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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 1


Volume 10 Chapter 1 - Dealing with the treasures

The entire excavation of the world within a world on Cang Lan star had left the entire Black Dragon Mountain starfield in a state of unrest.

’’Have you heard, recently there was a star traveller level idiot on Rockna star that took out a heavenly priced treasure to sell. And later it was taken away by a universe level warrior, however...that universe level warrior not only lost his life later because of this treasure, but his entire family too was razed to the ground!’’

’’A universe level warrior lost his life? Family razed to the ground? What treasure was it?’’

’’I heard that a world within a world was discovered on Cang Lan star recently, this heavenly priced item was one from within. The treasure from the world within a world...those were items that attracted even the four large organizations and two sacred lands to fight for them. Taking anyone of them out would be worth a few tens of thousands of life planets!

’’A few tens of thousands of life planets? My god, just how highly priced are they?’’

’’Anyway right now the entire Black Dragon Mountain star field, many large and small families, organizations, are all closely watching...the moment anyone tries to sell these items, they'll rush into it.’’

’’These sorts of heavenly treasures are really scorching to the hand.’’

’’Still, countless people want them!’’



The many families and organizations within the Black Dragon Mountain star field had gone mad, one had to know that the largest power within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, the 16 large families, was first created by 16 sector lords. This means...that in the Black Dragon Mountain starfield, the sector lord's power was the highest, the other large and small organizations, having a domain lord warrior was considered not bad already.

And the treasures from the world within a world, any one of them, had terrifying enticing powers towards any domain lords.


Occasionally 1 or 2 treasures leaking out, drawing the attention of the various powers, that wasn't strange at all.

’’Those star levels, they don't have any good routes to sell at all, the moment they try and take the treasures out they'd be easily discovered. Watch closely for me, watch carefully at every important planet within the Black Dragon Mountain starfield! The moment anyone tries to sell these heavenly items, immediately report to me.’’

’’Yes, president.’’

These treasures were scorching, without the power or route to sell them, they would bring only tragedy to oneself! And these treasures were so valuable...that even universe level warriors who wanted them, could still easily lose their lives in the process.


Within the dark universe, Luo Feng's little team sat on the universe ship and continued on their journey, it was already the 12th day of the flight, they still required about 9 days more to reach earth.

As for the news of star level explorers from the Black Dragon Mountain star field already trying to sell the heavenly items, they didn't know yet.

Within the resting room of the universe ship.

The resting room was sorted out like a study, with a desk and chair, there was even a very comfortable bed beside.

’’It's time to deal with these treasures, they are really dangerous to have.’’ Luo Feng sat at the chair, opening the laptop on the table, this was a product of earth, there was no way around it, Luo Feng was used to earth's lousier models, ’’The treasures I exchanged for, along with what the cloud contact vine stole, there's a total of 48 of them.’’

48 treasures!

There were some cheaper than the air cutter knife, while others more expensive than it. An air cutter knife alone was enough to make the domain lord Mingyu extremely excited...even to the point where a sector lord bought it immediately.

These 48 treasures added together, could probably match up to the wealth of a sector lord altogether.

As for the dead Sector lord Kabu, that was the wealth level of a poorer undying. The entire 312 items, Luo Feng only acquired 49 (1 given to Mingyu), one could see how big an earning Luo Feng had acquired!

’’Connect to the virtual universe network.’’ Luo Feng closed his eyes, his consciousness connecting straight to the network.


Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain island 9 star bay.

When Luo Feng appeared before his own house's door, there was Luo Hua walking about casually, his eyes gleamed, shouting, Big brother!’’

’’Luo Hua, what's the matter?’’ Luo Feng smiled as he looked at his little brother.

’’I wanted to look for you earlier, however I didn't get the chance to meet you.’’ Luo Hua pulled him, ’’Big brother, sit here, I have important matters to tell you.’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng sat time, looking curiously at his brother.

’’It's like that.’’ Luo Hua explained, ’’The earth's 5 governments have discussed and they really want to enter the universe, making contact with some of the people within the universe.’’

’’Can't they enter the virtual universe?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’In the virtual universe, they can communicate with other people.’’

’’No...they want to make contact in reality.’’ Luo Hua said.

’’Reality?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows even more.

Luo Hua saw the situation and said helplessly, ’’Big brother, don't you know how the countries on earth are? They were initially satisfied with being able to enter the virtual universe, however as time passed, their ambitions got bigger. This ambition cannot be controlled, if you let them enter the real universe now, they might request for more after!’’

Man's ambition, could never be quelled. Once he had something good, he would naturally want something better.

’’No problem, allow them.’’ Luo Feng said seriously.

’’Allow them?’’ Luo Hua was so shocked he stared wide eyed.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’Even though earth is very safe, we cannot let the humans of earth just stay on there forever. It's time to let them make contact with the universe...let them go through some hardship and adversities, only then will they realize how the humans of earth are going to survive within the universe.’’

