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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 15


Volume 10 Chapter 15 - Dumbfounded

’’Automaton undying!’’ Luo Feng felt pressure.

Undying. The word itself represented the absolute peak. An undying being alone was enough to topple the entire Black Dragon Mountain star field.

One punch alone from an undying being could destroy an entire planet.

And with a physical body capable of reaching light speed and travelling through universes!

Even interuniversal travel between the actual universe or the dark universe, was as easy as having a meal.

’’Babata, would we have any difficulty taking control of a ship owned by an undying?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’Undying beings shouldn't let others take their ships so easily right.’’

’’But of course, just like the Yun Mo Planet Ship, if I controlled and shut the door forcefully, even sector lords would be unable to barge into the Yun Mo Planet Ship!’’ Babata said, ’’As for that automaton ship, it'll just be up to your person and luck. Because automaton undying are different from other races of undying.’’

’’Different?’’ Luo Feng.

’’Right, Luo Feng, let me ask you, what do people normally use to control the ships?’’ Babata asked.

’’AI.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Right, AI. Your teacher used me to control the Yun Mo Planet ship.’’

’’However the automaton race, every one of them is a living AI! More advanced than any AIs for the most powerful of them, the automaton undying, that's something even more powerful than someone like me, a living AI.’’ Babata said, ’’What do you think he'll even need an AI for in a ship?’’

’’You mean...’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

’’For automaton undying, riding in a ship only require a trillionth of their processing ability to be able to perfectly control a universe ship.’’ Babata said, ’’Hence the automaton undying usually don't even need an AI specifically to control the ships, they can easily handle it themselves.’’

’’But he's dead!’’

’’So there's no one to control this automaton ship anymore.’’

’’Now it's just up to your luck, if this automaton ship has any locked down gates or doors from the entrance to the control room and is hard to open, then that'll be troublesome.’’

’’If there are no blocked passages, then that's lucky.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng couldn't help but hold his breath.


Luo Feng and Di Fan, a master and his slave, stood in the deep sea, patiently looking at the huge pyramid ship. Waiting.

About 5 minutes later.

’’Master, success.’’ A thought was communicated over.

’’That's great.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

’’My auxiliary AI can begin hacking into the control system of the ship. Oh, hacking success! Cutting power to the cabin door! Success!’’ Babata cheered, ’’Luo Feng, let's go, we can enter into the ship now without any worry about the pathways defenses, I've already cut off the power.’’

’’Di Fan, let's go.’’ Luo Feng ordered, flying first into the entrance of the pyramid ship.

Entering through the passageway, that area belonged to the lower level of the entire pyramid.

The passageway was quite spacious, as it was 10m wide.

With an alloy armor outside and cloud contact vine armor within, Luo Feng's defense was completely solid. With but a thought, a long vine extended into the passageway.

’’It's completely safe.’’ Luo Feng flew in and Di Fan followed beside him.

’’What a unique layout.’’

Luo Feng entered the ship and was shocked upon his discovery: the entire layout of the pyramid ship was completely different from a human race's universe ship. Within this ship, there was one main pathway, spiraling upwards in a single helix! Almost like a mountain path going up.

The spiraling pathway was 30m wide, spiraling up the center of the pyramid.

The pyramid ship's control room was located in the center about 800m from the bottom.

The control room itself was circular, the floors were sparkling and translucent, altogether beautifully made. There actually was no control board in the room, only a large floating crystal ball in the center.

’’Master.’’ Bai Kalo looked at Luo Feng.

’’Well done.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Babata, check this ship.’’ Luo Feng shouted.


’’Energy shields, perfect condition.’’

’’Damn, the energy shield levels are actually this high, even if we don't rely on the ship for defense, just the shields alone can block an E9 grade attack. This means...if one didn't reach the undying level, they couldn't even break past one level of the energy shields.’’ Babata's voice resounded across the control room.

Luo Feng, Di Fan and Bai Kalo were all shocked. Just the energy shields alone were this extreme...

’’This, just whose ship is this? Who was the original owner of this ship?’’ Bai Kalo couldn't help but ask. ’’It's.... it's too crazy. Even the E9 grade ships in the universe aren't this extreme.’’

’’Its owner was an undying!’’ Luo Feng said, ’’An automaton undying!’’

Bai Kalo and Di Fan's eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Undying? And an automaton undying at that?

Any undying was extremely valuable. And the automaton represented the most technologically advanced race in the entire universe. Ifan automaton undying were to control this ship to its fullest, the transformation would be extremely terrifying.

’’Offensive weapons, perfect condition.’’

’’Damn, it's really crazy, this automaton ship's technological weapons are even crazier than your teacher's ship, indeed worthy of the name automaton ship. The ship of an automaton undying, it's simply...too luxurious, it's pure madness. It actually has three star master grade star annihilator cannons and nine E3 grade laser cannons.’’

Luo Feng was stunned.

Star annihilator cannons?

