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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 13


Volume 10 Chapter 13 - Luo Feng's Strength

Within the vast space, 3 human silhouettes stood in space.

’’Luo Feng, you really want to kill him?’’ Babata's voice resounded, ’’He definitely has the potential and makings of an absolute warrior!’’


’’I admire his backbone, but I'm not about to grovel and beg him to submit. Since he came to kill me...originally, I should kill him!’’ Luo Feng's expression was cold, ’’I admire him, giving him the chance to submit but if he refuses...I'll just kill him! Makings of an absolute warrior? Don't even say the makings of, even absolute warriors now, like sector lords or undying! There are many in the vast universe!’’

Luo Feng looked at Bai Kaluo, waiting for his reply.

Bai Kaluo stood in space, his eyebrows creased.

’’The moment you reject, that means death! Once you die, everything will be void! What you are chasing, your dreams, everything will be gone.’’ Luo Feng's words reverberated within his mind, causing him to unconsciously reminisce his struggles from back then.

That beautiful planet, his home.

That wide and flowing river, he'd seen it countless times in his dreams.

’’Grandpa, I'm leaving.’’

’’When I return, it'll be the day my name goes up in the temple! I'll definitely make our Iron Stone Mountain clan proud of me!’’

That dark night, the young Bai Kaluo bid goodbye to his grandfather, beginning his long journey.

Leaving his home and entering the universe.

Wave after wave of adventures in the galaxy, his strength grew continuously. After witnessing Nuolan Shan in the battle footage from the Battle-Axe Coliseum, he idolized Nuolan Shan. Nuolan Shan was a definite pro-war faction, from the moment he became a disciple he had to endure life or death battles, and Bai Kaluo fought extremely hard and quickly became the most exceptional amongst the others.

Breaking through to the universe level!

Having his own domain!

Creating his own knife techniques, a path of continuous growth, even to the point where his old teacher Nuolan Shan couldn't teach him! His battle experience, skills etc, were comparable to that of his teacher!

Becoming one in the Nuolan Shan family with a status similar to that of Nuolan Shan himself!

However he never relaxed, always covered in the black robe, focusing his entire self on his techniques, his domain...

’’The temple!’’

’’The Sword Clan's temple!’’ Bai Kaluo roared within, ’’I, Bai Kaluo, must have my name in that temple. I must make the Iron Stone Mountain Clan proud of me! I will become a legend amongst the Iron Stone mountain clan of the Sword Clan!’’

The sword clan's temple.

All of the sword clan's males, this was their most dreamt of achievement, engraving their name in that temple was their biggest pride!

But to actually get one's name engraved up there was really difficult. Since the numbers of warriors grew, the conditions required to get one's name engraved became harder and harder.

During its aboriginal period, one only had to reach the universe level to get up.

After the Sword clan entered the universe, it got risen to domain lord level.

And a few hundred million years ago, it once again rose to sector lord level. Even in the Sword clan, it still took a long time before a name would get engraved, it was their greatest honor.

Getting one's name engraved meant becoming one of the sword clan's legends.

’’Engraving my name and becoming a legend!’’ Bai Kaluo raised his head and stared at the dark red armor clad youth.

’’Have you considered properly?’’

Luo Feng stared coldly at Bai Kaluo, ’’Submit or death!’’


Bai Kaluo knelt down on one knee in mid space, lowering his head, ’’Sword clan Bai Kaluo pays his respects to the lord!’’

’’Lord?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’When the lord's power exceeds mine, I will willingly greet him as master.’’ Bai Kaluo said respectfully, ’’And right now, I'm willing to be one of Lord' soldiers, a bodyguard.’’

’’Soldier, bodyguard?’’ Luo Feng looked peculiarly at Bai Kaluo, ’’You can call me master right now!’’

Bai Kaluo creased his eyebrows.

’’Haha...’’ Luo Feng laughed loudly in the universe.


