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Swallowed Star - Volume 1 - Chapter 3


Volume 1 Chapter 3: Jiang-Nan City

’’Right when the RR disease appeared, it rapidly spread around the world. All forms of life, as long as they needed to breath (whether human or flying beasts), were infected.’’

’’By the time humans found the existence of the RR disease, it was already too late.’’

’’After the infection of the RR disease, the death rate was reaching 30%. In a matter of those three months, excluding the mass deaths of animals, the population of the world dropped by nearly 2 billion!’’

’’The survivors neared 5 billion, whom all have a natural resistance against the disease.’’

’’During these nightmarish three months, the whole planet experienced excruciating pain.’’

’’During this process, the 5 billion survivors realized that their bodies have strengthened. Virtually everyone's power, speed, rate of cell division, and skin toughness have at least doubled! Even an average man could easily surpass the previous world champion in running and weightlifting.’’

’’And then... disaster started!’’

’’The humans who have lived so comfortably have strengthened so much. The beasts who have survived the RR disease have went through even harsher conditions. In their transformations, their strength has raised surprisingly far beyond humans'. And some of these horrifying beasts got even smarter!’’

’’September, 2015. Starting from the attack of the plethora of organisms in the sea, countless of 'beast' transformed animals started attacking human settlements!’’

’’Blood, madness!’’

’’In the war between human and beast, the humans have realized that their explosive weapons that they were so proud of only worked on the lower-grade beasts. The stronger flying and crawling beasts had no fear towards the cannons. The bullets couldn't even scratch their armor! Homing missiles are easily dodged by speedy, quick-reacting beasts.’’

’’Even when humans used nuclear attacks, they shockingly found out...’’

’’The defense capability of the monsters were too great;only those within the blast radius of the bomb died. The monsters in the surrounding area weren't killed. The power of the bomb wasn't as strong as the humans thought it would be. Even though it killed a horde of monsters, the radiation from the bomb gave birth to even more horrifying monsters. The most famous and horrifying monster of that year was the 'Crimson Sky Wolf', which could fly and massacred hundreds of thousands of people. It was at this time people realized.... radiation could actually mutate the monsters!’’

’’Although horrifying monsters appeared, powerful warriors also sprung out from the human side. The Crimson Sky Wolf was defeated by a super powerful warrior who could also fly (ranked number 2 internationally: 'Thunder Lord').’’

’’These warriors saved a large amount of normal civilians in a crucial time. They assisted the army in fighting off the horde of monsters. During this time, many epic stories came about.’’

’’Human Scientist 'KeLuo※DeSenNa' used materials from the corpses of monsters along with a metal called 'Blue Gold' found on the moon to make a metal alloy even harder than diamond: the Ke Luo Alloy! Given these powerful weapons that could cut through the monsters' armor, the powerful warriors didn't have to rely on just their bare hands anymore.’’

This portion of history was very clear in Luo Feng's mind.

’’During the war, a large portion of the city was destroyed.’’

’’In the WoHuaXia continent, countries were hastily building six major bases to transfer the huge population to. For the warriors... my country and India have the largest amount! For technology, the United States, European Union, and Russia were leaders.’’

’’Since the number of monsters in the sea are immeasurable, all of the island countries were destroyed!’’

’’Even now, the sea is the monsters' territory.’’

’’In the war between humanity and monsters, the only countries that are capable of defending themselves are: India, the United States, the European Union, Russia, and my country. The rest of the countries were destroyed a long time ago. In the critical moment, the United Earth Federation was formed, with the five countries as its nucleus. The United Forces of the United Earth Federation helped create many human bases all around the world.’’

Luo Feng marveled.

A war that lasted five and a half years, the most horrifying war! In this war, deaths totaled to nearly 10 billion. Only the system maintained by the five countries stayed intact, the rest of the countries' survivors mixed together in various human bases.

Until now──

On land, the humans maintain the advantage. But the countless monsters in the sea maintain their control over the sea.

’’From 2013 to 2021, in these eight years, was the Grand Nirvana period of human history!’’ Luo Feng sat on the couch.


The clock's sound echoed within the house.

The clock on the wall rang five times, which signals that it's currently 5 PM.

’’The Grand Nirvana period.’’ Luo Hua marveled.

’’Brother, truthfully, I can't really wrap my head around what the world was like before the Grand Nirvana Period. There were over 200 countries, so how many people were there? Only 7 billion. Some countries would be in grave danger;just one powerful beast would be able to wipe an entire country off the map.’’

Luo Feng nodded, ’’Which is why the whole world is comprised of five powerful countries and 23 cities.’’

On the entire planet, there were five countries in total: China, India, the United States of America, the European Union, and Russia. Locations such as South America and Africa made up the 23 cities, or bases.

China had six human bases, which are the present's Six Major Cities.

Luo Feng's home was Yi-An region's Yang Zhou city, one of the eight parts of Jiang-Nan City.

The entire population of Jiang-Nan city neared 200 million. Yang Zhou city of Jiang-Nan City's Yi-An region had over a million people. Jiang-Nan city base used to be comprised of Yuan Jian Su*. Of course there were also Yuan An Wei*.

*These are different kinds of ethnic groups.

