting bid is...500 billion universe dollars!’’


Immediately, without an end in sight, the blurred images of the huge king size seats, millions of sector lords and even undyings, many of whom began to bid.

Countless king size seats, one of which, Luo Feng sat within, he too began to key in his bid: ’’600 billion universe dollars.’’

’’Damn.’’ Luo Feng stared.

The numbers on the screen constantly jumped, the screen displayed all of the top 9 bids.

550 billion...600 billion...660 billion...700 billion...

The prices flew rapidly.

’’800 billion.’’ Luo Feng keyed in again.

890 billion...900 billion...960 billion...

The numbers beside swiftly rose past Luo Feng's numbers.

1.5 trillion...

The number reported on the screen jumped up violently.

’’Madness.’’ Luo Feng stared.

’’Luo Feng, the Nan Shen Armament bidding price usually will go up to at least 2 trillion universe dollars.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.

It was true...

2 trillion...2.1 trillion...2.11 trillion...

The speed slowly began to decline.

’’2.18 trillion.’’ Luo Feng entered the price, staring at the screen, the number of the 9th highest price, the speed of increase gradually slowed down.

2.19 trillion...2.6 trillion!

’’It jumped again.’’ Luo Feng was beginning to panic, even though he was able to see many items that would normally be hard to obtain in reality, however the number of powerful people gathered here was simply too many, he would easily encounter people willing to give unreasonable prices just to obtain these treasures.

Indeed, the price continued to rise.

3 trillion...3.08 trillion...3.1 trillion...

The rising prices caused Luo Feng to hold his breath, his eyes turning slightly red, ’’Babata, why have the prices raised to such unreasonable numbers.’’

’’It's an auction after all, it's impossible to completely predict it. Sometimes there might be 10 people who really want the Nan Shen Armament, and these may be warriors with lots of capital, hence the price would rise a lot. After all, there's only 9 items in total! After it's over, if you wish to buy a Nan Shen Armament, it would be up to luck altogether. After all, not every Ganwu auction would have Nan Shen Armaments.’’ Babata said, ’’Just bid, you must get it.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng gritted his teeth, looking at the current bid price, entering another price...3.2 trillion!

However following the shocking bidding, the price quickly broke past 3.2 trillion.

’’Babata, send a message to my little brother, tell him to immediately borrow some money.’’ Luo Feng asked, the exchange of funds wasn't immediate after the deal was sealed. Rather, after all the 1000 items of the auction were auctioned off, they would do a mass exchange.

’’Your brother has replied, saying that with just a phone call his friend will immediately transfer the funds, right now he can at most transfer 2 trillion universe dollars.

Luo Feng relaxed a little.

The bidding increases had begun to slow down, obviously even the sector lords didn't have bottomless wells of money.

’’3.6112 trillion universe dollars.’’ Luo Feng keyed in.

On the screen the number changes began to slow down, 3.6081...3.6085...3.6090...finally the numbers stopped.

Finally the 9th highest bidding price was 3.6101 trillion universe dollars.

The 9th highest bidding price is 3.6101 trillion, after a 3 second countdown...3...2...1, congrats to the 9 guests, you have become owners of Nan Shen Armaments!’’ The turtle shelled old man shouted loudly, ’’We will continue, the next item is...’’

Luo Feng looked at the black slip screen in his hand, the words appeared on it...’’Congratulations, guest number knd99286, you've successfully bid for the Nan Shen Armament, please prepare to sign off and exchange the funds for the item after the end of the auction.’’

’’Luo Feng, this Nan Shen Armament will always accompany you into the universe level, domain lord level, sector lord level and even after you've broken into the undying level! It will accompany you for 10,000, 100,000 years or maybe even longer. This will be your most important partner, accompanying you through life or death, you have to work hard to bring out its fullest potential.’’ Babata encouraged.

Luo Feng nodded, he couldn't help feel extremely excited within.

Nan Shen Armament...

His own weapon!

After about an hour, this batch of auction items had been sold off.

Luo Feng too exchanged the funds and scheduled for the exchange location of the Nan Shen Armament in reality.

’’Right now it's the 5th batch of auction items, everybody should be able to see in their screens. The next 1000 items up for auction, whatever you wish to bid for, please get ready.’’ The turtle shelled old man's voice reverberated about in the vast auction hall, countless sector lords in the king size seats all looked down at their slips.

Luo Feng too lowered his head to look, and with a glance.

’’Damn! Life fruit?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but force a smile, of the 1000 items there was a life fruit within.

Life Fruit, lowest price 500 billion universe dollars, a total of 12 of them.

’’My balance...I've only got about 374 billion, not even enough for the starting bid.’’ Luo Feng rubbed his head, blinking his eyes, feeling somewhat helpless.


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