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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 18


Volume 10 Chapter 18 - Breathtaking

’’The Ganwu Empire is extraordinarily powerful. Even your teacher cannot compare to it. Undying beings can only lower their royal heads in front of the gigantic Ganwu Empire! After all, there are numerous fighters in Ganwu empire! Of course, the Ganwu Empire wouldn't wantonly anger people like your teacher who aren't tied to any organization and are also extremely powerful. However, if they do actually start fighting..... after paying a certain price, there will be no problem with eradicating people like your teacher.’’ sighed Babata, ’’There's nothing that can be done. That's the power of numbers!’’

Luo Feng nodded.

As he looked at the auction, the countless number of seats, and the countless number of sector lords..... he understood what the 'power of numbers' meant.

Three hours later.


A clear sound instantly spread around and echoed around the auction. Everyone in the vast auction quickly settled down and became quiet.

Luo Feng looked towards the center of the auction.

A bald old man with a black turtle shell on his back stood in the center of the auction. Above him was a 3D projection of this old man that was a thousand meters tall.

’’Everyone, welcome to this time's Ganwu auction! I hereby thank the fantastic support of the Virtual Universe Network company, the Universe First Bank, the Universe Galaxy Bank, the Battle-Axe Coliseum, the Universe Mercenary Alliance, and the Ganwu Empire.’’ smiled the old man. ’’I'm sure many of you recognize me. You can all call me old Batuo. Once again, Old Batuo will be your host for this marvelous banquet!!!’’

’’In our last Ganwu auction, there were 1,316,038 participants. We just finished tallying up the number of participants in this time's auction. Does anyone know..... how many people there are?’’

’’1,823,959 people! 1.8 million, 500 thousand more than the previous one!’’

The entire auction suddenly went into a wave-like uproar.

The lowest person here was a 3 star client.....

Within the densely packed seats, Luo Feng smacked his lips and sighed to himself, ’’Within the Black Dragon Mountain starfield, my wealth can rank within the top 100. However, across the entire Ganwu empire.....’’. After reaching a different position, the things you see also change. Before reaching the minimum qualification of a 3 star client, you don't even have the right to participate in this Ganwu auction.

’’I'll cut the small talk!

’’The time to officially begin this time's auction is soon. Same as always, we'll first have an auction as warm up before we officially start.’’ the turtle shelled old man pointed to the side. Within an instant, a gigantic screen appeared. A beautiful, mesmerizing galaxy appeared. Galaxy after galaxy flashed past. Each of these galaxies had many life planets, and there were many powerful fighters within the life planets.

’’This is the Tana starfield!’’

’’Out of the 13,000 starfields in our Ganwu empire, it is one of smaller starfields. There are a total of 668 galaxies in the entire starfield. Before, it was the land of an undying being. However, this undying being is preparing to embark on a life and death adventure, so he wants to sell the entire starfield. So, the warmup auction for our auction will be this starfield Tana starfield!’’ yelled the turtle shelled old man loudly.

The auction went into an uproar.

Luo Feng, who was sitting on a large chair, was also shocked: ’’Tana starfield? Auctioning off a starfield right off the bat?’’

Keep in mind that a low level civilization like the 'Silverblue Empire' only contains eight galaxies. Even though this Tana starfield is a smaller starfield, it still contains 600 galaxies.

’’The warmup item is a small starfield. Looks like many valuable, expensive items will appear in this time's auction!’’

’’I heard that the most valuable item is a spot to head over to the 'Primal Universe'. This time's auction is definitely one of the best auctions within the past 10,000 years.’’ A few voices of discussion carried over from the large seats beside Luo Feng.

The Ganwu auction was once every three years.

However, each auction was a bit different. Every thousand or ten thousand years, an auction with 'higher level treasures' would appear. Usually, you could tell the level of the auction from how many participants there are.

’’The Tana starfield!’’

’’As long as you don't establish your own empire within the starfield, you can enjoy the protection from the Ganwu Empire’’

’’A starfield like this can definitely become the foundation of a family that will go on for thousands of billions of years! It can become a place to nurture warriors and raise slaves. There are only so many starfields within the Ganwu empire, and fewer and fewer of them are appearing in auctions. Now, everybody cast your bids. Starting price ’’300 Mixed Element units’’

’’400 mixed element units’’

The price immediately soared.

This scene confused Luo Feng in the distance: ’’Babata, the price of a galaxy is around 1,000 10,000 universe dollars. This starfield contains a total of 668 galaxies, so technically 200 or 300 mixed element units should be enough’’

’’Luo Feng, you're talking about a single galaxy!’’

’’And this, is an entire starfield! This is a completely different case. If galaxies are spread out, they can easily be picked on by surrounding organizations which will thereby inhibit their development! And an entire starfield, is united’’ said Babata, ’’Every galaxy within a starfield supports each other, so it will be hard for surrounding organizations to pressure them’’

’’So, a single starfield is worth a lot’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng held his black card as he looked towards the large screen in the center. The numbers on the screen constantly refreshed

400 mixed element units! 420 mixed element units! 460 mixed element units! .....

