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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 11


Volume 10 Chapter 11 - Intense Space Battle

The black disc shaped universe shipped became a beam of light and swiftly pierced through the stratosphere of earth and into space.

Within the universe ship's control room.

Luo Feng stood expressionless at the control board screen, behind him stood his slave Di Fan. The 2 had on their alloy armors...They gleamed under the light of the control room.

’’How much longer before they arrive.’’ Luo Feng said towards the screen.

A little devil head appeared on the screen: ’’If that d3 grade ship maintains its speed, it will take about 8 hours 49 minutes to reach earth.’’

’’8 hours 49 minutes?’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Then let's go welcome them!’’


The entire ship immediately began to accelerate, even though its acceleration was extremely fast, because there was an automatic gravitational force adjustment within the ship's system, it made it as though it maintained earth's gravity force all the way.

The ship headed towards the outer rims of the solar system!

And the ship that the 2nd ancestor head De Wen and Nuolan Shan's most exceptional disciple Bai Kaluo, that d3 grade ship was heading towards earth.

The two were swiftly closing the distance!


Within the d3 grade streamline shaped ship within an axe head's control room.

’’Senior, have you informed teacher?’’ Bai Kaluo said coldly, entirely dressed in a black robe.

’’Yes, the head ancestor knows we've reached the solar system, he's extremely happy.’’ De Wen's handsome face revealed a smile, ’’The head ancestor even said...he will maintain communication and stay on the line in the virtual universe network as he awaits our good news.’’


Bai Kaluo nodded.

’’Di! Di! Di!’’

An ear piercing alarm resounded within the control room, immediately De Wen's expression changed.

’’Warning, warning, the surveillance system has detected a universe ship flying towards us! It's heading towards us!’’ A loud and piercing voice resounded within the control room.

’’What!’’ De Wen's expression changed greatly.

’’Universe ship?’’ Bai Kaluo was shocked too.

The universe was too vast, for a structure like a universe ship, if it were too distant from one's location in space, it was simply like specks of dust. Bai Kaluo and De Wen had no way to see with their eyes or discover tens of millions of kilometers away there was another ship with a diameter of a 100m.


The disc shaped universe ship's control room, Luo Feng calmly looked at the screen.

’’Rail gun cannon activate.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Understood!’’ The demon Babata on the screen began its activation.

Immediately the entire upper front portion of the ship's surface moved, below its first layer of energy shields, its alloy material moved and formed an indentation, revealing a silver, malevolent 6m wide cannon head. The cannon head began to extend out past the energy shield.


The cannon mouth began to make slight changes, light began to gather at the depths of the tip, the space around seemed to slightly begin to warp.

’’Energy activation, countdown, 60, 59, 58, 57...10, 9, 8, 7...3, 2, 1! Activation complete!’’

The sound reverberated from the control board throughout the entire control room.

’’Babata, grab the chance and destroy them in one blow!’’ Luo Feng ordered.

’’Haha, leave it to me.’’ The little demon on the screen was extremely proud.

Rail gun canon!

This was one of the presents Luo Feng had prepared for the Nuolan Shan family army, with the early detection, he had known that the ship was only a d3 grade universe ship. Hence over these 2 years, Luo Feng spent a large amount of wealth...and bought a 260 billion universe dollar d5 grade rail gun cannon.

d5 grade rail gun cannon!

Any technological based weapon that reached the c grade would already belong to the heavenly grade. It was hard through normal routes! Also these technological based weapons had very exorbitant prices. Even though he could obtain it from the upcoming auction at a lower price, he couldn't wait any longer.


Through a very well connected with a huge back ground company that dealt with special items, he spent 260 billion universe dollars and bought a d5 grade rail gun cannon.

In a galaxy like the milky way, to be able to reach the price of 260 billion universe dollars was already not bad.

It was obvious that Luo Feng had spent a lot of money! And this was also after Luo Feng had spent a large amount of money before at this place, hence... they agreed to help him get a d5 grade rail gun cannon. Otherwise without the earlier patronage, this shop wouldn't even have helped Luo Feng get such a high level weapon.

As for the huge amount of money spent before...

It was for Luo Feng's training of Deity of the world, buying all the incomparably valuable materials!

The money spent on those materials was much more than the amount spent on the cannon.

Many Golden Horned Beasts, till death, only managed to train to the 1st level of Deity of the world, obviously the price and wealth required to train this was extremely high! The Golden Horned Beast, normally were the pinnacle of sector lords, with 3 separate bodies! Hence Luo Feng could buy these materials through the human world markets, these Golden Horned Beasts too would naturally create a human body and use it to buy metals in the human market!

As for the pinnacle of sector lord strength, the wealth behind it was shocking, however most were still only at level 1 of the technique!

