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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 17


Volume 10 Chapter 17 - Ganwu Universe Country

Black Dragon Mountain Island, Nine Star Bay. Besides Luo Feng's villa, there was a wooden villa. Luo Feng followed the staircases along to this three level villa, and its glass door was shut.

’’Creak!’’ Luo Feng pushed open the door and entered.

This was a room with at least a 100 square feet, in it were several computer desks and on every desk there was a laptop. Before each laptop was a person typing away on the virtual keyboards, looking for information. There were a total of 21 workers in that room.

In the seat closest to the back, at the largest desk was a youth who looked very similar to Luo Feng. The only difference was that he was skinnier.

’’Big brother!’’ Luo Hua yelled out shocked.

’’It's quite bustling in here.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he surveyed the work room.

’’Mr Luo, how do you do!’’

’’Mr Luo.’’

The people within quickly got up and down bowing, these group of workers were all Luo Hua's partners and fellow investors. As he was accustomed to their work, he had brought them into the virtual universe. Even though he had AIs to assist him, there were still differences between AIs and humans.

’’Big Brother, why have you come here, come, let's go over there to chat. Er...hold on!’’ Luo Hua swiftly returned to the computer, entering a few commands before running over, ’’Let's go!’’

Beside the workroom, was a tea room.

Luo Feng and Luo Hua sat down.

’’Big brother coming over to visit while I'm working is a rare sight.’’ Luo Hua laughed.

’’It's like this.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Tomorrow, there's a triennial Ganwu auction.’’

’’Ganwu auction?’’ Luo Hua seemed stunned after hearing, following which he revealed glee and excitement, saying, ’’Is it the legendary highest level auction in the Ganwu universe country? During a conversation I had with investors before, I heard them mention it. I heard the requirement for the auction is extremely high!’’

’’The lowest requirement is a 3 star client.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Damn!’’ Luo Hua stared wide eyed, ’’3 star client? The level of this auction is really high!’’

3 star client, the total amount of 3 star clients in the black dragon mountain star field was simply pitiful.

They were all huge figures!

Luo Feng laughed and said, ’’The reason why I'm here is to ask, the 2 trillion universe dollars I handed to you 2 years ago, how is it going?’’

’’Talking about that...’’ Luo Hua revealed an expression of glee and excitement, saying, ’’The two trillion universe dollars, even within the universe financial markets and many other investments, is considered large capital! There are many pros and cons to large capital, the good is that we can actually influence the markets to a certain degree, the bad is that it's not as mobile, wanting to liquidate it may be hard sometimes!’’

’’Last year during the exchanges, it peaked up to 50% more. However, during the bad times, we cut even. We've definitely accumulated large capital experience, perfecting our investment tactics.’’

’’This year, the highest point peaked with profits at 3.6 trillion universe dollars. However recently it hasn't been as good, we still have three trillion in capital, however, don't worry, we must be patient...right now I'm just waiting for the market price to explode.’’ Luo Hua laughed.

Luo Feng nodded: ’’I need some money to use, how much can you take out?’’

’’If you need money, then we have to liquidate. After all, my capital isn't in cash.’’ Luo Hua emphasized, ’’However to liquidate now, big brother, honestly, my plan is just about to finish over this half a year! Right now it's just about waiting for the price to explode and to earn a large sum. Selling off right's simply not worth it. Big brother, if you are rushed, I can sell them all off in a day. However, selling off such a large sum will easily topple the prices, I estimate a return of 2.8 trillion would be considered not bad already.’’


Luo Feng nodded, ’’No rush, this auction will continue for 10 days. If I don't have enough money, I'll contact you.’’

’’Ok.’’ Luo Hua nodded.

The largest gathering in the Ganwu universe country, the Ganwu auction!

Luo Feng had already been anticipating the triennial event for a long time.

’’Big brother, I'll be reachable at any time. If you need large amounts of money, immediately inform me. I will immediately sell off for cash, and if it's truly urgent, I've already talked to a friend, he can lend you some cash first, using my investment capital as settlement.’’ Luo Hua said.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Beside him Xu Xin smiled, ’’When you return, you must tell me all about the auction. I too have an interest in this Ganwu universe's greatest gathering.’’

Luo Feng nodded, bidding farewell to his family and immediately leaving Nine Star Bay.

Waving down a flying horse and riding it to the transmission belt.

’’Transmission.’’ Luo Feng stood within the transmission spot, in his hand was the invite to the Ganwu auction.


Luo Feng immediately vanished from the Black Dragon Mountain Island and was sent to the Ganwu continent, into a floating city above. The invite shot out several beams of light causing the floating city's defenses to automatically open a pathway and allowed Luo Feng through.


