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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 14


Volume 10 Chapter 14 - Automaton Ship

’’De Wen and Bai Kaluo, why haven't they reported back after so long?’’ Within the virtual universe, black dragon mountain island, within a luxurious villa's guest room, dressed in a long robe, Nuolan Shan creased his eyebrows, blinking his red eyes and stared at the screen, serious and severe as he said, ’’Contact them one more time for me.’’

’’Yes, master.’’ The fist size AI helper on Nuolan Shan's shoulder shouted out loudly and clearly.


’’Not right.’’

’’Something's up.’’

’’I'm trying to contact them, they wouldn't dare not answer my call invite.’’ Nuolan Shan's eyes were filled with shock and fear, ’’unless...’’

’’That's impossible, with Bai Kaluo's strength, the 2 of them shouldn't have met with any trouble at all.’’ Nuolan Shan shook his head, ’’Definitely not!’’

Waiting in the virtual universe, for any news at all from De Wen or Bai Kaluo, Nuolan Shan began to suspect that something must have happened. However he had too much confidence in his most exceptional disciple Bai Kaluo, against earth, this level of simplicity, he shouldn't have met any trouble at all.

Minutes and seconds passed.

5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour...

1 hour, 2 hours...

Nuolan Shan's expression grew uglier by the minute, he initially still held onto hope, however after 2 hours had passed and he hadn't received any news from his disciples. It was clear that something had happened...


Nuolan Shan growled from deep within his throat, violently waving his hand, knocking the wine glass on the table in front him away, the pots and cups flying in all directions, either smashing against the walls or on the art around, even on the chairs, basically breaking apart loudly all over.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Nuolan Shan's eyes grew cold, he bit down hard, squeezing out 2 words from within,

’’You are vicious!’’

’’To actually be able to get a universe level 9 or even a domain lord to help you.’’ Nuolan Shan's gaze was cold, clenching his fists so tight, his fingers were jabbing at his palm

This loss was tragic!

One, he lost 2 important members of his family De Wen and Bai Kaluo.

2, he was clear that if the opponent could easily deal with Bai Kaluo, then he, Nuolan Shan would have no hope of acquiring the treasures of earth anymore.

’’To be able to deal with Bai Kaluo, the opponent must at least be a universe level 9. And a universe level 9...can totally be able to take away that automaton ship.’’ Nuolan Shan pondered in rage, ’’Even if I spend 3 years of time and reach earth. It most probably will be just a waste of time! And what's more on earth, there's that thing...’’

Solar system, mars.

When Nuolan Shan was thinking of Bai Kaluo being killed off, gritting his teeth in rage...

’’Do not resist.’’ A booming rumbling voice reverberated across the sand, the Golden Horned Beast's enormous body was lying there, its head high and huge like a mountain, gazed down at the little Bai Kaluo.


Bai Kaluo stood respectfully there.

The Golden Horned Beast began to unleash the Yun Mo Planet's slave soul imprint. Gradually, a transparent liquid, almost like a droplet flew out from the left eye of the beast, swiftly descending downwards, this crystal like droplet, if one examined it carefully, would discover that there were complex prints within it, floating within the center of the drop!

’’Chi!’’ The droplet entered Bai Kaluo's forehead.

It immediately seeped in and entered deep within Bai Kaluo's consciousness.

Within his consciousness.

This was a vast miniature galaxy, it was the place where Bai Kaluo's soul resided. This mini galaxy was continuously revolving, and the 8 arms of the galaxy similarly spiraled outwards. A drop of water suddenly appeared and immediately entered into the galaxy, a silver sparkling and translucent beam of light swiftly entered and permeated in, everything happened naturally.


After about half an hour, standing in the desert, Bai Kaluo opened his eyes and looked at the Golden Horned Beast, his gaze filled with a sense of idolization and worship from within his soul.

’’Master.’’ Bai Kaluo bowed.

The Golden Horned Beast's eyes too had a slight darkening in its eyes, using the slave soul imprint was akin to cutting off a small piece of its own soul, the damage was huge.


The Golden Horned Beast vanished and Luo Feng appeared.

’’The slave soul imprint is indeed mysterious.’’ Luo Feng looked at the sword clan Bai Kaluo before him, clearly feeling his sense of worship from deep within his soul, almost as though he was looking at his king, ’’For the teacher to be able to create this slave soul imprint, is really impressive.’’

’’Di Fan, Bai Kaluo, let's go, return to earth.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Yes master!’’

Di Fan and Bai Kaluo replied respectfully simultaneously.

The black disc shaped universe ship was heading back to earth from mars.

Within the ship's control room, Luo Feng and his 2 slaves were conversing.

’’Master, all the AI and quantum computers from the debris have been brought over.’’ Bai Kaluo said respectfully, ’’There definitely won't be any leakage of the scene of the Golden Horned Beast revealing its body.’’

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Caution and prudence was the utmost importance, the secret of the Golden Horned Beast indeed couldn't be leaked out.

