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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 16


Volume 10 Chapter 16 - The Auction has Arrived

Only an accurate appraisal could clearly express just how valuable this automaton ship was. Babata had calculated earlier that the entire wealth of treasures in the world within a world was priced at about 200 mixed elements, comparable to a poor undying!

And this automaton ship alone was worth about 1 to 2 thousand mixed elements!

’’My god!’’ Bai Kalo's eyes stared wide, his dream was to have his name engraved in the sword clan temple, only after becoming a sector lord will he be able to do so, ’’Even a sector lord wouldn't be able to buy this ship!’’

’’This, just how many universe level slaves can you buy with this.’’ Di Fan opened his mouth wide, looking silly.

They were utterly flabbergasted!

The 2 universe level warriors had totally lost it. Such a valuable automaton ship, enough to even make the undying vie for, enough to make the sector lords go crazy for, much less the domain lords and universe levels...

Just the ship's star annihilator was enough to make a medium level civilization become interested. This was definitely a mass killing weapon that could be used to intimidate and threaten.

’’Luo Feng, you must never divulge any information about this automaton ship.’’ Babata said, ’’It's just like the Yun Mo Planet ship you have, this ship too belongs to one of the things you must never leak out.’’

’’Of course, it's impossible to determine its grade and true value just from its appearance, most people would think that it's a D grade automaton ship. However, you are only a star level, using a D grade automaton ship would just invite trouble. Hence, the greatest use this ship has to you is...’’

’’One it can protect your life in dangerous situations. While hiding in this ship, even sector lord pinnacle level warriors won't be able to break through. You can ride it and escape.’’

’’Two killing your enemies, you can use the three star annihilators or the nine E3 grade laser cannons to kill your enemies. Especially when combined with the mobility of the automaton ship, you can swiftly approach your enemies and withdraw as you please. While relying on the nine laser cannons to attack, even domain lords will definitely die!’’

’’Three: sell, you can sell the entire ship.’’

’’The first and second options have their flaws. The moment you use it, others will know that you have an E grade automaton ship. That would easily attract the attention of sector lords and even undying! Hence you shouldn't use it, but the moment you do, you have to kill all the enemies, leaving none behind.’’

’’If you want to sell it, there's no problem, you can sell it through your teacher's 5 star account service.’’

’’However, the moment you sell it, if you want to buy it back, it'll be difficult, extremely difficult!’’

’’That's because an automaton ship with star annihilators can easily enter a mid level auction to be sold. And the mid level auction's lowest requirement is to be a 4 star client. Luo Feng, even if you sell the ship, you still wouldn't be a 4 star client. The lowest requirement for the 4 star grade is to have 10,000 mixed elements, the people are mostly comprised of undying or a few large powers.’’

’’Hence, the moment you sell it, within a short time span, you wouldn't be able to get it back.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng understood.

This ship may be valuable, however for it to actually be worth a tenth of an undying's wealth was already considered not bad. Undying beings require money for weapons, armors, treasures, manuals etc. Even after selling the ship, Luo Feng would still be unable to become a 4 star client.

’’I won't sell it!’’

’’I'm not lacking in money right now.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’After all, this is hot property. It'll be easy to sell anytime, and it'll act as a trump card in my back pocket! The nine laser cannons along with the ship's mobility, even domain lords would definitely die. Hiding in it, even the pinnacle of sector lords can't break it open.’’

’’When I actually lack money, then I'll sell it.’’

Luo Feng's eyes suddenly gleamed, ’’Babata, can we detach the ship's star annihilator? Since there are three of them, selling two off would be ok.’’

’’You wish! This automaton ship's construction work is too exquisite, the entire ship is a perfect whole body, even the star annihilator, the laser cannons have been fused within the ship...detaching it, in your dreams. Even though the material isn't like the Yun Mo Planet ship, the work and craftsmanship on it is of a much higher value than the Yun Mo Planet ship. The Yun Mo Planet ship's strongest point is mainly its material and its incomparably sharp edges! Once it accelerates, it can slice through planets and even sector lords like vegetables.’’

’’As for its construction and craftsmanship, it's definitely lower.’’

’’So it seems that I can't detach it, It's not a big deal. After all, I currently have enough money.’’ Luo Feng laughed. ’’Babata, keep this pyramid ship in your storage space, let's return home.’’

Even though he had acquired the automaton ship, it was still of no use to him at the moment! This was because the moment he uses it, the information would be leaked...hence the automaton ship was similar to the Yun Mo Planet ship, Luo Feng very clearly knew they were valuable but he could only store it in Babata's storage space.

’’At least the pyramid ship is in perfect condition and undamaged.’’

’’Even though the Yun Mo Planet ship is much more expensive than the pyramid, it is damaged and unusable.’’ Luo Feng muttered as he flew from the Bermuda ocean towards the Asia continent.

Behind him Di Fan and Bai Kalo exchanged glances.

This master...

He leaves others completely speechless!