This was a continent that was incomparably elegant amongst the clouds, the city was exquisite and beautiful, the flowers and plants were scattered and easily seen all over, and the most eye catching and enormous construct of the entire floating city was...the auction hall!

Once every 3 years, the Ganwu auction, would always be held here at the auction hall!

’’Sir, how do you do? Welcome to this year's Ganwu auction, this is your seat number.’’

’’Miss, how do you do? Welcome to this year's Ganwu auction, this is your seat number.’’

People were all dressed in luxurious, or ancient clothing, some with snake bodies while others were as tall as seven to eight meters. The number of people here to attend the auction was simply massive;there were already two long lines formed at the entrance of the auction hall.

’’So many 3 star clients?’’ Luo Feng too was in line,. In front of him was a huge cold looking man that seemed like a raging fire and behind him was a one meter tall gloomy and cold dwarf. However he emitted a natural aura of strength, causing Luo Feng to feel the pressure.

’’3 star client, most of them are sector lords! Very few are big businessmen or youths with large backgrounds.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.

’’Most of them are sector lords?’’

Luo Feng gazed around.

These two long lines awaiting to enter had at least a few thousand people. A few thousand sector lords?

’’This auction, there's a total of sixteen entrances. isn't just here where people are queuing, there are fifteen other lines formed around. Right now the number of sector lords queuing should be about 100,000.’’ Babata said.

’’100 000?’’ Luo Feng gawked.

100,000 sector lords?

That was madness.

’’Puda, there were over 1.31 million in the previous auction, do you think there'll be more this time?’’ The huge iron faced man that seemed like a raging ball of flames in front of Luo Feng said softly.

’’Yea, it'll definitely exceed this time. It's been said that this year there is a quota for entering the primal universe...and this quota is a sector lord quota. The highest level allowed is for sector lords to enter. Many undying have come here wanting to buy this quota. And because of this, many sector lords have come here.’’ In front of that iron faced man, a man with a hoarse voice, dressed entirely in a robe spoke.

Luo Feng was stunned.

1.31 million?

Primal universe?

Standing in line, he naturally heard many of the discussions of the sector lords, the content of these discussions completely shocked Luo Feng. Because, many of the topics they mentioned left Luo Feng completely bewildered.

For example...

’’This time at the star field border, we had a total of eighteen sector lords, only three were lucky to return. The other fifteen...they may come out after a few tens of thousands years, a few million years, or they may never come out at all.’’

’’Your Tuoda army, has made a huge contribution in the battlefield outside the starfield this time, congrats.’’

Beside him, the sector lords recognized each other, discussing these sort of topics. Luo Feng was just simply blinking his eyes and stayed silent as he listened.

’’This brother, which family or organization are you from?’’ A team beside Luo Feng, one of them, a skinny single eye man smiled as he waved at Luo Feng.

’’No family, no organization.’’ Luo Feng replied frankly.


The single eyed man nodded as he heard, not asking anymore.

Just from their auras, one could easily determine the power levels of people around...the surrounding large group of sector lords, could easily see that Luo Feng was a much weaker little fellow amongst them. However, in this group, the weaker one was, the more others couldn't offend him. It was because a person with weaker power being able to become a 3 star client, meant his background was usually extremely terrifying!

’’Sir, how do you do? Welcome to this Ganwu auction, this is your seat number.’’

Luo Feng received the ticket, looking at the black slip of paper, half of it was translucent with a screen on it, on the screen displayed...knd99286.


’’It's really huge!’’ Entering the auction, Luo Feng was half dazed.

The entire auction was akin to one of earth's soccer fields, the surroundings were a blur with a large number of people...however the number of seats in this auction hall was simply too many.

’’There's a total of 3 million seats here, every seat is six meters wide and ten meters tall.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.

Luo Feng nodded.

Every seat was 6m wide and 10m tall, such a huge seating space, with a total of three million of them. With just a glance, it was impossible to see the end of the hall. It was as though a world was formed just from putting these countless seats together. The reason behind the huge construction of seats was to accommodate the large physically structured guests.

’’knd99286.’’ Luo Feng found the engraved number on the seat and sat in it.

6m wide, even bigger than his bed.

Countless seats...

Discussion filled the entire hall, as though countless gods were in conversation.

’’So many sector lords?’’ Luo Feng held his breath.

’’The Ganwu universe country has a total of 13,000 star fields! Like the Black Dragon Mountain star field, there's close to a 100 sector lords! Then the entire Ganwu universe country...on estimate, has over a million sector lords! In truth because of the teachings of many undyings, the Ganwu universe's chances of having sector lords growing largely. There's a total of over a million sector lords in the entire Ganwu universe country.

Luo Feng felt his heartbeat race.

Over a million sector lords?

The Ganwu universe country, just what you would expect from a universe country. At such a level, it was simply enormous.


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