The legendary technological weapons, the star annihilator cannons were unrivaled, as the name spoke for itself.: just one shot could destroy an entire planet! In terms of could compete with an undying altogether. Of course the star annihilator cannon had its flaws. First one was that its attack radius was huge, it couldn't concentrate its attack on a single point like an undying. Second was that it consumed a shocking amount of energy.

However despite its weakness, it couldn't diminish the human race's longing for such a weapon.

’’Movement systems, perfect condition!’’

’’Luo Feng, you've struck lottery, this automaton ship's movement system is completely sick. It's no wonder the entire layout of the passageway was a spiraling pathway, actually the entire core of the automaton ship, seems to be a huge movement system.

’’A 1,200m tall ship, over two-thirds of it is a movement system.’’

’’Sick! this ship's momentary acceleration, dodging and other movements definitely aren't lousier than your teacher's Yun Mo Planet ship.’’

’’I'm dizzy.’’

’’According to the data from this ship, the ship's main body's alloy reaches E grade. It even has self repairing functions! Along with the energy shield definitely belongs to the pinnacle of E grade ships. Plus, its movement is extremely shocking, making it incredibly valuable.’’

’’And this is without including the cost of the star annihilator.

’’Luo Feng, you've truly struck it big this time. Just this automaton ship alone is more valuable than all the treasures in the world within a world put together!!!’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng who was within the round control room however wasn't as excited as he was when they first began, his expression was that of suspicion, ’’Even though it's expensive, no matter how expensive it is, it's still only an E grade ship, compared to the Yun Mo Planet F9 grade ship. Normal domain lords use D grade ships, sector lords use e grade ships. This undying should be using an F grade. And this ship is only at the pinnacle of E grade, it shouldn't be that crazy right?’’

’’Wrong, completely wrong.’’ Babata shouted.

’’Master, it's not like that.’’ Bai Kalo said.

Luo Feng was suspicious, beside him Di Fan was dumbfounded too.

’’Luo Feng, when you go out, don't ever mention that you are a disciple of the Yun Mo Planet, it's a total disgrace to your teacher's face. Actually saying such stupid things! That Di Fan, who was a slave before, nevermind that he's stupid. But you, after reading so many books, learning so much about the universe and common knowledge, however you missed out on such an important piece of information...’’ Babata began to criticize him.

’’Where was I wrong?’’ Luo Feng cut in while Babata was speaking.

’’Firstly, human universe ships, the only reason why they aren't that expensive is because they are made from alloys!’’

’’A pure metal ship is viewed as a luxurious item. Hence, alloy ships are the way to go. This you know right?’’ Babata said.

’’I understand, alloys are cheap, but cost-effective.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

WIthin the same C5 grade, the alloys were cheaper by at least a hundred times to the pure metal.


’’Within the entire universe, the strongest alloy is only E9 grade! Whether it is the human race or the even more advanced automaton race, the strongest alloy constructed is only E9 grade. Hence to actually build a F grade universe ship, one can only use pure metals, like your teacher used the hybrid copper essence. This is because there are simply no F grade alloys!’’

’’F grade pure metals are extremely rare!’’

’’Take the hybrid copper essence, for example. There may be occasional veins of ore for the hybrid copper, but after digging them up, the amount of hybrid copper essence may only amount to a palm's worth, maybe 1 or 2 tonnes.’’

’’1 vein of ore may result in only a palm's worth. To actually collect enough to build a 800m diameter universe ship, that's...that's simply an unbelievable thing to do. Even if you sold off the entire black dragon mountain star field, you wouldn't even be close to having enough money. Hence, even among undying beings, the majority of them cannot afford to make one!’’

’’Undying beings, most of them only use the pinnacle of E grade ships.’’ Babata said, ’’And the difference between the E grade ships of the undying and sector lords is...the size, and with the bigger size one needs a stronger and more powerful engine, allowing it to have greater mobility!’’

’’100m long and 1000m long. The difference in size, if it were a 1000 times, the price difference will be a 1000 times too.’’

’’That is the main difference between undying beings with E grade ships, compared to sector lords with E grade ships.’’

’’Your teacher was an absolute warrior even amongst the undying, hence he could afford to build the Yun Mo Planet ship. Even so, he still spent a large amount of his wealth along with countless treasures to acquire it.’’ Babata said, ’’And this automaton undying, this ship that he used, is even more advanced than many human undyings!’’

’’The main thing is that its mobility is off the charts.’’

’’I'll give you an estimate, a normal sector lords E grade ships would cost about 1 trillion universe dollars, which is about one mixed element.’’

’’And a pinnacle E grade ship used by undying would be normally valued at few hundred trillion universe dollars, which is equivalent to a few hundred mixed elements.’’

’’This pinnacle E grade ship, a 1,200m tall automaton ship, is worth about one to two thousand mixed element units!’’

’’And the treasures you acquired from the world within a world before, all added together would only add up to about 11 mix element units. Hence, I said all the treasures in the world within a world added together...don't even compare to this automaton undying's ship!’’


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