Within the blink of an eye, the price changed to '860 mixed element units'!

861.....868.....876..... the rate of increase slowed down.

’’1,000 mixed element units!’’

’’1,000 mixed element units!’’ the number that suddenly appeared caused the entire auction to go silent and nobody bid again.

’’1,000 mixed element units, counting down 3 seconds! 3, 2, 1...... Congratulations, customer id kbr38293, you have just become the owner of the Tana starfield!’’ The turtle shelled old man's voice was extremely bright, ’’There isn't much time left until the auction officially begins. 58, 57.....10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!’’

His voice rumbled like a deity.

The center of the auction became extremely bright. Light shone on the faces of the powerful fighters in their seats.

’’This time's auction, officially begins!’’

’’For our first batch of goods, our customers can see the first 1,000 items being auctioned off on their auction cards. Please make the necessary preparations if you wish to purchase something’’ yelled the turtle shelled old man, ’’Now, for our first item 92 metallic lifeforms of the Bona clan!’’

’’Metallic Bona clan lifeforms can merge with spaceships and grant them self regenerating and self upgrading abilities.’’

’’Metallic Bona clan lifeforms, a total of 92. The starting bid is 200 billion universe dollars! The 92 highest bids will receive these metallic bona clan lifeforms!’’ yelled the turtle shelled old man.

Within moments, many started to cast their bids.

Luo Feng sat on his throne within the crowd and lowered his head to look at the black card in his hand: ’’92 items right off the bat, quite fast. This metallic life form can actually merge with spaceships, and as this life form increases in strength, the spaceship will also continue to upgrade? Interesting!’’

Luo Feng watched the continuously increasing bids, shook his head, and stopped bidding.

Auction item after auction item was being auctioned off like flowing water.

The lowest final bid was a few dozen billion universe dollars. Normally, the final bids were around a few hundred billion universe dollars. After all, the initial items of the auction all fell under this price range.

1,000 mixed element units. Probably only four star clients could offer such a price.

’’The lanke fruit, is the best item to raise monsters and plants. Even if you are heavily injured, consuming the lanke fruit can heal you. Using 100 lanke fruits as a single unit, there are 39 units of lanke fruits. Each unit has a starting bid of 100 billion universe dollars’’

Once again, the bids began.

An average galaxy with a few dozen thousand planets was priced around 100 billion to a trillion universe dollars.

’’Luo Feng, purchase the next unit! This lanke fruit is very beneficial to the cloud contact vine’’

And so.....

Luo Feng finally spent 180 billion and 181 billion universe dollars to purchase two units of lanke fruits.

’’An automaton race battle uniform. It perfectly protects your entire body. The most outer layer of the automaton race battle uniform set naturally forms an energy shield, and the source of energy for that shield comes from the energy crystals in the interior of the battle uniform set. This automaton battle uniform set is a D8 grade battle uniform set. Even if a little star traveller kiddo puts it on, even a domain lord level five or six stage fighter wouldn't be able to break it open. Even their spiritual force won't be able to penetrate it. There is only one automaton race battle uniform set. This is definitely something you would want to buy for your favorite disciple or your grandson. With it, they will be much safer.’’

’’Starting bid of one mixed element unit!’’ yelled the turtle shelled old man.

This item shocked Luo Feng.

The wearer doesn't need any sort of his own power to block an attack. This automaton race battle uniform set..... Luo Feng has never heard of it. However, it'll be useless if a sector lord wears this thingy.

’’Damn, the price is soaring.’’ Luo Feng looked at the result which caused his jaw to drop ’’9.8 mixed element units’’

This is the final price, nearing 10 mixed element units.

An item purely for gifting your favorite disciple or grandson, actually neared the price of all the treasures Luo Feng obtained in the world within a world!

’’Luo Feng, it's rare to encounter an automaton race battle uniform set with such a high defensive capabilities. Don't mention a D8 grade one, you probably haven't even seen a C grade one. This kind of thing is purely a luxury good. The person who purchased this battle uniform set is probably an undying being.’’ said Babata.

Item after item passed.

All sorts of items caused one to get dizzy. Any of those items would cause domain lords to go crazy. However, in the most important ceremony of the Ganwu empire, there were around a million sector lords and even a few undying beings who wouldn't go soft on their bidding.

Three batches of items, a total of 3,000 items, were swiftly sold.

’’Now comes the fourth batch of items. Everyone can see the next 1,000 items on their auction cards. If you see something you want to purchase, please make the necessary preparations.’’ the turtle shelled old man remained smiling as he spoke.

The auction suddenly became silent.

A countless number of powerful fighters on their thrones watched their cards to see the next 1,000 items to be auctioned off.

’’NAN SHEN ARMAMENT! THE NAN SHEN ARMAMENT! IT'S ONE OF THE NINE GREAT WEAPONS FOR THE CONTROLLER TYPE SPIRIT READERS, THE 'NAN SHEN ARMAMENT'! Luo Feng, this is the most suitable spiritual weapon for you. You must buy this Nan Shen Armament!’’ Right after Luo Feng finished looking, Babata's energetic yelling rang in his mind.


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