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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 10


Volume 10 Chapter 10 - Master

Earth, Asia Continent, China's Yangzhou city.

Luo Feng put away the universe ship and headed towards the lower end of the Westlake courtyard, it was about the evening, the red sun was in the west side of the sky, shining down on the yellow grass patch below. On the grass patch however was an extra large alloy stage, on it were two boys with knives in their hands, engaged in battle.

Rumble! Rumble!

The air exploded about, their speed alone created sonic booms.

’’Stop!’’ Beside the stage, a bald simple and kind man with thick lips smiled, there was even a peculiar marking on his bald head, similar to Buddhists with various types of markings on their heads.

The two boys stopped.

The bald headed thick lipped man slightly bowed, their eyes filled with pure respect, ’’Master.’’

’’Di Fan, it's been hard on you.’’ Luo Feng descended, his boots landing beside the stage.


’’Daddy!’’ Luo Hai and Luo Ping, their eyes gleamed as they shouted in glee and ran towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng laughed as he looked as his two children, two years had passed and his two children had gotten even more exceptional. With enough capital to nurture them with the best, along with the techniques from both the Golden Horned Beast inheritance and the Yun Mo Planet, his two children received the optimum training and nurture.

Right now, the two children were already comparable to advanced level wargods.

This level may seem exaggerated on earth, however in the universe, it wasn't much.

6 or 7 year old children with better bloodlines, even without special nurturing, would usually reach the star traveller level at this age.

’’How have these two's performance recently been?’’ Luo Feng smiled as he looked at the bald thick lipped Di Fan.

’’The two masters have been working hard, their knifework foundation is very solid.’’ Di Fan complimented.

’’Daddy, you heard it.’’

’’We have been working very hard.’’

The two children said proudly.

Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh, ’’You two go play first, I have something to discuss with uncle Di Fan.’’


The two nodded and exchanged glances, their eyes filled glee as they headed swiftly towards the castle. To them, to be able to enter the virtual universe and play games was an extremely happy time. There were many other children similar in age to them.

’’Di Fan, how has your training recently been?’’ Luo Feng smiled and asked.

’’The soul cutter technique master has given me is incomparably deep, I just made a little progress recently, but...I still have many areas which I haven't understood.’’ Di Fan said respectfully.

’’Tell me.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Please shed some light on these.’’ Di Fan said respectfully, ’’This soul cutter first level, concerning the spirit reading energy fusing with the blade...’’

Di Fan asked and Luo Feng answered.

Accurately speaking, it was Babata answering, because the soul cutter technique was an extremely strong technique from the Yun Mo Planet, it was something the Yun Mo Master had come across by chance at a historical remain, so there weren't any particular requirements to train it. And the soul imprint technique required him to transfer his soul first.

The soul cutter's training experience, Babata remembered it all clearly.

Hence when Di Fan met any problems, Babata could answer and Luo Feng would communicate on his behalf.

’’This Di Fan...’’

After Luo Feng had finished, he pondered deeply while looking at Di Fan before him, exclaiming within, ’’I got lucky to be able to buy such a slave.’’


Di Fan was a slave Luo Feng had bought, a universe level 9 slave!

In the vast universe, relying on the living microchip control technique, one could at most control up to a universe level 9 slave, that was because the moment one broke through to the domain lord level...a domain lord could easily break the microchip within his brain and not die, hence, the highest level available was only universe level 9.

Of which, a universe level 1 slave's price was usually around 10 million to 30 million universe dollars. Comparable to about 10 life planets in price.

And a universe level 4 slave was priced around 1hundred million to 3 hundred million universe dollars.

Universe level 7 slaves were priced around 1 billion to 3 billion universe dollars.

Universe level 8 slaves were about 3 billion to 10 billion universe dollars.

A universe level 9 slave too was about 3 billion to 10 billion universe dollars.

As to why there was hardly any difference between a universe level 8 and 9, this was because...buying a universe level 9 slave came with risks! Even though it was extremely hard for a universe 9 to breakthrough to the domain lord level, there was still a never knew and the universe level 9 slave might just breakthrough.

Breaking through to the domain lord level, regaining control from the living microchip!

It was very likely that in his rage, he would kill the master that controlled him! In the universe, universe level 9s that broke through and killed their masters out of rage, has happened many times, which resulted in the price of a universe level 9 and 8 not having much difference in price.

Di Fan, a universe level 9 slave, to be able to train until universe level 9, it showed that his talent was indeed high.

Back when Luo Feng bought Di Fan from the slave trader, the slave trader even warned him, ’’Sir, these universe level 9 slaves come with high risks, the moment he breaks through, no one will be able to control him. Why not you first by a universe level 8 slave. Even though its 1 level down, it's much safer, when it actually rises up to universe level 9, you can sell him and you wouldn't have made any losses!’’

’’I'll buy him!’’ Luo Feng didn't even hesitate.

After buying Di Fan, Luo Feng unleashed his Golden Horned Beast body, through that body he used his newly trained Slave Soul imprint on him, ordering Di Fan and making him unable to resist.