The pyramid ship, even amongst the undying ships, was considered not bad.

Even the Yun Mo Planet ship was something many undying wouldn't be able to afford. An F grade ship was incomparably expensive, much less an F9!

’’Having such a powerful teacher is good.’’ Di Fan looked at Bai Kalo, communicating, ’’Bai Kalo, why'd you cherish your Nuolan Shan teacher so much? A universe level 9 teacher, there's no future in that. Look at my master who's so powerful, his teacher was an undying, and a powerful one amongst the others! And, he's dead!’’

’’A dead teacher passes all his wealth to master. If his teacher was alive, master probably wouldn't be able to get much.’’ Di Fan communicated.

Bai Kalo shot a stare at Di Fan and said, ’’Get lost!’’

Days passed.

Back then the surveillance system had already detected movement from the wormhole in the dead space. The first was a D3 grade ship from the Nuolan Shan family, the second was a D1 grade ship and the third was a C8 grade ship. After Luo Feng had dealt with the Nuolan Shan army and acquired the pyramid ship, not long after...

China year 2065, Nov 12th, the 2nd D1 grade universe ship arrived on earth.

Space outside Earth.

Dressed in armor, the bald Di Fan stood in space, watching the dark purple disc shaped universe ship approaching.

’’Sir, how are you, we are from the Porterly family from the Black dragon mountain empire...’’ From the ship flew out twelve star level humans, of which ten were star level 9s and two were star level 3 and 5. The star level 5 was a tall and sturdy youth.

Porterly family, one of the 16 big families of the Black dragon mountain family.

’’Porterly family? Hpmh, right now Earth falls under the protection of Three Axe Mountain, forbidding any visitors.’’ Di Fan's voice resonated via spirit reading energy to the twelve of them.

’’Three Axe Mountain?’’

The tall and sturdy youth's expression changed. Three Axe Mountain was one of the four large organizations, even the two sacred lands had to be courteous to them.

’’If you barge into Earth, don't blame me for being disrespectful.’’ Di Fan roared loudly, after which he turned and flew back immediately.

And in space, the twelve exchanged glances.

’’Lord, what do we do?’’

’’What can we do?’’ The tall and sturdy youth grit his teeth and ordered, ’’They sent out only one person and he's a universe level 9, do we go in and commit suicide?’’

The universe ship could only leave dejected.


The same method was used on the C8 grade universe ship 6 days later, which was also scared away by Di Fan.

After all, these two ships were scout teams from two different families, who would dare mess with a universe level 9?’’

After scaring away those two ships, Luo Feng's life became incredibly peaceful, however he was awaiting that crucial date...December 16th!

Chia year 2065 December 16th, was the triennial Ganwu auction date.


Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain 9 star bay.

Within the tea room.

Luo Feng sat in a chair, lifting a glass cup filled with an amber colored tea.

’’Tomorrow is the Ganwu auction, the lowest requirement for the auction is a 3 star client.’’ Luo Feng gently sniffed the tea, ’’However, my account already has less than 10 mixed elements because of the recent expenses, which is lower than the requirement to become a 3 star client. Is the invitation sent to me by the Ganwu auction still valid?’’

’’Luo Feng, your thinking is wrong.’’

’’Your account reached 11 trillion universe dollars before, (11 mixed elements), thus becoming a 3 star client. Right now you've used up quite a bit, just because you haveless money now,you think your account will get degraded from being a 3 star client?’’

’’For several wealthy owners, their assets and capital get cycled very regularly. One day they may have 200 mixed elements, becoming a 3 star client, and another they might use everything until they only have 1 mixed element left. The following day, others might transfer 300 mixed elements in. Will these large wealthy people change constantly from 3 star clients to 2 stars?’’

Luo Feng was stunned.

’’Usage is normal. Like your teacher, for the Yun Mo Planet ship back then, he had almost used up everything. And sometimes just by selling a few treasures, the amount in his account would fly again, sometimes empty, sometimes full!’’ Babata laughed, ’’The bank won't easily degrade an account.’’

’’Only if your account has stayed short of funds for a long period of time will they degrade it.’’ Babata said, ’’The higher the level of account, this low period will be longer. Like a 5 star client, even if the money inside has been emptied, within 100 million years, their grade will not be dropped!’’

Luo Feng laughed and nodded, that made sense.

Sipping his tea, Luo Feng was looking forward to the auction. The triennial Ganwu auction would gather countless sector lords, even undying from all of the Ganwu universe country and the lowest requirement was a 3 star client.

Various items that would otherwise be hard or impossible to purchase, including saint level items would appear there.

’’After purchasing the nutrition cabin, the d5 grade laser, treasures required for the deity of the world training and usage of about 5 mixed elements, also giving 2 mixed elements to my brother Luo Hua to invest! Right now, I only have about 4 trillion universe dollars left.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’I wonder if I can actually afford anything tomorrow.’’

’’I'll return and ask my brother to see how his investments have been doing these two years.’’ Luo Feng thought.


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