Luo Feng vanished, at the same time with movement, an enormous mountain like beast appeared in space, it's scales alone were bigger than ordinary tables, their edges sharp like knives, it's entire length exceeded a shocking 6km, four claws 2 to 3 km long, almost like the legendary pillars supporting heaven.

That long tail waved about in space.

It's huge head, was almost like a mountain, its dark gold eyes looking down on the little speck Bai Kaluo.

’’Gold, golden...’’ Bai Kaluo stared wide eyed, ’’Golden Horned Beast!’’

’’Right, it's me.’’

A powerful sound, imbued with large amounts of genetic energy pierced through the space, ripples of power dispersing throughout, reverberating in Bai Kaluo's ear.


The Golden Horned Beast vanished and Luo Feng appeared, seemingly laughing at Bai Kaluo.


Luo Feng vanished and the enormous Golden Horned Beast once again appeared in space.

’’Do you understand?’’ The Golden Horned Beast's voice was like thunder, his gaze sharp and staring straight at Bai Kaluo. It was physically impossible to speak in space, however with it's large amount of genetic energy medium, along with the massive amount of genetic energy from the Golden Horned Beast itself, its voice reverberated throughout space.

’’You, you are...’’ Bai Kaluo was extremely shocked, ’’So all this while Luo Feng is the Golden Horned Beast!’’

’’Accurately speaking, the Golden Horned Beast is Luo Feng!’’

The Golden Horned Beast vanished and Luo Feng stood in space staring at Bai Kaluo, before when he ordered Di Fan to destroy Bai Kaluo's quantum computer, it was all for his revelation...the secret of the Golden Horned Beast had to be kept, hence he couldn't get careless. As for revealing its body, it was for the sake of unleashing the slave soul imprint!

’’Since its like that, this...’’ Bai Kaluo was extremely shaken, looking at Luo Feng, ’’You will be stronger than me, I admit, however the Golden Horned Beast now should still be weaker than I currently.’’

’’Weaker than you?’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Bai Kaluo, even I am no match for master. You? You'll only become a sandbag!’’ Di Fan laughed mockingly via genetic energy on the side.

’’What!’’ Bai Kaluo shook his head, ’’That's impossible!’’

’’You can try it and you'll know.’’ Luo Feng curled his lips and smiled.


Luo Feng vanished and the Golden Horned Beast once again appeared in space, the Golden Horned Beast had currently already reached the universe level 6.

Around December of 2 years ago, The Golden Horned Beast had broken through to the universe level.

As of now, the end of October, it had already been a total of 20 months. Within these 20 months, because he had a large amount of wealth, he could afford the expensive and valuable metals, allowing the internal world to grow with maximum efficiency, however even the optimum efficiency and metal groupings at the universe level could only raise the rate to 56 times!

56 times!

20 months, normal evolution would take 93 over years.

The Golden Horned Beast during the star level period.

Stage 1 to 3 required a year and a half.

Stages 4 to 6, every stage required 2 years each, a total of 6 years.

Stage 7 to 9, every stage required 12 years, a total of 36 years.

And stage 9 to the universe level required over 50 years. The entire star level period required close to a hundred years.

And the universe level period required close to 1,000 years!

Stages 1 to 3 required about 15 years.

Stages 4 to 6, every stage required 20 years, a total of 60 years.

Stages 7 to 9, each one required 120 years, a total of 360 years.

And finally universe stage 9 to the domain lord stage, required over 500 years.

This was the evolution speed!

And with Luo Feng's optimum groupings, normal evolution would take 93 years, the Golden Horned Beast was currently already at the end of the universe level 6! As the genius and extremely talented Golden Horned Beast, at the star level 7, it already had the ability to kill star level 9 fighters already.

In space.

Like an enormous black mountain, the Golden Horned Beast fiercely waved its claws and the tip of every claw was like a huge battle knife swinging at Bai Kaluo.