As a slave, Di Fan naturally wouldn't resist!

Just like that...

Luo Feng used the slave soul imprint and planted it within Di Fan's soul, deep in his very essence. From that point on...Di Fan would become Luo Feng's most loyal slave, because this was a loyalty from the depths of his soul!

’’Using the slave soul imprint to control people also affects your soul, your teacher, could only control 9 great undying slaves, hence, you have to value quality over quantity!’’ Babata reminded Luo Feng.


Luo Feng trained the soul imprint technique, carefully reading everything about it and its uses along with its effects etc, of course he was clear...choosing a slave, he had to be extremely prudent and cautious. This was because he was controlling this slave via his soul, with the link between their souls, the master could completely control the slave, but the slave could also affect the master.

’’Di Fan became a slave from early on, as a slave, he trained under very poor conditions, but he still managed to train to this level. I've also checked on his background...he is worthy of becoming one of my soul slaves.’’

Di Fan, Luo Feng's 1st true slave!

The Nuolan Shan family's universe ship could arrive on earth at any time, hence Luo Feng didn't return into the nutrition cabin again, patiently waiting on earth for their arrival.


China, Year 2065 28th October, Solar system area.

A streamlined ship with an axe head, a d3 grade universe ship, was almost like a shooting star, heading towards the solar system.

Within the control room of the ship.

Dressed in a black robe, Bai Kala was with the blue robed De Wen, they stood side by side at the control board. The external image simulator allowed the 2 to clearly see the beautiful solar system outside, surrounding that glaring star, planets orbited around perpetually, one of which was a very small and unremarkable blue planet that drew their attention.

’’Earth!’’ Bai Kaluo said coldly.

’’Yes, earth, we've arrived.’’ A smile appeared on De Wen's face, he turned to look at Bai Kaluo, ’’Bai Kaluo, you remember what teacher said, we'll first avoid arousing the humans of earth and secretly acquire the automaton ship!’’

’’I know.’’ Bai Kaluo replied coldly.

De Wen wasn't too happy with the response but he smiled and nodded.


At this time, within the solar system, on a few scattered asteroids, there were a few of them that were actually installed there. Actually throughout the entire solar system, there were many installed with surveillance systems. One could say...that the entire solar system was incomparably secure. Unless something like an automaton ship with that level of technology arrived, otherwise to go through the solar system undetected...that was impossible!

On one of the asteroids that was randomly placed.

’’Du, du du...’’

The signal swiftly captured the scene and was sent to the core of the entire planet's defense and surveillance system...Luo Feng's castle.

Signals came in from everywhere.

This d3 grade ship was scanned and it's image captured entirely and clearly.

Earth, China night time, about 7pm.

The sky had long gone dark.

The entire Yang Zhou city was bustling, the lights glaring, and as the the sacred land of countless fighters...Luo Feng's Westlake courtyard was filled with laughter.

Luo Feng and his family were surrounding the table and having dinner.

Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan and his younger brother Luo Hua with his wife and kids, along with Luo Feng's wife and 2 children, also there was also his 1st slave Di Fan, altogether.

’’Uncle Di Fan, I really did train my knife skills for an hour this afternoon, right.’’ Little Hai shouted.

’’Yes.’’ Di Fan smiled and nodded.

’’Mum, you heard it.’’ Little Hai moved his eyebrows, looking at his mother beside Xu Xin.

Luo Feng looked at his son's adorable behavior, he couldn't help but smile, suddenly his quantum computer on his arm started beeping, ’’Di, di, di...’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

This was an alarm system he had set up long before, the moment something happened within the planet's surveillance system, it would alarm him.

Luo Feng looked down and a screen appeared from his quantum computer, a streamlined shaped universe ship with an axe head was swiftly flying through the solar system, heading towards earth.

’’They've arrived.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

’’Dad, Mum, you all eat first, I have something to attend to.’’ Luo Feng stood up.

’’You have so many things to do.’’ Luo Hong Guo said,

Luo Feng smiled, at the same time patting his two childrens' heads, holding his wife's hand, saying softly, ’’Xu Xin, I'll be going out for awhile, probably be back tomorrow morning.’’

’’Be careful.’’ Xu Xin said.

His family were all clear that Luo Feng would occasionally have important matters to attend to, and times when he would shut himself away for half a month, hence for him to be able to have dinner with them was a rare occasion. As for Luo Feng leaving suddenly, they were used to it already, the only thing was...dinner wasn't finished yet, hence his father Luo Hong Guo had to mention it.

’’Di Fan.’’ Luo Feng gave him a look.

Di Fan stood up too.

The 2 swiftly left the castle.

Sou! Sou!

The 2 rushed into the sky, heading straight towards the air above Yang Zhou city, a black disc shaped universe ship suddenly appeared in mid air and Luo Feng and Di Fan entered it, immediately changing into their alloy armors and boots etc.


The universe ship accelerated and headed straight through the atmosphere, swiftly leaving earth and into space.


If it were to happen, it would have to happen in space. A universe level a small planet, is a disaster.


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