’’Bai Kaluo, just what trump card does that Nuolan Shan have, and what does he know about earth?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Trump card?’’

Bai Kaluo shook his head, ’’That Nuolan Shan doesn't have any trump card at all, the entire foundation of the family is shallow, except for Nuolan Shan himself as the pillar, the family doesn't have any big powers at all! This time he sent De Wen and I over, one was to grab the automaton ship and two was to kill you! That bastard, actually thinking of killing master, he deserves death!!!’’

Bai Kaluo's words were filled with killing intent for Nuolan Shan. The slave soul imprint had altered his consciousness and his worship for his master was from within his soul, his master's life was the most important thing to him.

Hence for Nuolan Shan to try and kill Luo Feng...The current Bai Kaluo was filled with intense hatred from within.


’’That Nuolan Shan, is only a little clown.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Right, you talked about the automaton ship earlier?’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up, these 2 years, he had almost completely immersed himself in comprehending the universe origin laws. Comprehending these laws wasn't necessarily tedious, it was actually akin to a mother's hug when one was an infant a very comforting feeling on the soul.

Two years spent immersed in deep training had caused Luo Feng to forget about...that automaton ship sitting in the Bermuda area of earth.

’’Right, that Nuolan Shan has been harping on about that Automaton ship since before, that ship is definitely worth much more than his entire fortune.’’ Bai Kaluo said respectfully.

’’Haha...’’Luo Feng laughed.

’’Babata.’’ Luo Feng shouted, ’’The ship will not return to home yet, we'll head over to the Bermuda area, it's time we took that automaton ship.’’

’’Understood!’’ The little devil shouted excitedly.


The universe ship pierced through the earth's atmosphere, immediately heading to the Bermuda ocean, after which the universe ship vanished and Luo Feng and his two slaves became three beams of light flying into the ocean.

Within the cold sea waters, there was an enormous white silhouette.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng flew closer.

Floating in the ocean, the enormous white pyramid reached a shocking height of 1,200m, larger than any skyscraper on earth. Luo Feng could clearly feel that the floating pyramid slightly warped the surroundings

’’Automaton universe ship.’’ Di Fan's eyes gleamed.

’’This is my first time actually seeing an automaton universe ship in reality.’’ Bai Kaluo too was shocked, ’’The automaton race's technology is too advanced, from the appearance, it's hard to tell what grade this ship is.’’

The technology of the humans of the universe was far from that of the automaton race.

The human constructed universe ships could easily be determined by grade, and a scan would also easily tell what metal or alloy it was built from. However, with the automaton alloys, humans were completely unable to detect the grade from the outside.

’’However, according to what Nuolan Shan told me, this automaton ship is at least a D grade.’’ Bai Kaluo pointed at the huge pyramid, the triangular pathway, ’’That pathway's defense should be at the C grade too, the lowest grade of this kind of universe ship is D, hence its price is extremely expensive, many domain lords can't even afford it.’’

’’Hm?’’ Di Fan looked shocked at Bai Kaluo, ’’That expensive?’’

’’You can't just look at its appearance! And that's on D grade, if it were E grade....that would be too shocking. It'll definitely be even crazier than the treasures from the world within a world that shook the entire Black Dragon Mountain empire star field.’’ Bai Kaluo shook his head, ’’However the chances of it being an E grade is too low.’’

’’It's an E grade.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Master.’’ Di Fan and Bai Kaluo both turned shocked, Di Fan couldn't help but ask, ’’Master, it's completely impossible to tell the grade from its appearance.’’

’’It's an E grade! I'm very sure.’’ Luo Feng looked at the huge pyramid before him, before turning to looking at his two slaves, ’’You two, what grades are your armors?’’

’’Master, I'm wearing an inner level 3 genetic armor, outside a d3 grade alloy armor.’’ Di Fan said respectfully.

’’I'm wearing an inner level 3 genetic armor, outside a d5 alloy armor.’’ Bai Kaluo said respectfully.

Luo Feng nodded.

Genetic armors were similar to the black god sets from back then;it could easily cover one's body. However the defensive abilities of the genetic armor was related to the level of the genetic energy. The stronger the genetic energy, the stronger the defense of the armor. These genetic armors were extremely expensive, similar to genetic energy weapons.

The alloy armors were alloys outside, their skill tolerance was very low, just like a huge shield, the prices were cheap...the only drawback was the alloy armors had many openings, not able to protect the body 100% completely.

’’Bai Kaluo, how about you enter the automaton ship.’’ Luo Feng ordered, ’’This is an AI chip, enter the control room and insert it there.’’

’’Yes master.’’ Bai Kaluo respectfully received the chip and flew straight towards the pathway.

Chi Chi...

Within the automaton ship pathway, 3 colored lasers immediately shot out. However, Bai Kaluo's speed didn't seem to slow down at all, rushing in straight ahead.

The automaton ship.’’ Luo Feng looked at the pyramid ship before him, exclaiming within, ’’This ship's owner was that automaton undying fighter!’’


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