’’Roar!’’ Bai Kaluo roared, green wind dancing about his surroundings, flowing with his gathering of genetic energy, the 2 battle knives became a blade storm wave that was 10m high, directly clashing with the Golden Horned Beast's claw!


The clash ripples exploded, the immense force of the waves became shockingly powerful ripples that dispersed in all directions, knocking and shaking the distant corpse of De Wen and sending a large amount of the ship debris into a mess.

’’You, are not bad!’’ The Golden Horned Beast's voice rumbled, almost like a god.


The Golden Horned Beast's 3 horns emitted a glaring light, following which the gold light swiftly flowed through the peculiar golden engravings throughout the Golden Horned Beast's body, its scaled wings, its claws, its horns, even its tail seemed to all undergo changes, even the scales seemed to condense together, its claws getting even sharper.

One of the three natural talents, strengthen!

The Golden Horned Beast's power raised immensely in an instant!

’’Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!’’

All that could be seen was the claws that were almost like the heavenly pillars stomping and scratching downwards, under its strengthening, that incomparably powerful force caused Bai Kaluo to be unable to defend at all.


The Golden Horned Beast let out an excited howl.

Weng weng weng...

The Golden Horned Beast began to emit strange ripples, the peculiar thing was its entire body was swiftly shrinking, every scale of it was shrinking, and at the same time, the structure of the scales themselves seemed to change! It's bones too were shrinking, what was once a 6km long beast had shrunk to just 2 to 3km long, its density had increased greatly, its vertebrate bone had undergone a peculiar change.

Its 3 horns on its head too had shrunk! Its density even greater than before!


The entire Golden Horned Beast, from a body length of over 6km had shrunk directly down to only 3km.

Deity of the world, the 1st stage!

After the 1st stage had been completely mastered, the body length would be shrunk down to 1/3 the size, increasing it's power by 3 times. And right now, with all the huge amounts of wealth buying the precious materials to train it, Luo Feng had managed to achieve a shrinking of 2 times, increasing its power by 2 times!

Strengthening increased its power 2 times!

Deity of the world increased it another 2 times!

’’Rumble!’’ It's claws slashed, causing Bai Kaluo to spit out blood immediately.


A quick as lightning tail brushed past, so fast Bai Kaluo didn't even have time to dodge, getting knocked so hard his blades were thrown out of his hands and his arms split open immediately, fresh blood splattering all over. Luckily the Golden Horned Beast had held back, without attacking with its full force, otherwise it would have easily killed Bai Kaluo.

The Golden Horned Beast vanished and Luo Feng appeared in space.

’’Di Fan.’’ Luo Feng looked at him floating in space, the heavily injured and unable to resist Bai Kaluo, ’’Go, send him into the nutrition cabin to recover.’’

’’Yes.’’ Di Fan's simple and honest face revealed a peculiar smile.

He had been his masters sparring partner and bullied many times. Now, he finally had a 'partner' to suffer with him.

’’Strengthening talent, deity of the world, unleashing both together! Di Fan and Bai Kaluo couldn't defend against it at all.’’ Luo Feng shook his head and smiled, ’’And I haven't even unleashed a bit of the origin laws of gold with my attack.’’

Sleeping and eating and vice versa, he naturally grew and became one with the Golden Horned Beast, worthy of the name invincible among the same level. Even in the vast universe, it was hard to find a close enough opponent in the same level, should there be any human that could put up a fight, he would definitely be elite amongst the entire universe, the entire human race, from countless universe countries, an absolute genius.

And Luo Feng this Golden Horned Beast, spending lots of wealth to train deity of the world, and to comprehend the origin laws of the universe!

Just hard work alone wasn't enough...

To be able to defeat the Golden Horned Beast, it was extremely difficult!

Within the universe ship.

’’Master.’’ Bai Kaluo who was tossed into the nutrition cabin shouted willingly.

’’Alright, hurry and heal up.’’ Luo Feng said casually, once he was healed, he still had to use the slave soul imprint.


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