The training of the deity of the world was to allow the Golden Horned Beast to shrink its body, it's bone and muscle density etc increasing in density too, causing its strength to rise greatly. Normally the younger one began to train, the easier it was. Similar to human children being more malleable in training, the stronger and bigger the body, the harder it was to shrink after.


For a universe level Golden Horned Beast, training was a little easier. However even so, to fully complete the 1st level alone required a large amount of valuable materials and Luo Feng was still short of 2 of them.

These materials were more valuable, extremely rare!

Luo Feng had bought these 2 materials at the Rare items shop and spent a huge amount of his wealth on them, hence the shop valued this super client of theirs! Thus they were willing to help get him the d5 grade rail gun cannon!

’’Railgun Cannon!’’


Within the control room, Babata's excited roar resounded about.



The d3 grade universe ship had already detected the black disc shaped universe ship drawing closer and closer.

’’It's a c9 grade ship.’’ De Wen creased his eyebrows, ’’Can we shake them?’’

’’Master, we are flying towards earth, they are flying from earth, no matter where we change our direction to, they'll still easily get closer to us, we cannot shake them!’’ On the screen, the voice of the AI spoke, ’’Also, for us to change our speeds too would require quite a bit of time.’’

Even though a universe ship could reach light speed, it would still require quite some time to accelerate to reach the limit speed, light speed.

And for the ship to accelerate or reduce its speed etc, it couldn't do it immediately.

This made it easy for the other side to close in!

’’If we weren't heading to earth, it'd be easy to shake them.’’ The AI said.

’’Don't bother with that ship!’’ Bai Kaluo ordered coldly, ’’A c9 grade universe ship cannot affect us.’’

’’This ship must be under Luo Feng.’’ De Wen creased his eyebrows, ’’Right now, I'm afraid he already knows we are here. The head ancestor ordered us to secretly acquire the automaton ship.’’

’’Since we've already been discovered, there's no longer a need to hide.’’ Bai Kaluo said coldly, ’’Continue advancing towards earth.’’

Bai Kaluo and De Wen had only debated for a few seconds.


A rail gun cannon wave that was hard to see with the naked eye, leaving only a slight wave behind it in space, hit the d3 grade universe ship at light speed. Without any preparation or defense, getting attacked by the rail gun cannon...the d3 grade universe ship's scanning system, which was only at max light speed!

At the same moment the d3 grade ship receives the signal! The shot will have already hit the universe ship!


The streamlined ship with a huge axe head immediately got torn a big hole in its side, piercing right through the mid portion of the ship and exiting the other side, which caused the ship that was still flying at high speed to tear apart with large amounts of alloy scrap dispersing in all directions, making a pile of rubbish within that area of the solar system.

From the control room scraps, 2 human silhouettes swiftly flew out.

Floating in space.

It was De Wen and Bai Kaluo.

’’How can that be?’’ De Wen stared wide eyed.

’’We got shot by a cannon, how is that possible!’’ The black robed Bai Kaluo raged.

’’A light speed long distance weapon that exceeds the d3 grade, this, this is definitely a heavenly grade, in price, it's even comparable to the level 5 spirit weapons or genetic energy weapons! Even sector lords...normally wouldn't be able to spend such money, buying such a d grade rail gun cannon!’’ De Wen shook his head, his face in disbelief, ’’On earth, how can there be a d grade rail gun cannon that even sector lords cannot afford to buy?’’

The d grade rail gun cannon, to a sector lord, even though they could afford it, they still hardly ever bought one. That was because a sector lord's strike alone far exceeded that of a d grade cannon.

And without a sector lord's strength, those that could afford a d grade cannon were extremely rare.

’’That's not possible!’’ De Wen's face was filled with panic.

’’Let's not worry about this. Without the ship...for us to fly to earth would take a good half a year!’’ Bai Kaluo said coldly.


From the distant space, at light speed a ship closed in.

’’De Wen, the enemy is here!’’ Bai Kaluo communicated via genetic energy.

’’Hm?’’ De Wen looked up.

A black disc shaped universe ship swiftly closed in, the peculiar thing was however..the ship was constantly slowing down, finally stopping a few hundred km away from their position, the cabin door then opened automatically and a human silhouette swiftly exited and rushed towards them.

A few hundred km, he closed it in a blink of an eye!

This was the bald headed thick lipped, seeming kind and honest man dressed in black armor.

’’So fast.’’ De Wen was shocked.


A silver arc knife sliced through, so swift the universe level 6 De Wen couldn't dodge, his eyes filled with fear, staring wide eyed.


His head exploded!

Nuolan Shan's 2nd ancestor head De Wen Nuolan Shan, has died!

The silver knife's speed didn't slow down at all, immediately heading towards the black robed Bai Kaluo.


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