Luo Hua was suspicious, ’’But brother, which planet can they go to? Will those planet management people agree to a large scale immigration?’’

’’If those people don't agree, I'll just have to buy the planet!’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’What's more, I have 100 life planets under my name, as a leader, the immigration would definitely be much easier.’’

’’100?’’ Luo Hua stared wide eyed, ’’Big brother, you...’’

’’I'll tell you when I return.’’ Luo Feng smiled and stood up, ’’As for the humans of earth wanting to move to the universe...I'll discuss with them when I get back. Oh, we'll end it here today, I still have matters to attend to.’’

’’Ok.’’ Luo Hua stood up too.


’’Mail?’’ Luo Hua curiously opened the mail, this was a notification from the bank, they informed him that his account had a transfer of 4 billion universe dollars.

’’4 billion universe dollars?’’ Luo Hua was shocked.

’’That's for you, good luck and work hard.’’ Luo Feng's voice could be heard in the distance.

Luo Hua looked up, the distant Luo Feng was already walking out of the 9 stay bay district, looking at his back, Luo Hua felt extremely shocked, ’’What has my brother been up to these few days, how did he get 4 billion universe dollars to give me so quickly, and these are universe dollars, even more valuable than ganwu dollars!’’

At the entrance of the 9 star bay district, Luo Feng waved his hand in the air.

Immediately, a carriage pulled by 2 horses with wings descended, Luo Feng jumped up into the carriage and sat.

’’Sir, where to?’’ The chauffeur asked.

’’To the universe galaxy bank.’’ Luo Feng said.

Immediately, the wings of the horses flapped and the carriage swiftly rose into the air, flying with shocking speed, the carriage however remained steady and comfortable in the breeze.

In the virtual universe, usually distant places were travelled to using coordinates delivery, closer places were travelled to with these carriages, that was because everybody's body structure was comparable to a student level 4 in the virtual universe, hence they were unable to fly and movement was fast, hence relying on these flying horse was much faster.

Of course...

Sitting in these carriages required money!

’’So beautiful.’’ Sitting in the carriage, looking down on the enormous Black Dragon Mountain island, it was indeed magnificent.

’’What's that.’’ Luo Feng looked shocked at the sky.

Among the clouds, there was a floating city, and as it floated way high up in the skies, if one were standing on the ground below, he wouldn't be able to spot it with the naked eye. Only when sitting and flying in these carriages would one be able to see through the clouds the faintly discernible city.

’’Floating city.’’ The chauffeur laughed, ’’Our Black Dragon Mountain's floating city. Every island, every continent has a floating city.’’

’’Floating city?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Usually only larger powers or at least universe level warriors had the rights to enter the floating city.’’ The chauffeur laughed and explained to Luo Feng as he controlled the flying horses, ’’Sir, we've arrived at the universe galaxy bank.’’


The flying horses rushed downwards and their wings gently flapped, their four hooves floating in mid air, gently landing at the entrance of the universe galaxy bank.

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng laughed as he got off, the carriage swiftly rushed towards the skies again, the fees were automatically deducted from the person's account.

Virtual universe Black Dragon Mountain island, universe galaxy bank.


Luo Feng stepped into the bank, heading straight to the side self service path and entered, following which he entered into a self service booth room.

Entering into the private room.

’’Please enter your account.’’ The automated voice sounded.

Luo Feng swiftly entered, this was his teacher's 5 star account, immediately the signal within the room scanned Luo Feng and as Luo Feng had once withdrawn money on Jade rock star before, it had already left a basic record.

’’Pass code authorized.’’

’’User authorized.’’


What was originally a normal room immediately transformed into a luxurious room, an extremely beautiful female AI stood beside, respectfully saying, ’’Respected 5 star client, how do you do, I am AI #008231, here to service you.’’

’’How do you do.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he looked at the female AI, secretly happy.

Everything was going according to how Babata had mentioned...

As he had successfully opened the 5 star account before, he was already regarded as a 5 star client in the universe galaxy bank. One had to know...Luo Feng had acquired 20 billion universe dollars from Mingyu, this was more than many domain lords' entire wealth. However he had only become a 2 star client then.

5 star client, how high was that? This universe galaxy bank, as a 5 star client, had many very detailed services.

Of course...

These services required money too!

’’I need to deal with a few items.’’ Luo Feng looked at the female AI before him.

The female AI gently bowed, ’’Respected 5 star client, our universe galaxy bank has 'item selling' services, we have many many routes and networks to sell off any items in the vast universe, in all of the universe countries. We can definitely help you sell them off in the shortest amount of time possible, we only require a thousandth of the deal.’’

Luo Feng laughed.

This was how a 5 star client was treated, selling off these dangerous and scorching items was just that simple.


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