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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 12


Volume 10 Chapter 12 - Sword Clan

Without a sound or trace, Bai Kaluo's black robe flowed like water swiftly and vanished within his body, revealing his intrepid and malevolent body, he, with a green alloy armor, with scales as its construct, layers and layers of scales added together, and his face too was covered in green scales, without a single strand of hair on his head, only green skin.

His forehead had a peculiar arc, sharp and almost like a blade!

His entire body from head to toe was all green! On his back he carried two battle knives crossed!


His lightning fast draw created a dreamy after image, at the same time, with the knives in his hand, he parried that silver sword attack, immediately slowing it down.

Within the universe ship control room, through the external image simulator, Luo Feng could clearly see the exchange between the two, when Bai Kaluo revealed his true face, Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Sword clan!’’ From the screen of the control board, the demon Babata was shocked.

’’Sword clan?’’ Luo Feng said with shock.

’’Right, sword clan, this person. His features seem to match that of the sword clan.’’

’’Sword clan, a very renowned and famed race, initially, the sword clan planet was an aboriginal planet! However, even though they were an aboriginal planet, when they were discovered by a universe empire, they already had a domain lord and 12 universe levels...the sword clan people, as long as they reach maturity, they'll become star travellers.

This was a very strong planet.

However, as they hadn't developed their technology, they didn't have universe ships and hence the sword clan people had always remained on their planet. And after entering the universe, they slowly grew. Even before they entered the universe, they had explorer experience and traditions, every mature member had to explore and risk their lives on the planet.

And after entering the universe, every matured clan member would explore the universe and go through life or death missions!

The sword clan people don't seem to bother much about power or luxury, they seemed to only chase the path of getting stronger. Some would become disciples of absolute warriors, or go to other powers to learn techniques...

This made many absolute warriors within the sword clan!

In the history of the sword clan, undying beings, sector lords, they were all there. Hence the sword clan was a race very renowned within the human races of the universe.’’ Babata explained in detail.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng was somewhat shocked.

’’Star traveller at maturity, in the human races, that wasn't too strong a race. However the sword clan, the reason why they had such a reputation was their personality!’’ Babata said, ’’Because of their unwavering determination, working hard to constantly grow stronger. This personality and trait is within their bones, hence they've produced so many powerful warriors.’’

While Luo Feng was shocked at the sword clan, simultaneously in space, The universe level 9 Di Fan was engaged in a mad battle with Bai Kaluo.

Di Fan stood in space controlling his spirit weapon!

A green violent wind surrounded Bai Kaluo's surroundings, causing his body to appear blurry, his two battle knives had already reached their limit speed, mixed in with the ferocious wind domain, forming a continuous blade storm.

’’Clang clang clang!!!’’

That arc blade clashed with the snow white blade over and over, causing Di Fan's face to reveal shock, the sword clan man was obviously only a universe level 8, however relying on these two knives he's managed to block all his spirit weapon attacks.

’’100 knives!’’ Bai Kaluo shouted malevolently.


A large amount of snow white blades overlapped each other, forming a bladestorm that filled the surroundings, quickly engulfing Di Fan, with a peng sound, the huge wave of blades came crashing down on him, Di Fan's face was pale.

’’Hm?’’ Bai Kaluo revealed shock, Di Fan had managed to block his final attack.

’’This bastard...’’ Di Fan squinted his eyes, shouting, ’’Soul blade cutter!’’

A formless spirit attack immediately formed a blade that was invisible to the naked eye, swiftly piercing through Bai Kaluo's consciousness.


Bai Kaluo's eyes seemed to dim a little before recovering, staring hard at Di Fan.

’’He actually blocked it.’’ Di Fan was extremely shocked.

Within the universe ship, Luo Feng too couldn't help but exclaim.

’’He actually blocked it.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

This Bai Kaluo was a true genius!

A universe level 8, able to rely on two blades to forcefully block a universe level 9's spirit weapon. This in itself was incredible! that, Luo Feng was only complimenting, not too shocked. This was because Di Fan's true skill wasn't in his control of a spirit weapon, he was best at his soul attacks.

Along with the training of the soul cutter technique, even though he had only barely grasped it, its power was shocking.

A universe level 9 spirit reader, unleashing the soul cutter, and it was actually blocked by a universe level 8!

’’Shocking willpower.’’ On the screen, the demon shouted excitedly, ’’His willpower is too shocking, this Bai Kaluo is a universe level 8 fighter, and also a universe level 8 spirit reader. However that Di Fan's soul cutter's power is huge, even same level opponents would find it hard to block, but he actually managed it.’’

’’Willpower! He has incredible and shocking willpower!’’ The demon said, ’’Luo Feng, quickly, use the slave soul imprint and keep him! He will definitely be a slave even more exceptional than Di Fan!’’

