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Swallowed Star - Volume 1 - Chapter 7


Volume 1 Chapter 7: Exam Results

[DING DING DING.....] The bell rapidly rang inside the Zhi-An region's first high school. The parents who were outside the school, on the grass, or sitting on the street all stood up. The parents looked inside the school through the gates.

The bustling students all left the exam area.

Year 2056, Jiang-Nan city's high school exams are officially over.

All the students have to do now is to await their results, which will be released in one week.

’’Hao Bai’’ A balding, middle-aged man who seemed refined was standing outside the gate, smiling towards his son.

’’Dad’’ Zhang Hao Bai laughed as he went towards him.

’’How'd you do?’’ The middle-aged man laughed.

Zhang Hao Bai shook his head and said helplessly, ’’I couldn't demonstrate all of my skill, but the math problems were really hard. The multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and the calculation problems all had many difficult problems, especially the calculation ones..... There were five of them but I could only solve two. For the other three, I could only do my best at solving parts of them. According to the procedure, I should still be able to receive some points for that’’

’’Oh?’’ Zhang Hao Bai's dad, Zhang Ze Long, frowned, ’’So it seems like your math grade is going to be a bit low’’

’’No problem dad. It was hard for everyone, not just me’’ Zhang Hao Bai laughed, ’’The math problems were all a bit harder, so I'm sure that the points required for passing will be lowered. I should be able to get into a military academy without a problem’’

’’Oh, yea’’

Zhang Ze Long laughed, ’’Before, when we were waiting for your exam to finish, something happened. Your school's famous 'Luo Feng' student fainted inside the exam hall an hour before the end.’’

’’Fainted in the exam hall?’’ Zhang Hao Bai's widened his eyes, ’’Dad, you mean Luo Feng?’’

’’Yea, that Luo Feng guy was carried away by an ambulance, many people saw the event occur.’’ Zhang Ze Long nodded his head, ’’If you listen, many of the surrounding parents are telling their children of this event’’

’’Luo Feng fainted?’’

Zhang Hao Bai looked around and listened closely. There were indeed many families talking about a student who fainted during testing. He also clearly heard many people mention the name 'Luo Feng'.

’’Haha, even this penniless bum has these kinds of days. Haha’’ Zhang Hao Bai couldn't hold his laughter back.

’’Dad, although you don't know this, this person always causes trouble for me in school’’ Zhang Hao Bai furiously added, ’’He is more stronger than me and more skilled than me in everything. Even this guy has these kinds of days’’ Zhang Hao Bai was delighted, for his anger towards Luo Feng was immense.

In truth, Luo Feng never even bothers with this Zhang Hao Bai, it's just that Zhang Hao Bai keeps treating Luo Feng as an opponent. Since Luo Feng's grades and martial arts skills are all greater than his naturally made him suffer.

’’Haha, this guy has never seen the real world and was under too much psychological pressure. He couldn't handle it and collapsed. Ignore him. Go, your uncle knows your exams ended today and organized a banquet just for you. Let's go’’ Zhang Ze Long laughed.

’’Uncle?’’ Zhang Hao Bai's eyes flashed.

The only reason the Zhang Family is able to prosper in the Zhi-an region is thanks to his uncle, because.....

His uncle, is a fighter!


’’No way, there is absolutely no way!’’

Wei Wen, who just left the exam hall, panicked in front of his parents, ’’How could Feng collapse in the exam hall? He collapsed from nervousness? Impossible. Luo Feng's psychological qualities has even been praised by the Dojo of Limits instructors before’’

Wei Wen and Luo Feng were true brothers, even if not by blood.

’’Wen, there is no mistaking it. We saw this event unfold before our very eyes. That Luo Feng's father and his handicapped brother panicked in the moment and went to the hospital’’ Wei Wen's father followed.

’’Hospital? It should be the nearest one. Dad, mom, I'm going to go check on Luo Feng. I'll eat lunch later’’

Without delay, Wei Wen handed his test materials to his parents and ran towards the hospital.


Inside Zhi-An region's people's hospital.

Luo Feng was forcing a smile as he walked outside the hospital's main gate with his father and brother. At this time, Luo Hong Guo and Luo Hua were worried that Luo Feng wouldn't be able to handle the shock.

’’Dad, I'm fine. Lets go home and eat’’ Luo Feng seemed calm, but only regrets filled his heart. However, Luo Feng knew that the past cannot be changed, so all you can do is accept it!

’’Feng, Feng’’ a sound came from far away.

Luo Feng turned towards the source and saw a small shadow far away running towards the hospital's main gate. It was his good brother 'Wei Wen'.

Luo Feng was moved by the sight of Wei Wen: he ran so hastily that his shirt was drenched with sweat. ’’Wen, how hard were the last three calculation problems on the mathematics portion?’’ Luo Feng wasn't able to complete the last three problems, so if they were extremely difficult and many people couldn't do them...

Then his grades would still have some hope.

’’Pretty hard’’ Wei Wen nodded, ’’This year's math problems were all very hard. Out of the five calculation problems, the third one was a bit easier, but the other four were all hard’’

’’Phew’’ Luo Feng let out a breath.

He still had a sliver of hope.....


At 8 PM on June 16th, you can check your exam grade through the phone or internet, and the dividing line* will also come out too.

June 16th, around 7 PM.

Luo Feng's home. Only Luo Feng was in the room that belonged to both Luo Feng and Luo Hua. He was sitting in front of his laptop and refreshing the webpage again and again. The exam results come out at 8 PM, but usually they release it a bit earlier.

’’I'm afraid, I can't get into Jiang-Nan's number one military academy’’

’’However, I finished the multiple choice, fill in the blank, and the first two problems on the calculation section on the mathematics portion. Even though I didn't complete the second problem, I wrote quite a few steps, which should earn me some points’’ Luo Feng thought to himself, ’’If I'm lucky, I should be able to earn around 120 points on the mathematics portion’’

Luo Feng anticipated, ’’I performed normally on the liberal arts and science sections. If I'm lucky, I should be able to become a bachelor’’

’’If I can just reach the dividing line, I can get into the number two military academy’’

Between the two academies, the first one is clearly better. However, a very high score is required, so Luo Feng already gave up on that.

However, there is still a bit of hope left for the number two military academy.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

The exam result webpage actually displayed something new after a refresh.

’’God, please help me a bit and let me pass the dividing line. As long as I pass it, I can get into the number two military academy’’ Luo Feng was worried and anxious. He then typed his name, ID, and examination certificate and hit the ’’search’’ button.


The laptop page flashed a bit and soon displayed a form.

Student: Luo Feng

se*: Male

ID: 426123203806083211

Examination Certificate: 5878643567890766

Liberal Arts: 216

Science: 223

Mathematics: 118

Total: 557

dividing Line: 561


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