’’So long ago’’ Luo Hua looked towards the clock hanging on the wall, ’’Right now it's 2056;the Grand Nirvana Period is already more than 30 years into the past. In our society, virtually everyone has to go train in a dojo. Our society is much stronger than it was 30 years ago.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

In 30 years, there definitely was a major increase in powerful warriors along with a steady progression in technology. However, many terrifying monsters have also been born.



The door was opened and a middle-aged couple walked in. The man's shirt was drenched in sweat and had some paint stains. It was clear he was very tired. The woman, holding a basket containing vegetables and meat, wasn't very tall.

’’Dad, Mom’’ Luo Feng immediately rose;they are his parents.

Father Luo Hong Guo, Mother Gong Xin Lan.

’’Haha, Feng, keep reading, keep reading. Don't bother with me.’’ Luo Hong Guo laughed. Since his son has exams soon, studying is of utmost importance in Luo Hong Guo's eyes.

Luo Hong Guo lowered his head and saw a large plastic bottle of tap water. The fact that there was always water ready for him everytime he returned warmed his heart. After working all day, he would take this bottle and drink the entire thing in one gulp, letting out a satisfied breath of air.

’’Hurry up and go take a shower, you reek of sweat.’’ Gong Xin Lan laughed.

’’Haha’’ Luo Hong Guo laughed and immediately went to get a change of clothes, headed towards the small corner that served the family for many years as a 'bathroom'.

Gong Xin Lan laughed and looked at her two sons, ’’Feng, Hua, today Mom is going to make roasted meat!’’

’’Roasted meat is my favorite!’’ Luo Hua yelled right away.

Luo Feng also laughed. As he watched his mother put on her apron and prepare to cook dinner, Luo Feng was clear... Mom always went grocery shopping in the evening after her work, since the price for the groceries are much cheaper than the morning's. However, the groceries wouldn't be as fresh by then. Luo Feng then glanced at the bathroom, thinking ’’I must hurry and get the title of 'Fighter' so Mom wouldn't have to go grocery shopping during the evening and Dad wouldn't have to go work so much.’’

In his heart.....

Luo Feng has always wished for his parents to be able to take a break and enjoy the sunlight and good food in peace.

’’Feng’’ Luo Hong Guo walked towards Luo Feng after finishing his shower, ’’Dad has something to tell you.’’

’’What?’’ Luo Feng looked at his father.

Luo Feng laughed a bit, ’’It's like this, Feng. I never asked you what your plans you had for after high school graduation. Could you tell me?’’ Luo Hong Guo rarely talked about these kinds of matters with his son because he didn't want to pressure him. He knew that his son worked very hard and has performed very well.

Right when Luo Hong Guo said this, Gong Xin Lan's cooking movements started to slow down a bit. Luo Fengs parents really cared for their son's future.

’’Dad, I was thinking like this.’’

Luo Feng added, ’’According to my grades, I'm sure that getting into 'Jiang-Nan's number one military academy' wouldn't be difficult. Now that I have earned the dojo's 'Elite' title, I would be raised as an officer in the military academy. Mom and Dad can enter into the family section of the military.’’

There were also different tiers in the military.

China, of course, recruited soldiers. However, regular soldiers didn't receive much. However, for a young man holding the title of 'Elite' and getting into 'Jiang-Nan's number one military academy', would have intellect and strength. The country would surely focus on such people and give their families a home.

For the family of an officer, the conditions would be tens of hundreds of times better than this cheap, rented home.

’’Then what if you can't get in that number one military academy?’’ Luo Hong Guo said, ’’Feng, don't give yourself too much pressure.’’

’’There are two main military academies in Jiang-Nan city. If anything goes wrong in your exams and you are unable to get into the best academy, there is absolutely no problem with going to the second one.’’ Luo Feng clearly understood his grades: normally, he can score around 50 points higher than the average Bachelor. For the second military academy, he only has to reach the average.

In the tests today, there are only two types: Bachelors and Specialists. There is also only one dividing line. Those above that line are Bachelors, and those below are Specialists.

’’In the second military academy, having the title of 'Elite', I would also be nurtured as an officer. There wouldn't be too much of a difference in treatment.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

To become a Bachelor...

Only two out of ten people could do it.

However, for a high school student, only one out of a thousand people could achieve the title of 'Elite'.

’’Yup, if you got the confidence then that's great. However, Feng, don't give yourself too much pressure. Me and your mom just need a stable life, that's all.’’ Luo Hong Guo nodded his head slightly, ’’This kid, just gives himself too much pressure.’’

’’Not at all.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’I don't really have much pressure. Since I'm young, I just have a bit more energy and motivation.’’

Luo Feng says that out loud, but in his heart: ’’Mom, Dad, brother, after my exams, you will soon be able to enjoy a good life. After I achieve the rank of 'Fighter', you guys won't have to live so bitterly.’’

’’Hurry and get the bowls and chopsticks and move the dishes onto the table. Dinner is ready!’’ Gong Xin Lan laughed and urged.

’’Aight.’’ Luo Hong Guo laughed and stood up to get the bowls and chopsticks.

’’The vegetables smell great!’’ Luo Feng sniffed the pot and helped carry the dishes.’’

’’I smell the smell of roasted meat, yay~~~’’ Luo Hua shouted excitedly and moved his wheelchair towards the table.

A family of four, enjoying their time.


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