’’Keep him?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Every single slave had to be considered greatly before.

’’I can guarantee that he definitely has the standard of the Battle-axe fighter, even compared to his teacher, if they were the same level, his teacher Nuolan Shan may not even be his match.’’ The demon Babata howled, ’’His domain is strong, his knife skills are powerful, these don't mean much. But his shocking willpower, it shows he's resolve is very strong, he definitely has the potential and makings of an absolute warrior, as long as you nurture him well...Luo Feng, these opportunities are rare!’’

’’A Battle-axe fighter standard, stepping into the domain lord, they even have up to a 50% chance.’’

’’What's more, with his shocking willpower, along with the techniques of the Yun Mo Planet, stepping into the domain lord level, there's an even higher chance.’’ Babata shouted, ’’And, you lack a fighter slave!’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Di Fan was proficient in soul attacks!

His underlings, he indeed lacked a fighter slave!

In space.

’’Your spirit attacks are very strong.’’ Bai Kaluo's eyes were cold, he gritted his teeth and shouted, ’’However, the final victor will be me!!!’’


Moving within the ferocious winds, Bai Kaluo's body floated and became an arced line, the green mad winds about him covered the two swords that were madly cutting towards Di Fan! The blades carried in them genetic energy, strength, willpower, and they all reached a perfect level of harmony.


There was madness within Bai Kaluo's eyes, the two blades became two snow white lights, madly cutting towards Di Fan! They seemed untiring and continuous, very quickly forming a huge light cycle, pressuring down on Di Fan.

’’Chi.’’ The spirit weapon was knocked away and Di Fan spit out blood, a flash of pity appeared in his eyes and he unleashed his final technique his master Luo Feng had prepared for him.


A dark blue light swiftly knocked and broke the light circle, causing the large amount of light that the blades had formed to crumble, this too had caused the dark blue light to bounce back, this shard that seemed broken and small...the hybrid copper essence shard! This immensely sharp shard formed an arc and headed towards Bai Kaluo.

’’Spare his life.’’ An order resounded within Di Fan's consciousness.

The soul imprint that penetrated the soul, that was Luo Feng's connection with Di Fan, to be able to communicate directly through their consciousness, just like an AI communicating humans, or like the cloud contact vine with Luo Feng's consciousness.


The dark blue light formed an arc and immediately slashed both of Bai Kaluo's arms, they split open and his blades fell!

There was silence in space, the ship remains were scattered and floating in the distance, the universe level De Wen's body was still floating in the distant space, and Bai Kaluo was standing still in space.

’’Destroy his AI.’’ Luo Feng ordered.


The dark blue light cut past Bai Kaluo's arm, immediately destroying the AI, and Bai Kaluo's stared at the distant Di Fan, communicating solemnly, ’’Why are you not killing me?’’

’’It's an order from my master.’’ Di Fan looked at him.

’’Master?’’ Bai Kaluo creased his eyebrows.

The cabin door of the distant disc shaped universe ship opened and a human silhouette flew out, it was the cloud contact vine clad Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng!’’ Bai Kaluo squinted his eyes.

’’Bai Kaluo, you've lost.’’ Luo Feng looked at Bai Kaluo before him.

Even though his wrist flesh had been sliced open, it was regenerating, he however stared hard at Luo Feng, obviously it was clear to him...his lost this time was and utter defeat.

’’I didn't expect you to have a universe level 9 slave, my teacher didn't expect it too. You even have a d grade long distance light weapon...I've lost completely.’’ Bai Kaluo laughed coldly, ’’Luo Feng, just kill me if you want to! With your slave here, I have no resistance at all. In this space, I have nowhere to escape to also!’’

The vast space, without a ship, where could he escape to?

’’I think highly of you.’’

Luo Feng looked at Bai Kaluo, ’’I'll give you two options right now, one is to serve me, the other is to die.’’

’’Serve or die, you can choose.’’ Luo Feng looked at him.

’’Serve you?’’ Haha...’’Bai Kaluo laughed loudly, ’’Luo Feng are you joking, just you, a star level punk, actually want me to serve you, if it were that baldy asking me to serve him, I might still consider, he is truly strong, that last technique easily defeated me.’’

’’But you...a star level punk, wanting me to serve you...’’Bai Kaluo shook his head.

’’Think carefully before you answer.’’

Luo Feng's voice was ice cold, ’’The moment you reject, that means death! Once you die, everything will be void! Your warrior dreams, whatever you are chasing, nothing.’’

’’This is the last time I'm asking!’’ Luo Feng said coldly.

’’Death, or submission!’’ Luo Feng stared at Bai Kaluo.


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